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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2181

                   Monday, 15 Mar 1999

Today's Topics:
Giles/Bruford/White/Copeland/Chester and....Phil [oh yes]
What was YOUR introduction to Rush? Who, what, where, when, and how?
             RE: another unheard Rush(?) song
                    RE: Intro to Rush
                     internet access
   Better than Ezra doing Rush...and other nonsense...
             My story, how it all started....
                   Post to NetBoard Pro
     A Question For Robert Stanovich Re: John Rutsey
                    Mistaken Rush song
               another unheard Rush(?) song
        Hey! Have YOU signed the Studio Wall yet?
                    Rockline interview
                       Best Bassist
             Metallica-Rush-Master of Puppets
               Neil Peart famous quotation
                Neil Peart famous quotatio
                   Bruford with Genesis
                   Cry for Musical Help
                Rush Sighting in Seattle!
                   For the Rush Manager
                 Rik Emmett/Triumph fans
                 Re: Fight the Good Fight
          Re: Intro to Rush and the World (USA)
                        tnms 2180
                      Triumph & misc
        Rik Emmett shows in Mass (No Rush Content)
                     Rush, what else?

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 17:54:00 EST
Subject: Giles/Bruford/White/Copeland/Chester and....Phil [oh yes]

>>From: John Richardson 

>And to finish: the devil in me has to ask....."Michael Giles or Bill Bruford:

>>My brother and I have maintained for years that Michael Giles and Bill
>>are the same person. I'm assuming you meant to pose the same question. You, 
>>my friend, have very good ears. 

Hey John,
This reply is so interesting to me.  Years [and I means YEARS] ago, I had
tapes of In The Court of The Crimson King, and Relayer.  I think that I am
correct in saying that at that time, Crimson's drummer was Giles, and Yes's
was White.  But, I knew even less than I know now [hard to believe I know...].
I thought that both albums were Bruford, and I thought, "Wow!  What an Amazing
guy - so diverse, and so brilliant!!".  So, I then got loads of Bruford stuff.
Quite embarrassing....I know.  Anyway, back to John's mail:  looking back, I
certainly agree that Giles and Bruford have similarities, and even now,
listening to In The Court...., the drumming sounds to me like Bruford-meets-
Peart [that's the Rush content for those who blinked].

>From: Christopher W Lindsay 
>To fans of "Prime Mover"

Oh yes, that's me!

>Has anyone ever noticed that in ASOH, Geddy's bass notes is different during
the second half of the chorus.
>I like it a lot during ASOH.  I kinda wished it was like that on the album.
If you don't know what I mean, listen
>to the third and fourth "From the ..." in each chorus. The bass is playing
different notes. 

Ok, I am not a bass player.  But, could this have anything to do with the fact
that the original Prime Mover is played on a 5-string [low B], and live, Mr.
Lee used a 4-string ??  So, I guess my question is, is he actually playing
tthe same stuff [notes] with differeent fret positions?  From memory, it
sounds the same to me.  If this is rubbish....sorry.

>From: John Richardson 
>What was YOUR introduction to Rush? Who, what, where, when, and how?

Cool.  Well, my eldest brother, I recall vividly [I know not why], went to see
the AFTK tour at Newcastle [UK] city hall in 1978.  I was a kid, but I do
remember the day.  Anyway, sometime after that, I was into The Police.  I went
to my brother's house and said, "listen to this, this is the best drummer in
the world".  My brother laughed, gave me AFTK and said listen to this.  I took
it home, put on 10 seconds of AFTK = acoustic guitar.  10 seconds of Xanado =
weird city.  Turned it over [LP days....], 10 seconds of CTTH = acoustic
guitar.  So, of course, I took it back telling him it was rubbish.  My brother
knew I hadn't really listened, so I tried again, and again, and again.  In the
end, it dawned on me.  The first thing I noticed was, Geddy Lee is playing
LEAD BASS. That was so cool.  I never looked back since.

Given the above, you can imagine my joy at the AFTK CD on Different Stages.

By the way, I am checking out who the hell played on Three Sides Live and
Seconds Out, as I am sure it is mostly Chester and Phil....we shall see.

See y'all later


From: alan j johnson 
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 11:34:27 -0600
Subject: What was YOUR introduction to Rush? Who, what, where, when, and how?

What was YOUR introduction to Rush? Who, what, where, when, and how?

I first heard mention of Rush from my best friend. I was about 14 years
old at the time and he saw them on a TV show back in 1973/74(Don
Kirschners Rock Concert?). He mentioned seeing this band called Rush and
thought they sucked. Well in 1974 this same individual called me and
mentioned he had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to go see KISS at
Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC. The opening band was Heavy Metal
Kids and 2nd on the bill was Rush. I believe it was prior to the release
of Fly By Night. I was blown away by the whole show. Around this same
time there was a local band from our town, who became known as DC Star,
who used to cover Finding My Way. Anyway, I have been listening to Rush
since the beginning.  
There was also mention on here of Rush performing in DC at the Warner
Theatre in December of 1977. I was at this show and City Boy did open
for them. This was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. At the
time Rush had become very well known, yet this theatre was small with
great acoustics.    


From: Mark Freeman 
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 21:28:55 -0600
Subject: RE: another unheard Rush(?) song

>i'm sure i'll sound stupid here, but has anyone ever heard the song that
>has the chorus

>Fight the good fight every moment,
>Every minute, every day

>it sounds so much like geddy, it's downright ridiculous, please help

nah, doesn't sound stupid at all ;) actually, that's from a song by Triumph, 
another great Canadian trio. and the name of the song is, coincidentally, 
Fight the Good Fight.

hey, come to think of it, I always kinda secretly hoped Triumph would open 
for Rush...wouldn't that be a great show? ;)



From: Mark Freeman 
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 21:35:22 -0600
Subject: RE: Intro to Rush

John Richardson  wrote:
> What was YOUR introduction to Rush? Who, what, where, when, and how?

heheh...summer after 8th grade (let's see, that would've been 1983 I believe). 
it was my birthday, and of course I had tons of cash (well, what amounted to 
tons of cash for a 13 year old in the early 80's anyway). my best friend and 
I convinced my mom to drop us off at the mall for an afternoon in the arcade 
and the record stores. I was looking through the cassettes (didn't get my 
first cd player until about 1987), and my friend walked over and handed me a 
copy of Signals. "here, buy this...don't ask questions, just buy it." hey, 
who am I to argue, right? after that, my allowance (*laugh* amazing how we 
turn full circle and end up with allowances again as we get older) was spent 
acquiring every Rush album I could get my hands on. within 2 months I had a 
complete collection and was anxiously awaiting their next release (and for 
the record, GuP was the first tour I saw...and haven't missed one 
since :) )...



From: "JOHN          BARTHE" 
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 00:30:53 -0000
Subject: internet access

Rush Manager-

I know that your site is not a political soapbox, but have you heard =
about the upcoming vote in Congress to potentially charge long-distance =
fees for internet access?  That could be very costly, and keep alot of =
TNMS subscribers from contributing and enjoying the site, as I do.  =
Everyone can mail their respective representative at = I thougt that I'd just pass this along to use, =
or not, at our discretion.  Thank you for your time.

John Barthe

P.S.  Thanks for posting my letter the other day, I got several great =

John J. Barthe


Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 20:09:21 EST
Subject: Better than Ezra doing Rush...and other nonsense...

<From: nika 
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 13:45:55 -0800
Subject: My story, how it all started....

To the guy who was interested in how people became Rush fans, here is my
story, in short of course!
>From Southern California, came to lived with my parents' in Woodburn Oregon
1978, out in the farm lands. At the time I was 18, met a farmerboy name Lee
Obasetter (cant spell his last name) 16 at the time. He took me out to a
broken down barn that he fixed up (some what) with all his fine art work
(very good artist). He said his goal was to create a record cover for RUSH.
He told me to take a seat on this broken down sofa, while he turned on
RUSH, 2112 was playing on the recorded player (I was wondering why there
was an extent ion cord a half mile long to the barn). After that we listen
to there first album "RUSH".  Listening to RUSH was like as if I was
reborn, it was great.(I wish I had took a picture of the moment in the
barn) From then on I was interested in the music. About three years later
Lee took me to his room, down in the basement, and played Hemispheres full
blast (in a record form), we couldn't hear each other very well, but we
didnt do much talking. I remember the walls vibrating. Till his Father came
down to ask to turn it down just alittle. And he did (just alittle) walls
still vibrating *lol*. Iv been a Fan ever since. I have all of RUSH music
(that I could get my hands on). I'v been to Three RUSH concerts.
 I was into AC/DC, YES, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Styx, Cheap Trick. Just
cant believe I never heard of RUSH till then (I only miss four years). RUSH
has been on the top of my list since 1978 (good year)

And thats the truth.........nika
P.S. For those who wonder....Lee and I never were intimate with each other.
He was just a good friend that wanted to share his love for RUSH.

"You can surrender without a prayer, but never really pray without
surrender. You can fight without ever winning, but never
win without a fight." -RUSH


From: (Terrez )
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 17:31:32 -0600
Subject: Post to NetBoard Pro

Date Posted: 3/01/99 14:51,

Author: Scott Jenkins
Posted Subject: rock survey

Message Posted:
Please help.  A local newspaper entertainment columnist is taking a rock
survey for the greatest rock band of all time and he didn't even list Rush
as an option.  There is a spot to write in votes.  Please vote for Rush and
take Greensboro by surprise.  The Web address to vote is:

You must type in as Rush in order for it to count. Thanks. 


From: "dietrologia dietrologia" 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 15:30:11 PST
Subject: A Question For Robert Stanovich Re: John Rutsey

Hey Robert,

Since you seem to know a bit about John Rutsey--tell me, does he still 
suck on the drums, or has he gotten any better?  Also, does he still 
hang out with Pete Best?


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 19:54:54 -0400

I found this article in a home theater Magazine called SOUND & VISION
(Premiere issue - Feb-March 1999)

Today's "Tom Sawyer"

The guys in Rush have always been modern-day warriors, but we were
surprised to discover that three recent soundtracks include their 1981 FM
staple "Tom Sawyer". On "Whatever" (Tangerine/Medicine), it's the only
"Classic Rock" track in an otherwise entirely punk and New Wave collection.
On "Small Soldiers" (Dreamworks), it's sliced and diced by DJ Z-Trip. And
on "The Waterboy" (Hollywood), it's in the company of music by The Doors,
The Allman Brothers Band, and John Mellencamp. All of this seems especially
approppiate considering that "Tom Sawyer" was originally the leadoff track
on Rush's Moving Pictures.


From: "Lyle" 
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 13:37:19 -0800
Subject: Mistaken Rush song

>>i'm sure i'll sound stupid here, but has anyone ever heard the song =
that has the chorus

Fight the good fight every moment,
Every minute, every day<<

Sorta Close!!!  Another Canadian power trio..... Triumph
Ric Emmett singing!!   Great band too!  I don't know about him sounding =
Like Ged though!


From: "Ken MacRae" 
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:53:32 -0600
Subject: another unheard Rush(?) song

Greetings fellow Rushlings.  Been on hiatus since issue 2112 (nice =
timing eh ?).  But with a new pc and a new ISP - I'm BACK !

AND, just in time to help out a poor misguided soul :

 From: z z z 

i'm sure i'll sound stupid here, but has anyone ever heard the song that
has the chorus

Fight the good fight every moment,
Every minute, every day

it sounds so much like geddy, it's downright ridiculous, please help

Ya, that would be Triumph.  The tune is, oddly enough,  " Fight the Good =
Fight".  Awesome band, not much like Rush though, IMHO.

Hey,  and I see the ugly KAR & Sec Soc are making an anniversary =
comeback !  For those who weren't around - this is not a band and an =


>...Ken, the Rushosapien


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 03:46:24 -0800
Subject: Hey! Have YOU signed the Studio Wall yet?

Another big update to report over at Grand Designs @

"Signals", our editor's monthly column has a new topic, as well as a new
question for "Counterparts", a monthly survey of ours.

Another big site face-lift too!  ;-)

Also, we're always looking for more names on the "StudioWall", our
(yearbook-like) tribute to the National Midnight Star!

Join the others on the wall at

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 21:50:42 EST
Subject: Rockline interview

I missed Rockline in January, and would like a recording from someone if
possible.  I'll pay for tape and postage.  Please e-mail me if you can help
out.  Or, maybe we can trade, as I have lots of older interviews from Tom
Sawyer to Counterparts.  Thanx. 

By the way, I agree that Neil is not the Michael Jordan of rock.  He is the
Vlade Divac! --Armen

GO JAYHAWKS!  There can be only ONE!


From: Chris Sadlers 
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 08:04:49 -0500
Subject: Best Bassist

Simple, the best bassist of all time is easily Les Claypool from Primus.
He is a god. Whether he is bangin on his six string fretless or slidin
down that electric upright, he IS PRIMUS. listen to DMV or My Name is
Mud or even just about any song by Primus (especially live stuff) and
you will know why. 


Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 08:27:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Metallica-Rush-Master of Puppets

They thanked rush because they borrowed Rush's riff.  Listen to sanitarium
in the last 90 seconds.  Then listen to the first minute of tom
sawyer.  Same riff.


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 18:24:14 EST
Subject: Neil Peart famous quotation

I sent this in last week but never saw it appear (lost in cyberspace?)
>From a  website of famous quotations: go to "p"

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. 
 - Neil Peart


From: "Keith Hurst" 
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 11:48:49 GMT
Subject: Bruford with Genesis

> From: Pat Lynch 

> Bruford plays mostly everything on Seconds out...[].... Thompson did 
> however play 90% of Three Sides Live, 

Hey everyone,
Well, I forgot how this linked to Rush [oh yeah, drummers....], but I 
have to disagree with Pat.  Below are listed who played what on SO 
and 3SL, with thanks to my good friend Paul for confirming this:

**Seconds Out**
Side 1:
Sqounk [CT]
The Carpet Crawl [CT]
Robbery, Assault & Battery [CT, with PC on keys]
Afterglow [CT]

Side 2:
Firth of Fifth [CT & PC]
I know What I Like [CT]
The Lamb ... [CT]
The Musical Box [CT & PC]

Side 3:
Supper's Ready [CT, with PC on Apocalypse 9/8]

Side 4:
Cinema Show [BB, with PC on keys]
Dance on a Volcano [CT]
Los Endos [CT & PC]

**Three Sides Live** ....... does not tell us which ones PC plays on
[therefore not differentiating between those with ONLY CT, and those
with CT & PC].

Side 1:
Turn It On Again

Side 2:
Behind the Lines
Me & Sarah Jane
Follow You, Follow Me

Side 3:
In the Cage [Medley, Cinema Show & Slipperman]

Side 4:
One for thr Vine
Fountain of Salmacis
It/Watcher of the Skies [BB].

Ok, that's a wrap for me on the Phil, Chester, and Billy B front.

Check you all later.



From: "matthew alexander majewski" 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 15:21:08 -0000
Subject: Help

Hello Everybody!

I'm looking for some posters.  Specifically, from the...
Grace Under Pressure Tour:
 "Album Cover" 24x36
 "Thomas & Mack Tour Date" 20x24

Hold Your Fire Tour:
 "UK Tour Date" 24x35

A Show of Hands:
 "Album Promo"  24x30.5

Test For Echo:
 "Sunset Album Promo" 36x18

If you have one or all please drop me a line.

Get your FREE Email at


From: John Lupoli 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:57:57 -0500
Subject: MP3

Hi fellow Rushians,
	Where can I get MP3s of Not Fade Away and You Can't Fight It?

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


From: Chris Walker 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 99 15:02:17 -0000
Subject: Cry for Musical Help

I apologize for the off-topic nature of this post, but
I'm running out of options and I thought I might tap
the great keg of musical wisdom that is the NMS....

About 9-12 months ago (way to be specific, eh?) I was
up late watching PBS and they ran a special about the
a capella group The Persuasions. Long story short, I
want a tape of the program (mostly for the mind-bending
version of Rainy Night in Georgia). ANY information
about even the name of the special or where to get a
copy (I'll gladly trade up Rush "footwear" for a copy
if you've got one) would be greatly appreciated.

 Chris Walker


From: "Rodd Karp (Volt Computer) (Exchange)"
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 08:58:40 -0800
Subject: Rush Sighting in Seattle!

In this past week's Stranger (one of our local scene rags, quite tasty
too... they've been nice to my band!)
they mention Rush in a special section talking about what is necessary for
good rock... here it is:
7 Classic Rock Records Which Aren't Really Classic Rock Records at All
	Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive 
	Rush 2112 
	The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street 
	Journey Frontier 
	Boston Boston 
	Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 
	David Bowie Heroes 

I know they only got second... and it's kinda a weird category. But there
they are!


Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 14:28:31 -0700
Subject: For the Rush Manager

I wanted to thank you for continuing the NMS.  I really only
subscribe to it because of the "administrivia".  It's the only
way I hear the latest info about Rush.  



From: (Maurizio Mazzi)
Date: Sat. 5/15/99
Subject: Rik Emmett/Triumph fans

For any Old Triumph or Rik Emmett fans in the New England area. Please read
the following announcement:

Rik Emmett will be appearing for two consecutive shows in Massachusetts!

Location: Berklee College of Music - David Friend Recital Hall
          Boston, MA
Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Riley Commons
          Worcester, MA
Time: 7:30

Rik has agreed to have a different set list for each night so that people
who want to see both shows will get double the enjoyment!

Ticket Prices:
   One Show:   $40/person
   Both Shows: $35/person

Meet and Greet Rik Emmett after the show:
   There will be meet and greet sessions with Rik after both shows.  We will
be under time constraints, so...  Meet and greet will be on a first pay,
first meet basis.  As time allows, people will be allowed to talk to Rik and
have him sign something/take pictures, etc in the order in which we received
your money.  People who buy tickets to both shows will have first priority
to meet Rik after at least one show.  I know we will not have enough time to
allow everyone to meet Rik, so get your money in early.  We will do our best
to do this fairly.

Send your money (payable to Dan Bolton) to:
Dan Bolton
199 Elm St.
Dedham, MA 02026

Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) for us to return your
tickets to you.  Tickets will be mailed immediately if you include a
cashiers check or money order or as soon as the check clears if you use a
personal check.  If your check bounces, you are responsible to pay the fee
before you receive your tickets.  Write your email address on your payment
so we can contact you in the event of a problem.

Directions and Area food/lodging: Will be made available via e-mail and a
web site soon!

Questions can be sent to:

Rik is very excited about these shows and so are we!  See you there.


"Any system of morality which is based on relative
 emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly
 vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it
 and nothing true."
               --Plato, *Phaedo* 69b


From: Alan Edwards 
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 14:54:33 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Fight the Good Fight

On Rik Emmett and Triumph:

Bill Bibber wrote:
> Also, to the guy who asked about "Fight the Good Fight", that  would be
> Triumph, another fine Canadian power trio.  Unfortunately, Rik Emmet's
> ego eventually ended that band.

Actually, if you must distill the breakup to one or two sentences, it
would be more accurate to say this:  "Rik wanted to progress; but Gil
and Mike wanted to milk it for all it was worth."  The whole story from
Rik's perspective can be found here:



Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 21:10:52 -0600
Subject: Re: Intro to Rush and the World (USA)

Hey Rushians,

It's funny that we all hate MTV's lack of covering REAL music.  MTV was
the link to my love affair with Rush's music.  In 1982 (I was 12 years
old)  Red Barchetta and Tom Sawyer were in the regular rotation.  I
absolutely fell in love with Barchetta.  It remains one of my favorite
songs to this day.  One of the kids down the street was the youngest of
5 children.  His sibs had good taste in music, and Rush was one of his
brother's faves.  We would listen to Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures
all the time, along with the Beatles.  My interest continued to grow
with the release of Signals.  But, upon hearing Distant Early Warning, I
was totally hooked.

Hey Slim, I agree with your opinion that us Americans think that we are
"The World".  And it is funny how pro sports teams here consider
themselves "World Champions" when they haven't played other teams around
the real world.  Though, there is a good argument that the best
basketball/baseball/hockey players in the world play in North America. 
(American football doesn't count since it's only played in the US.)  But
that has something to do with money.  That again leads us back to your
first comment, which I agree with.  At least "real" football has some
kind of "world championship" with the Champions League.  GO PSV

Scott Fab....

Alex is the Luc Nilis of guitar.  AARGH!!!  I can't believe I said


From: "McDow Mobile" 
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:49:52 -0500
Subject: tnms 2180


Just some comments about other comments...

>I think that if Rush releases another studio record
>and decides to tour, they are going to need a decent
>AOR hit single, or at least some better promotion
>work from Atlantic. -Mike Kubik

Or decent warm up bands, like they had for CP...

re: symphrush
>The new release date is for July 20, 1999. Orders
>will begin June 14, 1999. -rushmgr

If those dates hold up it will hit my mailbox on my birthday!

>"almost" is as much as the Police's music almost always
>has a certain beauty, except when you listen to "Mother"...),

"I Think I'm Going Bald" and "Mother", two songs I
hate by two bands I listen to (often). "Mother" by Pink
Floyd on the other hand...

>I alphabetize my CD's and put them in chronological order
>according to group (Rush's eponymous album first, followed
>by FBN, COS, ad nauseum).  That's pretty anal. - Simon

I don't think that's so anal. When you also keep a spreadsheet
personal "discography", alpha, by release date and *must* update
it every time a change occurs, well there may be a need for therapy.

>It's been a long time since Kinder Acts of Rand-dym has surfaced. -Ike

I couldn't figure out which made me laugh more, the psych project
or the KAR. Out of the two I knew the KAR would resurface. Yes,
much damage inflicted by the KAR.

Well, it seems I'm not much on original thought tonight, so...



Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 01:32:59 -0500
Subject: SCTV

SCTV is on the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On NBC in place of the later show.


From: "Grauw, de H.(BNS SU NO)" 
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:32:00 +0100
Subject: Triumph & misc


I'm sure it's been covered before but if you're interested all Triumph CD's
are reissued with original liner notes etc. I got 'Just a Game' a coupla
years ago for peanuts at Sam the Record Man in Toronto.

I got into Rush in 2 stages: first in 81 when a Dutch compilation album
called Hard Rock Live included 'What you're doing'.. Then I  forgot sort of,
buying 1 or 2 albums, but in 85 a radiostation premiered PW along with
Triumph's 'Stages' and I was hooked .

As far as I'm concerned 84/85 still rules as fas as music goes.. Rush,
Triumph, Mellencamp, Roth & Van Halen, Steve Perry's solo album, Night
Ranger, Bryan Adams when he was still good, Southern Accents by Tom Petty..
I still listen to most of these guys..


Oosterbeek, The Netherlands
PS mourn with me, my cat Geddy was run over yesterday....


From: "Peter Chestna" 
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 06:56:23 -0500
Subject: Rik Emmett shows in Mass (No Rush Content)

Sorry about the non-Rush post, but there's not 
a hell of a lot to talk about.

Anyway, I have been arranging two concerts in Massachusetts for 
Rik Emmett of Triumph.  I figured guys and gals who are into
Rush might have also enjoyed Triumph like I did.  The concerts are
May 14 and 15.  Rik puts on amazing solo shows and there will be 
opportunities to meet Rik after the show.  IF you love Triumph 
or are lucky enough to own Rik's solo albums(5), then check 
out my web site:

Hope to see you there.

"To you -- is it movement or is it action?       Peter J. Chestna
 It is contact or just reaction?                 HighGround Systems
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From: Buknbro 
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 08:24:59 -0800 (PST)
Subject: baseball

Slim said:
>Paul - I have *no* confusion about basketball and >baseball - I
>merely used the term "World Series" as a convenient >way to
>illustrate that Americans have a tendency to believe >that their 
>country is "The World".  

Slim, you're right, in a way. The media in the U.S. promotes this idea
in suttle ways. Like when they present statistics prefaced by "There
Are" instead of "In the United States there are". I always have to ask
myself, wait, are they talking about the U.S. or the world? I can now
watch BBC News on cable TV, and it is a major improvement over the
hyperbolic noise of American stations. 

HOWEVER!!! The World Series is indeed a world event it's just that no
other countries are yet playing the game on our level. We do have
players from all over the world in MLB. Furthermore, soccer or futball
as the rest of the world calls it, is BORING!!! By the way, Geddy is a
huge baseball fan. <-- (Rush contenet)



Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 12:29:02 EST
Subject: Rush, what else?

They call me Hanstones, and I'm a Rushaholic...

The summer after my freshman year of high school (1984, I just turned 15), I
worked with a guy named Jimmy who was two years my senior (I worked the same
summer job with Jimmy for the next four summers, which is important to this
tale).  That first summer we both worked a boring manual labor factory job,
but we wore Walkmans incessantly.  At the time, I was mostly into Pink Floyd
(still am), and bands like Van Halen, as well as 80's Heavy Metal types like
Def Leppard (Zeppelin clones, but I didn't know that at the time).  Jimmy
classified the latter as "bubble gum rock", and exposed me to Rush and Led
Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin became HUGE for me at that time, and remained so until
my freshman year in college, when I "wore them out").  Although I was familiar
with both bands' radio hits, I didn't own any albums.  The first Rush song he
had me listen to was YYZ, live from Exit Stage Left.  As I was a drummer
wannabe (in the marching band), I was awestruck with the solo.  To be honest
though, Geddy's voice bothered me, and at the time I was very anti-synthesiser
in a stubborn pro-classic-rock kind of way.  This was during the Signals to
Power Windows era, and I'd tell Jimmy that The Big Money and Distant Early
Warning was sell-out synth-music, and I foolishly thought the drums on Big
Money were programmed.  He was a true Rush fan, and would politely tell me I
didn't know what I was missing, and that I'd eventually come around.  That
first summer he made me a tape of Permanent Waves (side A) and Moving Pictures
(side B).  I began listening to it day after day, and would do my job with my
mind in the music: Red Barchetta, Jacob's Ladder, The Camera Eye, Freewill,
Limelight etc.  To this day, that is the perfect double album in my mind,
great to introduce others to Rush.  However, I still couldn't get into The Big
Money on the radio, and was becoming more and more impressed with Led
Zeppelin, so further exposure to Rush beyond PeW and MP had to wait.

The summer after my senior year in high school, (same summer job working with
Jimmy), we both had our Walkmans ready when the radio premiere of Force 10 was
played.  I was ASTONISHED!  This song had energy, making my blood boil the
same way Red Barchetta did.  This definately was like no other "new" music
being played on the radio.  I went out that day and bought Hold Your Fire, and
was infected forever (it's still my fav Rush).  Having just graduated High
School, I remember listing to Time Stand Still and being overcome with the sad
realization that I would never see many of my school mates ever again.
Realizing I had done myself an injustice by not getting into Rush sooner, I
asked Jimmy for more Rush and he made me a tape of Signals & P/G.  I was
immediatly blown away by Countdown, and quickly took to the beauty of The
Weapon, Afterimage, Losing It, The Body Electric, etc.  It was then that I
came to the realization of the difference between then-current Rush and PeW/MP
era Rush, and how Rush had adapted to changing musical genre's.  Because of my
memory of YYZ live, I bought ESL on CD, and couldn't believe what I had been
missing out on, (La Villa and The Trees, WOW!).   I soon bought Cd's of PeW
and MP, then 2112, P/G & PoW, and quickly filled in the blanks working
backwards from Hemispheres until I had them all.  Each new album came as an
undiscovered treasure.  Sadly, Rush didn't come to Denver on tour that year,
and I had to wait until the Presto tour, but I was the biggest fan at
Fiddler's Green that night (the night the sound went out in general admission,
but thats another story).

Through college and continuing today, none of my friends have understood.
Unlike Led Zeppelin, I have never "wore out" Rush.  Its impossible, as they
have so much to offer.  Until subscribing here, the only other Rush fans I
knew was Jimmy, its great to know I'm not alone!

With sincere thanks to Ged, Alex and Neil,
Eric Hansen
"Catch the mystery, catch the drift...."


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