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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2162

                   Monday, 11 Jan 1999

Today's Topics:
                     thinking people
                       re: 2/3, 3/2
    Atmospheric changes make you sensative to 2112 !!!
                 Favorite songs and solos
                      Rockline info.
                Music Clubs and Free CD's
            Rush videos on the net..Good newZ!
        Neil Peart wins Nobel Prize for Literature
              Politics, guitarists and etc.
                         DS Video
                 Relayer, and other stuff
              BTW, What's the difference????
                 Rush fans and Mac users
                a legend in his own mind.
          The guest on the 18th is Johnny Lang.
                    Re:  There's Juno!
                      BMG defense...
      Counterparts Nicknames/Rush Sighting(sort of)
           Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass Question
                  I may be the last....
                 Rush memorabilia auction
                        Love Songs
                       Bass Pedals
                   Bravado on the radio
                  Giving a special gift
            Collective Soul - Rush Connections
                     Rush on rockline
              nicknames and JulieJulieJuno?
                   Tyla Gang/Supergroup
               re: Rush fans and Mac users
           Where the craft lies|Rush ripped-off
                    Prism Records Saga
                    still waltzing ??
                   Dinky drums on P/G?
                        Re: Uncle

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon Jan 11 11:42:44 PST 1999
Subject: Administrivia

I was just sent a nearly complete archive of all the old NMS issues that
I'm currently missing on the mail server! I'm putting them up today, so if
you were looking for that ONE issue it didn't have, check back tonight!
I'll have everything from 1-199, and 250- current. I know that many of
you have emailed me about wanting some of those missing issues, so hopefully
you'll see this.. :-)

 - rush-mgr


From: "Catherine Brissette" 
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 14:34:59 PST
Subject: thinking people


(in reference to the Republican, conservative = Rush fan debate)
I'm going to respond. Was this Mike who responded to my posting? I don't 

>While this person definitely needed taking to task, I would argue
>with the assertation that scientists by definition can think--I know 
		I certainly wasn't saying that all scientists are thinking people..  
And I am not as well educated as I should be on subjects like 
philosophy, and I do not want to get into debates about logic. I'm 
pretty irrational, I'll admit that up front.  All I wanted to say- to 
the guy who thinks all Rush fans and thinking people are conservative 
Republicans- is that I am not conservative, and I *am*intelligent and 

>But listening to Rush would cause me to give you the benefit of the
>doubt--but I have met some flaming idiots who were Rush fans.
	Well, of the men I have known well who were into Rush, there are 2 
extremely sharp guys, a not so sharp but sweet guy, an idiot who tried 
to hit me, and a guy who was an accessory to the rape of my friend. so I 
wouldn't make any assumptions about Rush fans. Maybe the majority are 
above average intelligence, but that doesn't mean they have a heart or a 
conscience. Or use the brains they *do* have.

I am not a flaming idiot. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt. :)

"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end." Spock


From: Scott Aiken 
Date: 04 Jan 99 15:23:36 -0800
Subject: re: 2/3, 3/2

> > I beleive you were wanting to say 3/2 ...ONE..two..three
> > TWO..two..three...ect.

> Personally I'd write that as 3/4 or 6/4, i.e. three quarter-notes or six
> quarter-notes per measure.

If I may throw in my $/50, the 3/4 and 6/4 time signatures sound very
different, as far as beat division.

Just for consistency though, let's look at 3/4 and 6/8.  Each signature has
three quarter-notes (or six eighth-notes) per measure, but the strong beats are
placed differently:

3/4:	ONE	&	TWO	&	THREE	&
6/8:	ONE	la	le	TWO	la	le

Notice that 6/8 is divided into groups of 3 notes, giving it a waltz feel.  In
music theory terms, this is called compound meter.  The straighter 3/4 time is
called simple meter.

If the number of beats per measure (numerator) is divisible by 3 but not 3,
then the music is in compound meter (waltz-ish).

I don't know if there is are 'standard' beat divisions for asymetric times like
5/x or 7/x.  Does anyone else know?

Comments welcome.

Scott Aiken                
Software Engineer                    (800) 964-5563, or
Karl Storz Imaging                   (805) 968-5563 x3298


From: "Chaz Mattson" 
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 15:29:06 PST
Subject: Atmospheric changes make you sensative to 2112 !!!

Some truely strange goings on in the weather report today...

The low in downtown Denver today was 21 F

The low in downtown Colorado Springs today was 12 F

Distance...(the long range filter) about 70 miles between the two 

Also...did you know...

If Terrell Davis rushes for exactly 104 yards against the 
Miami Dolphins in this coming weekend's playoff game...his 
RUSH'ing total for the year would be EXACTLY 2112 (of course I 
think more than likely, he will have that total by half-time...even on 
That would surpass Eric Dickerson's single season RUSH mark by 5 yards, 
oddly enough, 2112 was RUSH's 4th disc, but it did appear on their live 
disc, All The Worlds A Stage...their 5th disc...which is where Terrell 
will be on Saturday afternoon.

Final Score out of Denver this weekend:

Denver Broncos 21
Miami Dolphins 12

Like, it's in the Atmospheric changes....(actually I think the real 
score will be much more of a blow~out)

Denver Broncos 38
Miami Dolphins 17  (That would make the difference 21)

You heard it here first...or was that hear?????  Anyway, we have Ged, 
Alex, and Neil to thank!

Peace en Rushlund



Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 18:24:56 -0500
Subject: Favorite songs and solos

I love extremes, so let's talk about a few extremes right now...

First, I'd like to toss my two pennies into this whole "speed guitar" 
debate flaring up lately.  In my opinion (with fifteen years, three 
bands and lots of lessons as experience), guitar playing is like weight 
lifting and asking out women: LESS IS MORE.  Give me Alex's solo on the 
end of "2112" or "Different Strings" any day over Vinnie Vincent buzzing 
out 9,000 notes in ten seconds like a pissed-off bumblebee.  Passion and 
precision, you know?

The top ten Rush songs of all time, for music, lyrics, solo, drumming 
and composition:

1) Red Barchetta
2) Spirit of Radio
3) Xanadu
4) Different Strings
5) The Trees

The top five Alex solos:

1) Limelight
2) La Villa Strangiato
3) Cinderella Man
4) A Farewell to Kings
5) Closer to the Heart

It's funny...I've been playing guitar for over fifteen years and never 
conciously tried to copy anyone...I consider Eddie, Clapton and Page my 
favorite players...but ol' Lerxst has done more to influence me than 
anyone else, just because I've played so much Rush before.  Not a bad 
guy to emulate.  I think one of Alex's most beautiful solos ever is the 
second one in "Shut up shuttin' up" on the Victor album, where he uses a 
delay pedal.  That's smooth as silk.


From: "Paul L. Turner" 
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 22:18:24 -0500
Subject: Oops...

Fellow Clients of the Law Offices of Dirk, Lerxst, and Pratt,

Friend of mine made this slip of the tongue on the phone, and I think I have 
once or twice too.  So I have to ask:

Anyone else called the new album "Different Strings" by mistake yet?  :-)

Happy 1999,
Glen Burnie, MD


From: William Hall 
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 23:23:15 -0500
Subject: Rockline info.

Rush-Mgr: feel free to snip this post and just put this in the
Administrativa (sp).

There are Rockline's scheduled for three Wednesday's in January.
According to Arrow 93 FM in SoCal (, Rush will be on
Rockline Wednesday, January 20th at 8:30 PM PST (11:30 EST).  This is
now on Dr Chuck's Rockline page too.  Check for more info, the Wednesday
guests were added to the site today.

William Cary Hall
ICQ# 6956498
Homepage @
Check my Rush/DT tradelists


From: Doug Allison/SYRINX-MU Enterprises 
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 00:37:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Music Clubs and Free CD's


Okie, here's the deal about mail order music clubs and free CD's. I read
this about a year ago.

In the standard artist recording contract, the contract calls for reduced
(many times significantly) royalties from music club cd sales. For the free
give-away CD's, the artist receives zippo - nothing! The example they gave
was when Eddie Vedder was reviewing the yearly accounting books for one of
Pearl Jam's major cds (-Vs- maybe, or the big one before it), he was
shocked/intrigued to find that a million or so copies had been given away
free in music clubs, of which he received nothing.

I can't remember what percentage the record company gets off of music club
cds, but I believe part of the deal is that they too receive little or
nothing for the free give away cd's. So, the music club would only have the
cost of the producing or securing the cd itself ($1.00 to $2.00). For the
free cd's, you are paying $3.00 to $4.00 or more each for shipping.




From: FearNo1 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 00:12:43 -0600
Subject: Rush videos on the net..Good newZ!

Below is the response I received to my inquiry about having rush 
videos!  Again, email them at and request some
rush videos!  As you recall, their website is:

Vidnet wrote:
> In regards to your e-mail request to have Rush videos added to Vidnet, 
> we are always in the process of collecting videos from the record 
> companies.  We upload videos weekly and they can be found in the New 
> on Vidnet category.  At this time we are in negotiations with Rush's
> label, but hope to have their videos on Vidnet in the future.  Thank 
> you for your interest in Vidnet, please let us know if you have any 
> further comments or suggestions we love to hear from our viewers.
> Vidnet
> wrote:
> > Cool site!  You guys have really added alot of videos since the last 
> > time I was
> > here.  How about adding some music by Rush?  Every album by Rush has gone
> > atleast gold and no other band has a bigger following on the net.  Rush 
> > also has
> > 4 videotapes, with A Show of Hands video going platinum, so thats plenty of
> > footage for your "Live" section.


From: Cristiano Ceccato 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 14:16:32 +0100
Subject: Neil Peart wins Nobel Prize for Literature


Stockholm, 11 April 2037 (REUTERS) - The Nobel Comittee, presided over
by Her Majesty Queen Victoria of Sweden,  announced today the winners of
the Nobel Prize for 2037. The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to
Neil Peart of Canada.

Mr. Peart has long been tipped as a potential contender for the prize.
Widely regarded as one of the most prolific and varied writers at work
today, he is best know for his novels, in particular "Lost Megadon"
(2013), "Looking at a Far Mountain" (2017) and "Trial by Fury" (2029),
which won the Booker Prize, as well as his collections of short stories
and his many editorials for The National Midnight Star and TIME

It is often forgotten that Mr. Peart originally began his career as a
uniquely gifted musician over 50 years ago. Having quit high school
early, he began his professional life as a drummer, which first took him
to England and then back to Canada where he became a member of the
legendary Toronto trio, Rush. It was during his early years as a
struggling musician that Mr. Peart developed an affinity for literature
and writing, first as a fan of modern fiction, then as a the ensemble's
chief lyricst, developing a huge body of work unique in the history of
rock music. His lyrical prowess grew together with his increasing
interest in 20th century literature over the 1970s and 1980s, such that
his Rush lyrics are today studied at college level. Together with his
fellow musicians he was inducted into the Order of Canada in 1997.

Mr. Peart stopped performing at the end of the 1990s, following the
tragic deaths of his wife and daughter. Always a private person, Mr.
Peart subsequently retreated into near-isolation, emerging after many
years with his first novel, "Whispered Silence", in 2007, which
immediately began its climb of the bestseller list. Later, Mr. Peart
took on a professorship in English at McGill University in Montreal,
while continuing his writing career. He also set up a number of trust
funds and scholarships to assist young artists and musicians in Canada.


Whould be nice, wouldn't it?  :)

Cristiano Ceccato AADipl MSc(CS) DIC MIEEE
GSM Mobile: (+44) (0)411 141 545


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 06:30:33 PST
Subject: Politics, guitarists and etc.

Fellow Rushians,

For as long or as short of a time as I have been a part of this mailing 
I have seen a number of issues come and gone that were either 
irrelevant, boring, stupid, idiosyncratic, a waste of time to send to 
5000 people or cheap.  I can remember a few debates that went on for 
longer than they should in recent history:  whether Metallica has in 
fact sold out (though I believe they did), whether Metallica is a better 
band than Rush, whether Alex van Halen sucks or not, whether Eddie van 
Halen sucks or not, whether a cazoo was used in By-Tor (and I hope it 
was finally resolved that one was not), whether CTTH, TSOR, TS and 
others should have or should have not been included on DS and now we're 
arguing about the demographics of Rush listeners.  For all I know most 
Rush fans may be married, older, conservative.  I don't care.  That 
doesn't mean that Rush fans, here's the key word, *cannot* be single, 
younger, liberal.  My God, why is it that every time someone makes a 
statement as to what they believe on this list, someone has to come out 
and respond to it as if they were directly being threatened?  Frankly I 
do not care whether Rush fans are conservative or liberal and I think 
that this petty debate as to what the fans' political views are count 
for much towards the integrity that this mailing list is designed for.  
That's my $.02.  Oh, by the way, just so you know as for my political 
views, I'm a reactionary.

Now as for semi-Rush material, I have never believed that "faster means 
better."  I have never cared for Joe Satriani constantly whirling away 
riffs that are faster than what other people play.  But since we are on 
the subject, who would you argue is the fastest bass player?  Now we 
have to consider bass players, since we are the most neglected of 
musicians in the world!  Of course, I have to vote for Geddy.  Now, I 
hope some of you can help me out on this.  Man o' War did a rendition of 
Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov on one of their albums.  The 
bass guitarist played the main string section.  Some of the finest bass 
work I've heard.  Who is the bass player and what album does this come 

For Rush material, does anyone know where Neil drew his inspiration for 
the lyrics of Hemispheres.  There is nothing concrete about the 
mythology in Hemispheres, but much of what is present in that song is 
intrinsic to the Apollonian vs. Dionysian mindsets that I teach my 
students in classical mythology.  If anyone knows, please give me a 

Take care all.  

Chris Palo


Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:00:07 EST
Subject: DS Video

Can anyone tell me what the status of the DS VIdeo is? Is it out? Coming out?
DUe out? 'cause I am freaking out!!!!


From: "Adam Loch" 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 08:30:49 PST
Subject: Relayer, and other stuff

I had a good laugh when I read the last digest, and somebody said not to 
play Relayer at parties.  Just imagine the look on people's faces! 
Actually, I don't think I would play any Yes at party, unless the party 
was a bunch of Yes fans :)  The only danceable song by Yes is the 2nd 
half of I've Seen All Good People...and please don't flame me, I'm not 
saying that music has to be danceable to be good :)

Seriously, I was listening to Relayer as I read the recent digest (its 
still on in fact), so I felt the need to contribute my .02.  Even though 
Ged said it was one of his favorites, Its better to get into Yes by 
listening The Yes Album, or Fragile, or a compilation like Classic Yes.  
Even Close to the Edge or Tales From Topographic Oceans is more 
accessable to a new fan than Relayer would be.  I was already a veteran 
Yes listener when I got Relayer, and it took me a few listens before I 
really got into it.  It is one of the best Yes albums, IMHO.

And as far as this Rush fan stereotype thing goes, I do have a college 
education (graduated in May), but I got into Rush my sophomore year of 
high school.  I am single, 22, and I'd have to kill myself before I'd 
classify myself as a Republican, but I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal 
either.  But I am an engineer, so I would have to say that I have the 
ability to think ;-)  It is possible to stereotype Republicans as Rush 
fans...only if you are talking about Rush Limbaugh.

Sorry about the lack of significant Rush content.



From: Alvaro Graves 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 16:13:02 -0400
Subject: BTW, What's the difference????

Ok, I'm here again with another question:

And the question is... What's the difference between 3/2, 6/4, 12/8? I mean,
matthematically it represents the 
same quantity, and musicaly it represents the same quantity of notes. I know
that 3/2 are three half-notes, 
6/4 are six quarter-notes and 12/8 are twelve (sorry, my english isn't too
good) 1/8 (or 0.125) notes.

If all that I had been writing is true (I suppose), What is the #%)(/%&!
difference? Why don't write all in 3/2? Where can I find free beer?

PD: hay algun shileno en el TNMS?
Eso no+
  /          \                             Alvaro Andres Graves Fuenzalida
  >-O---O--O-<					Escuela de Injeniería
  \__________/          	      Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
      | |					 Universidad de Chile


From: "Littlejohn, John (C) (HOU)" 
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 12:25:30 -0800 
Subject: Rush fans and Mac users

>From: Dan McConnell 
>Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 17:32:50 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Rush fans and Mac users
Very nicely said.  I personally don't like Mac's but that is a very good
You know it and I know it, the only reason IBM compatibles are so popular is
because they're mainstream and because Microsoft runs primarily on them.  If
Microsoft were to start fully supporting Macs, I'm willing to bet my buns
that the Mac market would improve a great bit.  But as long as MS uses IBM
Compat's the market and world will follow.  If Microsoft would design
software for your Texas Instrument's Speak and Spell, I think people would
buy Speak and Spell's.  Just my personal opinion.  So flame me while I have
my themal knits on.

J. Chris Littlejohn 
LAN Engineer
Guidant Corporation


From: "Krista Kokko" 
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 12:43:30 -0800
Subject: Conservative?

Who ever came up with the notion that Rush fans are intrinsically
conservative?  I'll buy the part about higher than average education, (or if
not then at least the capacity to use what's between the ears a tad more
effectively than the rest of the population), but I'd like to see someone
come up with proof about conservatism.

I am quite liberal and I have always enjoyed Rush and the way that their
music stands for personal responsibility, independence, and rights.  Has not
their message been about emotional, environmental, and societal pressures
and responsibilities?  I know of many Republicans who would literally froth
at the mouth after listening to such as Nobody's Hero, Freewill, Prime
Mover, not to mention 2112!

Perhaps I just don't get it.

        To enjoy life as a rational free spirit!
        To be unique, understanding the form in the fabric of being.
        To create an awareness within of that which is aswirl without.
        To find the still and quiet places.

        This is who I am        Krista Kokko


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 15:40:37 -0800
Subject: a legend in his own mind.

Richard Coppel said:
>Yngwie Malmsteen is probably one of the faster players. Single coil 
>pickups are harder, along with a scalloped fretboard, to sustain a note 

what does sustain have to do with speed?  And no, they aren't, but
Yngwie would like people to believe so.

>In Yngwie's own words using humbuckers is cheating. 

Yngwie thinks everything anyone else does is cheating.  He's a knob.

>I am not saying he is far superior than anyone. Every guitar player
>mentioned is a great player. 

until now, IMO

>Just listen and  decide for yourself who is the fastest. Seeing Yngwie 
>live and watching him do his solos, which he does a lot of, 

to stroke

>and his lead guitar work is simply amazing. 

yeah, but when he flipped his guitar over his shoulder, lost his
wireless unit (skittering across the stage shredding parts), and had to
stop the show for 45 minutes because he didn't have a spare or a cord,
(Danville, IL, 1988) it turned into a comedy.  Great technician, lousy
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: Mike Sandoval 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 13:07:51 -0800
Subject: The guest on the 18th is Johnny Lang.

Is this a typo??
Could it, in fact, be Jimmy Lang that is on the 18th? :P

Mike in PG


From: Mike Sandoval 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 13:23:42 -0800
Subject: Re:  There's Juno!


Here I lurk.....still.... in between drop-dead lines.... and I was
Singing songs together
Though it's just a memory
Some memories last forever

And I recall the part well..I have yet to find those Photos I took... I
wanted to show them to my wife so she would believe the insanity of my

I wonder if the OTHER  - rush-mgr   recalls us being pulled over by New
Jersey Highway Patrol..... at 1 am.... being the suspisions drug dealers
that we are.... what a joke that was.

" Where are you going? "    <-=- Jersey Highway Patrolman
'New York, I have a job interview'    
"Is that why you have that suit in your Car? "   <-=- Jersey Highway

How does one respond to tis kind of a question from a cop?

"On my ship, the Rocinante wheeling through the Galaxy "
Mike / IRC Nick  Rocinante


From: Danny Breiner 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 16:27:02 -0500
Subject: BMG defense...

To all NMS readers who think BMG is inferior, I have eye opening news.
The CD's they send out are EXACTLY the same except that one little
"produced by BMG" logo. Here is why, and how I know this.
1) BMG is a major Distributer.  Many of the CD's you buy in the store use
BMG to get there discs around the world.

2)Next, BMG must purchase rights to produce the CD's from the record
company.  If they don't the production is ILLEGAL.
2b) In addition, the packaging is the same due to the prior reasons.

3) If you don't believe me try for yourself.  I recently joined BMG after
researching the two main players in CD Clubs (BMG and Columbia).  You can
ALWAYS get the free CD's and Not pay the shipping or fufill the obligation
if your unsatisfied...heres my situation...judge for yourself

	I planned on ordering my first 7 free CD's and then dropping my
membership. However, I was actually impress with the service of BMG. (side
note, 2 of my first CD's were Rush...Farewell to Kings (remastered) and
Retro 2 the packaging was the same). When the CD's arrived, I discovered 2
with flaws...BMG sent me replacements immediatly with no extra shipping
charge. Since then I've ordered a few things.  A Billy Joel 4CD box set for
$17.99, and then 3 Phish CD's (Buy 1 + get 2 free and 10% off), buying that
one also completed my "obligation."

One final note...As for the ever so hated "Featured Selections" which the
company automatically sends to you, you can decline them online or (since
no contract is ever signed, you have no obligation to pay for them if they
send them to you.
	That's my story, and NO, I don't work for BMG...I just saw people raging
on them, so I thought I'd tell a positive story.  That's it for now.
"All of us get lost in the Darkness,
Dreamers learn to steer by the starts,
All of us do time in the gutter,
Dreamers turn to look at the Cars." 

Danny Breiner
330261 Georgia Tech Station
Atlanta, Ga. 30332


Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 15:04:16 +0000
Subject: Counterparts Nicknames/Rush Sighting(sort of)

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!!

First off, I have a boot from Fresno, Ca (I believe) Where Alex 
called Geddy "James Bond" and  Neil "Karen Carpenter".  I can't 
really make out what Big Al calls himself because the sound kinda 
fades a little around that part, but I'll keep checking!!

Rush sighting on New Year's Eve:
I work at a hotel in Twin Falls, ID and I was working the 3-11 shift 
that night.  I was working very hard (watching TV because no one
was coming in) and I got a phone call from someone wanting to 
make a reservation for that night for a friend of her's coming from 
out of town.  I started up the reservation and I asked for the person's 
last name.  She said "Syme", then I asked for the person's first name, 
and she said "Hugh".  Not surprisingly, it wasn't him, but that did 
kinda make up for the fact that I had to work on New Year's Eve!

"Don't ask me...I'm just improvising!"


From: Lester Godsey 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 15:27:09 -0700
Subject: Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass Question

I am a new bassist getting started and I am looking for a good
general-purpose bass guitar, something that can represent a fairly wide
gamut of sounds (rock, alternative, all those other meaningless labels).  I
recall some mention about the bass in previous issues, but was wondering if
someone who has first-hand knowledge of it can give me some
observations/suggestions.  Feel free to email privately if you don't want to
take up bandwidth . . . Thanks!

"This is your father's lightsaber. When you absolutely, positively, have to
kill every motherfuckin' stormtrooper in the room... accept no substitutes."
  Samuel L. Jackson - a.k.a. Jedi Master Mace Windu

Lester Godsey


Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 17:42:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: I may be the last....

Well, here I am folks. Just wanted to test the water to see if I was the
absolutely LAST person on earth who was still buying cassette tapes.
Well I hereby retire if I am (or was). Santa got me a nice home CD
player for Xmas and a copy of DS to boot (which is now permanently
camped in my previously mentioned home CD player!), so I then upped the
anty by getting a new CD player for my car (along with a new set of
speakers - my car system has never sounded better). My good buddy and
fellow NMS'er Nancy (you there Nan?) is helping me out by finding me
some used CD's so I can save a buck or two (not just Rush, but mostly

My transition is complete, and I know what you're thinking - "What the
hell was this guy waiting for??!?" Well you're right - CD's are COOL and
they sound great. And I've waited a long time to say this, but Different

I'm going to enjoy this.

Scott Wedge -
Auburn MBA Graduate - Class of '94


From: Pat Shanahan 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 18:00:55 -0500
Subject: Rush memorabilia auction

After being a Rush fan for most of my days I have come to a point in
life where I am going to be moving on and the items I have are classics,
but they probably would not survive the move and I don't know what I
would do with them when I get to my new destination, thus I will be
auctioning them off.  anyone interested in a list of items and the
conditions of the auction can e-mail me with just the suject "Rush
items" and I will send it to them. Thank-You.

P.S.  I know the pain all to well that Neil went through with Jackie, I
just lost my Mother to the same disgusting disease yesterday, that is
why I am moving on. God bless you Neil I know the pain...


Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 17:42:48 -0500
Subject: Love Songs

Hey guys...

Did you ever notice how a lot of bands release a compilation entitled "Love 
Songs?"  Well, it got me to thinking...if Rush ever released a compilation of 
love songs, what would it look like?  Well, I made a tape for my friend for 
his birthday and called it RUSH- Love Songs.  I will now share the results of 
that recording...

Side One--
Closer to the Heart
Lakeside Park
Entre Nous
Different Strings
Losing It
Red Barchetta

Side Two--
Emotion Detector (one of the most underrated Rush songs ever...)
Time Stand Still
Second Nature
Ghost of a Chance
Alien Shore
Cold Fire

*LOL*.  That's why we love them, I guess...most bands would just write love 
songs about a relationship, but Rush can write them about a car, yourself, 
humanity, the present, or a bunch of Renaissance people...

P.S. Did anyone but me notice that Neil's drumming on the 1978 set from 
Different Stages, particularly the "Working Man/Fly By Night/In the Mood 
medley is ESPECIALLY smoking??  He was in the 'zone' that night...

P.P.S. To guitarists: I can play most any Rush song pretty accurately, even 
"Strangiato", but "Show Don't Tell" perplexes the hell out of me.  What the 
heck kinds of chords is Big Al playing?  Inversions?


From: "Robert Ashley Davidson" 
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 23:56:16 -0800
Subject: Bass Pedals

Hi all you out there!

I have had a set of Midi Bass Pedals since October, and just about have the
hang of them.

At the present they just cover the bottom end of my keyboard when midi'd up,
anyone any ideas how to get them to play a few octaves higher?

Transposing doesn't work, so any ideas?

Also, can anyone advise Geddy's current backline set up ?


Ashley Davidson.


From: "eddy Maxwell" 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 18:14:37 -0600
Subject: Bravado on the radio


I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

Just a quickie note to say that I heard Bravado (RTB version) on KDDX
(methinks they were the call letters) in South Dakota on 12/26.  I was
traveling between families, and let me tell you, it was a bright spot on
a very stressful day.

DS is a great listen when one is travelling down a dark highway going

I haven't been listening to DS much lately (what?  am I crazy?) because
Styx I and Chef Aid have been in the CD player.  Cartman's version of
Come Sail Away is so fucking hilarious.  I'm a total Stygian and I had
tears from laughing so hard.

Also, I haven't been listening to anything because of the time-sucking
game of BALDUR'S GATE.  If you have it, you know what I'm talking about.

Best Rush Wishes!


"Go for the eyes Boo!  Go for the eyes!  Rusk!"--Minsc


From: "B.J. Morgan" 
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 99 20:10:13 -0600
Subject: Revelations

Hola Rush Fanatics,

Eventually, keeping my peepers open and my mouth shut led to some build 
up over time.  Just a couple of comments... 

Mind blowing observation by Dan McConnell.  I'm a Mac user/Rush fan. It 
has opened up so many windows as to why I feel so subconsciously 
oppressed.  (snicker)  Psychology humor is intentional.  Kudos! 

Based purely on fan loyalty, I recently purchased the "Working Man" Rush 
tribute album (Which was produced in correlation with Mike Portnoy, of 
course).  Oops!  Silly me!  That's probably what the guys up in marketing 
were hoping for because deep down they knew that Rush in any other form 
just couldn't be the same.  

Buyer beware!  If you can fathom the illegitimate child of Judas Priest 
and Rush, then I recommend this album.  Sadly, I wasn't able to stomach 
listening to the CD in its entirity.  I appreciate the efforts of Mike 
and Co., but sheesh!  Any other opinions, please feel free!

See you in Xanadu,
B.J. Morgan

Indiana State University Drumline

Music Industry Association

Indiana Statesman  <- Recently hired!


From: "Brandon Erickson" 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 17:24:34 PST
Subject: Giving a special gift

During Christmas, my wife, kids, and I went to have dinner with my Mom. 
Knowing what a big Rush fan I am, she bought me Different Stages, NOT 
knowing I bought it the day it was released.

 Instead of taking it and trading it in on something else, I passed it 
along to my sister (Mom didn't mind), who has been a casual fan for 
awhile. She was very excited and appreciative. My brother, another avid 
fan, said we had converted another "believer". 

It was the most satisfying gift I've given in quite some time (even 
though I didn't actually purchase it). Truly Different Stages will be 
the gift that keeps on giving!


From: "Mark Mars" 
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 23:10:06 -0600
Subject: Collective Soul - Rush Connections

In regards to inquiry into the connection (if any) =
between CS and Rush.

A couple of months ago I wrote in the digest that the road crew as =
listed in the liner notes of CS second CD lists most of the masterminds =
behind Rush's road shows.  I think there is definitely some connection I =
just haven't pinned it down quite yet.

Anyway, as of this writing CS is my third fave right now behind The Boys =
and DT.  They have some interesting lyrics and a bassists you can hear =
most of the time (unlike a lot of groups in the not so distant past). =
They are a nice change of pace to Rush sometimes.

Take it for what it's worth.



From: greg taylor 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 22:29:12 -0600
Subject: Rush on rockline

I heard on KSHE 95 here in St. Louis, MO, that rush will be on rockline
on nov. 20th.  kshe used to air rockline on monday nights, then they
stopped airing it, now there are advertising that  it is back and is
going to be on weds. nights.  they did not say whether it is an old
broadcast or not, but they did say it was on the weds the 20th which is
their new airing time.



From: "Michelle Zagari" 
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 00:16:30 PST
Subject: nicknames and JulieJulieJuno?

Re: nicknames from the counterparts tour:
Seeing as tho I went to a LOT of CP shows, I remember quite a few.  I 
even have some scribbled down somewhere (me and this Julie chick named 
juno were supposed to compile a list for TNMS back in 1994, heh).  
Anyhoo, these are some of the most memorable:

Philadelphia, April 28, 1994 Ged- Rocky Balboa
Boston          Date?   1994 Ged- Cam Neely

Um, I can't think atm, but go to back issues from Early 94- all the 
spoiler themes have the answers.

Come see the Newest, hottest, Rush Tribute band to hit the NY Tri-State 
area, "Restless Youth!"  Email for more 

~~~rushwoman (who can't post without plugging, heh)


From: Nei Wyatt 
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 09:07:48 +0000
Subject: Tyla Gang/Supergroup

To answer Javier Reyes question as to why the Tyla Gang are advertised
in the AFTK program is because they supported Rush in the UK on that
tour (with the album Yachtless I think), in a time when support bands
got a full page billing in the tour program.

Now. You may have run this theme before, but if you were to put together
a Supergroup, would Geddy, Alex and Neil be in it? Hand on heart!
Dont get me wrong, I am a die hard Rush fan of long standing and there
was a time when I would have had a sex change to have their babies. But
if I am to be honest, the line up would look as follows:

Drums - Neil
Bass - Geddy
Guitar - Al Di Meola
Lead Guitar - Michael Schenker
Keyboards - Rick Wakeman
Vocals - Geof Tate
Spoons - Noel Crombie

Over to you.


From: Ashim 
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 15:17:36 +0600
Subject: re: Rush fans and Mac users


This is deep. :-)
>(although let me state that I own a Mac, and work with 7 Macs from various
>eras in an academic/research setting, and they never crash, 'cept when
>we use Microsoft applications - the truth, I swear. Plus the G3 and G4
>are the best processors for the money)
I believe you! I've always used PCs, I was pretty much compelled. (Yeah,
sheep) But I've had nothing but respect for Macs. They're solid, reliable
things. Microsoft just #^#$^ me up everytime. :-) I'm just a glutton for
But what computers do *Rush* use?



From: Ashim 
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 15:17:39 +0600
Subject: Where the craft lies|Rush ripped-off

Ok, we've been having a thread on 'speed demons'. Many fantastic players
came to light - all of them very fast. Someone said there may be too many
fast players out there. Not a problem in itself, but I think in this age of
homegeneity, the real craft lies in what you can do with the speed you've
earned. Al DiMeola uses his speed to tremendous melodic effect, changing
direction, phrasing, even using an 'ebb and flow' of speed (this particular
trick is 2 die for). John Mclaughlin couples it with an absolutely
diabolical guitar tone and often creates a complete blur of dissonant notes
  you don't know what's happening. Jason Becker, another insanely talented
player who eventually got ALS (the disease), gave the world something truly
amazing with his early 'Perpetual Burn' album - this guy can play
arpeggios, let's leave it at that. RUSH CONTENT!! Alex Lifeson likes to use
sudden, nervous bursts of blinding speed. Steve Morse is a chicken-picker
from hell (among other things). The list goes on. These people didn't get
stuck in the mud with their speed. They looked upon it as a means, not an
end. Skill is definitely a large part of the craft, and speed is a large
part of the skill, but it definitely isn't *all* the craft.

Somebody said here a while back, that players who use white noise are
'amateurs'. I still haven't been able to figure out what this means. To my
mind, this is a very deleterous generalisation, it denies contributions
from many important players. Don't ask for a list - suffice it to know that
a very big one exists and yes, I can differentiate white noise from noise.
When I was 12, I might have felt like that. All I can say is, keep an open
mind, and maybe if it isn't too much to ask, listen to Sonic Youth's 'Goo'
  by general consensus considered to be a landmark album in the history of
the guitar fullstop. (it's among Guitar Magazine's 25 greatest guitar
albums, Moving Pictures is there too) See what they did with white noise.

RUSH SIGHTING: I live in Bangladesh. The primary music channels we get are
Channel [v] and MTV Asia. Needless to say, neither of these have played a
single Rush video in five years. But Channel [v] has a program called Turn
on TV which comes on every day - back to back vids. Well, during the splash
screen between videos, they play bits and pieces of music - and almost all
of these are snippets from Rush songs. The intros to Limelight, Tom Sawyer,
Red Barchetta, Passage to Bangkok, and many more. 
Yeah. Never play a Rush video, but use their music everyday. So it goes.



From: "Berry, Paul W (Syncordia)" 
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 12:12:29 -0000 
Subject: Prism Records Saga


The latest update on the Prism records saga is that 7 people have offered to
take over the back catalogue and outstanding orders. There is still a chance
that people will get their discs - however slim.

Season's greetings to all (its new year in Russia)



From: "Jack Hesse" 
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 08:13:48 EST
Subject: still waltzing ??

>Well, being a well versed drummer of 20 years, I'd have to say I've never
>seen "two third-notes [2/3]" either. 

Hey, Dainis, thanks for this.  Yeah, you got me.  Sorry, as I said: brain dead
after the effects of DS - plus NO good at maths.  Sat my O-Level four times
you know = sad!

>I suppose you could say it's 3/2 or three half notes, and that's all a matter
of how you want to put it on
>paper, but those are some incredibly short half-notes. Personally I'd write
>that as 3/4 or 6/4, i.e. three quarter-notes or six quarter-notes per
>measure. At that signature, that would make the speed about 192 bpm.

Ok, at the risk of more [serious?] derision, I will take this further......

> No, that part of the drum solo seems to be in 3/4.  3 quarter-note beats per
measure.  I seem 
>to remember a similar debate coming up on the King Crimson mailing list.

Aaaah.  Now I [we ??] am getting somewhere.  Ok, the 2/3 was a gaff.  But I
did think that 3/2 was a serious time signature with a particular "feel",
qualitatively different to 6/4.....?  You know, like how 3/4 feels different
to 6/8 etc.  I most certainly could be [a] wrong and/or [b] banging my head
against a ping ride here, but what sparks my interest is this:  The King
Crimson album called Three of a Perfect Pair.  I always took the name, Three
of a Perfect Pair, to be a literal translation of the time signature of the
title track? Wrong again ??

Even though I gave up playing, it seems I am still most certainly a [drum]
bore.  Looking forward to yet more insight.

Happy new year to all of you.



Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 09:32:15 EST
Subject: Dinky drums on P/G?

Dinky drums on P/G?  I think I know what the original poster meant when
describing the drums on P/G as dinky.

Its not a matter of performance by any means, but whenever I hear "Red Lenses"
or "Red Sector A", I shudder when I hear those fuzzy synth drum pads
(especially on Red Lenses).  Were those the hexagonal black/white pads?  Of
course at that time they were cutting edge, and Rush is a bad to experiment
with new technologies.  I hear the same drums in other 80's rock band as well,
"Best of Both Worlds" by Van Halen was on the box yesterday and I noticed it
there as well.

Neils performance on P/G is exceptional, but thank God that the sound of synth
drums have come so far in 15 years.

Hanstones <-- "Bright images flashing by,
Like windshields towards a fly"


Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 07:09 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Uncle

Scott Wedge writes...
My sister just had a bouncing baby boy. So I get on the phone with her
husband, another Rush nut, and he says to me "He's destined to love
Rush." After asking why he states "Well he was born on the 21st day of
the 12th month. That's 2112."

My niece was born on 12/22.  So unless Rush come out with a sequel album 2122, 
I'm screwed.  Either that or I'm a fan of 2112 and the band Ten Years After.




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