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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2170

                   Friday, 29 Jan 1999

Today's Topics:
              Different Stages and King's X
               Re: Derek Watson's one item
                   Re:  Definitive Rush
          Rush, "Where's My Thing?" for Auction!
               "Where's My Thing?" Auction
  Best guitarist, blah blah, rush sighting, blah blah...
         2112 Percussion? ,  Rockline transcript.
                      re: hey there
                     Collins v. Peart
     Probably not the last word on Collins vs. Peart
                     Collins vs. Rush
                golfin in the Fish Islands
       A long time ago, in a digest far, far away:
                      Phil vs. Neil
   Fastest guitarest: whoa, you guys just don't get it!
                    The rhythm method
                Neil Peart Joins HELMET!!!
      Yeah, I thought the Rockline interview SUCKED!
                    Gangster of Boats
                     RUSH sighting...
                       Neil's solos
                   Rockline transcript
                     Michael Jordan?
             Re: Nick, Ignorance, Which Nick?
                     Garth and Phil.
                    Rockline Questions
                   Fastest guitarists 
                        Air Peart
          Dream Theater, DS, video, future, etc.
                       lack of phil
               Re: Red Barchetta on UK T.V.
             phrasingtiming/tone/John Petrucci

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 - rush-mgr


From: "Scott Pennington" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:43:35 -0600
Subject: Different Stages and King's X

Hi there,

Just wanted to to give my opinion of Rush's new cd, i think it is soooo
awesome!!  It has a powerful sound, and Geddy did a great job of producing
it.  Natural Science and 2112 really blows me away, everytime i listen to
them, i get goose bumps.  I just hope Neil is holding out all right.

I also purchased King's X new one "Tape Head", and i must say that is one of
the best cd's i have purchased in several years......highly recommend to get

"You have nothing to fear, but fear itself"....Winston Churchill or Neil


From: "Michelle Zagari" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:34:48 PST
Subject: Re: Derek Watson's one item

Since you had first dibs on that kickin black bass I love so much 
(dammit) :\
I'd love to have a baseball glove or a baseball bat, or even a baseball 
hat worn by Geddy and or Alex... autographed of course, but I'd take 
their stinky sweaty sports stuff, anyhow :)

New York Tri-State area Rush Fans:  Restless Youth, the HOTTEST new 
Tribute to Rush band has booked more concert dates. Log on to: 

to see where/when they're playing next!  ***Support your local bands**


From: Ryan N Waggoner 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 02:19:31 -0500
Subject: Re:  Definitive Rush


Given that every Rush-fan has their own ideas for what tracks are
significant, my playlist looks a little something like this:

Before And After
Bastille Day
Working Man/Finding My Way (from ATWAS)
Nobody's Hero
Witch Hunt
Cinderella Man (from DS)
The Body Electric
Tom Sawyer
Analog Kid
Distant Early Warning
Yyz (from ESL)

Obviously, I could've included the epics like 2112, the Cygnus stories,
By-Tor and such, but I'd prefer to save that stuff for second tape to be
made later.  To start with, though, I think I'd go with easily-digestable
chunks of Rush.

Just my two cents, though.



From: Ghost 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:02:53 -0500
Subject: Rush, "Where's My Thing?" for Auction!


To benefit the inaugural North East Art Rock Festival, June 26 & 27,
1999, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA, a very devoted Rush fan has donated
a copy of the CD promo single for "Where's My Thing?" for auction.

It has been reported that only 200 of these promo CDs were pressed and sent
to heavy metal/hard rock stations across North America.

The opening bid for this ultra-rare item is $60.

Please e-mail your bids to  This auction will end
Thursday, January 28 at 4:00 pm EST.

All proceeds support NEARfest '99.  For more information on NEARFest,
including the great line-up of progressive rock bands on the bill, please

Thank you!

Chad Hutchinson
Vice-President, North East Art Rock Festival

North East Art Rock Festival         NEARfest '99
June 26-27, 1999                          Bethlehem, PA
Dr. Rob LaDuca,
Chad Hutchinson,


From: Ghost 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:10:19 -0500
Subject: "Where's My Thing?" Auction


Auction ends Wednesday, February 3, 1999 at 4:00 pm EST.


North East Art Rock Festival         NEARfest '99
June 26-27, 1999                          Bethlehem, PA
Dr. Rob LaDuca,
Chad Hutchinson,


From: "Rodd Karp (Volt Computer) (Exchange)"
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:41:33 -0800
Subject: Best guitarist, blah blah, rush sighting, blah blah...

Allo all... it's been a while since I posted, but I've been saving up stuff
(not much really) to say to y'all...

First of all, I wanted to throw a couple names out that haven't been really
mentioned in the
'Who is the best guitar person alive today, ever, by and for the Rush fans'
debate going on.

First of all, I'd like to present to you, for your listening pleasure,
Buckethead!  Check out Praxis: Metatron... this guy is insane. 

Secondly, i'd like to mention a band who's been mentioned here before, Ozric
The guitar player (Um, name slips me right now, even though I have all their
albums! ack)
is extremely talented and versatile. I don't believe we hear more about him
here in the states
(or people being aware of him) because he's with some obscure UK act...
well, lemme tell ya
this guy completely impresses me. Listen to Live: Ethereal Cereal too, first
track... hauntingly
similar to Xanadu, which is weird, but neat at the same time. His playing is
way fast, and clever
and effective.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, my Rush sighting. It
happened last night.
I was playing some Punch*Out! at my pals arcade last night, and I had just
defeated Piston Hurricane.
My bonus time for knocking his ass out was 21120. It made me look around to
see if anyone else 
had seen it. I think I need therapy.



From: William Hall 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:42:47 -0500
Subject: 2112 Percussion? ,  Rockline transcript.

Somebody wrote:

I just bought Corrosion of Conformity's Deliverance
album and I think there is some Rush influence there.
In the back where they list all the credits and everything,
the drummer credits "2112 percussion." 
I thought that was pretty cool.

	This may or may not be a direct Rush reference.  I say this becuase I
know of at least one music store by the name _2112 Percussion_.  Maybe
they're thanking the store, I dunno.

On another note, is anybody else out there working on a transcript of
last week's Rockline?  I started, but I find it incredibly tedious. 
Perhaps we could split it up and combine our efforts.
William Cary Hall
ICQ# 6956498
Homepage @
Check my Rush/DT tradelists


From: (David Whiteman)
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:58:49 -0500
Subject: re: hey there

Jason Plummer wrote:

> In the back where they list all the credits and everything,
> the drummer credits "2112 percussion."

2112 Percussion is a music shop in the Raleigh, NC area.  CoC is based
in Chapel Hill, within the same metro. area.

David Whiteman
Applied Reasoning
whiteman AT AppliedReasoning DOT com
ICQ# 12178974


From: Counter Parts 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:58:30 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Collins v. Peart

I've read the many opinions on the subject of Collins v. Peart -- I,
too, must now come up and put in my $0.02 in: Collins, yes, is very
talented in his use of the sticks, but I am profoundly dumbfounded by
those that state that Collins is in the same league as Peart! Collins
may be very fluid, but he is also very simplistic in his approach. An
attempt, I feel, to dumb down his music for his "mainstream" audience
who couldn't ID talent if it broke ground and built a home right next
to their own! Collins' look makes absolutely no difference -- he may
LOOK like he's making it easy, but as every drummer has his own style,
so does Neil. Neil's approach to perfectionism should not be held
against him -- I, quite frankly, consider him (Peart) to be the
absolute Michael Jordan of Percussion. Nowhere else can you be a
witness, or for that matter -- be a listener, to what is a phenomena 
happening before our eyes. I cherish the fact that RUSH is still
around creating new and inventive music never letting the grass grow
around their feet! Neil is the pinnacle of the best! Collins is
talented but nowhere near the top 10 percentile of drummers. Be glad
that you have him (Peart) as the standard by which all others are
compared to.



From: Dan Wodarcyk 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:03:06 -0700
Subject: Probably not the last word on Collins vs. Peart

Hello all. Here's an aside relating to the Collins vs. Peart debate which
may or may not relate. For those who are aware of him, how does Chester
Thompson (sp?) fit into the mix? I had the good fortune of attending one of
his clinics in Columbus, Ohio years ago and was blown away watching him up
close. He's more of a session guy with a strong jazz background, having
been Collins' back up drummer probably from the start of his solo career.
He truly has more of a "flowing" feel to his drumming than Collins, and is
IMHO, much better technically than Collins, but not Peart. Chester is not
the household name of course that Collins is but would give any modern rock
drummer a run for their money. Again, from what I can glisten from his
playing, he's more on par with Neil than Collins is. Any opinions?

Dan Wodarcyk, Exhibit Designer
The Tech Museum of Innovation        (408) 795-6186


From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:29:21 -0500
Subject: Collins vs. Rush

I almost fell out of my chair when I read comparisons attempted between Phil
Collins and Neal Peart.  Next thing you know, someone will be saying that
Nikki Sixx is actually a better bassist than Geddy Lee.  

Oh, and I don't like John Petrucci.  He's too good.  I mean, his fingers are
so fast and dexterous, and he plays with such good emotion and
creativity...and that's bad.  He should suck more, and then I could say that
I like him as a guitarist...


Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:32:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: golfin in the Fish Islands

Is it true that Neil vacations in the Fish Islands and that he has Phil
Collins come with him, to carry his golf clubs? Someone told me this,
but he is a conservative Rush fan, so I have my reservations ;-)

                        Troll mode off/ back to lurkin

                        Scott CttC

(affix favorite Rush lyrics here)


From: "Bryan Berkebile" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:32:59 -0500
Subject: A long time ago, in a digest far, far away:

A long time ago, in a digest far, far away:

>Haven't written for a while - but I'd like to get into a drummers debate
>here.  Having loved Rush for nearly 20 years I'd like to know why Neil = Peart
>can't loosen up on his kit.  I mean if you see him live everything seems = so
>intense.  OK - so he's concentrating but there must come a point in his
>playing where he handled the percussion without thinking.  Phil Collins = on
>the other hand is so ridicilousy relaxed at the kit it's unbelievable!!! = I
>personally think that Collins is technically the better drummer - = utilising
>more percussive sounds from electronic kits etc.  Peart makes drumming = look
>difficult - Collins eradicates any problems about drumming.
>What do you think?????

I remember, over the years, threads dealing with what, if anything, Rush owes 
it's fans.  Simply put, I think Neil's 'seriousness' behind the set is 
nothing less than Neil giving us what we pay for when we go to the shows.



From: John Lupoli 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:48:11 -0500

Hi fellow Rushians,
	I need to ask some questions. What's the deal with Archives? I put it
in my discography section on my web page because it's an official
(legal) release. But, I've never seen it on cd. I've only seen it on
vinyl. Since no internet cd store carries it, I marked it on my web site
as "discontinued -- no longer available." Does anybody know if it is
available on cd or can anybody give me some facts?

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


From: Brian Robinson 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:56:18 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Phil vs. Neil

I do agree that Neil is a finer percussianist than Phil, however, I
believe this is due to the fact that Phil has spent considerable time
broadening the range of instruments he plays (Piano/keyboards) instead
of concentrating only on percussion.  Perhaps if he had only focused
on persussion, his chops would be right up there with Neil.


From: Dave 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:16:52 -0800
Subject: Fastest guitarest: whoa, you guys just don't get it!

Okay, first, I'm NOT flaming any of you gents, okay? Truely, I'm not.
The point of this message is to clarify the fastest guitarest lick,
especially as you jazz lovers and the like have started contributing and
twisting it WAAAAY off its original mark . . .

There is NO question as to TASTE guys, we weren't making a point as to
who is the fastest WITH different voicings, sounds, scales, emotion,
etc, NOT! MY whole entire point was simply (and it really is simple) WHO
'physically' do you think can play cleanly the most notes in a beat,
PERIOD. Not how 'tastly' they do it, or how cool their ability is to
'hold back', blah blah blah, its NOT a point of STYLE, its a point of
speed, nothing more, nothing less. yes, absolutely, Yngwie Malmsteen is
a concieted horses ass that plays WAAY too fast to frequently without
taste or emotion, etc; but who (and this really only can be
realistically answered by guitar players and maybe drummers), of all the
artists you've ever heard, whether you like them or their music, who can
consistently play the most notes in a measure?

I'd like to hear some of that Paul Gilbert guy, and I haven't heard them
all, but as a guitar player of 20 years, the fastest I've ever ever
heard, style aside, has been Malmsteen and Buttencort (sp). No,
Malmsteen does NOT play as 'nicely' or 'pleasure to listen to' as the
guy from DT and others, once again, thats not the point, I'm looking for
more of a 'wow, no one on earth has EVER played that fast before, and
may never again' like the Guiness Book of World Records. (And yes, this
again will vary by individual). As a guitar player, I can't agree
Petrucci plays faster, uh uh, nor Di Meola, no way, they may play
BETTER, but not note for note faster.

So come on, lets stay away from the taste issues that are polluting the
original intention of this thread, were looking entirely at clean #'s
here, and nothing more....

Respectfully submitted,



From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:14:54 -0500
Subject: The rhythm method

Q.  What do you call a catholic woman who practices the Rhythm Method?
A.  Mom   

I just flew back from the Fish Islands and boy are my arms tied!   

Take my wife, please!   



From: (Jack Mevorah)
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:16:40 -0500
Subject: Neil Peart Joins HELMET!!!

OK ... maybe not.

"Ralph Huffnagle"  writes,

> I was a little bored so, I was checking out domain names for rush.
> I  typed in and it took me to the Helmet
> home  page.  What is up with that?   Is Helmet Rush fans?

Well, in the credits, the Eric says:

     I would like to thank the following:


     USWeb for offering a great service.

     A big thank you to Chris Samaritoni ( for
     designing this site and allowing me to take it over.

     Neil Peart of Rush for sparking and fueling my interest in

     Special thanks to:
     Interscope, Warner Bros., Sony, Columbia, Epitaph, Altantic,
     RollingStone, Spin, Rip, Guitar World, Guitar, Guitar Player,
     Modern Drummer, Drum!, Seconds, Alternative Press, and ...


If you go to you'll get the same page.  Maybe Eric is a fan
of both and wants to bring some of us kicking and screaming to another
type of music!?

Maybe Neil peart is actually John Stanier.

Or, maybe, its a shared love of Rush:

"Stanier's staccato drumming is a Helmet mainstay. His style is the result
of his combined love of punk, hip hop, and Neil Peart."
Modern Drummer: October, 1994

Aaah Music - one big happy family.

jack, man


From: Dave 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:44:44 -0800
Subject: Yeah, I thought the Rockline interview SUCKED!

this is to Tracy.

yeah, Rush mngr is right, I agree Sunday's interview was for me, the
very worst interview I've ever heard since I've became a Rush fan
waaaaay back before they were popular in the mid 70's. Geddy literally
sounded 'apprehensive' about answering questions, and sounded 'out of
it', like he had just eaten a whole bunch of antihistamines or
something. Bob Coburn, bless his heart, played EVERY CLICHE Rush song
that exists (do I even have to spell it out? What else, but Spirit of
Radio, Closer to the Heart, Tom Sawyer, etc) instead of taking the
excellent, rare opportunity to perhaps turn Joe Public on to other Rush
songs by playing ANYTHING different than the above.

The callers were a fairly pathetic bunch, very "hey doodz! uh, . . . .
duh ummmm" and there were only a few really interesting questions, that
were again weakly answered by our boys. They DID treat Neil's tragedys
really nicely, but I can't STAND the way Geddy answered the question
about what he thought of other current progessive bands like Dream
Theater, to ME (my opinion anyways) it was like he was almost offended
the girl asked and was totally afraid of voicing his opinion on the
subject, kept repeating 'oh, I don't want to pass judgement on other
bands'. Who knows, maybe Geddy is really sad about Neil's tragedy too,
or the whole band thing, or had diarhia from a virus or something, what
the hell do I know? :)

Alex was his usual jovial, joking self, and breathed a little life into
the whole interview, although I was both surprised and disappointed that
no callers nor himself mentioned the upcoming Victor album (you shoulda
plugged it Alex!!!).

So this is MY opinion of the interview, others may disagree, but I
really don't see how any long time Rush fan could disagree that sunday's
Rockline was a pretty poor, unenlightening and rather sad interview of
Rush. My biggest beef is that it was a REALLY bad first introduction if
any new listeners checked in to see what 'Rush' was all about, they
probably would have bailed right early!



Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:11 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Gangster of Boats

        >From: "Adam Loch" 
        >I'm listening to Rockline...every time Rush is on Rockline, 
        >somebody has to ask about the Gangster of Boats thing.  It
        >drives me nuts! Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm sitting
        >with a good question getting busy signals, and the people
        >who get on ask questions that they could have read the
        >answers to in the FAQ.  Sorry, I just needed to vent ;-) 

Actually, Adam, the woman who called wanted to know what Gangster of Boats
was, not what the "part IV of a trilogy" meant.  Whether or not she knew it
was a joke, she didn't bring it up--the announcer and Alex started talking
about the joke aspect.  I know it's a joke and I figured it was a joke on
9/3/91, but I still want to know what Gangster of Boats is, because it
appears in the HYF credits too (without the "part IV of a trilogy" joke) I
believe.  And I wasn't too satisfied with Alex's & Ged's answers because
they didn't really elaborate.

Ok, here is where Gangster of Boats came from.  My source for this is my memory,
which I never quote from unless I'm sure.:)  I heard it or read it in an 

We all know the Geddy and Alex can get pretty silly (I don't mean goofy, or 
funny, i mean downright giggly silly) at times, especially during recording or 
writing sessions waiting for Neil to do whatever it is he's doing.  I bring this
up because 'Gangster of Boats' is an incredibly silly phrase that makes no sense
whatsoever and is an affront to anyone who is trying to do something literate.  
I don't know where or how they actually came up with Gangster of Boats while 
working on Presto, but they did and it stuck as a silly Ged and Alex phrase.  
Apparently, Neil was having a difficult time in naming what would become the 
Presto CD.  Geddy and Alex would threaten to name it 'Gangster of Boats' to 
*inspire* Neil to quit dawdling come up with an album title.   



From: "bobby d" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:32:25 PST
Subject: RUSH sighting...

It happened this past weekend when I took my family to Disney World in 
Orlando.  We went to a restaraunt called "RaceRock" after a long day at 
Magic Kindom.

The music was a variety of various rock songs played very loud.  This 
place had an awesome sound system.  I was trying to talk with the family 
and wasn't listening to the music.  All of the sudden "Freewill" started 
pumping through the entire place.  This is one of my favorite Rush 
songs.  I couldn't believe it.  All the sudden, I started jamming to it 
at the table, playing my air bass.  My kids were trying to talk to me 
and my wife said, "Kids leave daddy alone, he's in a Rush moment."  I 
made everyone stop talking, kids included, to listen to Geddy's bass 
intro/solo before the lead jam.

What a moment.  It made my evening!


From: "Tom Baker" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:05:24 -0500
Subject: Neil's solos

The review of the DS album posted on the 1/25 TNMS was absolutely =
disgusting.  As a drummer who has been playing for nearly 30 years, i =
can say without a doubt that Neil's solos are the HIGHLIGHT of any live =
album for me, and his DS solo was absolutely killer!  Anyone who knows =
drumming knows there is far more to being a "musical" drummer than the =
usual fare of lightning fast rolls and double bass offered by most rock =
drummers in their solos. I began my career by playing jazz, and the =
snare work in the beginning was sharp and precise.  My brother and I =
were front row center for the opening show of the TFE Tour in Albany, NY =
and it was an experience we will never forget.  I don't think the author =
of that review has a clue of what Rush is really about.  Probably a =
refugee from the days of disco and bell bottom pants...

Thanks for the memories Geddy, Alex, and Neil....we all hope there are =
many more to come!
Tom Baker


From: "Morgan F" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:31:20 PST
Subject: Rockline transcript

There's a transcript of the January 20 ROCKLINE show now available on 
the Web. I made it available at no charge to those who sent me a 
request, and was absolutely swamped. It's great to get such positive 
feedback, so soon and in such quantity! So, here's the web address:


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:13:07 -0500
Subject: Philabuster

Just wanted to return a moment to the Phil Collins / Neil debate.
I would like to say about Phil that he has done something Neil never has =
(and probably never will) done.  Phil has crafted two hit songs that are =
purely drum-driven.  "In The Air Tonight" and "I Don't Care Anymore" are =
two of the songs that led me to Phil-fandom in the early 80's and then =
"Mama" from Genesis continued that trend.  And don't forget "Man on the =
Corner."  Phil is one of the few, or maybe the only, musicians who has =
done this.  These songs revolve around the drums and, yet, do not sound =
like drum solos.  This was when I thought Phil was one of the best.  =
Back then, I would accept the argument that Phil can be compared to =
Neil.  Just like, back then, I would consider the members of Led =
Zeppelin to have superior artistic output to Rush.  Both opinions have =
changed since then. =20


"The Cranes of Maine have your living brain?" - Niles Crane


Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:17:18 -0500
Subject: Michael Jordan?

> Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:49:19 -0500
> Subject: Collins vs. Peart
> Neil Peart is the Michael Jordan of drums.
> Matt

Uhh....I think I get what you're trying to say (That Neil rules!), 
but I think you've chosen a bad example to use.

Neil doesn't do toothpaste, sneaker, razor, car, 
inflatable woman, slomin shield, whatever,etc. etc. 
commercials, not to mention bad cartoon/live action movies.
It's because of jackasses like him that athletic shoes are 
150 bucks a pop.

Neil has a bit more integrity than that.
(Don't wanna be- Don't wannabe like Mike!)



Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:44:05 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Nick, Ignorance, Which Nick?

> From: "Rob Godwin" 
> Subject: Nick, Harbinger of Ignorance
> Fellow Rush fans and one lone disciple of benightedness,

[cheast-beating deleted]

Hey, since there are more than one of us subscribing,
you might want to be careful to point out *which* Nick
you think is such an idiot.  While I've often ranted 
about the very same things, it certainly wasn't me to
whom you were referring with your impotent diatribe.


Another "liberal" Nick


From: Kurt Smith 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:51:33 -0800
Subject: Garth and Phil.

Good evening all.

Bravado wrote that he hoped he didn't offend any Garth Brooks fans. I
got a good chuckle out of that. Wouldn't worry about that too much in
this arena.

Regarding Phil Collins--anyone who has listen to earlier Genesis cannot
deny his skills. Yes, he is a very good drummer (I'm sure he has said so
many times himself). Is he better than Neil? A subjective question that
I cannot answer--which kills me, because Phil Collins really gets on my
nerves. The gradual destruction of Genesis' integrity combined with the
Michelob commercials and Phil's boundless ego really makes me want to
say he can eat Neil's shorts. Unfortunately I can't do that. But the one
place I KNOW Neil has him beat is in imaginative fills.

More when I have time...



From: Thomas 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:18:57 -0600
Subject: Rush!

Hey folks:

A friend of mine and I attended a Milwaukee Admirals game this past
Saturday, (the Admirals are the IHL team here in Milwaukee) and low and
behold, the lights go out, and the remixed version of Tom Sawyer starts
playing while they're introducing the home team!  I've been to a few
Admirals' games before, although this is the first one I attended this
season, but I was totally blown away.  My friend, who is also a huge Rush
fan, and I just looked at each other with wide eyes, and then burst out

Just thought I'd share that with all of ya.


P.S.  Admirals won 4-3!  And there were 3 fights in the game!  Damn, hockey
rools!!  :-D


From: "Keith Carnevale" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 22:32:02 -0500
Subject: Rockline Questions

I couldn't get the Rockline show where I live. (Portsmouth, New =
Hampshire) I read in The NMS that there were some stupid questions =
asked. I have one question. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Those of us who can't =
get through rely on the ones that do to ask intelligent questions. Maybe =
next time.

Does anyone plan to transcribe the show?=20

Oh, one more thing. Can anyone tell me who the Gangster of Boats is?  =
Just kidding :)



From: Laurie Roberts 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:59:23 -0800
Subject: Fastest guitarists 

Hi everyone,

  I've been seeing a few names mentioned as far as who some of the
fastest guitarists are, but I haven't seen the names 'Jason Becker' or
'Joe Stump' come up yet.  (If I missed them, I apologize in advance)
These are two incredible guitar players who I thought should also be
If you're curious, check them out at:

Thanks for your time,


From: "Thomas Oderwald" 
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 00:33:09 EST
Subject: Air Peart

In the Collins vs. Peart debate, 
'Matt' ( ) wrote...

Neil Peart is the Michael Jordan of drums.

> which I reply...

I agree with matt. But who is the Lattrell Spreewell of drums?


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 22:17:14 -0700
Subject: Dream Theater, DS, video, future, etc.

Hello Rush freaks!

I have not posted in months but I have kept up with all the posts. 
I would appreciate comments on the following issues. Please e-mail me
with possible answers or comments.

1) Did I hear correctly? Dream Theater lost a keyboardist again? I also
thought I saw somewhere that DT changed their name or something. What is
going on in the DT world? 

Also, what size of venues does DT play in while on tour? And, what in
the hell does James LaBrie do on stage during the long instrumental
parts of songs where there is no singing?

2) I have to agree with Antony's post in #2168 on Petrucci. Petrucci's
solo in "Lines of the Sand" is absolutely incredible. LaBrie's vocals
that follow the solo are a perfect compliment. I also love how Petrucci
played guitar at the beginning and middle of "Hollow Years" on the live
CD. Petrucci really knows how to add feeling and depth to his playing. 
DT's "Once in a Live Time," IMO, is definitely a worthwhile live CD to

3) When is the DS video due out? Rush-mgr, have you heard anything?
Geddy had stated in the fall that they were working on one.

4) The GrandDesigns website says that "Rush will be returning to the
studios in March to work on a T4E follow-up to be released on 12/31/99."
What is the source of the information and is it accurate? I believe we
will see another studio album from Rush and a small tour yet, it's just
a matter of when.

5) "Analog Kid" on DS was recorded at the Palace of Auburn Hills. This
was the same show that the highly acclaimed "Critical Mass" bootleg,
from Prism, originated from. Has anyone else noticed that the "Analog
Kid" on DS sounds nothing like the one on "Critical Mass"?  For one
thing, Geddy comes in a little late with the vocals on the Critical Mass
version. What's the deal?

I know that's a lot of questions, but I'd sure appreciate any feedback!

"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


From: Chuck Flowers 
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 23:49:01 -0600
Subject: lack of phil

Someone recently said:

>Subject: live albums

>Some you might want to try are:

>Genesis- Seconds Out (Phil plays pretty good drums on this album)

Actually, Phil doesn't really drum much on this album, he's too busy
singing.  But Chester Thompson does.  And he's good.  So is Phil.

c money


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 02:26:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Red Barchetta on UK T.V.

Just to clear up what's been going on with the barchetta's on the T.V. here.
I've always promised myself one since FIAT started making them in 1995. I
finally managed to dump the company car last year and immediately set about
looking for a red one. (no other colour would do...) They are pretty rare in
the uk, but popular in Germany, so I had one imported here. It's been the
best car I've ever had, and with a proper stereo, amp, and big speakers
there's frankly nothing to compare to blasting down some country lane on a
sunday morning (early of course, before all the crap cars go to church) with
the obvious on the cd player. 

Being a FIAT it's got 'intelligent electrical components', but the engine is
fine except for a sticking varaiable timing component. They invariably get
stuck, and turn the car into a rough diesel at tick-over. Watchdog were very
good at badgering FIAT u.k. and had them agree to fix the problem finally (I
bet...) for free, saving the members of our owners club, and those we
haven't yet linked up with 400GBP each time. 

I'll never sell it, and I strongly doubt my nephew will be getting to drive
it in 15 years time. 

If anyone wants to know more, take a look at,
which hosts the main website for all the clubs in Europe.  

Sorry, for those in North America, you can't get one... You'll have to stick
to mx-5's -- they'll probably never go wrong, but they'll never be a
barchetta. Still they look nice from the front, which is the angle most
often seen, in my rearview mirror   :)

Ian Farquharson

+44(0)181 607 1011  (work)
+44(0)385 262056 (gsm) (work) (other)
ICQ: 25528408		


From: Ashim 
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 13:35:28 +0600
Subject: phrasingtiming/tone/John Petrucci

IMO Petrucci cannot be labelled the best guitarist alive. If you're a DT
fan, then really, you're missing the obvious. I'm not accusing him of
plagiarism, NO!! But I have never heard him play a solo that's his own
style--- he doesn't have his own style!! He is an amalgamation of a variety
of different styles belonging to his idols--- namely Al DiMeola, Steve
Morse, Steve Howe, Brian May, David Gilmour, Ritchie Blackmore, etc. I
listen to him, and I cannot help but think "Here he's a mini Steve Morse...
now he's Brian May..." John Petrucci does a very good affectation of all of
those, and he is thus able to combine them. This is a credit, but his
genius lies more in the fiendish rhythmic devices he invents with Mike
Portnoy and also to some extent, the conversations he has with the keyboard
player. In an interview in GW he said that he picked up Al DiMeola songs
from records played at half-speed and that's how he learnt to play.
I don't even think he's a great soloist--- he doesn't have an identity of
his own. I'd place  somebody like, say, Marty Friedman above him, let alone
all the aforementioned idols that are still alive and kicking.

My vote for favourite guitarist alive goes jointly to a) John McLaughlin
('nuff said already)  and b) Steve Morse - who's a blend of diverse
influences, but the result is quite unrecognisable. And man, can he soar.
Listen to 'Sometimes I feel like Screaming..." on Deep Purple's Perpendicular.


Best tone in recent years - Adrian Utley of PORTISHEAD. Trust me, my vote
is highly informed. Eric Johnson is called the 'king of tone' by his
colleagues, and yes, he *is* amazing, but my choice of Adrian Utley is
unequivocal. Utley uses a Gibson ES-335, with a Roland Space Echo, a Big
Muff, and a range of crusty old vintage amps labelled by a BBC technician
as being "70% lethal". Literally.

David Gilmour- for inventing the 'doppola cabinet'. Hear it on Comfortably
Numb, live on 'Pulse'. And die. :-)

John McLaughlin - on the 'Birds of Fire' album. Frank Zappa later
admiringly labelled his tone on this album as 'Stinkin'. Coming from Zappa,
that means something! And the tone *is* perverse.

Robert Johnson- Delta Blues.

These are the sounds I would trade in my arms for!


Phrasingtiming- the new buzzword of TNMS. To the guy who gave it to us,
this is not a flame, but that lesson was uncalled for. We were discussing
speed and who is fast and who isn't. We were not discussing who is the
Speed has its place in the Western Classical tradition and is also of prime
importance in the Indian Classical Tradition. I'm sure you've heard of Ravi
Shankar? Players strive all their lives to attain the technique and power
to be able to adequately express themselves.
THE GUITAR IS AN INSTRUMENT --- Technical virtuosity has its place in the
tradition of every musical instrument. Let us not completely abandon age
old musical philosophy, ok?
talking about guys like McLaughlin and Jason Becker. Not Holdsworth or

IMO it has been a worthwhile thread --- the question of speed is less
subjective than say the question of who plays with more emotion. ;-)

Take it easy,


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