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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2163

                  Thursday, 14 Jan 1999

Today's Topics:
                    MTv Rush Sighting
                       mtv sighting
                Small Soldier, Long Dance
                  The Drum Also Waltzes
                      Rockline in LA
                Re: Sorry, but I love CoS 
           Kings X plays Denver next Wednesday
                       TNMS # 1975
                      Re: nicknames
                Professional Jealousy. . .
                      Rush Sighting
                       Fish Islands
                   A CHALLENGE TO RUSH!
                      Rush in MAXIM
           Trouble with the enhanced CD from DS
                  Belated Christmas Gift
        get your tissues - you may want to cry...
                   Fastest Guitarist...
     Invisible Symphony: A Classical Tribute to Rush
                   Black Leather Pants
               The Grand Designs Rush Site
                     The Rush Network
                     The Studio Wall
           music theory and Rush/drums question
                 In response to Rush-mgr
          Rush Sighting in Entertainment Weekly
            DS CD Jewel Case Artwork Available
              Finding All of the Rush Videos
               Where do the Stage Props go?
               Time sigs: What's the diff?
                        in the end
             politics, bootlegs, and t-shirts
                    noise and bassists

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Jan 14 15:52:39 PST 1999
Subject: Administrivia

Finally got the word on the Rockline show... apparently they're now running
two versions, the "new band" version and the "classic rock" version. The
classic rock one obviously will be carried on classic rock stations, and will
air on Wednesday nights, while the other Rockline show will continue to air
on Monday nights. 

So mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 20th for Rockline with Rush!
(and I bet there won't be a single solitary San Diego station carrying it...

 - rush-mgr


From: "Shane" 
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 10:51:15 -0500
Subject: MTv Rush Sighting

saw a brief (really brief) clip of a Rush concert
on MTV yesterday during one of those Buzz Clip
segments....they were interviewing some new band
and they commented that one of their influences
was Rush.  It was an old segment, Moving Pictures era
I believe.  I forget the band's name...oh well


From: Alex Smith 
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 17:07:16 -0700
Subject: mtv sighting

> I think it was Kurt Loder with a remixing engineer, and the enginneer
> took Tom Sawyer and showed how he could "remix"/rap it.  This was at
> 2:00 on Jan 3.  

That remixer was Mix-Master Mike, who has done some cool stuff and
helped/half-joined the Beastie Boys with their last album. They do that in
concert, too.

Of course, I once heard ELP on MTV, which was the weirdest thing possible.

Alex Smith

"To love another person is to see the face of God." -Les Miserables

"Everyone walks the same
 Expecting me to step
 The narrow path they've laid
 They claim to walk unafraid
 I'll be clumsy instead
 Hold my love me or leave me high." -REM


From: Stuart Hodgetts 
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 08:26:12
Subject: Small Soldier, Long Dance

G'day all,

And Happy New Year.  

Anyone else have relatives who are budding Rush fans of the kindergarten
age who want to dance to the Tom Sawyer remix on "Small Soldiers" 5 times
in a row on Christmas day????

Buy them a different present!!!

Billy Oz...out


From: cgl2@po.CWRU.Edu (Christopher G. Lee)
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 20:38:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Drum Also Waltzes

	Hello All in Rush-land...

	In response to Dogyears and Pat, who were talking about
Max Roach's "The Drum Also Waltzes," and how it sounds like an 
influence in the new Rhythm Method, you're probably right. I 
remember reading a 1994 Modern Drummer interview in which Neil said
that he liked to play "The Drum Also Waltzes" in the dressing room
to warm up before shows on the CP tour. Undoubtedly that made an
impression on him and he would probably be the first to acknowledge
the influence.
	Cheerio, and all that...



Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 22:59:48 -0800
Subject: Rockline in LA

>I did find out that Rush will be on Rockline on Jan 20th on the Los Angeles
>station 93.1. However, I'm almost positive this is a REPEAT -- it is not
>listed in the main Rockline lineup as being aired by all radio stations,
>and if you know Rockline you'll know that it airs on Monday; the 20th is a
>Wednesday. So... I believe the show airing in LA is a repeat, and that it
>is not being carried on any other radio station. If you look at what else
>93.1 is airing, none of the shows match current guests!
>Any other station claiming to have Rush on Rockline this month? The guest
>on the 18th is Johnny Lang.

This is getting very curious...
Tonight is a Wednesday, and Arrow 93.1 in LA aired the "debut" of the "new"
Rockline, hosted by Bob Coburn, with guest John Couger Mellencamp.  I
didn't actually tune in (couldn't bring myself to...), but I did hear the
station as Bob Coburn ended his regular shift, and they were discussing
calling in to Rockline later.  They said that Rockline was being carried by
8 of the top 10 major markets, and many other smaller markets.  So it was
definitely live, and I would be surprised if they would air a repeat only 2
weeks after the debut.  So I'm wondering, are there now 2 Rocklines, maybe
one for "classic" rock stations, like Arrow, and one for stations that play
new music (like Johnny Lang)?  Is Bob Coburn the host for the Monday night

I suppose we'll find out on the 20th...



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 09:55:58 +0000
Subject: Re: Sorry, but I love CoS 

Jose Ramos wrote:
> Rob Pagano wrote:
> My ultimate would be for Rush to play "The Necromancer" live.  I seriously
> doubt this will happen though.

It *did* happen, though, once upon a time.. 



Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:17:39 EST
Subject: Kings X plays Denver next Wednesday

King's X w/ Galactic Cowboys, Jan. 13, Aztlan Theatre, Denver, 8pm, $16.

Here's the blub from "The Onion":
"Some bands sign deals with major labels, get a little bit of hype, fail to
meet commercial expectations, get dropped, and disappear.  A tiny few, like
King's X, fail to sell big, but get second, third, fourth, and fifth chances
to succeed on big labels.  For King's X, a band as well-known for its
Christianity as for its blustery, chnuky anthems ("Its Love," "Black Flag," et
al), a vocal cult following has helped, though the group did just jump to an
indie label.  A new album comes out soon, but in the meantime, the uninitiated
can find what they need to hear on last year's "Best of King's X.""

Hanstones <- "Technology-high, 
on the leading edge of life"


From: "Heloisa Martins" 
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 99 14:19:34 -0300
Subject: TNMS # 1975

can anyone tell me who is?
he posted in tnms # 1975 (march 1998), replying to a guy named capti.

does anyone here know anything about him? he called himself neil.

please let me know.


From: "Holger Stuhldreier" 
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:43:05 +0100
Subject: Re: nicknames

Hi everybody,

Michael Z. Williamson asked for the nicknames
from the Counterparts tour. This is what my records

Landover, MD 4/26/94

Geddy: Bill Clinton
Neil: Bill Clinton
Alex: Fabio 

Jacksonville, FL 03/02/94

Geddy: Shakky Green ??
Neil: John Rivers
Alex: Fabio

Toronto, Canada  05/07/94

Geddy: Don Lords ??
Neil: Caren Carpenter
Alex: Fabio

Auburn Hills, MI 03/22/94

Geddy: Ted Nugent

Take care all,  


"Against the run of the mill
 static as it seems,
 we break the surface tension
 with our wild kinetic dreams"


Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 14:31:57 EST
Subject: Professional Jealousy. . .

I just saw a "Where Are They Now" show on VH1.  One of the artists they
featured was Styx.  Tommy Shaw was bitching about playing hotels instead of
staying in them now, jokingly adding, "no, I'm not bitter."
I was wondering what the level is, if any at all, of professional jealousy
that other musicians hold toward Rush because of their longevity.

Thoughts and or shreds of evidence about said topic?


Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 16:36:07 -0600
Subject: Rush Sighting

Hey Rushians,

Had my first Rush sighting since joining TNMS.  Tues., Jan 5.  In
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Metro Detroit).  I was heading south on
Telegraph at Square Lake Rd. when I came across a white Saturn with the
license plate "21TWLVE".  As probably most of us do, the first thought
was wondering if they are on TNMS.  But being a female driving, I
wondered if maybe she was married and it was her husbands car, and that
maybe she didn't like Rush.  Oh well, hope she is a fan.

Scott Fab....

I wonder if Geddy's license plate says "BLUJAYS"?


From: "Ryan Miller" 
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 18:23:18 -0500
Subject: Queensryche-Rush

Hey all,
I was on the cdnow site looking at the review for queensryche's empire =
cd, and this is what it said:

>Exclusive Review from =20
>True art inspires the spirit as much as the senses. While the thousands =
who bought Operation: >Mindcrime-Queensryche's first gold record, and =
probably the most intelligent heavy metal album ever >made-might expect =
another mind-twisting concept LP as a follow-up, they should know this =
band better >than that: Empire is a collection of songs linked only by =
the power and vision of the playing and >songwriting. Yet it's too easy =
to discuss Empire in tangible terms, pointing to individual performances =
>and technical jargon: the tension building progressions of "The Thin =
Line," and the Mindcrime-like >"Empire," the band's improved songwriting =
and accessibility, or Geoff Tate's velvet vocals (which don't >venture =
into the high end as much as they used to) which range from thundering =
aggression to secret >whispers, especially on the seemingly Pink =
Floyd-inspired "Silent Lucidity" and the ethereal "Della >Brown." The =
true magic goes beyond these things: these 11 monumental tracks can =
force a heart to >skip beats and ripple flesh into goosebumps. Music =
that sculpts emotion and paints brainscapes in >passion colors has =
qualities that are beyond notes and phrasing, sharps and flats, and =
dissecting such >magic destroys it. Although they'll probably cringe at =
a Rush parallel, if Mindcrime was Queensryche's >2112, this is their =
Permanent Waves. (JA/AM)=20

I'm confused.  Why would they 'cringe at a Rush parallel'?  The only =
thing that I can think of is that Queensryche may have been compared to =
Rush so many times that the band got sick of it and didn't want to hear =
it anymore.

I kinda always thought that Rush was one of Queensryche's influences.  =
Maybe I was disillusioned because of the fact that many Rush fans are =
also Queensryche fans. =20

Any thoughts?


From: "Bryan 'Max' Dobberstein" 
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 17:23:24 -0600
Subject: Fish Islands

Do the Fish Islands really exist?  You know, the ones mentioned in
Limelight, "Living in the Fish Islands."  What do they have to do with
the rest of the song?

[Bryan "Max" Dobberstein]-----------------[ ]
+++++++++++++++[ ]+++++++++++++++


From: "Alan N." 
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 20:07:49 -0400

OK, here we go!  This is probably like peeing in the wind!  But I got a =
challenge for my FAVORITE band!  I've been a fan since FBN in 1975.  I =
was in grade school!
I now live ( and have so since 1979 ) in Roanoke, VA.  Seems like =
INTERESTING things seem to be happening here for groups starting tours! =
Just last year ( 98 )
Dave Matthews Band ( from Charlottesville, VA ) Kicked off their MASSIVE =
US tour here in Roanoke, VA, outdoors at whats called "Victory Stadium".
Sold Out, and went on to sell out, with the Stones.  Now, Elton John, is =
starting his new SOLD OUT tour Feb. 19th at the Roanoke Civic Center!
This is #1 date of this tour which has already created chaos for =
tickets! =20

Look, I know you guys see this, or well, representives..  I met my wife =
on a BUS to see you guys in Charlotte, NC on the CP tour!  I formally =
you start your next tour ( with a SELL OUT croud in Roanoke, VA -- maybe =
me and my bride in the *front row* :)  )..

Or better yet, how 'bout letting me play a "round" of YYZ on stage! ( I =
know it note for note!  :0 )

RUSH has played in the Roanoke Valley before.. 1978 from what *I* read.. =
 I don't want to goto Charlotte again!  :(



From: "van Damage" 
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 18:48:16 PST
Subject: Rush in MAXIM

Flipping through the latest issue of MAXIM magazine (The Jan/Feb issue 
with Bridget Fonda on the cover) I got to the article "Fifty Signs the 
World is Coming to an End" and noticed a little sidebar titled "The 
Other Numbers of the Beast."  There was 665.99 (Beast's retail price), 
0.666 (number of the millibeast), etc.  Then, there it was, 2112 
(Beast's favorite Rush album).  Ha! it is to laugh.  There's even a 
graphic of the album cover, for crying out Shirley!  Yes kids, even 
Beelzebub says Rush are the G-ratest.



From: "Joshua Overmiller" 
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 21:09:21 PST
Subject: Trouble with the enhanced CD from DS

I haven't been submitting to reading TNMS lately so I've been out of the 
loop for a while.  I apologize if my question has already been answered 
many times before.  Has anyone had problems with getting the enhanced CD 
component of DS to run?  I have Win98 and when I insert disc 1, my 
computer takes a little longer to access the disc (compared to other CDs 
and CD-ROMs) and autorun it.  When it does finally run it, it just plays 
as a normal CD with the CD player.  When I use the Windows Explorer to 
explore the disc, it just lists tracks 1 through 16, nothing else (like 
program files).  Anyone have experience with this problem (and solved 
it)?  Also, I have a DVD-ROM drive if that makes a difference (although 
I don't see why it would).  Reply by e-mail is preferred.  Thanks in 


From: "Michael P. Kane, P.E." 
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 08:58:27 -0600
Subject: Belated Christmas Gift

Greetings, fellow Rush Heads.  Hope everyone is continuing to enjoy DS.

Remember when CDs first came out?  They were packaged in those rectangular 
cardboard boxes, or the rectangular plastic packages heat-sealed around 
their edges with a tall, thin rendering of the album cover therein.  Well, I 
ended up collecting 17 of them, ending with ROLL THE BONES.  I then 
spray-mounted them onto a piece of 4' x 4' Fome-CorŪ, in a symmetrical 
arrangement and in no particular order of album release, and hung it on the 
wall.  Well, my wife had it framed and matted for me for Christmas, and she 
brought it home yesterday!  It has a red metal frame and a black mat with a 
white core.  Each of the 17 covers has its own "window" through the mat.  
Needless to say, it looks SOOOOOOOO good.  Best part:  she managed to get it 
done for under $100.  Now, instead of looking like it was slapped together, 
it's a stunning tribute to our beloved "three travelers, men of Willowdale."

Happy New Year!  MK

"Put your message in a modem, and throw it in the cyber-sea. . ."


From: "Heloisa Martins" 
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 99 14:18:54 -0300
Subject: get your tissues - you may want to cry...

Hi there Rush fans!
	FEG here..... (for those of you who hate abbreviations, the clue is in 
final quote, so please try to 'resist' flaming me.... )
	I've got something to share with you. Even though it may sound "mushy",
i'm pretty sure many of you will be glad to have read these words.

	As a lone Brazilian Rush fan, i'd been trying to find another Rush nut 
I could talk to for a long time, and not finding one here in Brazil (i'm 
pretty sure there are, it's just that i've never bumped into any of them! - 
hey Guilherme, we gotta do something about it, huh?)I went to the Dreamline 
Chat Room (a tip of the hat to Paul Scott - Perchance to Dream rules!).
	Well, i found a lot of cool, Rush freaks there. But there was this 
FBN... a New Yorker... there was something about him...
	As time passed by, we found out we had much more than the love for
Rush in common. Both coming from failed relationships (by the way, having a 
partner who doesn't like Rush sucks - please forgive me, those who keep 
asking us not to say something "sucks". If you're in this situation, you 
know what i'm talking about - ugh. Of course, i'm not saying a relationship 
should be based only on musical tastes, but, anyway, as this is not 
marriage couselling - i'm sure you guys got my point.) Him and I are both 
musicians - he's a guitarist, i'm a singer/bassist - does it ring a bell?  
	There was this electricity? biology? seems to me it's chemistry 
between us. We could perfectly feel the voltage of each other's fingertips. 
Even though we were (half the world) apart....
	You know, different eyes see different things, different hearts beat
on different strings. But there are times when all such things agree, and
spaces in between leave room for us to grow...
	Then, after some period of getting laughed at by time and distance, 
the odds got even, and finally half the world reached the other half. He 
came down to this country where, unfortunately, our boys never toured. It 
was 9 days of dining on honeydew and drinking the milk of paradise. And 
together we are, since then. He's back in New York now, so we are again 
getting laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances. But not for long, 
you'll see...
	Flame me if you like, but i've never been so happy in my life - again,
if your partner is a Rush nut too, you know what i'm talking about...
	I still believe there's a ghost of a chance that we can find someone
to love, and make it last...

"The Fawn-Eyed Girl with sun browned legs dances on the edge of his dreams
 And her voice rings in his ears like the music of the spheres...."


From: Al Cavalier 
Date:  8 Jan 99 10:45:30 MST
Subject: Fastest Guitarist...

  >If anyone can think of a musician with faster chops, please
  >name artist, album and track.  Although I am quite certain
  >that there is not another as fast as Nuno.
How about Yngwie Malmsteen??? (pronounced I N G V A Y)
Now thats fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al Cavalier


From: "Joseph Ornelas" 
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 10:26:14 -0800
Subject: Invisible Symphony: A Classical Tribute to Rush

Is there any more information about this classical tribute to Rush?  The NMS
homepage mentions a website, but doesn't provide a link.  I rather liked the SoR
cover by Rachel Barton (correct name?) using violins, and would love to hear
more of Rush's songs covered in the classical way (especially La Villa).

Joseph Ornelas


Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 21:22:09 EST
Subject: Black Leather Pants

On the TV show "Friends" last night, Ross got himself some tight, black,
leather pants.  Chandler's comment was "Tom Jones called, and wants his
leather pants back!".  (It was much funnier live, to be sure, especially
because I couldn't help laughing thinking of Alex!)

Hanstones <- "from sea to shining sea, and a hundred
points between"


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 13:24:03 -0800
Subject: The Grand Designs Rush Site

Since these newsletters have finally started going out again, I figured
I'd fill you guys in on all the latest additions to the Grand Designs
Rush site you might not know about yet:

1. Different Stages: boom or bust? You decide in "Signals"... our
monthly, interactive column. Make your opinion heard or just read what
others have to say about this latest live release.

2. Counterparts: every month a new question is tossed out to the
readers. Results are tabulated and on-going.

3. Rush Calendars: every month a new Rush Calendar for your desktop.

4. Rush Games: All new Rush quizzes and scrabbles. Test your knowledge
of all things Rush.

5. The largest collection of Rush software on the web. Screensavers,
wallpaper, startup screens, desktop themes, animated cursors, icons,
Rush help files and more!

6. On our links page, you'll find the most definitive listing of Rush
sites ever. Cut through all the hype and find just the sites you're
looking for. Each Rush site is rated and you can even submit your own

And, of course, a totally new design for the web site.

P.S: a belated Happy New Year to all.

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 13:41:18 -0800
Subject: The Rush Network

Calling all writers. At the Rush Network, we're looking for people who
enjoy putting pen on paper (er, I mean fingers on keyboard). If you've
always wanted to try your hand at writing your own column, visit us at and click on "Rush Network" to learn
how to submit your own Rush inspired writings.

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 13:57:19 -0800
Subject: The Studio Wall

At the Grand Designs Rush site, we've put together a tribute to The
National Midnight Star. Please join us by adding your name to the
growing list of NMS subscribers at

Just click on "The Studio Wall" to learn how to join the tribute to The

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: Il Yum Kim 
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 20:57:50 -0500
Subject: music theory and Rush/drums question

Does anybody know if Alex and Geddy have any knowledge of music theory(not
that it's necessary to write great music or anything)? All I know is that
alex had some classical guitar lessons.  I mean are they aware that they
wrote the intro to Freewill in the Lydian mode or that the solo in YYZ
involves the harmonic minor scale??? Also i was wondering if one of you
drummers on the list can point out some specific parts of songs where neil
is using a double-bass drum and a single one. i can't tell the difference.
(sorry to sound like a retard, but i'm a guitar player). thx.



Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 02:04:41 EST
Subject: In response to Rush-mgr

Of all people to know information about RUSH I least doubt the Rush-mgr.
However, I'm going to just make a slight comment about>
However, I'm almost positive this is a REPEATFrom:
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 99 10:52:02 -0500
Subject: Rush Sighting in Entertainment Weekly

     Here is an interesting little Rush sighting in a recent issue of 
     Entertainment Weekly.
     1/8/99 Entertainment Weekly, 
     Music Capsule Review
     The Waterboy:
     "Skip over the recycled-ad-nauseam classic rock and disco, over 
     Goldfinger's flat ska-punk cover of "More Today Than Yesterday," over 
     the Big Head Todd whiteface blues, over the bad Candlebox and Joe 
     Walsh songs, and click to track 12. Doesn't Rush's Geddy Lee sound 
     just like a prog-rock Opera man?"
     They gave the soundtrack a C, or something like that.
     - Dave


From: "steve mouton" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 09:43:51 PST
Subject: Rutsey

Hey I don't care about him, but What happened between Rush and the old 
drummer.  Why all of the sudden  did they get neil(Who is better anyway) 
and got rid of John Rustey?


From: "bytor" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:51:42 -0600
Subject: DS CD Jewel Case Artwork Available

Hey there...

I got a wild hair a couple weeks back and worked up some Different Stages
CD jewel case inserts.  There are three separate images for each CD, should
you decide to use three jewel cases.  This does include images for the back
cover as well.  Just go to the page I set everything up on and you should
be able to figure it out...

Thanks to Hanstones for use of his scans!  Thanks.



From: (matt voss)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:57:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Smart?

I've been a Rush fan for years and consider myself a fucking idiot!!


From: "NK" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:06:34 -0800
Subject: Finding All of the Rush Videos

Here's something that you might want to consider...  I was looking thru =
a local rental store that has high-end audio/video components.  They =
only rent and sell DVD's and LaserDisk.  Walk your butt over to the =
music section of the LaserDisk area, looook under 'R' and find the Rush =
Videos on LaserDisk.  (Now all you have to do is rent or buy a player =
and make copies!)  Ok. I know that the store is only in my area, but I =
bet there is one near you!  All the Rush stuff was there!  Check it out =
and let the rest of us know how you did!  Hope this idea helps you!  =


From: "NK" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:21:12 -0800
Subject: Where do the Stage Props go?

I've been here for a looooong time and haven't seen this addressed =

Where do the Stage Props go when they 'die'?  I've seen just about every =
tour and was just wondering: where do you put a 30-foot tall rabbit in a =
hat? (Jeez, I know that it deflates, but what do you do with it after =
the tour?).  I know that you'all will have lots of funny answers (and I =
can't wait to read them!) but this is a legitimate question.  Do they =
end up in a garage somewhere?  Sold?  (Is there one that you can =
remember that you wonder what happened to it?)  Does anyone have a line =
on this?  Thanks guys!  -Nick


From: "Juno of Many Names" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:59:51 PST
Subject: Time sigs: What's the diff?

>From: Alvaro Graves 
>Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 16:13:02 -0400
>Subject: BTW, What's the difference????
>What's the difference between 3/2, 6/4, 12/8? I mean,
>matthematically it represents the 
>same quantity, and musicaly it represents the same quantity of notes. 
>I know that 3/2 are three half-notes, 
>6/4 are six quarter-notes and 12/8 are twelve (sorry, my english >isn't 
too good) 1/8 (or 0.125) notes.
>If all that I had been writing is true (I suppose), What is the 
>difference? Why don't write all in 3/2? Where can I find free beer?

The difference is that with 3/2 you have 3 *beats* per measure, with
6/4 you have 6, etc. Here's how time sigs work:

Top number= number of beats per measure
Bottom number= type of note that equals a beat

12/8 is a little odd, though; every time I've seen a time sig 
that was a number divisible by 3 over 8, the beat is actually
on every third note, giving you a triplet feel.

The question *I* have, then, is what's the difference between 3/2
and 3/4? How does it change the feel of the music in any arbitrary
way? The best I can figure is you use the half note as the beat 
instead of using the quarter note when you want to subdivide the
notes without having to have a whole bunch of flags on them. 

Musically yours,

Quote of the week:
Yesterday is the past, and tomorrow is the future, but
today is a gift; that's why it's called the present.
     -Family Circus


From: "Morgan F" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:31:29 PST
Subject: in the end

Much has been made of the possibility of the imminent demise of the 
musical entity known as RUSH. I have no insider knowledge, I don't 
personally know any of the band members (although one of them and I 
share a mutual friend), and yet I too have the same suspicions that the 
era of RUSH may be about to come to a close.

I have appreciated the musical genius, technical brilliance and 
challenging messages of RUSH since my high school days. When my friends 
were listening to Wild Cherry and Chic, and were playing Crime of the 
Century to death, I was burying myself in the sonic coccoon of Fly By 
Night, Caress of Steel, 2112 and All The World's A Stage. And their 
music has been a part of my life ever since.

I guess one could say that RUSH provided the soundtrack for my life.

Now I'm 38 years old, with a wife and a mini-van and a 100 lb dog and a 
credit card bill and a mortgage on a house in the 'burbs, but the 
soundrack is as vibrant as ever.

I know in my heart that music is a business, often fun, sometimes 
tiresome and brutal,and that the members of RUSH chose this as their 
profession. They are wonderful players, to be sure, but they are more 
than that. They are human beings, with failings and vices. They are 
members of families, with the requisite ecstasies and agonies. Like
all of us, their professions are not the sum total of their existence. 
That is how they  have chosen to make their living, and we are all 
immensely richer for it.

Now, because of circumstances of which we are all aware and I shan't go 
into here, we may have to say farewell.

And if they do make the choice to close the final chapter of RUSH, this 
retirement  does not necessarily mean the end of their musical careers. 
The producer's panel, the pen, the baton, the classroom - a whole range 
of possibilities awaits. For a door that  is closed to one room simply 
opens up to another.

But if the day is coming when that choice is made, I would like to take 
the opportunity to say the following:

Gentlemen, thank you. Were it not for your musical influences and 
lyrical challenges, I may not have ever read Ayn Rand, or found out what 
Rocinante was, or delved deeper into Greek mythology. I may not have had 
the wondrous opportunity to re-read 'A Tale of Two Cities' with a new 
eye, or fumbled my way through the opening riff of 'Bastille  Day' on a 
$35 guitar. I may not have ever wept at the power of 'The Pass', or 
borrowed some lyrics from 'Entre Nous' to woo a girlfriend, who later 
became a wife.

The list is almost infinite.

\So, when it's time, I shall not join in the cacophony of pleas to stay 
together. You yourself know in your hearts the wisdom of your choice. I 
shall, however, raise a glass of fine single-malt scotch direct from the 
highlands and toast the years together, with gratitude and a warm heart. 
For you have given so much of your lives to us, we cannot ask more of 


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 19:25:49 -0800
Subject: politics, bootlegs, and t-shirts

Krista Kokko said:
>I know of many Republicans who would literally froth at the mouth after 
>listening to such as Nobody's Hero, Freewill, Prime Mover, not to 
>mention 2112!

Odd.  I use some of those to send rabid liberals ranting down the
street.  I guess idiot extremists of every stripe hate Rush.

Speaking of trees, I will be in Kuwait for a month coming up.  Now, in
92, a friend of mine bought me several botlegs there, dirt cheap.  Yes,
I have some Rush.  They were hand labeled tapes in decent printed cases,
and were compilations.  They ran about $5 each.  He also found some
"Neil Young and Crazy House." (sic)  These were all produced in the
UAE.  So, if you are interested, e-mail me with the band (if not rush),
the price range you can afford, and how many different titles you'd
like.  I'll contact you after I return if I have any--no promises.  If I
do get some, you can send money at that point.  I don't want to be a
damn bbookkeeppeerr in the meantime.

The Jolly Teabag T-shirts will be out soon--as soon as we do a next
batch of shirts. 

PS:  Catherine, I'll forgive you for being a liberal if you forgive me
for being an anarchist!
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 19:52:10 -0800
Subject: noise and bassists said:
>Somebody said here a while back, that players who use white noise are
>'amateurs'. I still haven't been able to figure out what this means. To 
>my mind, this is a very deleterous generalisation, 

I said people who use saturated distortion to cover sloppy playing are

> and maybe if it isn't too much to ask, listen to Sonic Youth's 'Goo'

it is too much to ask to listen to anything involving Kim "look how well
I hold a bass" Thayil--the woman who insists that music notation is a
sexist thing developed by men to keep women subservient.

> Moving Pictures is there too) See what they did with white noise.

A little bit for emphasis--fine.  Brilliant.

Fastest bassist: AS far as I know, Michael Manring has hit 32 notes per
second.  It sounds like a sequencer, but with feel to it.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


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