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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2175

                  Thursday, 18 Feb 1999

Today's Topics:
      RE: geddy on rocktropolis interview(dvd info)
                      Dennis Rodman
Guess what I saw? (little Rush content, but I had to tell someone)
          Re: NMS #2173 This should about do it
Here's a little something that Anthem may not want you to hear....
              I want my "Victor" tee-shirt!
         Seconds out.....round Three [sides live]
Re: Weighing in on the whole Rush/Conservative thing......
                 Moon LP and 45 For Sale
                  VH1 Behind the Music?
                      Stuff for sale
                     Rare Rush Vinyl
              Double RUSH and two degrees...
                       Beyond 2112
                        Beyond 211
               Ordering a work in Progress
                   My page.+/video want
                    Master of Puppets
                    Dig this Barchetta
   Prism Records victims might not be screwed afterall
                      Can't fight it
     11:59pm 12-31-99:What will you be listening to?
                    RE:  Acoustic Alex
                      Rush TV/Radio
                The Dennis Rodman of Drums
                     Lyric Dichotomy
             The JOE DON BAKER of guitarists!
                        The FIXX

From: Gregor Prahl 
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 18:29:49 -0500
Subject: Re:

Well, I guess that by these 'bonus tracks' they mean 'What you're doing'
(ATWAS) and 'A Passage to Bangkok' (ESL), that haven't been on the original
(not-remastered) CD-Releases, but of course on the original vinyl-version.
I bought the remastered CDs basically because of these 2 tracks (although I
have the vinyl versions as well).



From: "Steve Grigsby" 
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 21:08:32 -0800
Subject: RE: geddy on rocktropolis interview(dvd info)

That must be an old interview.  Granted I didn't take the time to read the
entire thing, but if they were shooting for an X-Mas release date, it leads
me to believe it must have been done late 1998.  Last I read it was going to
be March 1999.

I hope it's an old interview!  Was it dated?



Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:38:39 EST
Subject: Dennis Rodman

This thread is a couple of issues old, but no one addressed it.  The rush mgr.
asked, "Who is the Dennis Rodman of drums?"The Dennis Rodman of Drums would
have to be Tre Cool of green day.  He even has the hair color.  Just
"Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world than the pride that
divides when a colourful rag is unfurled"-  Neil Peart


From: "Mark D. Ehlke" 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:17:29 +0000
Subject: Trees???


I just heard an interesting idea--someone told me that "The Trees" is 
a song dealing with racial tolerance.  Has anyone else thought this 
or heard about this?  Just let me know what your thoughts are.


Mark D. Ehlke


From: "John A. Tyler" 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:47:42 -0600
Subject: Xanadu

Hi all,

I was reading through Alex's interview in Guitar Gear.  I was really
suprised to read that Xanadu was recorded "live in the studio".  One pass
with a couple of overdubs.

I can't think of one band that could pull off that today.  The song is
difficult enough...  When you add in the guitar switching gymnastics that
the boy's subject themselves to.  Wow!

That's talent.  (And a lot of hard work to boot.)



If you like music come and check out the Voir Dire website.
Site Maintained by John Tyler


From: Colin Miller 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:41:18 -0800
Subject: Guess what I saw? (little Rush content, but I had to tell someone)

Flipping around on the tube Wednesday night and a commercal for a
Mitsubishi Montero came on. The soundtrack was Crazy Train! Holy shit!
At the end, the voice over was done by Noah Wyle from ER. What a great
double bill! As for Rush content, my roomate saw live footage of them
last night on Much Music. HMMMMmmmmmmmmm....... what are they up to in
Canada? Guess what else is on? The Max -I couldn't swing if I was
hanging from the rafters- Weinberg Seven.


"Try Me, I Rock"


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:27:07 +0000
Subject: Re: 

"matthew alexander majewski" wrote:
> Hello all!
> Has any been to the web site recently and looked up the Rush 
> catalogue?  Well, I did today and their claiming that their copies of ATWAS 
> and ESL are remastered(not hard to believe) and have bonus tracks on them????
> I think they are mistaken about the bonus tracks but any comments from the 
> gallery?

Hi Matt,

Well - the original CD releases of those albums had tracks missing 
  "What You're Doing" and "A Passage To Bangkok" respectively.  
They were restored for the remasters, so in that sense they are 
additional tracks.



From: Mike Kerns 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 07:01:19 -0800
Subject: Re: NMS #2173 This should about do it

We watched with wondering eyes as Patrick Berry expounded upon a waiting

> ----------------------------------------------------------
> From: "Patrick Berry" 
> Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 20:14:23 -0800
> Subject: This should about do it.

It's a nice opinion, but it's just an opinion.  Objectivism has most of
it's philosophy in common with conservatism, not liberalism.  Ayn Rand
and Objectivism is an arch-conservative philosophy whether she or we
like the term conservative or not.  The media along with some cynical
elitist politicians have unrightfully vilified the term over the years,
and because of that some people are afraid to call themselves
conservatives or be associated with the term conservative.

Liberalism, and it's subsects of collectivism, socialism, communism and
fascism, bear no similarity whatsoever to Objectivism.  I agree with her
that very few today really know how to "preach capitalism", but the
apoligists come from a broad spectrum of people, not just "religious

> We need to face the fact that these modern American definitions of =
> liberal and conservative don't really exist.  Very few people could =
> actually be put into those molds.  

Not into a mold, it's a range of thought.  On the right end of the range
is conservatism, and moving to the left we have libertarianism,
liberalism, collectivism, socialism, communism and fascism in order of
increasing tyranny.  As one pundit put it, a liberal is someone who
doesn't understand why tradition exists, a collectivist is a liberal who
knows better than you do, a socialist is a collectivist with power, a
communist is a socialist with a gun, and a fascist is a communist with
no patience.  :)

> Rush is decidedly neither =
> conservative nor liberal.  Like any rational "Thinking Man" their lyrics =
> show an ability to see truth in all points of view.  

True enough, considering all points of view is a good thing.  But we
must keep in mind that not all points of view are based on fact and
truth, many points of view can be created on pure emotion or on
misinformation.  They may seem true and real enough, but in fact they
are not.  Truth exists, despite our opinions.  :)

> A conservative will =
> look at one song and see a leftist radical while a liberal look at =
> another song and see a Nazi (they were accused of that in the =
> seventies).

So the liberal saw himself?  :)  

Recent historical revisionism aside, the Nazi party is a left-wing
political body.  The German Worker's Socialist Party (Nazi) was a
left-wing union based political party that had fascist underpinnings
from it's very inception.  The fascist philosophy that drove them is far
left liberalism, not any form of conservatism or objectivism.

As an aside, I believe that you, Patrick, were the first person in this
thread to mention Nazis.  In a humorous vein, check out this link on
Godwin's Law at:
> All of Neil's lyrics ask is that we get over the traditional dogmas (a =
> very liberal point of view) and look at things from a rational point of =
> view while retaining a sense of personal responsibility and self worth =
> (a conservative ideal). =20

So long as you understand that personal responsibility and self worth
are traditional conservative dogma, yes.  Conservatism is also very

"Getting over traditional dogma" is death to a society, however. I for
one don't see that in Neil's poetry nor his prose.  I see him embracing
traditional values and other points of view for equal consideration and

Societies survive and prosper by being and staying conservative. 
Liberal societies such as the communists in the former Soviet Union, the
fascists in Nazi Germany, and the liberalism of the Roman Empire are
examples of what happens when traditional conservative values, ethics
and morals are diminished in a society.  Conservative societies continue
on and have always been successful since the dawn of mankind.

> The whole theme of Hemispheres is that people cannot exist on the =
> extremes.  The heart and mind must be united.  

Agreed.  Moderation in everything, including moderation.  ;)

> Anyone who tries to pin =
> Rush into a particular regiment only end up yet another bases, worthless =
> opinion.  Try to buy a cup of coffee with that.

Sure!  Can I borrow US$0.75?  I'll need it for that cuppa joe . . .   :)



"Communism only works in heaven 
where they don't need it, and in 
hell where the already have it." 
           -- Ronald Reagan


From: "Rob Hunter" 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 07:05:00 PST
Subject: Here's a little something that Anthem may not want you to hear....

I am not in a good mood today everyone, cause I've just heard about a 
little trick that Anthem have pulled on a friend of mine, and I think 
the whole world should know about it...

The friend concerned is a guy called Mick Burnett who is editor of "The 
Spirit of Rush" UK/European fanzine...Mick has been doing this for about 
10 years, and is now widely recognised as developing the best Rush 
Fanzine available today....not only that, he has organised an annual UK 
Rush convention which does require a fairly large budget...

Now every year for this bash, Mick has asked Anthem to supply some 
prizes for our Grand draw which they do , and we thank them for that, 
but this year, as well as supplying the prizes, they also presented Mick 
with a bill for postage and shipping costs, totalling $325!!!!!

In the latest issue, Mick has basically had to ask subscribers to help 
him out with this...Mick does this fanzine out of the goodness of his 
heart and also out of his pocket....Is this the way that Anthem are now 
treating Rush Fans outside the US and Canada now???....Is this their new 
customer care policy???  If it is, it is DISGRACEFUL....Anthem no doubt 
make a hefty profit from managing Rush, Van Halen, amongst 
why the hell did they decide to sting a UK fanzine editor for these 

This also brings up the subject of general support by Anthem and the all 
important record company of Rush in the UK/European market.....and quite 
frankly, I don't think there is any!!!!!

There has been virtually no advertising in Europe for Different Stages, 
no campaigning to VH1 and MTV Europe to play any present or past Rush 
material.....just what is going on???

In issue no 45 (Winter 98 Edition), Mick Burnett was lucky to interview 
Alex and Geddy (at his own expense!!!), and I now quote from these 

ALEX ---- "The last time we came over to Europe for the "Roll the Bones" 
shows we had hoped to get more support from our record company at the 
time, but I guess their priorities were somewhere else and it was hard 
for us to get a substantial commitment from them for the support we 
needed to re-establish ourselves in Europe"

GEDDY ---- "We appreciate the loyalty of our fans and we never take you 
for granted and I hope one day we can get out on the road again and play 
for the fans in Europe...which we unfortunately don't pay enough 
attention to"

I don't blame Geddy, Alex and Neil for this.....but it does go to show 
that Anthem and the record companies don't seem to care...

So 2 suggestions to Anthem:

1) Apologise to Mick Burnett and agree to waive the bill you sent him..a 
public apology on here should do the trick...

2) Get up off your lazy arses and start promoting the best band on the 
planet to a mass market that is desperate to see and hear a lot more of 

I await Anthem's response....the question is, will they be bothered??


Rob Hunter....


From: Dennis Benjamin 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 14:56:20
Subject: I want my "Victor" tee-shirt!

     Just a thought:

  Alex Lifeson releases his new "Victor" album. It becomes an overwhelming
commercial success. "Victor" goes on a tour of the U.S. They play to sold
out venues in all the major U.S. cities. On a couple of stops, guest
bassist is Geddy Lee.

     More than a thought, it's wishful thinking.

Unencumbered by the effects,


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:06:59 EST
Subject: Seconds out.....round Three [sides live]

>Genesis- Seconds Out (Phil plays pretty good drums on this album)

>> umm Joe, if I'm not mistaken, most of that album's drums were Bruford ;)

Nope - mainly Chester isn't it?  However, Bruford does play on it, and does, a
tremendous intro to....hang on, what's it called,  Watcher of the Skies [I
think] ??  Right on the edge of falling apart at the seams, but holding it
together.  Then again - is that on Three Sides Live?  Now I've gone and done

Anyway, I agree, Seconds Out is a belter of a live album, and so is Three
Sides Live. 

Also, back to drumming/soloing => the drum duet that Phil and Chester worked
over the years must surely earn them a place up in drummy heaven.

BTW:  does anyone know how to get the videos of BFB and A Work in Progress in
the UK, as I am not having much success in finding them?  Any help gratefully

And another thing, if Geddy had ever shouted out in a gig, "Ooooooooooo
Necastle/Whitley Bay/London!" It really wouldn't have sounded as good as
"OOOOOOOoooooooooooo CHICAGO !!"  Would it?  Maybe that's why they don't tour
the UK so much       *-)

Thank you very kindly, and goodnight.


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:24:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Weighing in on the whole Rush/Conservative thing......

> From: David 
> Subject: Weighing in on the whole Rush/Conservative thing......

[Dave's proud of his "Conservative" self]
> I also want to extend a tip of the hat to Michael Z.
> Williamson and for having the fortitude to speak out
> on behalf of Conservatism. Well done, guys! 

Yes, how daring, how bold, how brave, with such an 
aMAZing display of fortitude!  Whoohoo!  

>  I've also been thinking a lot about the Conservative and Liberal
> connotations of Rush lyrics. It strikes me that denouncing "tough
> talkin' hood boys in pro-team logo knockoffs" is a pretty Conservative
> standpoint. I think that if Mr. Peart had been writing from a Liberal
> point of view, he'd have tried to find a way of excusing the behavior of
> these "hood boys" rather than using them to illustrate a song that
> states rather eloquently one of the things that is wrong with the world
> today. 

Well then, you'd be wrong.  You obviously don't understand 
liberalism (particularly demonstrated by your insistance of 
elevating misleading generalizations like "liberal" and 
"conservative" to a quasi-supernatural status by insisting on 
capitalizing them) very well or you'd know that your mistaken
(and apparently Limbotomite) view of us as soft on crime isn't 
*really* a liberal trait at all.

(Or "capitalising," for our British friends.)

> Also "when they turn the pages of History when these days have
> passed long ago, will they read of us with sadness for the seeds that we
> yet grow?" 

Yes, the seeds of bigotry, superstition, ignorance,
intolerance, and etc., which grow into Conservative weeds, 

> only when they read the Chapter entitled "Liberalism", and
> how they've "turned our gaze from the castles in the distance, eyes cast
> down on the path of least resistance". You can't tell me that Bill
> Clinton is not a "scheming demon dressed in Kingly guise, beating down
> the multitude and scoffing at the wise".

You can't tell me Bubba's a liberal either.  Guilt by
association doesn't always work, "Dave."  I think part of why 
so many Republicans hate Clinton is because they're
threatened by just how close to them he really is.  I read 
that somewhere not too long ago, and I tend to agree with it. 

>  However, there are two sides to every coin. I also have detected
> kernels of Liberalism in Rush lyrics as well. The most glaring example
> would have to be "The Big Money", an obvious denouncement of the
> (illusion of) greed in the 1980's.

Greed is an illusion?  Just because you see a connection to 
the 1980's because the song is from 1985 doesn't necessarily 
mean it's real.  Why is The Big Money not just as relevant to 
either the 70's or the 90's?

[remaining anecdotal story-telling and name-calling 

BTW, Neil has described himself as a "leftist libertarian."
How's that affect your view of his law-n-order, capitalist,
and individualist views?  The ones which you'd call 

What's a liberal?

" who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox,
traditional, or established forms or advocate or adherent of 
liberalism especially in individual rights...generous...broad-minded...
associated with ideals of individual especially economic freedom,
greater individual participation in government, and constitutional, 
political, and administrative reforms designed to secure these 
objectives..."  (Snipped from

(See other philo-politico-religio-rantings of mine at )

"I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of 
justice and liberality."  (George Washington, 1790)

"Portland and Seattle are America's beer capitols."  --  M. Jackson
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the 
spirit and promotes health."  --  Thomas Jefferson
"I find my garden shovel useful, but it's not a scientific theory."
>.-- John Bain


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 23:47:20 EST
Subject: Moon LP and 45 For Sale

Hey all! I want to keep this brief, to avoid the NMS from becoming a flea
market. However I do have a mint condition Rush Moon Lp and 45 (You Can't
Fight It/ Not Fade Away) that I am finally ready to part with. Please email me
at to find out more.  I have sold products on the NMS before
(2 years ago) and have had no problems.  I refuse to sell this at or
other auction houses, but rather to fellow fans if the interest is there.


From: "Fred Kessler" 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:25:54 -0600
Subject: VH1 Behind the Music?


I like to watch those VH1 documentaries on bands (even if it is about a band
that I don't particularly care for).  It kind of occurred to me that the
only artists that are on there are the ones that have had some serious
tragedy in their lives  (gotta have a story to tell, don't they?).  So now I
am starting to wonder if there have been any execs over there at VH1 that
are thinking of doing Rush now.  I can just see the suits at their board

Executive #1:  sir, I think we should consider doing Rush now.

Executive #1's boss:  Well, they are a great band and have been around a
long time, but they just don't have enough tragedy in their lives.

Executive #1:  But sir, their drummer just lost his daughter in a car crash
and his wife to cancer.

Executive #1's boss:  THAT'S GREAT!!!  Let's do it!!   Right on it Executive

Pretty crude, I know.  What do you think the odds are?



From: Charles Muller 
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 19:50:58 -0500
Subject: Stuff for sale

Hello all. I have decided to sell some of my Rush stuff that I no longer
have the time to watch/listen to! If possible, I'd like to sell it all in
one shot, so the asking price is $110 Canadian, including shipping. Email
me privately if you are interested. If there is more than one taker, I will
pick someone at random.

The Big Money CD Video (video of Big Money, plus audio of Big Money,
Marathon, Red Sector A live)

Roll The Bones CD Single (Roll The Bones, Where's My Thing?,
Superconductor, It's A Rap pt. 3 -- Neil Peart interview)

Through The Camera Eye video, VHS

Grace Under Pressure Tour video, VHS

Roll The Bones bootleg video, VHS (opening night of the tour in Hamilton,
Ont. The first couple of songs, as well as the last few are actually from
the Hold Your Fire tour, I guess because the camera guy wasn't prepared. It
also includes some soundchecks)

Exit Stage Left video, VHS (I bought this in Europe years ago, before I
knew about the whole PAL-NTSC thing. This is an NTSC transfer of the
original PAL tape, which I have since misplaced. It does have the original
cover though.)

So email me if you are interested. By the way, there is a webguide called, and they are always looking for good writers to be
contributing editors. I write the Star Wars column, and I've noticed that
they have a lot of musical categories, but so far no one is writing about
Rush. If anyone out there wants to write a column a couple of times a
month, and find all the best Rush websites, you should check it out. They
just need a couple of writing samples from you, and the pay is extremely
One last thing. I'm currently reading this great sci-fi book called Sewer,
Gas & Electric by Matt Ruff, and one of the main "characters" is the
talking holographic head of Ayn Rand. It's a pretty cool book, sort of
along the lines of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy! I highly recommend it.

Charles Muller

 "The boy lies in the grass with one leg stuck between his teeth".
What the hell was Neil talking about there????? (Just kidding)


From: "Mark Hancock" 
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 09:51:15 -0000
Subject: Rare Rush Vinyl

I have an opportunity to buy "Everything Your Listeners Wanted to Hear
By Rush... But You Were Afraid to Play" which is the US promo which
was issued to radio stations in 1975.

Does anyone have more info on this rare vinyl, especially any idea of
it's value? I haven't a clue how much it's worth and I don't want to
get ripped off.

Please reply directly to as the NMS seems to be a bit
erratic these days (I'm not knocking you rush:mgr, I know you've got a
life outside of the NMS).


Mark Hancock, South Wales, UK.


From: Alfred E Harmon II 
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 03:12:54 -0600
Subject: Double RUSH and two degrees...

Hello fellow Rush fans.  Long time listner, first time caller...

Short and sweet.	

I was watching VH1 today and an episode of Rock and Roll Jeopardy was on.
First, two degrees. The actor named Jim on the left was from Mandeville,
Louisiana (home state) and played keyboards in a local band called the
Qubes.  Well, my best friend at the time was named Mike, the drummer for a
band named the Qubes. We lived in Covington, just north of Mandeville.
This was a long time ago and my memory's a little faded, but it all seems
to fit. I haven't talked to Mike in 11 years, so nothing is verified.

Double Rush

Same show, Final Jeopardy. Question: (paraphrased) "Fittingly, what band
has played a concert at Mount Rushmore?
First two answers, "Who is Rush?" The third answer (Jim's), "Who is The
Presedents of the United States of America." 
It was just too cool not to write about.

Thought some of you would appreciate this.  Thanks for the time...


"Those who know what's best for us must rise and save us from ourselves."
    - Neil Peart. MP


From: John Lupoli 
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 18:38:37 -0500
Subject: Beyond 2112

Hi Fellow Rushians,
	The number of visitors on my page has finally gone beyond 2112 since
September 2. I want to thank all of the people who visit my site.
	Also, I bought A Show Of Hands (the video) to add to my video
collection (I also have Chronicles: The Video Collection.) I thought it
was a great concert video. I like the little cartoon entitled "Escape
>From Moving Pictures." I wonder who thought that thing up. I had no idea
that the video was going to have little cartoons in it. They were all
cartoons that were played on the movie screen during the concert.

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


From: Danielle Diehl 
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 09:15:16 -0600
Subject: Ordering a work in Progress

Since the people at Virgin Records have no Work in Progress in their
catalog, and I did not see it in, and I did not find how to
order the video tape on the TNMS website recently, can anyone recommend
ways to order the tape?  I had ordered the Masked Rider directly from
Pottersfield Press directly, but I was not sure about ordering the video
until now.

Please email privately to me.

Thanks for your help

Danielle Diehl
Financial Assistant
Cell and Molecular Biology


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 10:46:25 EST
Subject: My page.+/video want

Please visit my Rush page. 
I have a couple of collector? shirts that don't fit me no more.

I would like some current music videos of Rush since we know mtv dosn't
play them for more than 1 day after it's release.
I beleive Time stand still is the last video iv'e seen.


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:07:47 +0000
Subject: Master of Puppets

Sorry if this has been mentioned before.
Does anybody know the story behind why
"Geddy, Alex, and Neil of Rush" are mentioned 
in the credits on the album 'Master of Puppets'?

I was told also that years ago Geddy was spotted
wearing a 'Master of Puppets' t-shirt.  Maybe there's 
some kinda connection.


From: "James Jay Jordan" 
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:31:20 -0500
Subject: Dig this Barchetta

Hello all,

Dig this true Barchetta ...

Drooling optional ... no, mandatory :-]

         James Jordan
     Web Design Coordinator
SIS - Sprintout Internet Services
     Providence, RI 02903


From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 19:53:39 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Prism Records victims might not be screwed afterall

Nobody has mentioned this yet, so I will bring it up.  In case
you're not "already aware," Mike Bahr has supposedly  found about
four people to take over the production of his bootleg CDs.  They are
supposed to fulfill all of Mike's unfulfilled orders.  Has anybody
heard from any of these people yet?  If and when anybody knows 
anything, please e-mail me, or better yet, post it to this mailing list, 
because I know there are a lot of others out there who are waiting 
for their CDs.  I personally have $224 at stake here.

Ben Leimkuhler


From: Wade Slater 
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 19:47:43 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Can't fight it

I recently discovered an old
Rush tune I had never heard before called," Can't fight it."
Are there any more songs that did
not make a studio album that I should know about. If so, I would love an MP3.


From: Ryan N Waggoner 
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 15:25:32 -0500
Subject: Drumming/Basketball

<<[ Yes, but who is the Dennis Rodman of drums?                 : rush-mgr ]>>

I guess that would have to be the guy from Goldfinger (the band, not the
Bond flick).  When they played Conan O'Brian's show, he wore a dress. 
And they're not a glam band.  (*Very* punk/ska.)  

Well, either him, or Shelia E.  ;)


"You can surrender without a prayer, but never really pray without
You can fight without ever winning, but never win without a fight."


From: sara olson 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:29:16 +0000
Subject: 11:59pm 12-31-99:What will you be listening to?

ENOUGH AREADY WITH THE Y2K BULLCRAP! (not you guys, the world).
Alright, New Topic.
What RUSH song (live or studio) will you have BLARING at your party (If
you can)
this New Year's Eve at 11.59pm?
I'm buying a new stereo now for this HISTORIC EVENT.

eric sundman
southport, ct usa


From: Brett Gentzel 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 14:50:18 -0500
Subject: RE:  Acoustic Alex

someone wrote:
     Hello fellow Rushians, here's a question that is a little more senible
that the Peart-Collins or fastest guitarist debates.  (Sorry if I offend
anyone!)   I have a couple of questions about Alex.   1)  I understand that he
INVENTED the guitar stand that he uses live when he does songs like "Closer to
the Heart."  You know, the one that holds his Ovation while his PRS or
whatever is strapped below it.  Is this true?  

I'm reasonably certain that Alex didn't _invent_ the guitar stand that he uses.  Steve Howe used one at least as far back as the Relayer tour, and probably 
further back than that (I haven't watched Yessongs in ages... did he use one 
in '73 as well??).  So, that places the use of such a stand at 1974 (and likely 

Now, the Omega concern is trademarked in the liner notes of one of the albums.  There are two possible explanations:
1)  Like much of the rest of the liner notes, it's a joke.
2)  Alex _trademarked_ the guitar stand (which means, of course, that he could 
have been the first, fifth, or millionth guy to use one of those things; he 
was just the first one smart enough to register it with a government).



From: "Jan Estling" 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 21:19:04 +0100
Subject: Rush TV/Radio

Iain fisher /uk radio....yes i remember listning
to the friday Rock show on the AM radio...well
from sweden,the "permanent waves" wasn=B4t that good,
but i have recorded an intervju with Neil that Tommy Vance
did, i think it=B4s from 82=B4...the quality is not good, but maybe
i put it on my future homepage....Tommy was playing Rush ,
almost every friday around 81-82. On video i also have an intervju with
Rush, and the making of  Roll The Bones video+ soundcheck footage from
RTB tour. On Swedish TV i saw Rush back in 76=B4i think doing a TV show
with some other bands..."dont remember". Songs that i heard on Swedish =
radio through
the years are....I think im going bald, A Passage to Bangkok, Big Money, =
Losing it,
Tom Sawyer,TSOR(short version). In 1990 they played 5 songs from Presto,
two guys talking about how good Rush are etc, etc, that day i  was sick =
and home=20
from work so i recorded it....Lucky Me!!!!!.....Thats all i think!!?

"Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness....
Beyound a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself"

Swederusher Lex Rushon


From: Patrick Stansberry 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 13:18:02 -0700
Subject: The Dennis Rodman of Drums

The Dennis Rodman of Drums is none other than "ANIMAL" from the
muppets....he destroys everything in his path!


From: Dennis Pupello II 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:28:47 -0500
Subject: Lyric Dichotomy

At 10:29 AM 2/16/99 -0800, you wrote:

>Hey folks:
>Just a couple of things....
>1) To the guy who mentioned Rush as having opposite views in their lyrics
>("Anthem" vs. "Alien Shores"), I thought your comment was great. I don't

Also remember, there were about 20 years of experience between those 
tunes.  Peart's outlook -- or any man's -- is bound to change during a time 
span of that length.  Especially between the very different lives of a 
young adult first tasting rock stardom and a mature veteran of the music world.

Anyway, I'd simply say, Dichotomy schmotomy, both songs rock. :)

Dennis Pupello II
City of Brooksville
Webmaster, Technology Services Division
work mail:
personal mail:
personal web:


From: "van Damage" 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:47:49 PST
Subject: The JOE DON BAKER of guitarists!

>If Tommy Lee is the Latrell Spreewell of drums, 
>then Sarah Michelle Gellar is the Alex Lifeson 
>of actresses.  Wait, that's not right either... 

If this is true, then Yngwie Malmsteen is the Joe Don Baker of 
guitarists!  HA!  I love this thread!



Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:49:03 EST
Subject: The FIXX

>   I've always seen some similarities between [Rush and The FIXX].. in the
> lyrics and social messages.

During one of those VH1 documentarys about 80's bands, The FIXX commented on
how dark their music was, and how ironic it was to be on stage playing their
dark music and having "pink underwear" thrown at them.

>   the Fixx unfortunately stagnated until it was too late 

The FIXX took a seven year hiatus not because of lack of sales, etc., but
basically to start/enjoy famililes, etc.


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