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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2173

                 Wednesday, 10 Feb 1999

Today's Topics:
                        Once Again
              Neil on Politically Incorrect?
                     re: live albums
                  re: live albums -Reply
                   not taken seriously
                   Is Geddy Lee sick ?
                        NO SUBJECT
                 Jeff Berlin & Neil Peart
                 This should about do it.
                 DS: Analog Kid- mistake?
                 Ayn Rand stamp picture.
                    Re: Neil vs. Phil
           Cult Live CD (Minimal Rush Content)
        geddy on rocktropolis interview(dvd info)
                    Jordan vs. Gretzky
                        A Rush bet
                      Geddy and Gwen
                  Hold your documentary!
                      Beyond Borders
            Keypoints from Rockline Interview
                     no more touring
                  Placebo and Geddy Lee
                      New Rush Video
            RE: non-Rush related posts on TNMS
          "Where's My Thing?" CD Single Auction!
                 That 'Fly by Night' Fill

Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 02:05:17 -0600
Subject: Once Again

I need to travel more often.......

A month ago I travelled to Vegas (for 3 weeks) and the very first night 
I was there, Rush was the answer to a Jeopardy question.  This time, I 
am in New Orleans (through Mardi Gras...god I hate my job) and I am jut 
getting ready for bed.....Local news sports segment....
Where's My Thing blaring in the background....

Whoever you are @ ABC 26 in NEw Orleans who picked that...

THANK YOU!!!!!  

We now return you to your regularly scheduled bickering.....


PS...I heard that Luke Skywalker was booted off of the Fish Islands 
because he chose a Light Saber over the preferred Dawnzerly 
Light...(Some of you canadians might not get that one...)


From: John  Patuto 
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 11:20:25 -0500 
Subject: Neil on Politically Incorrect?

Hello Fellow Rush Fans:

I was browsing through Ebay.Com searching for some Rush items for sale, and
I came across the following item:

Apparently, according to this seller, Neil was on an episode of Politically
Incorrect with Bill Maher.  This is the first I've ever heard of it.  Can
anyone verify whether this interview actually took place and when?

   [ Yes Neil was on Politically Incorrect (one of the many things I plan
     to put up in RV format when the new syrinx comes on line!). I believe
     it was in Nov 1994, but I'd have to go look through my tapes to be
     sure. A transcription was posted here of the show; Neil actually didn't
     say a whole lot...                                        : rush-mgr ]


 John aka Jag2112


From: Pat Lynch 
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 13:52:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: re: live albums

>From: Joe Lynch 
>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:18:24 -0800
>Subject: live albums
>Some you might want to try are:
>Genesis- Seconds Out (Phil plays pretty good drums on this album)

umm Joe, if I'm not mistaken, most of that album's drums were Bruford ;)


Pat Lynch
Systems Administrator					Rush Networking
Remark made by Bertrand Meyer (inventor of the Eiffel language) at a
panel discussion at OOPSLA '89:
        "COBOL programmers are destined to code COBOL for the
         rest of their lives, and thereafter."


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 10:57:22 -0800
Subject: re: live albums -Reply

Others have said the same. Sorry.

However, the Genesis Archives '67-'75 has some pretty good playing by
Phil Collins.

>>> Pat Lynch  02/02/99 10:52am >>>
>From: Joe Lynch 
>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:18:24 -0800
>Subject: live albums
>Some you might want to try are:
>Genesis- Seconds Out (Phil plays pretty good drums on this album)

umm Joe, if I'm not mistaken, most of that album's drums were Bruford ;)



From: "matthew alexander majewski" 
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 22:01:38 -0000

Hello all!

Has any been to the web site recently and looked up the Rush 
catalogue?  Well, I did today and their claiming that their copies of ATWAS 
and ESL are remastered(not hard to believe) and have bonus tracks on them????
I think they are mistaken about the bonus tracks but any comments from the 


From: "C.N. Ramirez" 
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 18:02:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: not taken seriously

whenever i see/hear rush play any of their old stuff live, especially the
stuff from the first album, i can't help but feel they don't take their
old stuff seriously at all. working man and in the mood are often played
as if they don't care what it sounds like.  that would be fine and fun if
they played their other stuff like that too.  but they don't. they play
stuff from permanent waves and later very seriously and don't mess around
with them.  but even closer to the heart, that most worshipped of all rush
songs, is treated like it's of no consequence.  i find that prolonged jam
at the end of the song tiresome because it does not fit the song at all.
they don't jam to the music of the verses, they just repeat the same three
chords. they're not flying around with impromptu solos. they're just
extending the last line of the song.  now if they did the same with some
more recent stuff, and if they didn't seem to not take their older stuff
as seriously as their fans do, that'd be ok.

maybe i need more sleep.

+ Ulric Reginald Simon Ramirez (1921-97). Rest In Peace, Daddy.         +
+ Yvonne Gayle Antoinette born December 30th, 1997, my daughter.	+
+ The poor must know we love them.(Mother Teresa)			+
+                                                                       +
+ The Canadian Diabetic Association                  Christian Ramirez  +
+ 1-800-BANTING     Please give.                     Hamilton, Ontario  +


From: NAjA 
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 02:17:23 -0400
Subject: Is Geddy Lee sick ?

Hi, I am an 18 years old dood from Brazil who likes Rush a lot.
I have plans of going to Toronto this year and witness a Rush
show with my eyes and ears. That would be a dream come true.

I work and study a lot arround here, life isn't easy at all.
The problem is that I heard something about Geddy Lee been with
some kind of terminal disease. Some girl from a town next to mine
told me that read something about it in a magazine some date close
to december 1998.

The myths about Rush breaking up are huge arround here, but I am
sure they are going to stick togheter for some time. For me and a
lot of friends, Rush is our religion; seen the band coming to an
end would be a REAL problem for us.

I hope this thing about this desease is just some stupid lie, but
I would come down if someone better informed could email me or post
something about it here in the list.

   [ No he's not sick and no they're not breaking up.           : rush-mgr ]

Also, I would like opinions about a tatoo I am about to have maked.
I wish to have the five-point star tatooed on my right arm, but I
am not sure if I shall tatoo the naked guy with it or not. What about
writing "RUSH" over it and "TNMS" below it?

Any attachments with draws are welcome. When I have it tatooed I will
take a picture and post it to the people.

Thank you all,
Felipe Franciosi
"And the meek shall inherit the earth..." (of course WE will)


From: Neil Bonfield 
Date: 03 Feb 1999 03:52:38 -0500

Some older geezers (from and older geezer)...

Carlos Santana always had a great tone, specially with his PRS.

Dave Gilmour's tone is such that the make and type of guitar is
secondary. He can make it sing whatever it is.

Eric Clapton, love him or hate him, has a classic tone live.

Paul Kossof had one of the best ever rock tones, and his finger vibrato
was/is second to none.

Peter Green, very distinctive and raw.

BTW, has anyone ever heard of John Mizarolli?

Neil Bonfield


From: (Jack Mevorah)
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 09:52:58 -0500
Subject: Jeff Berlin & Neil Peart

For those of you interested in gaining a copy
of Neil Peart with Jeff Berlin (and unable to
locate a copy of "Champion"), Jeff has released
"Crossroads," a compilation of tunes from his
two mid-80's albums.  Also guesting are Steve
Smith & Neal Schon.

jack, man


From: "Patrick Berry" 
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 20:14:23 -0800
Subject: This should about do it.

I stumbled across a quote that should either extinguish or reignite the =
whole conservative vs. liberal debate.  If not it will give everyone =
something to think about.

    "Only,  I want to make something clear.  I am not a conservative.  I =
think that today's conservatives are worse than today's liberals.  I =
think they are...if anyone destroys this country, it will be the =
conservatives.  Because they do not know how to preach capitalism, to =
explain it to the people.  Because they do nothing except apologize and =
because they are all altruists.  They are all based on religious =
altruism.  And on that combination of ideas, you cannot save this =

    Ayn Rand
    The Tomorrow Show (1979)
    (reprinted from Ayn Rand:  A Sense of Life)

We need to face the fact that these modern American definitions of =
liberal and conservative don't really exist.  Very few people could =
actually be put into those molds.  Rush is decidedly neither =
conservative nor liberal.  Like any rational "Thinking Man" their lyrics =
show an ability to see truth in all points of view.  A conservative will =
look at one song and see a leftist radical while a liberal look at =
another song and see a Nazi (they were accused of that in the =

All of Neil's lyrics ask is that we get over the traditional dogmas (a =
very liberal point of view) and look at things from a rational point of =
view while retaining a sense of personal responsibility and self worth =
(a conservative ideal). =20

The whole theme of Hemispheres is that people cannot exist on the =
extremes.  The heart and mind must be united.  Anyone who tries to pin =
Rush into a particular regiment only end up yet another bases, worthless =
opinion.  Try to buy a cup of coffee with that.

Patrick Berry

ps.  To all those I've heard complain about there being too many =
discussions about politics and philosophy:

    Tough times, demand tough talk demand tough hearts demand tough =

If Neil didn't want us to discuss it, he wouldn't have wrote it.


Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 02:04:38 EST
Subject: DS: Analog Kid- mistake?

Quick review: Great CD, loved all three.

Analog Kid however, felt strange to me. Did anyone else notice that Geddy and
the boys "changed" the ending?

Alex breaks into a great lead (NOT SOLO, solo is when no one else is playing!)
part at 3:22 to 3:56, Geddy's vocals return at 4:05 with "When I leave I don't

OK, at 4:21 he (and it seems the others sort of cover his ass) comes back in
with "You move me, you move me..."- This is not on the studio CD.  On the
studio it is purely instrumental after "When I leave..."

I do not believe any sequencers are used in this part, so a mistake (AKA-
"improv?") like that is easy to cover.  Please check it out and respond to
TNMS (no private flames please, XOXO)

OK, you have been a great audience, now I must go to sleep.


p.s. I was listening to KLOS the other day. After the 5 o'clock funnies they
played CTTH (studio), great commute home that day!


Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:07:39 EST
Subject: Ayn Rand stamp picture.

Found a pic of the Ayn Rand stamp !!! For thoes interested. Rush on.....



Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 14:15:46 EST
Subject: Re: Neil vs. Phil

Well this is my first time actually posting stuff, I haven't had much to say,
and for a long time I couldn't even get my mail cause I didn't have my own
computer and I didn't want to save stuff to other people's hard
drives...anyway, if I sound stupid it's because I'm a virgin to this mailing
list deal...
Now about that Neil vs. Phil Collins debate (I'm not sure how old it is, but I
had to give my "opinion").  Neil doesn't look tense, the thing is, he knows
exactly what he's gonna do when he starts a roll or anything he does, and
99.9% of the time he pulls off exactly what he's planning.  Phil, he's decent,
but not near in the same league.  If you want to compare him to Steve Gad or
Terri Bozio (sp? - I always call him Bozo,so I can't remember what his name is
really like) I could understand.  Sure Collins makes it look easy, that's
because what he plays is easy.  Now you go out and try playing "Losing It" or
"Cygnus X", you're gonna find yourself looking 10 times more tense and
concentrated than Neil looks but sounding 100 times worse (than Phil Collins),
and that's if you're a pretty good drummer.  I also think we need not forget
the fact that "Best rock drummer" 6 years in a row and "Best all around
drummer" the last 2 of those 6 years from Modern Drummer means that really
amazingly good drummers voted for him all those times which makes him as we
know, illegible to win again.  (He's done it too many times)  The award is now
best drummer besides Neil Peart.  Collins maybe decent but he's nowhere near
achieving that.   okay so maybe this was more like 20 cents and not the usual
2 but I had to get it off my chest.  thanks for listening, you guys are great.
by the way, on the guitarist thing, I know it's kinda of cliche to mention
them but, how about Steve Vai, or Joe Satriani?  The more I listen to them the
more I'm amazed.


From: Stuart Hodgetts 
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 08:17:44
Subject: Cult Live CD (Minimal Rush Content)

G'day all,

I posted a list of live CD's worthy of a listen and incorrectly listed one
by the Cult.  To the NMS subscriber who asked me about it (lost your
address - sorry!!). It was not "Live at the Lyceum", but rather "Live at
the Marquee".  Released 1993 on Beggars Banquet.  Recorded live at The
Marquee Club, London on 27th Nov., 1991.  Track listing ; Nirvana, L'il
Devil, Spiritwalker, Love, Wild Flower, She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal
Machine, Earth Mofo, Fire Woman.  Released as bonus CD for "Pure Cult" and
"Cult" CD's respectively.  Live tracks recorded at the Lyceum were released
on the Collectors Box CD's (several).  E mail me again if you want details
of these. 

Billy Oz...out. 


From: "JK74" 
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 08:47:26 -0800
Subject: Streaming


Just a quick comment about the Rush stream.  I do have the latest =
version of Winamp and the music continually cuts in and out.  It doesn't =
seem to matter when I try it.  Have you heard of this problem with other =
people.  It makes it annoying to listen to.

   [ It has a lot to do with the network you pass through. The further
     away (network-wise) you are from San Diego, the bigger the chance
     of the stream cutting out on you. I was successfully able to listen
     to the stream over a laptop dialed up at 32k for an hour, no cutouts!
                                                              : rush-mgr ]



From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 99 14:59:15 -0800
Subject: geddy on rocktropolis interview(dvd info)

forgive me if someone else has sent this in, but i found this interview 
with geddy on rocktropolis at:
it looks like the dvd thing is still in the works, but we won't see 
anything until around christmas (if at all).  later heads.

                       Veteran three-piece progressive rock band
                       Rush has been around since the Nixon era, and
                       surprisingly, they've been an influence on such
                       disparate bands as Metallica, Catherine Wheel,
                       and Gang Starr. But the recent release of
                       Different Stages, a three-CD live album -- two
                       discs of which were recorded last year, the
                       third in 1978 -- is a bittersweet occurrence, as
                       it comes on the heels of tragedy (in the last
                       year, drummer Neil Peart sadly lost both his
                       wife and their only daughter). Paul Semel
                       talks with bassist/singer Geddy Lee about
                       remixes, that disc from '78, and some
                       unpleasant subjects. 

                       So how's Neil doing? 

                       Um... he's about how you'd expect him to be after
                       going through what he's gone through. He's doing
                       okay.... It's been a terrible, terrible year for him.

                       This may be a premature question, but what is
                       the status of the band? 

                       Well, the band is... I mean, let's try to be polite
                       about this. We've just gone through a terrible,
                       tragic year, so I think it's inappropriate to even
                       discuss that. Everybody is trying to heal, and
                       certainly discussing it in public is not
                       something I'm comfortable with doing. 

                       Fair enough. 

                       Let's change the subject. 

                       Okay. So one disc of the new album was
                       recorded in 1978. And rumor has it that you
                       guys just "found it" somewhere. How do you
                       lose a tape? 

                       Well, it wasn't lost, it was in my basement. I
                       knew it was there all the time. And I always
                       knew that I'd check it out one day. But when I
                       did, I was really surprised by how strong it
                       sounded. I also wasn't expecting it to be in such
                       good shape after sitting around for 20 years. 

                       What made you finally decide to listen to it? 

                       I bought a new house last year, and in the
                       course of moving I saw it and said, "Oh
                       yeah, those tapes, I wonder what they
                       sound like?" So [guitarist] Alex
                       [Lifeson] and I went in the studio, just
                       for fun, and we had a laugh listening to
                       them, they sounded great. We tried to recall
                       why we never used them, but we couldn't. 

                       Then I remembered that I had a cold, as I
                       usually did when we toured England, and my
                       throat was pretty raw that night. So for the
                       first couple songs, my vocal range was very
                       limited, and I was kind of half-speaking things
                       until my voice warmed up. But then around
                       "By-Tor" it warmed up, and was kind of fine
                       from there on out, though still not 100%. I
                       imagine that at the time the mindset was that
                       we had to run the whole show -- it was done for
                       a radio broadcast, I think on the BBC -- and
                       since the first part of the show sounded weird,
                       I probably made the decision not to run it. 

                       Are there a lot of those kinds of things in your

                       Almost none, actually. Aside from a whole lot
                       of live gigs that didn't make it onto this album,
                       there's really nothing sitting in the vaults, so
                       to speak. 

                       What was your opinion of the remix of "Tom

                       I thought it was really cool. As weird as it was
                       to hear "Tom Sawyer" in that context, I thought
                       they'd done a great job. 

                       I'll tell you what I thought was ironic: Some
                       radio stations started playing that version, and
                       Rush fans were freaking out, saying it was
                       sacrilege. That totally blew my mind. It's like,
                       why would anyone get upset about this? 

                       So what's the worst part about being a being a
                       big successful musician? 

                       (laughing) Just demands on your time away from
                       home, I would say. I like to spend time at home,
                       time with my family, and sometimes that's not
                       possible, but I wouldn't say that's a big problem.
                       I'm a pretty lucky guy. 

                       Let's talk about the newer discs. How do you
                       decide what songs make it on there? 

                       My first priority is to include as many songs as
                       I can that haven't appeared on a live album
                       before. Then I look for versions of songs that, in
                       my mind, are played better than any other time in our
                       history, or have something about them that makes
                       them stand apart. 

                       And the third thing is that I have to present it
                       in a form that's like "An Evening With Rush." You
                       don't want it to be a collection of songs thrown
                       together, you want fans to feel like they're at a
                       Rush show. 

                       So that's where you start. But then reality
                       creeps in, and you realize that not every song
                       that you wanted was recorded, while there's
                       other songs that maybe you weren't crazy about
                       the performances, or maybe the drum mike
                       wasn't working. So sometimes you have to
                       improvise. It's a long and very difficult process.

                       Do you ever get ideas from listening to those
                       live tapes? 

                       Yeah, you get a lot of insight into the
                       way you put your music together.  One of the side
                       benefits of mixing material from 1978 to 1997 was
                       looking at the material in different phases,
                       how some of it was so production-obsessed, and
                       some of it was quite simple and direct. So I
                       learned a lot about how we behaved over the
                       past 20 years. 

                       Did this give you any ideas for the next live
                       album? It is a little early to think about... 

                       I can tell you, it would really take a lot for me
                       to do another one. I've had just about my fill of
                       mixing Rush live. 

                       Well, you probably said the same thing after
                       you put out A Show Of Hands. 

                       I say the same thing after every live album. But
                       I can say with pretty fair confidence that I
                       can't imagine doing another one. 

                       I think the future of live albums is DVD anyway.
                       I don't think there'll be such a thing as strictly
                       live recorded music. The DVD technology is so
                       cool, why just have a live album when you can
                       have the visuals too? 

                       So will there be a video version of this album?

                       I'm hoping maybe by this Christmas, though I'm
                       still working out the ifs, ands, and buts. But
                       that appeals to me because if I'm going mix live
                       material again, I'd like it to be something fresh
                       and something I could get something out of,


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 19:22:47 -0800
Subject: geddy said:
>I can't STAND the way Geddy answered the question about what he thought 
>of other current progessive bands like Dream Theater, to ME (my opinion 
>anyways) it was like he was almost offended the girl asked and was 
>totally afraid of voicing his opinion on the subject

in the interviews I've seen, Geddy seems modest to the point of
embarassment.  I expect he hated to say anything bad, or try to compare
them to himself, and didn't want to say anything that can be

"That's really flattering.  I hope I can live up to it."  Geddy Lee,
after being awarded the first annual Bass Player Magazine award.

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space


From: "Krustylu Studios" 
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 21:03:07 -0800
Subject: Jordan vs. Gretzky

TONY C.: Counter Parts wrote this,
"I, quite frankly, consider him (Peart) to be the
absolute Michael Jordan of Percussion. "

Not to take anything away from Michael Jordan, but I liken Neil Peart =
more to Wayne Gretzky. #99 owns more records in hockey than #23 does in =
basketball. I also believe Gretzky to be more creative. Even without his =
goals, Gretzky's assists total up more points than the careers of most =
longtime NHLers. Jordan may be Nike, but Gretzky is Zeus.

But then again, it's comparing oranges and apples. You may as well ask =
who's the fastest guitarist or some inane question of that nature.=20

Now for my take on Phil Collins, not that anyone asked, but... I think =
it's mostly a matter of style and taste. While I do prefer NP over =
anyone, I also find PC's timekeeping to be inspiring. I've been =
listening to discs 1 and 2 of Genesis:Archives a lot lately. It's the =
live rendition of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", and I find it to be =
simply amazing. From the drums/percussion all the way up to the lyrics. =
So PC made some crappy pop songs and starred in a movie full of shite. I =
still think he can teach many of today's youngsters bibles about =
drums/percussion. Peart is God, but Collins is at the very least, an =

Zai Jian,
Jamie Ng


From: Ryan N Waggoner 
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 00:54:40 -0500
Subject: A Rush bet

Okay....a friend of mine made a bet with a guy that she would know any
three Rush songs which he played for her.  The problem is, she doesn't
know any Rush at all.  So, she's sending me 10 blank 90min tapes to load
down with everything that might help her win this bet (I don't know
what's at stake, aside from her dignity).  So, I was hoping that maybe I
could get a little help here.  

Aside from all the studio tracks, "Broon's Bane" from ESL, Alex's
"Victor" album, Neil playing "Cotton Tail" and "One O'clock Jump" on the
Burning for Buddy albums, and "Take Off", featuring Geddy, can you think
of anything that an extreme Rush fanatic might possibly spring on her,
that I might put on tape for her, or at least warn her about?  (We'll
assume the worst, that this guy has access to all things Rush, including
every boot known to man, everything that one of the boys has ever played
on or produced......that this guy has absolutely *EVERYTHING* Rush
related.)  Assuming the worst, and attempting to prepare my friend for
it, is there anything, aside from the previous givens, that I should tape
for her, or warn her about?

   [ Maybe the first single, Neil's drum solo songs (Pieces of Eight & Momo's
     Dance Party), Alex's "Beyond Borders" or Merry Axemas song.   : rush-mgr ] 

Thank you in advance for all of your help.


"You can surrender without a prayer, but never really pray without
You can fight without ever winning, but never win without a fight."


From: Tim Rockstad 
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 15:50:05 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Geddy and Gwen

I think Geddy and Gwen Stefani should sing a duet. Think of the dual
vibrato in the upper registers.  Sort of a Nelson Eddy/Jeannette
McDonald for the new millennium. ;)


From: (Steve Eads)
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 21:04:16 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Hold your documentary!

I just finished watching "A show of hands". This reminded me of the fact
that the "Hold your Fire" era of the band was a great time in Rush
history!!! I personally saw two shows during that tour, and of course,
both were phenomenal! A thought occured to me afterwards. Wouldn't it be
great if Rush made a documentary of their entire career from the
beginning with John Rutsey, to the present , for release on home video?
Is there anyone else out there who would love to see a two-hour plus
video documentary on Rush? Just a thought!  Later!
Steve Eads 


From: (Clator Butler)
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 10:43:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Beyond Borders

Is there anybody out there with a copy of Beyond Borders they can either
loan me, or they can digitize and FTP to me?  I can promise a CDR of all
of Rush's lost tracks in return.

   [ If you can record it in AIFF format you get a special prize :-)
                                                             : rush-mgr ]

L. Clator Butler Jr.
      A rational, romantic, mystic, cynical idealist


Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 15:21:27 EST
Subject: Keypoints from Rockline Interview

If you missed the Rockline interview, here the keypoints I picked up.  These
comments (in their words, but edited by me) lend themselves well to some of
the debates that pop up on the NMS from time to time:

Geddy on doctoring live albums: "We did absolutely no doctoring to "All The
World's A Stage" and it was the next live album ["Exit...Stage Left"] that
we...kind of overreacted to...and tidied things up a little too much...  The
last two albums ["A Show of Hands" and "Different Stages"] we haven't done
very much.

Geddy on unreleased footage: " the future there are some plans to put a
DVD together actually combining live footage and some historical footage.."

Geddy on the tribute album "Working Man": "...there was a lot of confusion
about that tribute album, that we had tried to stop it which was really not
the case at all. When that project was first brought to our attention...the
only thing we knew about it at the time was that this record label seemed to
be in the business of releasing tribute albums.  So, we simply asked for some
verification whether this was a real tribute album or whether someone was
trying to exploit our fans by throwing some Rush songs on an album.  And that
was really all that whole thing was about, and I really regret that it got
blown out of proportion by many different people, and in the end I think it
probably must have hurt feelings of band members and musicians that played on
the album.  So that's something that I regret and really was not our purpose
to cast aspersions on that effort, it was really a great honour for anyone to
do a tribute and it wasn't a bias against tribute albums because Neil spent
quite a long time, effort and energy doing two volumes of a Buddy Rich tribute
album, so it was just an unfortunate miscommunication, and something that we

Quintessential Rush Song: 
Geddy: "I suppose conventional wisdom would point to Tom Sawyer, probably
because it has inside of it all the things we like to do, it's got melody it's
got a hard edge to it, it's got a bit of an unusual structure to it..."  
Alex: "It's tough, there are so many songs we've written but I would have to
agree with Geddy, I think probably Tom Sawyer is the one that has a bit of all
those things."

Bootlegs: Geddy (edit): "I can't blame a fan for wanting a bootleg....a lot of
people say 'It takes away from record sales' but the fact is that any fan who
buys a bootleg is still going to buy your record. So, who is it harming?  At
the same time, I spend a year and a half trying to make a live record as
perfect and sonically as I could, just to find out that all those songs are
already out there on some bootleg that was recorded with one microphone with
the guy standing in the middle of the venue."



From: Taj Dickinson 
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 20:36:09 -0500
Subject: no more touring

I heard disturbing news on WNEW 102.7 in New York last night that Geddy
and Alex have no desire to touir any more :( They said that they will
still do studio albums but that another tour may not happen :( Anybody
know if theres any truth to this?


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 20:48:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Placebo and Geddy Lee

Here's my opinion on the Placebo vocalist so far.  The rock radio stations
around Boston have been playing Placebo's "Pure Morning" single on a daily
basis for the past several weeks.  I think that the singer sounds more
like the guy from the Pet Shop Boys than Geddy.  I do admit that, at
times, the Placebo guy's voice seems a tad androgynous, and so that's the
only thing I could tell that would make him vocally similar to Geddy.

					Electronically Yours,

Those who wish to Be
Must put aside the alienation,
Get on with the fascination,
The real relation, the underlying theme.	  Rush "Limelight"


From: Stephen Lacroix 
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 20:55:41 -0500
Subject: New Rush Video

Before going out on Saturday I had the T.V. on Muchmore Music, they had a
new rush video on. It was Closer to the Heart. It was from the Different
Stages CD and it was all concert footage. The Footage was from the Test for
Echo Tour, and past tours. Some from maybe the Moving Pictures tour and
most certainly from the A show of Fans Video. 

	So maybe chances are good there will be a Different Stages Video.

	Does anyone know what happened to Craig's Virtual Concert Hall??????



From: Thomas 
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 20:00:34 -0600
Subject: RE: non-Rush related posts on TNMS

In response to StillBill's long post:

I'm asking each and every one of you.  Who's the fastest guitarist?  Who
gives a damn?  Who's your favorite Dream Theater keyboardist?  Who gives
a damn?  What's your favorite flavor of jam? I think you all get my
Let's all think about what we have typed before we hit the send button.
Does this have anything to do with Rush, their music, their bandmembers,
stagecrew, production crew?  If the answer to all of these questions is
no, then hit the delete key, not the send key.

Okay, first off, I *do* agree with you, on a certain level.  However, some
of the stuff that gets sent to TNMS are just curious people wanting to know
what other people think, and then it gets blown way outta proportion.  Who
woulda thought the "Who's the fastest guitarist?" thread would've gone on
this long?
	Now, while I, and a lot of other people on TNMS, only post every once in
awhile, we tend to post when something really catches our eye, or we see or
hear something, from another digest for example, that we think people on
*this* list will want to know about.

All I'm trying to say, is that I'm sure it is *not* the intention of these
posters to irritate people on TNMS by having little, or no, Rush content in
their posts.  After all, I was the one who posted about the news of Dream
Theater's keyboard player being replaced, and I certainly didn't think,
"Boy, I hope I don't piss people off by posting this."  I sent it in
because I had heard about it from the ytsejam, the DT mailing list, and
since a lot of people on TNMS are not only Rush fans, but DT fans as well,
I figured TNMSers would want to know about it.

K, I'm done yappin'.  This was not a flame, just an attempt at clarifying
the issue of non-Rush related posts.



From: Ghost 
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 21:11:41 -0500
Subject: "Where's My Thing?" CD Single Auction!


To benefit the inaugural North East Art Rock Festival, June
26 & 27, 1999, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA, we
have a rare CD promo single of "Where's My Thing?" for
auction over this newsgroup.  Only 200 of these singles
were produced and sent out to hard rock/heavy metal
stations across the U.S., so get your bids in now!

INITIAL BID:  $50  (Excellent condition) 

(This is well below book value!)

All proceeds will go to getting this progressive rock
festival off the ground. Please e-mail your bids to Robert
LaDuca at

This auction ends Wednesday, February 10, 1999 at
4:00 pm EST.

For more information on NEARFest, please visit the
NEARfest '99 Website at

The bands on the NEARfest bill include:

Ice Age
Scott McGill's The Hand Farm
Larry Fast of Synergy
Finneus Gauge
Spock's Beard

Thanks for the support!

Chad Hutchinson
Vice-President, NEARfest '99
North East Art Rock Festival         NEARfest '99
June 26-27, 1999                          Bethlehem, PA
Robert LaDuca,
Chad Hutchinson,


From: "Craig  Branham" 
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 20:35:46 -0600
Subject: That 'Fly by Night' Fill

    In the dying 'Collins vs. Peart' thread, Ryan N Waggoner 

> Phil Ehart, of Kansas.  He hasn't done anything to terribly interesting
> lately, apart from stealing Neil's "Fly By Night" fill, but you still gotta
> respect his 70s stuff.

    Do you mean _the_ Fly By Night fill, the one after the guitar
solo, then again after the final verse, "My life begins today"? I have
often wondered if NP didn't steal that fill, even subconsciously, from
Bill Bruford's "Heart of the Sunrise" on Yes's _Fragile_ (1972). I
know NP is a Bill Bruford fan, and who couldn't have been around in
the early 70's and not been familiar with _Fragile_?

    On which song and album does Phil Ehart play it?

Craig Branham


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