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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2167

                   Friday, 22 Jan 1999

Today's Topics:
 Dream Theater *fires* keyboard player - very little Rush
                      RUSH sighting
                      phish i-lense
             Fish eye lens (islands...heehee)
          distortion and other forms of wanking
            Re: humor: Re: bad music biz humor
                        RE: Geddy
                       fish islands
                    RockLine broadcast
                         One Item
                       Thread idea
                     Definitive Rush
                 Best Live Albums Results
           Geddy & 5, 6-String, fretless basses
                     fish islands...
                     Fishie Eyelands
                       Live albums
                       Live Albums
      Great live albums, and another Rush sighting!
                   Phil Collins vs Rush
              Because Neil CAN'T relax. . .
                     80's live albums
            Where can I get Rockline in Text?
                      Rush sighting
                   a few little things
                    Fastest Guitarist
                  Morgan F>:  Entre Nous
                    Politics and Rush
        RE: Conservative rush Fans are Hypocrites

From: Thomas 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:43:34 -0600
Subject: Dream Theater *fires* keyboard player - very little Rush

Hey folks...

If this has been discussed already, please scroll past this post.

On Monday, Dream Theater fired keyboard player Derek Sherinian, and hired
Jordan Rudess.  For those of you who know who Liquid Tension Experiment is,
that's what Dream Theater is now, except they have a different bass player,
and include a singer!

Personally, I think this move by DT was a very good one.  I've heard many
people say that DT's last album, "Falling Into Infinity" was a lot less
progressive than their previous albums.  Still, it leaves one to
wonder...who's next to leave/get fired from the band?  First it was Charlie
Dominici, the singer on "When Dream and Day Unite", then Kevin Moore, the
original keyboard player, leaves the band right after "Awake" was recorded,
now Derek.

Since we are all die hard Rush fans, and some of us are fans of Dream
Theater as well, any thoughts on this?

Anyone interested in any more info can visit



From: "Goofy" 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:39:22 -0600
Subject: RUSH sighting

the latest reported RUSH sighting is=20
2112 bytes static data=20
mscdex.exe stat v2.25

"Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any =
man who
is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains. " - Sir Winston

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?


From: stephen 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:34:56 -0600
Subject: phish i-lense

one of the biggest complaints canadians have about Americans is that their
audacious lack of knowledge of geography outside their own country.  (by the
way, saskatchewan is STILL in canada...remember, canada?...the iranian
hostages.  well, never mind.)

obviously, the Fish Islands referred to in Limelight are located off an atoll of
the balearic islands in the mediterranean sea.

WHY they are mentioned in Limelight has always puzzled me.  the islands are a
greek tax shelter for aging impresarios and retired prostitutes -- where
cigarette prices are through the roof and even a hamburger costs about ten bucks
!  weird place.  can't beat the beaches.

because you have a right to know

stephen melnyk
regina, saskatchewan

ps,  how come no one on my tori amos mailing list uses words like 'tautology'?


From: (Dan Freeman)
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:12:59 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Fish eye lens (islands...heehee)

On a real interpretive note, that is, if you are truly interested in the
interpretation of what a "fish-eye lens" is, I may be able to offer something.  
"fish-eye" is a phenomenon that occurs when hot and and cold water are
mixed.  For example, when swimming in the warm waters off the coast of Kona,
Hawaii, there are places where cold springs well into the warm ocean water
from the floor 15-20 feet below.  The effect is, when looking through
goggles, to give the water a blurred, kiind of swirled look.  if you want to
see for yourself, check the toilet water for a minute or two after you've
gone number 1.  You should see a swirling effect between the cold water and
the know.  

So I guess a fish-eye lens might be a blurry lens, imperfect
perception....whatever.  (Fish)food for thought???


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 00:00:12 -0800
Subject: distortion and other forms of wanking

>John Petrucci can do anything Yngwie Malmsteen can do, except Petrucci 
>has emotion and plays with a band, whereas Malmsteen has a band that 
>plays with him!  

I always considered Yngwie to play with himself...

Was listening to the Working Man tribute again, specifically Analog
Kid.  Terry Brown actually mixed that choppy mud and took credit for
it?  Yuccchhh!  Sounded like a bunch of virtuosos missing all the
subtleties and jsut trying to play faster, longer, and harder.  What a
Stu Hamm, Steve Morse, and Fates Warning do well, among others.  The
80's cheesemetal geeks should jsut pack up and go home.

As far as noise goes--someone on this list is actually arguing that
someone trying to play at lightning speed, screwing it up, then saying
"fuck it" and cranking up the distortion to cover it is
"groundbreaking?????"  Give me a break!  If you're going to play fast,
then do it well.  If you are using distortion for effect, then do it
well!  Is this so hard to understand?  
examples of good use of excessive distortion:
Randy Rhoads
Norman Greenbaum
Jimmy Hendrix
Geddy (Red Barchetta)

get the idea?
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 00:19:45 -0800
Subject: Re: humor: Re: bad music biz humor

a few CD's slated for release this year:

REM -- "Same album, different effects pedal"  Monotony Records
Crash Test Dummies -- "Best of"  (CD SINGLE) Where'dwego? Records
New York Philharmonic Orchestra -- "The Symphonic Huey Lewis & the news"
Ice T -- "For my lovely wife"  Kill everyone records
Brandy -- "Same name, newer face"  Plastic soundz
The Totally hip ex-punk garage thrash trio -- "Live at the breakroom,
Seattle"  Estro-gen records
Green Day -- "Now that Lollapalooza's gone, what are we to do?"  Major
Label records
Hole -- "Tribute to Joan Jett:  the very best of Hole"  Gaggin' Records
Wallflowers -- "...Did you notice how good looking we are??!"  MCAT&T
Smashing Pumpkins -- "More angst than last time."  Techno/rave records
Marilyn Manson -- "Bowie who???"  Makeup Records
Madonna -- "Girls just wanna be ethnic"  Maveruckus Records
John Denver -- "Part of the mountain:  Greatest hits"  Collision records
Albums That Weren't Released in '98, But Watch Out in '99

Henry Rollins- Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Almost Kicked
Somebody's Ass? (Cue Ball)
Harvey Fastbox 20- I Smell the Cut-Out Bin (15 Minutes)
Rage Against the Machine- S-O-N-Y You Ain't Got No Alibi: Live at Some
Guy's Beverly Hills Pool Party (Sony Home Video)
The Swingsters- Swingin' Swing for Swingers! (Bandwagon)
Benny Goodman- I'm Spinning in My Grave (Le Jazz Hot)
Squirrel Nut Zippers- It's Not Our Fault, We Never Meant For This To
Happen (Mammoth)
Phish- Why Don't You People Get Jobs? (tour CD)
Hanson- Give Us Five Years, We'll Be Robbing Liquor Stores (Kiddie Porn)
Various Artists- Tribute to Somebody Famous Who Just Died a Week Ago
Jimi Hendrix- Very Best of the Greatest Hits Volume 1: Limited Edition
Special Package (Remaster) (Suckers Born)
Soundtrack- Return to the Valley of Titanic (I'll Buy Anything)
Master P and the No Limit Family- We Have the Worst Art Department on
Entire Planet, But It Doesn't Matter Because Millions of Suburban White
Kids Continue To Buy Everything We Put Out Anyway (No Limit)
2 Pac- I'm Dead, and Yet Somehow I Continue To Make Records. How Is This
Possible? (Thug Life)
The Offspring- Did We Mention That A Couple Of Us Are Working On Our
Doctorates? (Epitaph)
The Clash- Rancid Stole Our Entire Schtick and All We Got Was This Lousy
T-Shirt (Epitaph)
Goo Goo Dolls Live: We Can't Play That Song Because It's By Soul Asylum,
So Stop Yelling For It (15 Years in The Music Industry and One Hit
Destroys All Our Credibility Records)
Hootie & The Blowfish- Wow, We're Suddenly Not All That Bad By
(Golf Rock)
Barenaked Ladies- Even We Can't Explain Our Universal Appeal (Payola)

ORC:  Geddy and Al seem like the kind of guys who would love this list.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space


From: "Adam Loch" 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:35:23 PST
Subject: Aaarrgh!

I'm listening to Rockline...every time Rush is on Rockline, somebody has 
to ask about the Gangster of Boats thing.  It drives me nuts! Maybe I'm 
just bitter because I'm sitting with a good question getting busy 
signals, and the people who get on ask questions that they could have 
read the answers to in the FAQ.  Sorry, I just needed to vent ;-) 



Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 23:59:11 -0600

Just got done listening to Rockline......
WOW...Finally answered some serious questions.  They gave us some 
serious hope...even though they denounced the lack of plans for a 
future album, (and stating that they were in limbo) they told US, THE 

My question, if Man has evolved for over 100,000 years, dare we ask 
Rush to evolve for another couple years???? (PLEASE!!!!)

Ged, Alex, Neil....if you guys read this...Thanks for everything! 



Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 23:12:34 +0000
Subject: RE: Geddy

kicked Ged out of the band and got some other guy to play bass and 
they changed their name to Hadrian.  Ged went off and started a 
rhythm & blues band called Judd and they got more shows and more 
business than "Hadrian".  Ged even had to go to some of Hadrian's 
shows to help the guy who was singing with the words and the 
melodies.  Eventually, Ged went back with Hadrian (Thank GOD!) and 
they switched their name back to Rush. 

Is that the real story?  I don't know, but I do know that the B-Man 
was really tight with Rush for a while and got most of his info for 
the book from Ged and his wife and from various friends of the band 
and famiy members, so it's probably pretty close to how it actually 

"Don't ask me, I'm just improvising..."


From: Alex Smith 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 23:11:21 -0700
Subject: fish islands

>Do the Fish Islands really exist?  You know, the ones mentioned in
>Limelight, "Living in the Fish Islands."  What do they have to do with
>the rest of the song?

What? What does "Limelight" have to do with Marillion? Help, I'm confused!


Seriously, this is one of the coolest misheard lyrics I've ever seen.
Whoever you are that wrote this, it's truly classic! Let it go down in Rush
lore.... :-) And all you guys, don't flame him; it's an honest mistake and
it's rather funny. Besides, I think I have a new idea for a song now!

Alex Smith

"To love another person is to see the face of God."
  -Les Miserables


From: Billy Knapp <"">
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 23:59:46 -0800
Subject: RockLine broadcast

Hello, If someone recorded the rockline broadcast with Geddy and Alex in 
its entirety, please privately e-mail me, I would like a copy.  In 
exchange I am offering to make you a copy on cd, tracked and edited.



From: "Derek Watson" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 03:01:52 -0500
Subject: One Item

Hello out there.

A few issues ago, someone posted pondering the whereabouts of the two
30-foot bunnies used during the Prest tour.  This lead me to some heavy

>...If you, the loyal fanatic, could have JUST ONE item from Rush History;
what would it be?  A 30 foot bunny?  Alex's leather pants?  A pair of Ged's
Keds?  Neil's Old Number 1 (his retired singerland snare - used all the way
until TFE)? Or would it be the original cavas of the Power Windows album
cover painting?  2112?  The options are endless.

What would you choose?

For me it would be an easy choice.  Geddy Lee's black 4001 Rickenbacker
Bass.  Complete with Rick-o-sound outputs :)  That very same bass he bought
with the grant the band was given to record FBN.  The very same bass he
wrote, recorded and performed every song from every album with, FBN to
Permanent Waves (and some of Moving Pictures, too!).



From: "Derek Watson" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 03:02:00 -0500
Subject: Thread idea

Here's an idea I've had for a message thread for a while...

Try to compile a list of bands who site rush as an are a
few of mine to start it off.

Dream Theater
  Almost every band member sites Rush as a primary influence

  In an interview passage regarding who they were influenced by: "When we
were young, we listened to adolescent-type music...we were big into Rush and

  During a much music interview: "Canadian bands...umm...RUSH!",
bassist:"There's nothing wrong with Rush!

Bad Company
  Lists Rush second in a bunch of names of bands they feel inspired them.

  Rhythm guitarist claims to still have an AFTK poster in his room.  This
band has had Neil Peart on their albums.

  Les Claypool sites Geddy Lee as primary creative influence time and time

  Lars Ulrich sites Neil as large influence, Master of Puppets (?) liner
notes thanks Geddy,Alex,Neil

I'm sure there are many more...add to the list!



Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 03:28:34 EST
Subject: Definitive Rush

Hi Rush-heads

I want to make a Rush compilation tape for someone who claims never to have
heard their music (or recognise it). So far the only track I feel has to go on
it is Spirit of Radio, since it's the only Rush track that to my knowledge has
ever been aired on UK radio (UK fans please tell me I'm wrong).

My query is this: You've got a single 90-minute cassette to fill, and you want
to make sure that the band's diversity is represented, yet every track should
be definitive Rush. That is to say, you don't want to omit significant tracks
just to make sure that each album is represented. Can you do it?

Interested parties please post your suggestions here, as I may soon be
changing my email address.

Cheers, Cyg


From: Patrick Vella 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:11:54 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Best Live Albums Results

Hi again,

Many thanks to all who responded. I received a lot of e-mails all
recommending great live albums to listen to. 

I didn't want to keep all the information for myself, so here it is for all:

Albums marked with a "&" were recommended by 2 or more e-mails.
Albums marked with a "*" were recommended by 3 or more e-mails.

Band                 Title
AC/DC              - If You Want Blood, You've Got It
Allman Bros.       - Live at Fillmore East
Blue Oyster Cult   - On your feet or on your knees
Blue Oyster Cult   - Some Enchanted Evening
Cheap Trick        - Live at Budokan (1978)
Dave Matthews Band - Live At Red Rocks
David Bowie        - Live at the Tower  Philadelphia (1972);
Dream Theater      - Once In A Livetime &
ELP                - Pictures At An Exhibition  (1971)
Fleetwood Mac      - Live at the Boston Tea Party 1970 VOl 1.
Frank Zappa        - Live In New York
G3                 - Live in concert; Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai.
Genesis            - Seconds Out (1977)  *
Iron Maiden        - Live after Death &
Judas Priest       - Unleashed in the East
Kansas             - Two For The Show 
Kiss               - Alive I & II *
Led Zeppelin       - BBC Sessions
Lynard Skynard's   - One More From the Road" (1976) from the Fox
Marillion          - The Thieving Magpie
Marillion          - Reel to Reel
Max Webster        - Live Magnetic Air
Metallica          - Live Shit
Motorhead          - No Sleep Till Hammersmith
Ozzy Osborne       - Speak of the devil
Peter Frampton     - comes alive (1977) &
Peter Gabriel      - Secret World Live
Pink Floyd         - Delicate Sound of Thunder
Queen              - at the BBC
Queen              - Live at Wembley
Ramones            - It's Alive
Rush               - grace under pressure tour video/soundtrack.
Scorpions          - World wide Live
Talas              - If we only knew then what we know now
Ted Nugent         - Double Live Gonzo
The Who            - Live At Leeds (1970) *
Thin Lizzy         - Live And Dangerous (1978) *
Twelfth Night      - Live at the Marquee
U2                 - Under a blood red sky
UFO                - Strangers In The Night....
Uriah Heep         - Uriah Heep Live
Yes                - Yessongs
Yes                - Keys to Ascension

These were the ones I originally posted:

Whitesnake         - Live in the heart of the City
Queen              - Live Killers
Supertramp         - Live in Paris
Rush               - All The Worlds a Stage, Exit..stage left, Different Stages
Zeppelin           - The Song remains the same
Deep Purple        - Made in Japan
Pink Floyd         - The Pulse
Fleetwood Mac      - The Dance

If I receive a LOT more e-mail, as they are still coming in, I will update
the list and re-post, IF you want me to.

Thanks again for the e-mails. I hope this information will help to provide you
with hours of listening enjoyment .



From: Cristiano Ceccato 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:47:43 +0000
Subject: Geddy & 5, 6-String, fretless basses

Hey y'all,

Thanks for all your friendly comments on the Neil Nobel Prize Story.

A question I've been pondering for a while: Rush being the experimental,
instrument-oriented band that they are - for example, Alex's 6/12 string
guitars, Geddy's bass/guitar doubleneck, Neil's 'deconstruction' of his
drumkit - how come Geddy only ever plays 4-string fretted bass? I read
somewhere that 'Tears' on 2112 was done on fretless, and that he has
fooled around with a 5-string for the low B, but knowing Rush, I would
expect him to switch between a variety of basses - 4, 5, 6-string
fretted and fretless basses - between songs. Why do you think he has
never done this? Neil has experimented *a lot* with his kit and playing
style, and I would have thought Geddy would equally want to progress...


 - Chris

Cristiano Ceccato AADipl MSc(CS) DIC MIEEE
GSM Mobile: (+44) (0)411 141 545


From: "Heloisa Martins" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 99 11:07:47 -0300
Subject: fish islands...

you guys are really cracking me up with this "fish islands" stuff...
someone even found out they really exist !

"that's entertainment !"


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 08:33:09 -0500
Subject: Fishie Eyelands

Hey Max;

Yes, yes indeed there are some who just can't figure out the humor.  Funny
to see some of the predicted responses actually show up on the NMS.  I
could set my watch by them.

Just remember to visit the little outcropping of rocks near Fisher's Island
just off the coast of SE Connecticut.  Check out the Plaque dedicated to
RUSH and sample the fish... (or "catch the fish..." as the case may be).  




From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:18:01 -0500
Subject: Live albums

Patrick Vella wrote:

"I am interested in picking up some great live albums.
Would appreciate if you could e-mail me privately or
post to the NMS your top 10 best Live albums ever.
I'm a seventies/eighties guy so I tend to have albums like:"

Patrick, pick up Neil Young's "Live Rust."  It's my favorite Live Album.
Better than any other live album I've ever heard, including the four Rush



From: "Russell J. Thorpe" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:55:55 -0500
Subject: Live Albums

These are some of my Favorite live albums besides those by Rush.

1. Yessongs (Yes) (Video really kicks ass)
2. Live After Death (Iron Maiden)
3. Frampton Comes Alive (Need I say?)
4. Baby Snakes (Zappa)
5. Live Bullet (Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band)
6. Alive (KISS)
7. Alive II (KISS)
8. Tribute (Randy Rhoads/Ozzy Osborne)
9. The Last Waltz (The Band)
10. Jimi Hendrix Live At Monterey Pop Festival
11. Live at Leeds (The Who)

Just a few I could think of off the top of my head.

Russell J. Thorpe
Systems Administrator
Toyo Seat USA Corp.
ph. (810)724-0300 ext.148
ISO 9001/QS-9000 


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:04:30 -0700
Subject: Great live albums, and another Rush sighting!

     Hello again, Rush freaks!
     Patrick Vella was asking for other good live albums. Besides many of 
     the ones he mentioned, I also LOVE Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live 
     CD. The video is awesome, too. Paula Cole sings with him...BEFORE she 
     let her nasty armpit hair grow! :-) I'm also an Aerosmith fan (I'll 
     admit it...I've got a thing for Steven Tyler, which completely 
     disgusts my husband). Their latest live release, A Little South of 
     Sanity, is definitely a good one. I saw them live for the first time 
     last October, and the CD is a good reminder of the energetic 
     performance they gave that night.
     And another Rush sighting...sorry if this has already been mentioned 
     by someone else. We were watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, and 
     some bad Canadian movie was playing. The two main characters were 
     trekking through the Canadian woods, and they came across a 
     dilapidated shack. One of them said to the other, "Look! The 
     birthplace of Geddy Lee!" Too funny. I've caught quite a few Rush 
     references in that show!
     Well, I'm posting from work, so I guess I should get back at it! Have 
     a good day, everyone!
     Caroline in the City


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:29:21 -0600
Subject: Phil Collins vs Rush

Phill technically better than neil??  Thats almost laughable ;-)
Phil is a very good drummer for some1 who wants to know the
fundamentals of drumming: beats that fit well with the song,
playing fills at the traditional periods of songs, etc.  But neil
is for the drummer who wants to take drums, percussions, etc
to a new level.  When I first started playing drums, I "learned"
from phil.  But as I progressed, I moved to more of the 
challenging stuff: stewart copeland (percussions and beats),
peart (for *everything*)

Who cares how neil looks??  Thats something I never 
understood why would anyone care how some1 looks when
they play?  Why he wont loosen up?  Maybe because thats
his style of playing.  Phil plays more "relaxing" beats and
fills when compared to peart.  And neil takes himself
very seriously, maybe a little too seriously.. ;-)

some1 wrote:
Haven't written for a while - but I'd like to get into a drummers debate
here.  Having loved Rush for nearly 20 years I'd like to know why Neil Peart
can't loosen up on his kit.  I mean if you see him live everything seems so
intense.  OK - so he's concentrating but there must come a point in his
playing where he handled the percussion without thinking.  Phil Collins on
the other hand is so ridicilousy relaxed at the kit it's unbelievable!!!  I
personally think that Collins is technically the better drummer - utilising
more percussive sounds from electronic kits etc.  


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:45:35 EST
Subject: Because Neil CAN'T relax. . .

Zahid Hassan wrote:
Having loved Rush for nearly 20 years I'd like to know why Neil Peart
can't loosen up on his kit.  I mean if you see him live everything seems so
intense.  OK - so he's concentrating but there must come a point in his
playing where he handled the percussion without thinking.  Phil Collins on
the other hand is so ridicilousy relaxed at the kit it's unbelievable!!!  I
personally think that Collins is technically the better drummer - utilising
more percussive sounds from electronic kits etc.  Peart makes drumming look
difficult - Collins eradicates any problems about drumming.

First, let me say I am a Phil Collins fan and a drummer, so no flames about
knocking Phil just because he is not Neil and not knowing what the hell I am
talking about because I don't drum.
Now, with that said, my points - 
1.  Neil is playing music that is much more difficult than the majority of
stuff Phil plays live.  This alone, regardless of the fact that I am sure Neil
has played "Limelight" so many times that he can play it blindfolded & lefty,
I am sure leads to his intense look.  One does not want to start dropping
notes in front of the paying customer, no?
2.  Some drummers, regardless of the complexity of the music being played,
look intense.  One who looks relaxed, facially anyhow, behind the kit but
still plays some mindblowing stuff is Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews

Enough of my ranting!


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:55:06 EST
Subject: 80's live albums

Patrick Vella asked about live albums.  As far as 70's/80's stuff:

As has been mentioned before, "The Song Remains the Same" is pretty poor
overall, both their performance and the recording.  I would recommend getting
the BBC Sesssions (much better).

As far as live albums, Peter Gabriel has two great double live disks, the
first is "Peter Gabriel Plays Live", which came out right after "Security", in
'83 (before "So" was released).  The other is "Secret World Live", from 94.

Dire Straits did a 2cd set called "Alchemy" in '84, pre-"Brother in Arms".

Also, U2's "Live Under a Blood Red Sky", from the "War" tour of 1983, covers
their first three studio albums.  

If you like AC/DC their "If you want blood, you've got it" is from the Bon
Scott era.

Hanstones <-- "Look around -- at the sight and the


From: John Parks 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:47:02 -0800 (PST)
Subject: rockline

Ugh!!!!  I missed the rockline interview last night.  Is there some
place where I can get a transript of it.  If not, what did they talk
about.  Rush future, new Victor album.....?  
later all



From: "Michelle Zagari" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:07:21 PST
Subject: Where can I get Rockline in Text?

Due to previous engagements *ahem* I wasn't able to catch Rockline last 
nigt.  In lieu of sobbing all day today, I read some INTERESTING  (to 
say the least) things on TNMS message board today..... 

Someone, anyone, PLEASE email me to let me know if they're re-running it 
or if I can somehow get a text/audio copy of it.  I'd appreciate it!


P.S. "Restless Youth" the hottest new Rush Tribute band to hit the NEW 
YORK metro area will be appearing at the Irish Pub in Baldwin New York, 
Saturday, January 30th at 10:00PM!  You cannot miss these guys- a truly 
amazing band.  No cover charge!  email me for info! ~r


From: "Steven Nimmo" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:15:36 -0000
Subject: Rush sighting

An unbelievable thing has just happened.  I was watching a consumer
programme on TV.  It was about the Fiat Barchetta.  Suddenly I heard
'Wind in my hair...'
I couldn't believe it.  It's the first time I've heard Rush on British TV in
more than a decade.

By the way,  I just saw Andrew Segal's posting about Rush tribute bands
coming to Plymouth England.  I live in Plymouth England too.  If there's any
chance of a tribute band coming here I'd be interested.



From: "Jack Hesse" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:31:40 CST
Subject: a few little things

Fastest guitarist:  This thread is quite interesting.  What started as a 
simple query about how could play the most notes per second 
(acknowledging that Speed Isn't Everything) has turned into an Yngwie 
Sucks debate.  So who really can play the most notes per second?  Is 
this in the Guiness Book of World Records?  

Expressive guitarists:  I like Gary Chandler of Jadis, and Robert Fripp 
(especially his Soundscapes).

Drumming:  Neil and Phil are two completely different animals.  Why 
bother comparing them?  Neil rocks, but he has to concentrate more.  
Phil rocks, but he's not as diverse, or as "dazzling" as Neil.

Garth Brooks:  Again, two completely different animals.  Garth rocks, 
but in a different way.  He's more business-savvy, and has more mass 
appeal than Rush.  Hence his debut(s) at #1.

Live albums:  Marillion "The Thieving Magpie", Anglagard "Buried Alive", 
Primus "Suck On This", King Crimson "The Night Watch".

Rock on.



From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:50:54 -0500
Subject: Fastest Guitarist

On this thread...

Don't get pissed because people are having an intelligent discussion about
this.  No one said that speed is "better" than tone, or phrasing, or timing,
or emotion, or anything else.  We simply wanted to talk about ONE aspect of
playing the guitar...speed.  Playing fast is indeed a talent, and deserving
of recognition.  So let us do that, please.

That being said...I am sure that Steve Vai, although a popular and somewhat
commercial choice, is the BEST guitarist ever to play.  On his technical
abilities, he has no peers.  On his creative ability and songwriting, he has
no peers.  Anyone over listen to "Passion and Warfare?"  Extraordinary
music.  He has an ever flowing well of creative ideas, and each and every
song seems to capture something never heard before.  On his emotional
side...Steve always plays from his heart.  Check out the solo in "For the
Love of God" or "Animal" for examples of this.  Or, give "Sex and Religion"
a spin and pay particular attention to the second side tracks.

On his tone, I have heard better.  But, you can't be perfect.  I read a
story in a magazine once about Steve Vai when he and Eddie Van Halen played
together once.  Steve was basically complimenting Eddie, he is not a
pretentious or boastful man.  But Eddie was saying that he was trying to
play this passage he had heard once in some song, and he was having trouble
getting his fingers to play what he was hearing.  The phrasing was strange,
and the notes didn't flow easily.  He was talking with Steve about this, and
apparently after hearing Eddie describe it and try to play it, Steve plugged
in and whipped out the entire passage perfectly in one take, and Eddie was

Just my opinion on this!



From: Rob Rocke 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:56:27 -0500
Subject: gulp...

Missed ROCKLINE last night.
Had horrible visions that this was their time to announce that they're
calling it quits.
Is it not strange to do a Rockline well AFTER a new (live) album's debut???

I await a transcription of the event.

 -Rob Rocke.

"The only ones for me are the mad ones.  Mad to live, mad to learn, mad to
speak; desirous of everything at the same time.  They never yawn or say a
common place thing but burn, burn, burn like a fabulous Roman candle..."


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:47:07 EST
Subject: Morgan F>:  Entre Nous

Morgan F.---I am glad to know that Entre nous did the same for you as it did
for me.

  borrowed some lyrics from 'Entre Nous' to woo a girlfriend, who later
  became a wife.<<<<<<<<<

 I too used this song to impress the love of my life.  7 years, 3 kids later.
She loves that song like I do!

Gerry "ZOBZ" Zobrist


From: "JK74" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:05:36 -0800
Subject: Rockline

Rush Mgrs-

The Rockline here in Philly last night was a rebroadcast of a '89 =
segment with Pete Townsend.  I'm a little confused.



Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:10:43 -0600

I read about "The Great Kat" in the last posting, and went to the site =
listed .  Does anyone know what's up with this.  I can't =
tell if this is some sort of joke or not.  She is supposedly (according =
to some comments she had listed) better and faster than anyone including =
Vai, Malmsteen, and Satriani.  She looks like some sort of devil =
worshipper slut to me, but I'll give it a listen if it's any good.  =
Comments? Info?

"You can be the captain, and I will draw the charts. Sailing into =
destiny, closer to the heart"

  Max Richard


From: S H 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:07:11 -0700
Subject: Politics and Rush

Who cares about politics?  How can anyone say that because I don't agree
with Rush's liberal song lyrics I cannot be as great a Rush fan as the
liberal camp?  Maybe I just like the music because it's great. I can
appreciate evocative and interesting lyrics without trying to figure out
if they mesh with my personal view of how the world should be!

A very conservative Rush fan for 20 of my 31 years on this planet!


From: "None of your business." 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:37:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: Conservative rush Fans are Hypocrites wrote...

"How could any Rush fan be a conservative?"

 How could any Rush fan be a liberal???  (sorry, couldn't
resist)  :-)

"They would have to be either deaf or unable to understand English."

Actually, I hear prety well, and I have a prety good grasp on the English

"Or they lived in some fairy-tale land in their head."

Some place like the (get ready....)  Fish Islands perhaps???   

"I thought only the truly educated people were liberals."

Well, there's where you made your mistake.  

Before you can have a good, intelectual conservitive/liberal debate, you
hvae to define what a conservitive and liberal is.  I call myself a
conservitive.  I believe in independant thought.  I work hard to achieve
my own goals and I believe everyone else should to. I believe we are
solely responsible for where we end up in this life.  I also believe that
the role of government is to take care of the defense of the nation and
deal with other national matters, yet otherwise stay out of people's
lives. I don't see where any of these beliefs are inconsistant with
listening to rock music in general, or Rush in particular.

When I listen to Rush, I am inspired (Marathon), reminded that I control
my own destiny (Freewill), informed and educated (Force 10 - Manhattan
Project), and generally entertained (pick 40+ other songs from their
catalog).  I can also listen to someone who doesn't necessarily reflect my
own beliefs and appreciate their point of view.

When I read "The Masked Rider", I was very supprised by Neils personal
views during the discussion he had with the others.  Although I used to
think that Neil was one of the "Bleeding Heart" style liberals, I was
supprised to learn that his views on the environment, society, government,
etc., were all very similar to my own.

You should be careful when you group people together who you don't know.
Then again, I find many liberals tend to do that for some strange reason.
Perhaps it's easier to "redistribute the welth" that way.  


 -  Jim  -
_________________________________  ___
|                               | |   \       Jim Questa - Unix Shell
|         | |    \
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