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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2169

                   Friday, 29 Jan 1999

Today's Topics:
                   Fisheye lens defined
                  Arrrgh!  Please stop!
                   DT's Keyboard Player
                       Fisheye lens
                      fish-eye lens
                        DS Reviews
                   Peart Solo's website
                     Re:Fish Eye Lens
             Mr C and Mr P and the drum bore
             Re: Re: Conservative Hypocrites
                   you name the subject
                       Fisheye lens
             life, death / fastest guitarist
                        Great Kat
   some more examples of Rush influence in modern music
                       Japanese DS
                  Albany '96 tour opener
                   Ladies and Gentlemen
         Momos: Greek God of Mockery and Censure
             Rushian roulette and live albums
                   Rebublicans for RUSH
                       Live Albums
                        Cool Ideas
Re: Dream Theater *fires* keyboard player - very little Rush 
           mostly distortion/the phantom menace
                       Fish Islands
          Re: Fish eye lens (islands...heehee) 
                   Re: Definitive Rush 
                    Guitarist threads

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Fri Jan 29 10:31:40 PST 1999
Subject: Administrivia

We've been fooling around a bit with the website, and have set up our own
Rush radio station! It broadcasts random MP3s of Rush 24 hours a day, we have
all the studio and live albums up (many of the studio albums we used the
Japanese releases of, and we have the Japanese version of DS up as well).

To get the station on your computer...

Go to the NMS website front page, there's a big beautiful link that'll 
start up the streaming for you. We have tested it with WinAmp, we're not sure
if it'll also work with MacAmp or other MP3 players, so your mileage may
vary. Enjoy, and post your feedback! Just remember that it is STREAMING MP3
so the quality won't be all that great, don't bother giving me feedback about
that :-)

Also, I was informed that Different Stages has been nominated for a Juno
under Best Album Design! It's up against The Hip's "Phantom Power", New
Meanies' "Three Seeds", 54.40's "Since When" and Barenaked Ladies' "Stunt".

 - rush-mgr


From: "Ronald Smith" 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:38:16 -0400
Subject: Fisheye lens defined

Dear Rushians,

    As a photographer, I would like to enlighten all the readers about =
fisheye lenses. This lens takes in 180 degrees, with barrel distortion =
around the edges to accomodate the extremely wide view. Some fisheye =
optics have a circular image in the centre, like the teeny round mirrors =
within the regular passenger car side mirrors. Anyway, the fisheye was =
born with Stanley Kubrick's classic "2001: A Space Odyssey," almost a =
quarter century ago.

    These lenses are special purpose and very expensive. I believe that =
Nikon once somehow produced a 6mm fisheye that took in 270 degrees, =
costing over $10,000! Given that one of MP's themes was photography, I =
have know doubt that this was what the boys were referring to: "Living =
in a fisheye lens, stuck in the camera eye."

    I hope this will end this stupid thread.


From: "NK" 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 12:49:05 -0800
Subject: Arrrgh!  Please stop!

Please STOP with the 'Fish Island' and 'Who's Fastest' B.S.!
Can we get back to our reason for being here?  Rush?  Remember?
My head is about to explode!=20


Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 14:11:02 -0700
Subject: DT's Keyboard Player

In response to Thomas' post regarding DT's keyboard
player:  I'm happy they made this decision because, quite
frankly, I didn't like that keyboardist.  His singing parts on
Infinity made certain songs unlistenable.  Good luck to them
with their new memeber.


From: Mark Hill 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 13:13:57 -0800
Subject: Fisheye lens

I really hope that everyone who was responding to the question of the
meaning of,.....I can't believe I'm going to say this...."Fish Islands"
were all just kidding and really do understand that the lyric is
"fisheye lens" in the song Limelight.    A fish-eye lens is a
wide-angle, anamorphic photographic/motion picture lens that distorts
the image in a somewhat round, more dense fashion.  The term fish-eye
comes from the fact that the distortion of the image may replicate that
of what a fish might see.
    These lenses are very popular and are used readily in music videos.
The only example that comes to mind is a video by the band
Bush...(pardon my ignorance in the title, but I don't listen to Bush,
but do know the video)...where they sing, " I don't want to comeback
down from this cloud"...It was the first thing I heard from them.
Anyway, in that video the lead singer sings into the lens, swinging
around on a rolling chair etc.  Well that is a fish-eye lens that was
used in that sequence.
    But what bothers me the most is the fact that people put thought
into "Fish Islands"...I mean, this is truly disturbing.  Read the liner
notes for Christ's sake.  I mean, when I was in film school in San
Francisco, I thought I saw truly one of the most ignorant things in my
life: a college student who spelled "serial killer" CEREAL KILLER.  But
this is a close second.  Thinking man's band, uh?
    Also, I agree with others that the question asked on Rockline the
other night were pretty bad, but did like alot of the responses.  Both
Geddy and Alex were very open and didn't seem to disturbed.  The talk of
songwriting, bootlegs, the quintessential Rush song being "Tom
Sawyer"..."plus, its' got a really cool bass part in the middle" - Ged.
    That's all


From: "D. Cory Blocker" 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 15:58:44 -0600
Subject: fish-eye lens

Look in a photography magazine. A fish-eye lens is simply a lens with a VERY
wide field of view. They are very similar to the little peep hole that's
probably in your door! They typically have a 180+ degree field of vision.
This is so you can see someone hiding up against the door, and why your
friends look even uglier through it!
I would think "living in the fish eye lens" means having every thing you do
under constant scrutiny, but i'm no poet.


From: "Michael P. Kane, P.E." 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:07:34 -0600
Subject: DS Reviews

I'm so sick of these "expert"-types.  See:

What do you think, gang?  Was DS really "necessary"?  What a stupid f---ing 
statement.  Is any album from any artist "necessary"?  Further proof that, 
when it comes to Rush, you either get, or you don't, and it's not worth 
trying to explain it to those who don't.

I'm loving the "stepped-down" 2112.  Very rich and full-sounding, particularly 
the "Discovery" and "Oracle:  The Dream" movements.

Later.  MK

"Energy is contagious; enthusiasm spreads. . ."


From: The Chairman 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 18:28:54 -0600
Subject: Peart Solo's website

Due to the killer response, I have decided to create an anon ftp
account on my server.  This is where you can u/l the files.

uid:	ftp
pw:	your email address
dir:	incoming

please up 2 files:
1.  the solo: mp3, wav, aiff, au, jpg, gif, psd, mov, or mpg;  
2.  a text file with the info on the file, and your name-address
    *if you wish your name not posted, tell me in the file.

Sounds, pictures, and video will be appreciated.  
any format.

You will not be able to see a directory listing of the files uploaded!
just trust your ftp program.

If a file of the same name exists, please change the name and up it.

I will then get them and place them on a web page for everyones

For those who only want to trade, email me directly and we will talk.
if enough people upload, trading will be unnecessary.

the address to the site I create will be at:

I am doing this because of my love for neil's art.

I am a 25 yr. old quadrapelegic from Houston TX, and all my life,
Neil's playing has been an inspiration to me. And I am an air drummer
from hell.  I really feel for neil and his family because of the things
he has indirectly done for me.  If I never again get to see, hear, and 
feel his work live, I want to see his work to continue to live and 
breath for the humans of tommorrow that think they have seen the best.

Thank you for your support,

Raul "The Chairman" Espino


From: "Brian M. Donlin" 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 19:52:22 -0500
Subject: Re:Fish Eye Lens

Just to clear up some confusion, a "fish-eye lens" is a camera lens that
gives the effect similar to looking into a glass Xmas ornament (ya know,
BIG nose, forehead and chin way back). Many photographers use them in
wide distance shots, such as a mountain and plains, kinda to give the
mountain (the main focus of the shot) a little more umph. My dad used to
have one but could never find a good shot to use it on




Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 20:27:52 EST
Subject: Mr C and Mr P and the drum bore

Hey fellow Rush-Heads.

>I'd like to know why Neil Peart can't loosen up on his kit.....[etc]

Wow.  Now that is an interesting point of view.  Really, I am not being

This post has had my old brain-box working overtime!  First, I doubt you can
play 2.5 to 3 hour gigs without being truly relaxed, but granted he may not
look it.  Then again, someone else Iinferred that Bruford looks so relaxed
whilst playing?  My impression of Bruford [who's playing I enjoy really very
much], is of a man with an iron rod up the back of his suit.  Relaxed?  No. 

Rubber wrists?  Oh yes.  Anyway =>

I have tried to make view known on NMS that comparing apples and oranges is
less than productive, in my humble opinion. Yet, like the pain in the butt I
most certainly am, I feel drawn into responding to this PC v. NP debate......

To me, at first glance, the idea of suggesting that PC is technically better
than NP is......well, if I am honest, laughable.  But, I wanted to think about
this for a while, as to think such would be without acknowledging respect for
other peoples' views.  I don't have too much to say on the issue, but some
thoughts do occur to me.  For example: Supper's Ready [eg. Apocalypse in 9/8],
Brand X, and PC's Big Band [sorry don't know their name?].  The first two may
indeed have been influences on Rush [Geddy]?

The latter reminds me of the "NP swings like a rusty gate" comment that
someone made, and which made me smile.  I inferred similar thoughts a while
back by saying that Steve Smith swings a whole lot better than Neil on Vox
Humana [you see, I am doing a comparison EVEN though I know it is ultimately
without point].  Now, I have not yet heard Burning for Buddy, only Neil's
"jazz" work with Jeff Berlin,  so for me the jury is still out on the "Neil
plays swing debate".  Anyway =>

Where am I going with this?  

Well, 10 yrs ago, if you had suggested to me that PC could play "better" than
NP I would have laughed/cried/argued all night.  But, thinking about PC's
swinging, and some of his unique contributions to contemporary drumming, I am
left ultimately left only to agree with my opener:  that comparing apples and
oranges, although interesting, is eventually quite futile.  It may be
interesting and fun, but I think the issue remains that these people play such
different music, and we really have NO idea whether they could play each
other's chops, that I am left with the conclusion: why bother even asking
about the comparison?  

An example if I may.  For a long time I thought that Neil had the book written
way beyond Bruford, I even had vehement arguments with my drum teachers about
it!  Imagine the arrogance. Still, please, let's put that down to youthful
arrogance.  But, I say it again [for the last time? And I will try and stick
to this] - they are all people at the upper limits of their art.  To try and
do direct comparisons is in the end not useful.  "What is good and what is not
good.....?"  To quote a rather famous book.

A final point to try and illustrate this.  The details in this anecdote are
perhaps inadequate as usual, so please forgive me for that.  However, in the
very early 1990's I was fortunate enough to see a drum master class by, I
think, Jim Kilpatrick - the then world champion snare/field drum player.  He
performed with his drumming colleagues.  What an eye opener that was.  I am NO
expert in technique, but let's be honest - Jim had [has?] pretty much everyone
licked on the old marching drum/rudiments gig.  My point, if I need to say it
yet again, is that there is no point comparing Jim Kilpatrick [I hope that is
his name?] to NP, PC, BB, VC et al.  

Apples and oranges.  

Neil and Phil?  Different eyes see different things.

Are we not lucky to have so many tremendous drummers working and recording

Bye for now -



Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 21:12:26 EST
Subject: Re: Re: Conservative Hypocrites

Greetings fellow Rushians,
I should have made my argument a little more clear, I have just recently
become a member of this digest and only now realize that I may have caught the
butt end of the conservative/liberal topic.  

It was not my intention to talk politics!   I will be honest and say that I
am only 21 and live in Vermont.  Vermont, while being the most white state in
the union, has more political parties in office than any other state in the
union.  I am not saying this as a democrat, just demonstrating the open
environment I live in.  

When I said liberal, I meant someone with an open mind.  I thought I made
that clear when I quoted Rush, "But Change Is".  I figured in this forum, this
digest swore by Rush lyrics, I certainly listen to music with lyrics I don't
necessarily agree with, I was under the impression that Rush lyrics in this
digest were the rule.  Therefore, a conservative, some one that wants to
"freeze time and ideas", according to "but change is" is a big fat hypocrite.
Ah, a political conservative is different, I was not talking politics.  When I
said conservative, I was talking of people that feel they have ideas on life
and living, death and the unanswerable thereafter figured out.  Someone who at
some point decided they had all the knowledge and answers they needed to live
with and thus, closed their mind.    
	I live my life openly and explore each side always.  For example, I am
reading Karl Marx's, "The Communist Manifesto" and Ayn Rand's, "We the
Living".  At the same time, I read passages from the Christian bible and John
Barth's "The Floating Opera" - a nihilist novel which argues that life and
suicide both have no intrinsic value.  I write songs for commercial potential
yet listen to bands like Mahivishnu Orchestra, Gentle Giant, Ozric Tentacles,
and Frank Zappa exclusively. 

As for "Jim's" friendly reply, who implied that liberals are not "welthy",
take a look at some of the great people in our society with free minds,
certainly there are many welthy people with open minds.  Perhaps you should
reevaluate what "welthy" means - personally, I have a big nose (if the
size of my nose is any indication as to my economic standpoint) (is Geddy
Jewish?) but I would say the welthiest person in the world is a person reading
a book.  If you were talking politics, how can you both be a conservative and
believe in individual thought?  Surely the government decides that
prostitution, gambling, drugs, and alcohol for minors are  not allowed.  How
can you take a real politically conservative stance and say that you believe
in individual thought when the government thinks for you on these issues and
many others?        
	Anyone looking for amazing custom electric guitars and basses?  I got my
6-string fretted bass from a guy in East Windsor, Ct, his company is called
"Ellseworth Guitars" - they are expensive, but the sound!!!  


"He's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays"  "If Jesus saves - well,
He'd better save Himself from the gory glory seekers who use His name in
death. - Ian Anderson,  Aqualung 


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:52:44 -0800
Subject: you name the subject

> wrote...
>"How could any Rush fan be a conservative?"

I dunno. Let's ask a few.  Does taste require political naivete?  Our
phone lines are open, you be the judge.

>"They would have to be either deaf or unable to understand English."

Perhaps.  But have you ever met an American Liberal who could count
above ten without taking hisherits shoes off?

>"Or they lived in some fairy-tale land in their head."

A land where everyone is rational and reasonable.  But it does get
boring with no one to argue with. 

>"I thought only the truly educated people were liberals."

I cite the above as proof that liberals can be at least as stupid as
conservatives.  Besides the obvious bigotry and stupidity of that
statement, let us consider the mindlessness that allows people to
continue dividing political beliefs as left/right, black/white,
either/or, 30 years after the Nolan Chart was developed.  And how to
categorize people in countries other than the US, where (GASP!  A stroke
of sanity!!!) they have MORE THAN TWO political parties?

I see Neil's lyrics are still ignored by the great unwashed masses of

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space


From: lerxst 
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 00:52:30 -0500
Subject: Fisheye lens

I always thought "fisheye lens" refers to a camera lens. Just as the
next lyrics goes. "Caught in the camera eye" I looked it up on the net
and found this site with a fisheye lens and it is a wide veiw.


From: "Holger Stuhldreier" 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:13:42 +0100
Subject: life, death / fastest guitarist

Hi all,

I just wanted to say that I`m tired of those recent
threads we had lately. Surely you can talk about being
a liberal or a conservative Rush fan, but after three or
four posts all arguments are exchanged and there is new
to talk about. And to top it all that "Liberal, existentialist, 
realist, senior in college studying English, Music, and Philosophy"
guy comes up with this:

> "But Change Is."  (The orgasmic climax to Tom Sawyer, arguably the
> best Rush song) How could any Rush fan be a conservative?  They would
> have to be either deaf or unable to understand English.  Or they lived
> in some fairy-tale land in their head.  I thought only the truly
> educated people were liberals.  (A formal education does not
> necessarily indicate a true education - I'm just speaking of a simple
> realist say, who does not live according to a lie)  While I realize
> that true liberation comes in death only, it is important to live and
> let live as freely as possible, its the only life we've got.  I've got
> a question, does death justify life?  Of course without death we would
> not realize we were alive, not counting our own death say, no one
> knows what happens then, just the death of those around us.  Does
> doubt justify faith?  Surely you cannot have faith without doubt.

I just can`t believe it. This is a RUSH mailing list, man!!!
Go to!!!

It`s the same thing with this "fastest guitarist" discussion.
At first one guy comes up with: "Hey, who do think is the 
fastest guitarist??" Then a few other people state that
"Mr. xy or Mrs. abc and ... are definitly the fastest 
guitarists on earth. There was, is and will never be 
anyone faster then Mr. xy or Mrs. abc. Believe me."
As an answer to this you can be sure that a HUGE
amount of people really hate Mr. xy and Mrs. abc
even more. "They are totally lame. You better start
listening to Mr. Z if you want to hear a fast guy."

This is endless and leads to nothing. You all can be sure
that there will always be a person who doesn`t agree with
your opinion on who is the fastest. This thread will go on
as long the TNMS exists. But it has one minor flaw:
It is totally boring. Take it to private email, if you want to
continue discussing this issue. I bet these are the same
people who could not see that "Supertanker full of irony" 
in  Bryans Post. 

You should not get me wrong: Everybody can start any 
threat he or she wants to start and talk about the things
he or she wants to talk about as long as the rush-mgr
lets it go. So it is my right as member of the NMS to ask
you all that one question I always wanted to ask:

Who do you think is the fastest singer in the whole universe?

Anybody? I bet.

Bye for now, Holger

P.S. To Michael Z. Williamson: How can I order one of your
"Jolly Teabag Shirts"

"Against the run of the mill
 static as it seems,
 we break the surface tension
 with our wild kinetic dreams"


From: "Brant Waldron" 
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 23:30:21 PST
Subject: Great Kat

"From: maxrich@mindspring.comDate: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:10:43 -0600
I read about "The Great Kat" in the last posting, and went to the site 
=listed .  Does anyone know what's up with this.  I can't 
tell if this is some sort of joke or not.  She is supposedly (according 
to some comments she had listed) better and faster than anyone including 
Vai, Malmsteen, and Satriani.  She looks like some sort of devil 
worshipper slut to me, but I'll give it a listen if it's any good. 
Comments? Info?
"You can be the captain, and I will draw the charts. Sailing into =
destiny, closer to the heart"  Max Richard"

I'm an infrequent poster but thought I might chime in on this issue.  I 
work for my college radio station both as a DJ and music reviewer so get 
my hands on lots of CDs (like Different Stages early, and all the promos 
etc..) anyway The Great Kat (as I recall) is this woman who basically 
plays really strange classical music.  She is not a technical Guitar 
Player or anything like that.  In my opinion her music is terrible..  
but hey  who am I to judge for others

Live Albums
Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel Plays Live
Rush:ASOH, Diff Stages
dIRE sTRAITS:Alchemy
AC/DC: Let there be Rock (The VHS rocks) 
thats all I can think of now

Brant Waldron 


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 03:30:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: some more examples of Rush influence in modern music

Keeping track of the bands that claim Rush influence is something I try to
do...  This post is a response to

Smashing Pumpkins:
	Billy Corgan, singer,lyricist, and lead guitarist, has been known
to quote Rush on stage and in interviews ("Glittering Promises and
endless compromises...")

Queensryche (particularly their former guitarist Chris DeGarmo)
	QR has used lots of people who helped Rush in the past at various
points, such as Peter Collins, James Barton, Hugh Syme, Howard
Ungerleider, and Matt Mahurin.
	DeGarmo remarked in an interview before his last album with QR was
released ("Hear In The Now Frontier") that he admired Rush for basically
putting out albums every year.

	The Edge has said that Rush were an influence on his music.
	Members of U2 were in attendance at Rush's "Grace Under Pressure"
preview shows back in 1984, according to Bill Banasiewicz's "Visions."

Van Halen
	"Tom Sawyer" was used as pre-show music on their latest tour.
Also, VH made sure that Ray Danniels and SRO became their management after
their longtime manager passed away a few years ago.
Toad The Wet Sprocket (no longer in existence)
	Rumored to have played "Closer To The Heart" in a few

Barenaked Ladies
	Now the most major Canadian band in the eyes of the commercial
public, they have included snippets of "Tom Sawyer" and "The Spirit of
Radio" in past songs. 
	They have jammed with Alex Lifeson.

Shania Twain
	Another famous Canadian- she had remarked in an interview that
when she was in high school she listened to music like Pink Floyd
and Rush.

The Tragically Hip
	A third Canadian export, and a real good band.  They have
performed "Limelight" at the Juno awards several years ago.

	Trey Anastasio, guitarist in this jam-band renowned for their
playmanship and devoted following,  has supposedly cited Rush as an

Nerf Herder
	This one-hit wonder band supposedly had lyrics paying tribute to
Rush on their album.

	They had a lyric asking how did Geddy Lee's voice get so high. 

Possum Dixon
	The drummer from this New-Wave influenced band told me that he had
listened to Rush years and years ago.

Linda Perry (formerly of 4 Non-Blondes)
	Remarked in a Rolling Stone interview that people thought she
sounded like Geddy Lee.

Hootie and the Blowfish
	Bassist has said that the instrumental on their second album was a
nod to Rush and Led Zeppelin, some of their influences.

There should be some more bands that can be listed...

					Electronically Yours,

He who forgets will be destined to remember...
							Pearl Jam


From: John Lupoli 
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 08:17:32 -0500
Subject: Japanese DS

Hi fellow Rushians,

	I got my Japanese copy of DS in the mail. It is way better than the
U.S. release. I like the extra track and the 2 tourbooks with all the
pictures. My mom didn't like the idea of paying 56.50 total for a cd,
even if it was with my own money.

	For the next couple of days, I will be updating my discography section.
I already split the Ds page in 2. If you click on Ds in my discography
page, you will come to a page that says, "Click One. Us or Japanese

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


From: Pete 
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:43:55 -0500
Subject: Albany '96 tour opener

Immediately after the '96 tour opener in Albany, NY, I chatted with a
wheelchair bound gentleman outside the arena.  He had attended the show and
was sitting outside his gray (I think) handicapped equipped van.  The rear
doors of the van were covered with bumper stickers (you couldn't miss it).
I'm trying to contact this man.  If anyone knows this man and he has email,
please contact me.  Thanks.


From: RdPc 
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:28:36 -0600
Subject: Ladies and Gentlemen

RADWEB HAS BEEN UPDATED to a new design and all that good stuff.  Please
join me and Jaulten, won't you?

Please sign guestbook


'I bring Love to give you solace
In the darkness of the night
In the heart's eternal light
You need only trust your feelings
Only love can steer you right'
		Neil Peart/Rush
Visit my WebPage at:
ICQ #  9436041		


Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 16:55:40 EST
Subject: Momos: Greek God of Mockery and Censure

Could someone tell me what MOMOS DANCE PARTY is and when it was recorded?  Was
it made for a reason?  Is it found on an album somewhere?  

   [ It's the music played at the end of Neil's videos "A Work In Progress".
     AFAIK, those tapes are the only place this song exists.    : rush-mgr ]

Thanks in advance to anyone with ANY information you can send me on this.

Please send inquiries to


From: (Steve Eads)
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:21:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Rushian roulette and live albums

Greetings fellow Rush fans, I was wondering, does anyone know where I
can order a copy of a Rush bootleg cd entitled "Rushian roulette"? It is
a live recording from the Hemispheres tour. A friend of mine had this cd
at one time, but traded it to a used cd store for another cd. For the
life of me, I don't know why! But then, he isn't a huge Rush fan like
myself. Also, to the guy who wanted suggestions for live albums, yeah I
know, you have gotten a bunch already, besides Rush, you might want to
consider checking out Jimi hendrix "Band of Gypsies", and Black Sabbath
"Reunion", along with all the other suggestions you received. Both of
these albums are top notch live recordings!


Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 21:36:34 EST
Subject: Rebublicans for RUSH

As the only person I know of that has Rush Limbaugh on the radio and RUSH on
CD, tape, or album at the same time (I'm sure there are a few of us, I just
haven't run into any others yet) I would like to do whatever the opposite of
Thank is to whoever started this Conservatives can't like RUSH bullshit.
 I would also like to get the last word (HA HA)  by proving conclusively that
RUSH is indeed a conservative band!
  Would a liberal abandon a senior citizen to violate motor laws by eluding
NATO detection devices to take an outlawed, turbo charged, 50 year old (65 by
now) fossil fuel burning sports car on an International joy ride across
pristine mountain and riversides? Then after eluding the one world, new order
cops relax at a fire that is burning chopped down trees? I think not.

If I think, like you think...don't make my load much lighter. NO


Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:19:02 EST
Subject: Live Albums

my additions to the list:

Robin Trower :  BBC Radio One Live

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush  :  Live

Tangerine Dream  :  Logos Live at the Dominion - London - 1982
                            or   Encore  Live 1977

Ozzy Osbourne  Live and Loud

Emerson, Lake and Palmer   :  King Biscuit Flower Hour

and I'll second   REO Speedwagon  :  You get what you plar for




From: Alvaro Graves 
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 13:40:04 -0400
Subject: Cool Ideas

Yesterday I was thinking about tattoo my arm. What important thing are in my
life worth to be tattooed... my family, my religion, and (guess what... of
course) Rush. So, I was thinking aboutwhat kind of Rush Tatoo would be cool.
I have some ideas

  The Rush cover
  The owl of FBN
  the stone man of T4E

Suggestion? Ideas? Opinions? Anything please email me or post it
  /          \                             Alvaro Andres Graves Fuenzalida
  >-O---O--O-<					Escuela de Injeniería
  \__________/          	      Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
      | |					 Universidad de Chile


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 17:13:14 +0000
Subject: Re: Dream Theater *fires* keyboard player - very little Rush 

Thomas wrote:

> On Monday, Dream Theater fired keyboard player Derek Sherinian, and hired
> Jordan Rudess.  For those of you who know who Liquid Tension Experiment is,
> that's what Dream Theater is now, except they have a different bass player,
> and include a singer!
> Personally, I think this move by DT was a very good one.  I've heard many
> people say that DT's last album, "Falling Into Infinity" was a lot less
> progressive than their previous albums.  Still, it leaves one to
> wonder...who's next to leave/get fired from the band?  First it was Charlie
> Dominici, the singer on "When Dream and Day Unite", then Kevin Moore, the
> original keyboard player, leaves the band right after "Awake" was recorded,
> now Derek.
> Since we are all die hard Rush fans, and some of us are fans of Dream
> Theater as well, any thoughts on this?

"Since we are all die Hard Rush fans" .. I don't get it - explain 
why being a Rush fan makes this interesting?


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 13:10:15 -0500
Subject: mostly distortion/the phantom menace


Echoing comments by mike z.:

>and cranking up the distortion to cover it (sloppy
>playing) is "groundbreaking?????"

mike z. made a pretty fair assessment when he said
covering up sloppy playing with distortion is by no
means "groundbreaking" (look at this new sound we
created, the kids all love it so we *must* be talented).

IMO, if you want to 'become" talented with the electric
guitar, learn how to play well on an acoustic first. There
are no cover-ups with an acoustic. I you play sloppy,
you sound like shit. You can't turn a knob or press a
peddle to sound better. At this point, continue to practice
on the acoustic until you no longer sound like shit. Then
get yourself an electric guitar. You'll be doing yourself
a favor.

Myself? Well I'm only seven months into the acoustic
phase of my learning, so my comments on distortion
are only theoretical. Using the above progression to
the use of an electric guitar, I expect to buy one sometime
in 2001!

Question. Is there such a term as "clean" distortion? With
exception to Rush (the album), I would use that term for
the distortion used by Ged and Al. Ged also uses some
nice distortion with keyboards.

>examples of good use of excessive distortion:
>Randy Rhoads
I've been learning Diary of a Madman (the song/intro) over
the last two months. IMO a perfect example of this.
>Norman Greenbaum
Ummm, isn't he a comedian of sorts? (I"m reaching here
so if I'm off base let me know.)
>Jimmy Hendrix
nuff said (you could've just typed Jimi)
>Geddy (Red Barchetta)
Yea, good call. How about Vital Signs? YYZ? You can
throw just about all of MP into that class.

subject morphing... (zero rush content)

I heard the Phantom Menace has been pushed back
to July 4, 99. Can anybody confirm this? I downloaded
the trailer the other day. 21 meg! It's was worth it. I
want to help my four year old understand the concept
of going back in time for this movie. He's an authority on
episodes 4/5/6. Get ready for some massive advertising
for this flick. It's gonna make the Titanic's income statement
look as pitiful as my savings balance!

Seems after two months of lurking I'd have more to say,
but I guess not. Talk at ya later.



Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 12:27:57 -0500
Subject: Fish Islands

"Living in the Fish Islands, with grapefruits to survive;
oh God, I miss my wife;
I CAN pretend a rescue ship's a long awaited friend..."


Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 13:25:07 -0500
Subject: Guitarists

Hey Rush soulmates-

There's been a lot of talk lately about guitarists, and I noticed an 
interesting post about Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen last time.  Here are 
some thoughts, what does everyone think?

First, I'm informed; I've been playing guitar for 16 years and have been in 
three bands.  I'm not a 15-year old kid with an Electra Les Paul copy in the 
closet and a Gorilla amp by the bed.  :)

I used to spend a lot of time comparing and contrasting guitarists, because, 
like most Rush fans I suspect, I'm a digger and analytical about stuff.  I 
grew up on Townsend, Hendrix, Skynard's guys and all the 80s metal guys.  I 
fell in love with Eddie for life when I heard "Dreams" in 1986 and saw VH at 
the Worcester Centrum.  I then ran out and bought all of Van Halen's albums 
from 1978-84 and absorbed them.  When I went to college I was exposed to 
Sabbath, Cream, Maiden, AC/DC, ELP, Fripp, Steve Vai, Satriani, et. al. I 
patiently listened to Yngwie when all my buddies were raving over him but 
just was not moved.  Impressed, oh yes; but not moved.  "Crazy Train", 
now THAT moved me.

There are millions of phenomenal guitarists out there who I have not listened 
to and could never judge anyway.  How can I compare the playing of two 
people?  It would be like saying the Soft Watches are better than the Last 
Supper, or comparing Grieg's Concerto in A minor to Beethoven's Ninth.

All artistry is unique, even if you are copying somebody.  I can play the 
solo to "Limelight" note for note.  Every time I play it, I play it like 
ME, not Alex.  But I didn't write it!  So we have to put creativity into the 
formula.  And when Alex wrote it, he had others helping him.  Page, Hendrix, 
Clapton, Beck, and everyone else he loved growing up.

So...all guitarists are extensions of the other players they have learned 
from.  And some guitarists have exceptional creativity.  Those with that 
creativity inspire others.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

When you combine great creativity with great intellectual working knowledge 
of music theory and technique, you have virtuosos.  Joe Satriani, Robert 
Fripp, Al DiMeola and Les Paul come to mind.

But does this make these guys 'the best ever?'  That's like saying Jim Brown 
was better than Walter Payton or Barry Sanders, or Neil Peart is better than 
Buddy Rich or Keith Moon.  All artistry is unique, even when copied from 
somebody else.  Sure, Peart could play the Overture from "Tommy" note for 
note.  But it was Moon's own personal creativity and orchestral style that 
made it beautiful, just as it's Peart's own creativity and intensity that 
makes the three sharp tom blasts in "A Farewell to Kings" special, right 
before the second verse ("the hypocrites are slandering...")

So, what I'm saying is this: while comparing and judging guitarist is fun and 
interesting, it's basically pointless.  I love "Stopping by woods on a snowy 
evening" for what it IS, not because it reminds me of "Do not go gentle into 
that good night."  I love "A Tale of Two Cities" for what it IS, not because 
it reminds me of "The Red Badge of Courage".  When I listen to guitarists 
play, the beauty of each artist becomes a separate entity to me.  I don't 
WANT the solo from "Johnny B. Goode" to remind me of "Crazy Train."  Each is 
beautiful when left alone.  Even more beautiful is how artists give to each 
other.  The very fact that Randy was a rock guitarist means that a little 
spark of "Johnny B. Goode" was with him when he wrote that magnificent solo, 
which blends rock, metal and classical styles in a lovely frenzy.  Just as 
Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and BB King were with Berry when he wrote 
"Johnny B. Goode."

If you want to rate guitarists, I suppose you could rate them for how much 
influence they had on their genre.  On this basis and this basis alone, I 
would put Hendrix at the top of the rock list.  But is Hendrix better than 
Steve Vai or Eric Johnson?  Come on.  

Each solo is a painting.  Some are just haberdash, filled with a thousand 
notes that don't really say much; most are forgettable and redundant (like 
mine!) :)  But there are solos out there that have inspired and lifted others 
to copy them- the sincerest form of flattery.  When a solo reaches a huge 
audience, you have a Mona Lisa, a "Henry V", a 55-10 blowout of the Broncos. 
 A master work.  My choice for that solo: "Jessica", by the Allman Brothers. 
 Three men playing as one, and smooth as a silk prom dress on the floor of a 
'67 Mustang.  :)

By the way, here are my top ten favorite solos of all time: you'll find that 
some of these guys are in the "Where are they now file".  But I like these 
solos for how they make ME feel, not because they're the fastest or the 
smoothest or because they did 'point A = point C divided by point B" on some 
musical theory chart in a Berkeley classroom.  Music is not calculus.

In no particular order:

Eddie Van Halen- "Jump"
George Lynch- "Burning Like a Flame" (first solo)
Andy Taylor- "Some Like it Hot"
Allman Bros.- "Jessica"
Alex Lifeson- "A Farewell to Kings"
Neil Schon- "Who's Cryin' Now"
Chris Hayes (from Huey Lewis & the News)- "Walking on a Thin Line"
Robert Fripp (on the Roche Sisters' 1st album)- "Hammond Song"
Randy Rhoads- "Crazy Train"
Tom Scholz- "More Than a Feeling"

and on and on..."Sultans of Swing," "Comfortably Numb", "Celebration Day", 
"Machine Gun".........................(this was like choosing the ten best 
diamonds from a DeBeers catalog...)


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:07:57 +0000
Subject: Re: Fish eye lens (islands...heehee) 

Dan Freeman wrote:
> On a real interpretive note, that is, if you are truly interested in
> the interpretation of what a "fish-eye lens" is, I may be able to offer
> something.

"fish-eye lenses are quite well known in the world of photography.
They are optical harware, not a hot/cold water phenomenon.



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:19:36 +0000
Subject: Re: Definitive Rush wrote:
> Hi Rush-heads
> I want to make a Rush compilation tape for someone who claims never to
> have heard their music (or recognise it). So far the only track I feel
> has to go on it is Spirit of Radio, since it's the only Rush track that
> to my knowledge has ever been aired on UK radio (UK fans please tell
> me I'm wrong).

Not exactly - Tommy Vance used to play Rush on his Friday Rock
Show, (National BBC radio one) many years ago - I remember hearing
a few tracks from Moving Pictures for the first time one Friday
night in 1981.  I'm sure a lot of local radio stations used to have
rock shows which played Rush too - Metro Radio, based in Newcastle,
certainly did (any North Eastern readers remember the 'hot&heavy 

Apart from shows aimed specifically at Rock fans though, I have 
only ever heard Spirit of Radio played (and then, only twice) with
the exception of The Analog Kid which was played on a quiz show
where contestants were allowed to have their favourite song played.



From: "Heath, Martin" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:17:31 +0000
Subject: Guitarist threads

A couple of things:

> From: "Carl Fulli" 
> Subject: Yngwie vs. Alex - Are you serious?
>Where as yes, Yngwie is a very good technical player, he couldn't write =
>a song to save his life.  He can do some amazing things with the guitar =
>and I do feel has a lot of emotion at times but that is all in his =
>solos.  To me a great guitar player will not focus on leads only, but =
>use the entire guitar to express himself.  I agree that Yngwie is a more =
>technically talented guitar player than Alex but, he is no where near =
>Alex in terms of songwriting, which in itself is based highly on =

I love your subject line. I also agree with most of your content, which
is why I'm on the Rush mailing list not on Yngwie's (if he has one!).
The only thing is that I don't agree that you have to be able to
write great songs to be a good player.  This would mean most
classical musicians can't play. Different people have different strength's
and Yngwie can play. Listen to 'Millenium', his classical orchestral
piece. There's no lyrics anywhere. 

> George Live at Wembley  said:
> But who (other than our hero Lerxst) would you say has the best tone?

Ok, lets move away from the speed thing, apart from those
already mentioned:

1) Ronnie LeTekro. Who? Plays/played for TNT. Worlds most
ignored underrated guitarist. 

2) Gary Moore, same reason as Stevie Ray Vaughan - HEAVY
STRINGS, sounds good, hard to play.

3) ok flame away - Mr Malmsteen. Very fluid tone but you can
hear the differences in picking of each note. Ignore the lyrics but
listen to 'Soldier without faith'. Uses loosest strings & tunes down.

4) ok flame away part 2. George Lynch, some great sounds on
'Sacred Groove'. You may all hate the music, but he always has 
a great tone.

If you are from a jazz/pop persuasion, I'm sure you'll have a 
different set, but I like metal, so there.

Thanks for listening (if you bothered),


P.S. Isn't the rhythm sound on DS:2112 wonderful? also DS:Force Ten.
They should do loads more of the 80s stuff with heavier guitar. 
Imagine, the whole of ASOH, with the DS sound! Wow.


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