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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2176

                   Monday, 22 Feb 1999

Today's Topics:
                      acoustic pedal
          Love - Hate / Tattoes and Hockey Masks
                The Dennis Rodman of Drums
                   Rush covering stuff
                   A passage to Toronto
                     re: live albums
                   Rush-related tattoos
                       10 minus....
             The Denis Rodman Of drums is...
                        Lee Dixon
                         The Hip
                  Re: Stupid Comparison 
     Re: Rush Covers your favorite song and The Fixx
                      2112 Sighting
            Japanese version Different Stages
                        Rush Cover
                      Name that tune
                       Rush tribute
                   trees???   boots???
                      omega concern
                    Mike Bahr & Prism
                      Rush Sighting
          The New Mail List Virus - Phil Collins
            Scrooge's Rock and Roll Christmas
                  RE: RE: Acoustic Alex
                       winamp skin
                       Album sides
                       Mental Notes
         Rush at the Warner Theater Wash DC 1978?
                   Vegas Rush Sighting
                    Prism Records Info

From: "McDow Mobile" 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:41:24 -0500
Subject: acoustic pedal

ScottM inquired:

>1)  I understand that he INVENTED the guitar stand that he uses live=20
>when he does songs like "Closer to the Heart."  You know, the one that=20
>holds his Ovation while his PRS or whatever is strapped below it.  Is =
>true?  2) I also heard a rumor that he played some part in the =
>of the pedal (I think it's a pedal) thatmakes his electric guitar sound =
>much like an acoustic.   He used it on such tunes as "Driven."

answer to #1 is yes.

answer to #2 is no. He asked the folks at PRS to equip his guitar(s) = with
an acoustic pickup. All Al has to do is flip a switch on the body of the = PRS.
This was a special thing he worked out with PRS. This info was from an
interview with Alex in a recent acoustic guitar mag, and an interview = with
Paul Reed Smith himself.=20



Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:44:07 -0600
Subject: Love - Hate / Tattoes and Hockey Masks

Hey Rushians,

It's funny that the consensus seems to be that everyone either loves
Rush or hates Rush.  Most everyone that I know that doesn't love Rush
the way that we do, doesn't despise them either.  Actually, they rather
like them.  They just prefer other artists before Rush.  They might even
have a couple of Rush's discs, but not all.  Just strikes me as funny. 
I have never been slammed for being a Rush fan.  They comment usually is
"Yeah, Rush is pretty cool."

A few are posting about their tattoos, or the ones they plan on
getting.  I figured I would let you in on something I have been planning
on doing.  I play goalie, both roller and ice hockey.  To alleviate some
of the expenses when I started buying equipment, I decided to get a
helmet and cage like Chris Osgood and Glenn Healy.  It was cheaper than
a mask.  But over time, I have started replacing my used equipment for
newer and better equipment.  And the mask is next.  I have found a few
people who air brush designs on mask.  My plan is to have The Starman
painted on the top, with a small design of two of my favorite albums on
either side.  As long as it doesn't get too expensive.  Then on the back
panel, I plan on having a line from Freewill put on.  "If you choose not
to decide, you still have made a choice!"

Scott Fab....

Hey Renee (pharmgal), Yngwie wouldn't appreciate playing in Maple Leaf
Gardens, because he would be filled with the fear that comes with
playing against Tie Domi.


From: Ken Redding & Anne Nanos 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:12:15 -0800
Subject: The Dennis Rodman of Drums

Let's not forget Terry Bozzio


From: George Live at Wembley 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:41:07 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Rush covering stuff

Off the top of my head:
1) "Gone" or "Bad" by U2 (Just to hear Geddy do the vocals)
2) "Breadfan" by Metallica/Budgie (Early Rush only)
3) "Us and Them", Pink Floyd
4) "Hammer to Fall" by Queen (I could actually seriously imagine that)
5) "Suck" by Nine Inch Nails (Just Kidding)
That's all for now.


"How many boards would the Mongols hoard, if the Mongol 
hordes got bored?"
               - Calvin and Hobbes      
Visit my home page at
>... when faced with a problem you do not understand, do any part of it
you do understand, then look at it again.  - Robert Heinlein


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:05:12 EST
Subject: A passage to Toronto

Hi everyone!

I'll have a week off from my job in April, and I'm thinking of driving to
Toronto.  (I live in Massachusetts.)  I figure I'll visit Alex's "Orbit Room"
club, see the parliament building (cover of Moving Pictures), and other stuff.

I was there for less than one full day back in 1991, while passing through on
a vacation trip with some relatives.  But this time, I want to spend a few
days, and make it a more Rush oriented visit.

I've read the "Rush Fan's Guide to Toronto", and I'm sending this letter to
see if any of you folks out there have suggestions or comments.


PS: (this is not specifically Rush-related) does anyone know of restaurants in
Toronto that are vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly?


From: daniel geschka 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 01:26:45 +0100
Subject: re: live albums

>From: Joe Lynch 
>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:18:24 -0800
>Subject: live albums
>Some you might want to try are:
>Genesis- Seconds Out (Phil plays pretty good drums on this album)

>umm Joe, if I'm not mistaken, most of that album's drums were Bruford

> Pat

umm Pat, if I'm not mistaken, most of that album's drums were Chester
Tompson and Phil.


Bill Bruford performs only on "cinema-show", were Phil joins at the
beginning of the instrumental part til the end of the song

:-) Daniel


From: "Caroline Wise" 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:52:45 -0500
Subject: Rush-related tattoos

Hello fellow Rush freaks!

This thread is a goodie, and it seems to come back a few times a year. I've
got a Rush-related tattoo on my right ankle - it's the picture called
subjective contours, from the back of the Counterparts CD case. To describe
it simply, it's the picture that looks like Pac Mans and Vs. I actually got
the image from a psychology textbook (I got my psych minor at Indiana
University), but it's definitely original.

If anyone cares, I also have the circular snake from the Millennium show
tattooed on the middle of my lower back. I like it.

Have a good day, everyone!


"What I've seen, I saw because I wanted to believe.
If we look too hard, maybe we become mad. But if we
continue to look, we become liberated. And we come
awake as if from a dream..." --Fox Mulder


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 20:03:24 EST
Subject: 10 minus....

Hello All Good People out there in TV land.....

>Subject: Rush on UK radio
>This is going back a bit, but I remember hearing "New World Man" on the
>Radio 1 Chart Show 
>Perhaps someone else can confirm....(Slim Jim?).
Well, I seem to recall that Countdown was on non-other-than......Top of The
Pops [!!!]  with video footage of Columbia taking off.  Now, that surprised me
too!  Strange thing was, it was b4 I was really into Rush, but somehow the
image stuck with me.

Another matter =>
>I agree with matt. But who is the Lattrell Spreewell of drums?
I suspect that I am not the only person in the UK to whom this is meaningless.
Can anyone explain!?

Yet more =>
> who's the mong who even thought to compare Phil Collins with Neil? 
Well, it wasn't me, but this is a bit too insulting to the guy who did start
the thread......but then again, I promised to shut up about this.

>Kevin Smith......
Didn't you used to be a motorcycle test rider with Performance Bikes ??

More I'm afraid......... =>
>That's a hammered dulcimer, played by Neil.  Sounds a bit like piano--courses
of three strings hit with a mallet.
Is this true?  If so, I most certainly need my ears de-waxing!  Seriously, is
this not a piano??  Or, maybe a KAT triggering, surely not?

And to finish: the devil in me has to ask....."Michael Giles or Bill Bruford:
Discuss".    8-)



From: "Dorian Arenas" 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:19:31 PST
Subject: The Denis Rodman Of drums is...

Greetings my fellow rush mates
     Just a thought...
     the Denis Rodman of drums should be ......Myke Portnoy.

  Sorry all you DT fans but I needed to say that, I don´t like the guy

  Cheers from Chile.

                   Dorian Arenas C.
                  Production Manager

Natural Response S.A.          Quilpué   -    Chile
          High Technology Plant Extracts
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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:57:22 EST
Subject: Lee Dixon

Paul Smith asked who's the Lee Dixon of drummers.  I would say Johnny Fay of
The Hip - nothing fancy, just very consistent and workman-like.

Chris  (Man U will beat The Gunners on Wed)


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:53:38 EST
Subject: The Hip

Thanks to Rush-mgr for mentioning The Hip on several occasions back in August.
I bought several of their cds and was most glad I did.  Saw them at the
Chicago Theater on Sat - excellent show.

Chris  (wishing Rush would play the Chicago Theater)


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:04:10 +0000
Subject: Re: Stupid Comparison wrote:

> As much as I love Rush and Neil, any comparison to Michael Jordan is
> completely offbase and utterly ridiculous.  Be realistic.  First, Neil's
> abilities in comparison to other drummers don't even begin to compare to
> the way Jordan dominated the sport of basketball.  Jordan is widely
> perceived as the greatest basketball player in history.  Neil holds no
> such honors.  Second, Jordan's national and international prominence is
> legendary. 

Michael Jordan is not an internationally prominent sports star, I 
can assure you.  Basketball is essentially a domestic American sport.

> He is probably the most famous athlete in the world right now, outside
> of perhaps Ali. 

I guess you mean "World" as in "World Series".  Sorry, but there 
are sports which have huge followings in many nations, all over 
the world.  Basketball isn't one of them.

> Most people in America, let alone the world don't even know who Neil
> is.

Most people in the world (that's the 'real' world, not just the 
United States) don't know who Michael Jordan is.
> As for basketball being popular in one country, are you kidding? 

Well, it may be popular in Canada and Japan to an extent, but 
that's really only as a result of American influence.



Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:08:53 EST
Subject: Re: Rush Covers your favorite song and The Fixx

Yes, I have the 1998 Fixx CD as well. To all the nay-sayers out there, "Two
Different Views" was one of the best songs I heard last year. far as what I would like to see Rush cover. That's an easy one: You
Sin Me (like a record) by Dead Or Alive. Imagine Geddy with the long
fingernails and robes, and if that doesn't make you burst out laughing I dunno
what will



From: "Dave Anderson" 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:46:09 PST
Subject: 2112 Sighting

Hello Fellow Rush Fans--

     I was watching the either Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz game, or the 
Phoenix Suns, Jazz Game (Big Jazz fan obviously).  Anyways, at halftime 
they showed the stats and the assists were Utah Jazz 21, and Sacramento 
or Phoenix 12.  I thought this was really cool.  Sweet. . . See ya!!

                          Dave Anderson
          Go to my page-

             If their lives were exotic and strange,
            they would likely have gladly exchanged
            them for something a little more plain, 
            maybe something a little more Sane." Neil Peart, Mission

From: Ketan Deoras 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 18:37:12 -0500
Subject: Japanese version Different Stages

Hey there, hi there, ho there,
Just wanted to let all my fellow NMS'ers know that right now CDnow
( is having a sale until next Wednesday--30% off all imports.
 This takes the Japanese version of Different Stages down to $44 (not
including shipping and handling) if I remember correctly, still pretty
steep but if I remember correctly, pretty decent compared to the prices
I've heard mentioned.  Take care fellow Rush-ers!
Carving Away the Stone,


From: Alfred E Harmon II 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 21:13:28 -0600
Subject: Rush Cover

NK wrote:

>From: "NK" 
>Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:37:34 -0800
>Subject: Rush Covers Your Favorite Song...

>Hi Guys!
>Here's one that I haven't seen before...

>Lot's of people cover Rush tunes, but what if Rush covered someone else?
>(Don't throw anything at me!)  Think about it... it could be your favorite
>non-Rush song, a Movie Theme, Top 40,  AOR, or even, my God, Country!  (I
>had to throw that in, I'm in Bakersfield!  Buck Owens would kill me!)  I was
>just wondering...  could 'ya all' respond.  It would be a more fun 'thread'
>than that #$@#!!! 'who's fastest and bestest' crap.  Give me your top 3
>picks.  Even 'why' if you want to expand!  Thanks!

Rush did cover one song that I definately know of.  It was a B side of a
single released early in their careers. What the single was I don't know
(any help rush-mgr?), but the cover was "Not Fade Away" by Buddy Holly and
the Crickets.

   [ "You Can't Fight It" was the single.                    : rush-mgr ]

Not really what you were looking for now, but I'll think on it.


"Those who know what's best for us must rise and save us from ourselves."
    - Neil Peart. MP


From: Neil Wyatt 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:00:37 +0000
Subject: Name that tune

I have an Ericsson GH688 mobile phone. By going into the Edit Melody
function and keying in 8, 9, 7, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3 and then repeating the
sequence (excluding pauses and extended notes - see instruction manual)
you get the guitar intro to Closer to the Heart as a ring tone!

Can anyone better this?
Navan Man.


From: "Federico ABRAHAM" 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 00:27:25 -0300
Subject: Maradona

Hello Rushians, first post from here.

To me, Neil Peart is the Diego Maradona of drums (and if you guys don't
have the idea of who is he, IMHO he's the best soccer player ever).
So, once again, IMHO, to me Neil is the best drummer ever.
Rush on !

Federico Alberto Abraham
Venado Tuerto - Santa Fe


From: (matt voss)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:33:02 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Rush tribute

     There is a Rush tribute band playing on the Feb. 26th in Cleveland.
There's good news for Yes fans!!  The opening act (or vice versa) will
be a Yes tribute band!!  All in one night!!  Can you imagine hearing "I
think I'm going bald" the same night as "The Revealing Science of God?"  
     Here's a new thread:  Chris Squire vs. Geddy Lee!!  My vote is for
Squire -hands down!!  No contest!! 


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 14:50:25 -0800
Subject: trees???   boots???

Mark D. Ehlke said:

>I just heard an interesting idea--someone told me that "The Trees" is 
>a song dealing with racial tolerance. 

Then someone else had an interesting idea, no?
Neil says the song is about trees.  Hence the title.  It can be a
metaphor for any class struggle you like.

I leave for Kuwait in 7 days.  This is your last chance to reserve any
Rush boots I may encounter--last time they were about $5 each.  I may
not find any, but if so, are you interested?  e-me now to reserve.

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
It is the argument of tyrants.
It is the creed of slaves.
 William Pitt
 Speech to the House of Commons, 18 November, 1783


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 15:03:24 -0800
Subject: politics

Patrick Berry said:
>On the right end of the range is conservatism, and moving to the left we 
>have libertarianism,

Pardon me, sir, but you are talking out of your ass.  

>liberalism, collectivism, socialism, communism and fascism in order of 
>increasing tyranny. 

Get a dictionary, look up the definition of those words, then do a
websearch for the Nolan Chart, and burn the idiotic left/right
foolishness that was obsolete 30 years ago.


			Me (extremist)

				     Neil Peart
Conservative		(moderate)		Liberal
	Jesse Helms	Bill Clinton			
			Joseph Stalin				

flame away.		
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
It is the argument of tyrants.
It is the creed of slaves.
 William Pitt
 Speech to the House of Commons, 18 November, 1783


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 15:12:16 -0800
Subject: rush2K

sara olson said:
>ENOUGH AREADY WITH THE Y2K BULLCRAP! (not you guys, the world).
>Alright, New Topic.
>What RUSH song (live or studio) will you have BLARING at your party (If
>you can) this New Year's Eve at 11.59pm?

I will spend this New Year's Eve fighting off hordes of idiots who can't
count, and other hordes who expect the end of the world.

I am throwing a party for those who CAN count, at the end of the
millennium, Dec 31, 2000.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 15:20:16 -0800
Subject: omega concern

Brett Gentzel said:
>I'm reasonably certain that Alex didn't _invent_ the guitar stand that 
>he uses.  Steve Howe used one at least as far back as the Relayer tour,

probably a different design--Alex's is adjustable and quickly
removeable.  Alex did invent the one he uses.

>Now, the Omega concern is trademarked in the liner notes of one of the 
>albums.  There are two possible explanations:
>1)  Like much of the rest of the liner notes, it's a joke.

nope.  They have several products out, and AL makes a bit of money form

>2)  Alex _trademarked_ the guitar stand 

patented.  you trademark a logo.  A piece of equipment is not a logo.

>(which means, of course, that he could have been the first, fifth, or 
>millionth guy to use one of those things; 

Sorry.  If there is precedent for a product existing, patent wil be
denied--the waterbed is a classic example.  A dozen peole tried to
patent it, but Robert A. Heinlein had described it in fiction for 30
years, along with the linear accelerator, the moving walkway, and the
robotic remote arm.  So none of them are patentable.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space


From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:39:32 -0600
Subject: Mike Bahr & Prism

>From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
>Subject: Prism Records victims might not be screwed afterall
>In case you're not "already aware," Mike Bahr has supposedly
>found about four people to take over the production of his
>bootleg CDs.  They are supposed to fulfill all of Mike's
>unfulfilled orders.  Has anybody heard from any of these people

My copy of Virtual Songs was fulfilled by Todd Harper a few weeks ago.
According to Mike Bahr's website (, I
e-mailed Todd and he got back to me within 2 days (a miracle, considering
Prism's track record) and my CD was delivered in about 2 or 3 weeks.  This
quick turnaround led me to believe that I just missed the cutoff when Mike
stopped shipping orders last summer...  It's been so long since I actually
paid for the thing that I don't even remember how much it was.  I'm glad I
was only temporarily ripped off for one order though--you have my sympathy
for being out over $200.



From: "matthew alexander majewski" 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:56:52 -0000
Subject: Rush Sighting

Hello Everybody!

I was watching the Pens - Islanders on Wednesday the 18th and heard both TS 
and Limelight.  Who ever runs the music between faceoffs at Nassau Arena, 
Too bad my beloved Penguins ended their winning streak that night but nothing 
lasts forever I guess!  Just as long as we beat those Philly Cheesesteaks on 
Sunday night I'll be happy.  Should be a great game.

Get your FREE Email at


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 99 16:12:59 -0500
Subject: The New Mail List Virus - Phil Collins

     FYI - Phil Collins has also been the subject of a rather long-winded 
     (and at times, rather heated!) thread on the Led Zeppelin mailing 
     list.  What began as comments on Phil's talents (or lack thereof) 
     during Zep's Live Aid reunion, digressed into comparisons between his 
     and John Bonham's styles (much like has been going on in TNMS in the 
     Peart vs. Collins debates).
     I just found it odd that the man with no jacket seems to be the topic 
     of choice on both the Zep and Rush lists these days.....


From: John Becker 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:38:17 -0600
Subject: Scrooge's Rock and Roll Christmas

> From: Scott McDow 
> Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 22:03:49 -0500
> Subject: scrooge's rock and roll christmas?

>Scrooge's Rock and Roll Christmas

>Star: Rush Three Dog Night Paul Revere & the Raiders

This is a mistake which I've seen in other promotuions for this tape. It
is Merrilee Rush that is on the tape, not OUR Rush. I contacted the
company that put this out several years ago, and they sent me a copy.
It's very poor IMHO.



From: "Wayne Tapia" 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:40:13 -0800
Subject: RE: RE: Acoustic Alex

Feb 16,1999 - Brent Gentzel wrote: "I'm reasonably certain that Alex didn't
_invent_ the guitar stand that he uses.  Steve Howe used one at least as far
back as the Relayer tour, and probably
further back than that (I haven't watched Yessongs in ages... did he use one
in '73 as well??).  So, that places the use of such a stand at 1974 (and

I'm sorry if I sound nit-picky and this isn't a flame. The guitar stand that
Steve Howe used was VERY different than what Alex uses (or anyone else, for
that matter). I believe that he called it "the octopus", or something to
that effect. It held 3 instruments ( a Coral sitar, a lute, and an acoustic
guitar). He and his guitar tech dreamed that thing up. If you observe
closely to the Yessongs video, you can see how the stand worked - it had a
swiveling base that had 3 "arms" on it, one for each instrument. Quite a
cool idea!
I can't shed any light on the subject of if Alex invented the stand
mentioned earlier, but I can say that I have one and it works out very well
on stage.
Wayne Tapia
Prog rock still lives in Seattle!!!


From: "Pierre Langlois" 
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 16:09:37 PST
Subject: winamp skin

Does anyone know if there's any rush skin for winamp?  If you do know, 
please contact me directly (just to make sure I don't miss the post) at to tell me where I can get it!




From: (Steve Eads)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:04:16 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Album sides

Hello fellow Rush fans! Cheers to the guy who loves side one of
"Hemispheres"! I am a huge fan of it as well. I also think that side two
of "Caress of steel" is another great album side! And of course, side
one of "2112". These are all masterpieces in my opinion. Does anyone on
this list live in the Cincinnati area?                       Later!
Steve Eads


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 00:09:38 -0500
Subject: Mental Notes

Been a while, but some items have intrigued me...

1) On the subject of favorite album sides, I used to have a specific use =
for album sides.  Specifically, I fell asleep to them.  The right =
collection of songs can be wonderful for easing into slumber by the =
light of one's stereo display.  To wit...
    Robert Plant    The Principle of Moments    Side 2 --falling asleep =
to "Big Log" is the ultimate!
    Yes                90125                                Side 2 =
 -always loved "City of Love" and "Hearts" is a great finish
    The Fixx        Shuttered Room                   Either side-- just =
dark music
    The Fixx        Reach the Beach                 Side 2--love the =
guitar work at the end of "Outside"

That's all I can think of now, since my stereo is now in the living room =
and I can't fall asleep to it.  However, I can recommend some great =
sides for general listening:
    Rush        Grace Under Pressure and Signals    Both Side 1  - these =
were my first two and I love them still
    Asia        Asia        Side 1    - not great art, but some rockin' =
    INXS        The Swing    Side 1 - before Michael Hutchence decided =
he was a sex symbol
    The Police    Ghost In The Machine    Either side --I may be the =
only one, but THIS is my favorite Police album
    Billy Squier    Don't Say No    Side 1

Yes, they're all from the same time period, but this is when I bought =
most of my albums and most of my favorites.

2) What songs would I love to hear Rush cover??
    Yes "Tempus Fugit"
    Marillion "Berlin"
    The Fixx "Deeper & Deeper"
    GTR "Imagining"
    Blue Oyster Cult "Astronomy"  although I doubt I can be done better =
than on Imaginos
    and finally....Alan Parsons Project "La Sagrada Familia" from Gaudi

Hope you've enjoyed Dave's crunchy little thought nuggets.  SOON =



From: Big If Studio Graphics 
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 00:23:48 -0500
Subject: Rush at the Warner Theater Wash DC 1978?

Hey Rush Fans,
Someone one I work with claims they saw Rush at The Warner Theater in DC
in 1978. Can anyone verify this? I thought they would have been playing
bigger venues during that period...Many thanks to the people keeping us
all in tune with the Greatest band.



From: Ed Barnes 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:41:11 +0000
Subject: Vegas Rush Sighting

Greets All,
I just got home from a trip to Las Vegas and I have a Rush sighting to
report.  Around 2am Tues night/Weds morning my friend and I were
returning from doing the usual Vegas tourist thing (bit 'o gambling,
lots of walkin' and gawkin').  As we were walking through the lobby of
our hotel (the Golden Nugget) chatting about the stuff we did I suddenly
stopped.  What did I hear being played over the PA but "Digital Man".
We'd noticed that the Nugget didn't play the usual elevator music in the
lobby (we'd heard Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" on the way out) the
fact that they played Rush was kinda odd but "Digital Man"?!?!  That
isn't even a common song on the radio.  We stopped for a quick bite in
the cafe and listened to the music for a while but nothing gave any
indication that it was a radio station.  Imagine, Rush being played over
the PA at a 4-Star hotel... stunned me.

BTW, I highly reccomend the Stratosphere to any of you Video Poker
players out there... lots of full pay (9/6) Jacks there and even a bank
of 10/7's (no gimicks... full pay).   In less than an hour playing (two
sessions over 2 days) I walked away $100 richer on those $.25 10/7's.


From: "Berry, Paul W (Syncordia)" 
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 09:12:44 -0000
Subject: Prism Records Info

Ben & anyone else who's interested, 

I've been following the Prism saga closely as I'd like to get hold of some
of the Prism back catalogue when its eventually re-released.

Last I heard there were indeed 4 guys who had taken up the Rush back
catalogue. They had all been sent "packges" from Mike Bahr with lists of
customers who are owed stuff.....There is talk of financial compensation as

You can find details of the people to contact at  :

I've e-mailed all of them :

Scarred has info on his FAQ
Xanadu has a 1 line update at the front of his website saying he's still
working on the "package"
Todd Harper was putting a website togther, last time I heard
I didn't hear back from Rob Glander.

Good luck !


Paul Berry
01442 224433


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