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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2184

                   Monday, 22 Mar 1999

Today's Topics:
                    APOLOGY TO RYAN....
                  more goosebumps and...
                       Spocks Beard
                      Intro to Rush
                       First Album
               Spine tingling RUSH moments
              Intro to Rush and First Record
             re: Video for "Different Stages"
                 Re: Anality of Rush fans
                     Yes we are anal.
     RE: 03/18/99 - The National Midnight Star #2182
             POSSIBLE DS DVD GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!
             A Passage to Bang, err  Toronto
                      Rush & Violins
                      Intro to Rush
            Intro To Rush.....Yet another....
                    stuff and nonsense
     Re: 03/19/99 - The National Midnight Star #2183
                  In Defense of Scarred
             Hello to all female Rush addicts
                  Re:  Opening bands...
                       First Album
                     Pieces of Brain
                        Rush Intro
            Ryan Whitaker and Scarred Records
           Three Sides Live/Rush in the studio?
     Re: 03/19/99 - The National Midnight Star #2183
                  First Rush experience
                 The Ultimate Peart Lyric

From: "Robert Miceli" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 07:28:20 -0500
Subject: APOLOGY TO RYAN....


Hello NMS users, if you recall I sent out and really stupid email
about scarred records in particular Ryan Whitaker.  This email was intended 
for the Rush MRG's eyes only.. however I may of emailed it out to the wrong 
address.. looks like I frigin did eh....

   [ Sorry, my fault for not reading through the digest and spotting this
     and taking it to private email...                           : rush-mgr ]

I just wanted to say that it was a scum thing for me to do and I am very 
sorry.  His people is truly for real..  Even though I did receive the CD just 
hours after the EMAIl, the CD is blank by the way...  I guess
i deserve it...

Anyway's, Ryan thinks that I reported him to the Post Office..
I almost did but I didn't.   I figured I've done enough damage with the 
email,  and that i could be wrong about this guy.  I thought the CD was late 
5 weeks and I was wrong about that.  I've been screwed before with sending 
money to buy things over the mail.

Ryan did send me an email, and offcourse he is upset but at the end of the 
email he still offers his help and tells me to take care.
Ryan you remind me of me believe it or not... your a good man..

So I hope people still purchase music From this man.  

Ryan get a hold of me so I can say sorry over the phone....

AS for RUSH news.. things are looking good.  They asked Geddy
if they would play at the NEW Air Canada Centre...  He said yes.

Rob Miceli


From: Simoa Drew 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 14:57:51 -0500
Subject: more goosebumps and...

hey all,

to continue my own thread...

the live version of "bravado", especially on the Rush-n-roulette (92)
boot is incredible; that doesn't bring just goosebumps, that approaches
the tear plateau.

also, alex's acoustic guitar in the chorus before the last verse of 'scars" 
is another fine goosebump moment.

Now, for the less ego-stroking bit....I caught a double whammy 
of VH1's Behind the Scenes featuring metallica and crue and it
occurred to me that rush could never be on Behind the Scenes 
because the don't follow the simple formula every band on there seems to have:

      - Meteoric streak to stardom, frequently based around a hit single or 
album; band's lifestyles, bank accounts, members, etc can't keep up with the 
exposure.  hair and/or make-up/clothes dominate conversation;
     - Variable period of hedonism and fast living marked by excesses of 
drugs, women and cars.  can you imagine Geddy saying, as Kirk Hammett did, 
"You know, getting rubbed down by eight women in the hot tub..."
      - Sudden loss and/or apostacy, punctuated by death/overdose/paternal 
      - Long period of realization/epiphany, highlighted by solemn 
soul-searching and acceptance of fallibilities.  Drug rehab followed by 
"clean" label usually applicable here. Divorce is also common, though it 
usually triggers more clarity and is seen as a "step forward"

     - Triumphant return to former glory.  Band plays bigger and better gigs, 
makes new fans, leaves dark past behind, embraces "new creativity"; stable 
marriages and toddlers frequent images during this phase; shorter hair, 
clearer speech, wistful smiles all trademarks of maturity. corpulence (as in 
Vince Neil) lurks in the shadows

No wonder Rush will never make it.  You might even say that they're pretty 
boring! And for that, and everything else, I love them




From: John Parks 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 11:59:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Spocks Beard

I am curious to see how many Spocks Beard fans are on this thing.  All
you Rush fans are very open to new music and I think that if you like
YES, Genisis, and other prog bands I think you would dig the Beard. 
The reason I ask this is because they might be planning a tour this
May and they could benefit greatly from new listeners that would come
see them live.  If you want some samples go to their homepage and click on the discography
link.  They have samples from their 3 releases as well as the new one
to be released March 23rd.  Lets try and help out this great band.  Go
listen to the samples, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Later all,

NP: Anekdoten/Vemod 

John Parks


From: Tracy Smith 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 12:11:08 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Intro to Rush

This is a pretty cool thread and after reading others' memories of their 
first experience of Rush, well I just had to send a short post, too!

Long ago in the summer between 6th grade and the elusive 7th (elementery 
to junior high) my friend let me listen to a tape "her cousins from 
Canada" sent her. It was Rush, for the life of me I can't recall what 
song it was (I could kick myself).

I liked what I heard and from then on I just kept an ear out for any Rush 
song. I didn't actually own their records because friends and family 
did. It was only a few years ago that I started to actively collect all of 
their CDs. The one tape I had up to that point was A Show of Hands and I 
did go to their Presto concert in the early 90s. The last few years have 
been my "catching-up" period and it sure has been worth it! TFE tour was 
so much more meaningful to me!

Rock on!


" Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help 
them to become what they are capable of being." ~ Johann W. von Goethe ~


From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:22:33 -0500
Subject: First Album

The first album I ever owned was "Love Gun" from KISS.  My older brother had
a cassette copy, and I made a copy of that!  Months later I received "Let
There Be Rock" from AC/DC for Christmas.

The first album I ever bought with my own money was "Alive II" from KISS.



From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:30:23 -0500
Subject: Spine tingling RUSH moments

Spine tingling RUSH moments:

1.  The closing minute or so of "Lakeside Park."  So mellow, yet the best
ending to a song I think I have ever heard.

2.  When the lead guitar breaks in during the intro of "Before and After."
Very climatic.

3.  The lead break and closing phrases in "Limelight."

4.  The entire song of "Subdivisions."  Especially the simple keyboard
melody following each chorus.

5.  The solo in "Between the Wheels."

6.  The middle section/solo area of "Big Money."

7.  The solo in "The Pass."

8.  The closing of "The Mission."

>...And many others that I can not think about right now, I am sure!



From: "Greg Sanderson" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 12:36:40 PST
Subject: Intro to Rush and First Record

Dear All,

Well, I figured I'd pitch in on these two threads:

My intro to Rush was gradual - first song was TSOR, which at the time I 
didn't really like a helluva lot (I was more of a TOTO kinda guy - more 
of that later).  That was it for ages, and then I went to college, ran 
into a great guy by the name of Russ, who was hugely into Rush.  Despite 
being pummelled by virtually every Rush song over my first year at 
college, TSS, Countdown and Marathon were the only ones to really stick 
(and TSOR of course, finally warming to it).

2nd year of college, the same week I met my current fiancee, I bought 
Chronicles for about $3 on double-cassette.  This started to get me sold 
on later Rush, although I still didn't like much of the first tape.

Finally took the plunge, bought Power Windows (still telling my mate 
that that was gonna be my only Rush CD purchase - hahaha) and then HYF 
and ASOH followed, yup you guessed it, after that the fever finally 
gripped me in total and it was a subsequent cascade of spending over the 
next few years which led me to where I am now, having sold on all my old 
CD's and replaced them with the complete remaster set, having got all 
but CP on vinyl, plus every tourbook except CP (must be my unlucky 
album, even though it's my second favourite!), plus more 12"'s, 7"'s and 
cassettes than I care to recall!

As for first record (if anyone is still reading!), on the vinyl front I 
come up a blank, closest I can get is my first 7", that being the still 
magical Orinoco Flow by Enya.  First album on CD as far as I can recall 
would have been Toto: Past to Present 1977-1990 (told ya they'd pop up 
again before the end of the post!)

Well, it's been an odyssey so far - let the journey continue!

Greg Sanderson 
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From: Gregory Stepien 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 13:29:22 -0800 (PST)
Subject: re: Video for "Different Stages"

I'm writing this to forward some information that I got from a radio
interview with Alex Lifeson on CHTZ 97.7 FM in St. Catherines, ON, CA.
 According to this, the video is "in the can" right now and it appears
from what I read into the interview that the video will be released
soon.  I have seen a transcription for this interview online
somewhere, but I forgot where the link was.  I have heard a rumor (and
this is not confirmed) that Atlantic Records may be releasing a box
set for "Different Stages" which would include ALL(!) of the tracks
that didn't make the final cut on the North American release.  This is
why I haven't bought the Japanese import yet with the bonus track
("Force Ten") and two mini tour books.  It seems to me that within
this set, if it is true, would be the perfect time to release the
video don't you think?  Just an observation.



From: Gregory Stepien 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 13:36:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Anality of Rush fans

I must confess that I am about as anal as they come about all of my
belongings, but especially my CD's.  I alphabetize them and line them
all upright.  In fact, to this day, it aggravates me that the label
for "Presto" was printed reverse that of all of my other CD's.  Also,
when I put all of my CD's of the same group together, I organize those
from the same year by catalog number.  I'm just glad I'm not alone. 



From: Patrick Berry 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 14:39:53 -0800
Subject: Yes we are anal.

I (like most of you) tend to keep my Rush CD's in some kind of order.  I
have a 61 disk changer so my preferred method is chronological order.
Its nice to listen to one as I go to sleep each night and watch the
evolution of one truly dynamic group.  You just can't get bored with
these guys.

I haven't gotten around to getting a CD player for my car so I use my
tape collection there (that's how I got into Rush, by buying discount
bin tapes, mainly the songs I heard on the radio).  I have all the tapes
in chronological order in a case so I can pick out the tape I want to
listen to without looking down.  I don't do that at all with my other
tapes and CD's.

Has anyone noticed the difference in ones level of Rushaholicism when
one make the transition from tapes (typically listen to in the car) to
CD's (listened to at my desk with headphones).  Suddenly some of the
albums that were never my favorite suddenly brought about a whole new
meaning.  (I'm specifically thinking of Presto.  That album is
unbelievable!)  I realize that those of you who were around for the age
of LPs were already aware of this, you lucky bastards.  The rest of us
had to catch up.



From: Terri Conley 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 17:40:29 -0600
Subject: RE: 03/18/99 - The National Midnight Star #2182

To Michael Reeves "RUSH in Tawain....... We have a friend there (Jeff =
Metcalf), and also a great RUSH fan so were wondering if the two of you =
have met?


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 18:11:25 EST

Please everyone this is only speculation, I don't mean to give anyone a false
glimmer of hope, but here goes!!!!!!!             I got an E-mail today from
VH1's program schedule department which tells me the program line up for next
week. The woman in charge said that Rush as well as Kiss and a few other bands
would be on their video playlist for next week. This makes me wonder, why
would they announce this, especially if they intended in only playing old
videos. I've been e-mailing them for months to re-broadcast the "Limelight"
Pop Up Video and have been ignored. The only possible reason I could think of
was that they are hopefully going to show a live video from the DS tour. And
if they indeed do this, then hopefully the long awaited Different Stages DVD
will be following sometime soon!!!!!!!!! WE CAN ONLY PRAY!!!!!!!! Wasn't it
tentatively scheduled for this month?  I am going to check VH1 this week,
however I might not be able to catch it. Fellow Rushians keep your eyes
E ver hopeful,
E ric Hawley. 



From: Brian 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 19:51:39 -0500
Subject: A Passage to Bang, err  Toronto

I'm finally going to make it to Toronto this year and I was wondering if
anyone with info out there could tell me where one with limited funding
could find a place to stay for 2 nights. Best Western, Motel 6, hostels,
something along those lines. The closer to the city, the better. 

I'm definitely hitting the prerequisite Rush sights, along with Eaton
Centre and a few museums. I here the Museum of Science is pretty cool.
Anyone with some other places of interest should feel free to let me

Here's a couple of good thread idea's:

For tourists:
How much fun did you have in Toronto?

For Residents:
How much fun are Rush-induced tourists?

If you have had a bad experience with either, just let bygones be



ICQ# 20498943


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 99 16:30:11 -0500
Subject: Rush & Violins

     Lazarus  wrote:
     "Okay, now for my first RUSH experience.  In 1998 my boyfriend, who 
     was a diehard fan, introduced me.  When he learned that I'd played 
     violin for 15 years, he played "Losing It" for me.  My life changed, 
     or rather I should say, I changed my life.  The music of Rush has 
     always been an inspiration to me ever since."
     -> To Lazurus,
     I take it you realize that Ben Mink was the violinist who guested on 
     "Losing It"?  FYI, Ben currently is a producer/co-writer/session man 
     with k.d. lang, but used to play electric violin in another rather 
     obscure Canadian band called FM (fronted by none other than the 
     infamous 'Nash the Slash', a mummified vocalist).  I believe I had the 
     pleasure of seeing FM open up for Rush on the PW tour.  Great band, FM 
     is/was.  If you want to look for their stuff, I'd recommend it!


From: "Norm Jensen" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 18:14:37 PST
Subject: Intro to Rush

Back in '83 when I was 13, I was on a trip with the high school band to 
a state competition.  The trip was an especially long one and there were 
plenty of classmates that had walkmans to help pass the time.  I noticed 
one of my friends that was passing his headphones around to let people 
hear a real cool effect.  Of course, I had to try.  He rewound the tape 
and let me listen to the sound of a helicopter passing by.  It sounded 
so cool :-)!  "Who is this", I asked.  "Rush, dude.  It's a song about 
the space shuttle", he answered.  I decided I'd have to check that tape 
out closer some day.

Later that year at another friend's house I noticed he had that funny 
tape with the dalmation sniffing a hydrant.  I wanted to hear the cool 
helicopter effect again, but he insisted that I check out the first 
track.  I was immediately hooked!  To this day, no other song besides 
Subdivisions has had such an impact on me (well, maybe Big Money as 
well).  I still get all goosepimpled when I hear the deep synth intro 
and I'm whisked away to that first listening.  Haven't been able to 
shake it since.

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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:23:36 EST
Subject: Intro To Rush.....Yet another....

Hello my fellow Rushians,
I was twelve years old, living in the small town Poland Spring, Maine.  My
neighbor, who was in a band in the seventies, and is now the sound technition
for a band called Chamealeon.  Anyway, he listens to Rush.  One day he was
blaring what I would soon find out to be the newly released Chronicals album.
I was completely amazed by them.  I was two years into taking drumming
lessons, my teacher spoke often of a one Neil Peart and a band called Rush,
but I never quite knew what he was talking about untill that pivotal day when
I knocked on my neighbors door and asked, "What is this incredible music you
are listening to??"  My first Rush album would not be bought untill '91 when
Roll The Bones was released.  It was my first Rush CD and to this day, it
remains my favorite for its reminder of my intro to Rush.  I guess I have
simply loved Rush since the day I heard Chronicals and heard Roll the Bones.
I soon bought everything I could get my hands on.  Being young and having no
source of income, it took me a couple of years to get every CD, but when they
relesed the Remasters, I bought every single one of them on the spot.  I now
attend the University of Maine at Farmington, and I am slowly turning all of
the students up here into Rush fans.  I have a radio show at my college radio
station, WUMF 100.5fm, and I find myself playing Rush way too much, but I do
get a lot of positive feed back from my "Loyal Listeners."
Till I get good enough reson to post again...
Good Night!!!!

Joe Latuscha
Feel Free to E-mail me at Rushian952@AOL.COM


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:11:39 EST
Subject: stuff and nonsense

>From: "dietrologia dietrologia" 
>John Rutsey--tell me, does he still suck on the drums, or has he gotten any

In my opinion, he never "sucked" on drums.  **Rush** is a fine first album,
and if you compare John to those that were around at that time, doing rock
[except maybe Keith Moon.....o-oh], I think he put in a tight and cool
performance on Rush.  There's no point in comparing it to NP, but even so -
you can't say he "sucked".  Can you?

>From: Chris Sadlers 
>Simple, the best bassist of all time is easily Les Claypool from Primus.

I saw Primus supporting RTB in the UK, and have bought all of their CDs since.
But, IMO, to say Les is the best, takes us back to the "who's the *best*
drummer" debate.  Sorry Chris, Les is so cool, but others are as cool, and so
different as to be incomparable.  Let's just enjoy all of them!

>On Rik Emmett and Triumph:

Am I right in thinking that he played on the Beyond Boarders record with Alex?

>Could it be that I have more in common with all you people than just Rush?
>we all really anal?

I sure am!

>From: "Paul Whiteman" 
>About the "Best Drummers" Phil vs. Neil debate...
>Personally, I believe that Neil is the most complex percussionist that 
>rock has ever seen.  Sure Phil played some interesting stuff with 
>Genesis, but c'mon folks...

Well, to me, PC just played different stuff.  Sure, less technical at times,
but I would say, no less interesting as a drummer....?  To say NP is the most
complex percussionist, I think would [a] need clarification, and [b] be
ultimatley futile, as there are LOADS of brilliant drummers out there.

WHO CARES WHO IS "BEST" ?? Just enjoy them all.



From: Matt Maholchic 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:40:40 -0800
Subject: Goosebumps

Great topic- the RUSH goosebumps.  Here are my top ten favorite RUSH 
goosebump moments:

1) The middle section and solo of Red Barchetta, from "wind in my hair" 
to the epic tom-tom barrage as Neil swings in his seat and brings us 
back into the song...that one always raises the hair on my arm.

2) "If their lives were exotic and strange, they would likely have 
gladly exchanged them for something a little more plain...maybe 
something a little more sane..."  I always think of a story about 
Beethoven, weeks before his death, wandering around the streets of 
Bonn...disheveled, unshaven, reeking from lack of bathing...screaming 
out in deaf agony "I AM BEETHOVEN!" to horrified onlookers...I love how 
Neil shows us the flip side of genius in these lyrics.

3) Aimee Mann singing "Time stand still..."

4) The sound of Columbia's engines revving up in "Countdown".

5) The solo from "The Trees".

6) Geddy's passion as he sings the chorus to "Resist".

7) The beginning of the march in "Natural Science".

8) The entrance of the band, complete with Neil's blistering salvo of 
drumming, in the "presentation" beginning of 2112 when the kid shows the 
guitar to the temple priests for the first time.

9) The chorus in "Emotion Detector".

10) The lyrics in "Cold Fire" when the guy's wife says "This is not a 
love song- this isn't fantasy land...then the chorus.  Whew!  Anyone who 
has been in a long relationship can relate to that one!


From: Deborah Fowler 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 19:40:22 -0800 (PST)
Subject: polarity

Did a whole seminar course on this in undergrad, so i've got to throw
in my own 2 cents...

>Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 09:26:23 EST
>Subject: vs.?
>I think some people reading this might have heard of a >band called
Rush who wrote an album/composition called >Hemispheres which explores
the truth found in >dichotomy. 
>The truth is not some compromise between the extremes, >but a
synthesis of the whole.

Yes, yes, yes.  The seminar course was on philosophy and we spent a
good deal of time discussing the Jewish philosopher A.J. Heschel's
thoughts on what he called "polarity."  Basically it's the thought
that Truth cannot be found by focusing on the extremes or even a
compromise (middle ground) between them, but by holding the extremes
in tension and acknowledging that one extreme cannot exist without the
other, the Truth is there in both.  

Of course, Heschel was more elegant in his laying out of the concept,
and it's been a while since that class... apologies for my stumbling
rendition.  At the time i was already a devoted Rush fan, and while
the concept of "polarity" resonated with me in my own thinking, it
also made me listen to many of Peart's lyrics in a new way--the
concept is there to be found.

And for what it's worth...  I'm with PMKMAN on the issue of respect as
well.  We must respect and be willing to learn from those who see the
world differently than we do--not to change our minds but to broaden
our horizons and destroy our stereotypes.

OK, i'm climbing off my soapbox for now... ;)
Travel is a tonic for the soul...
 -Harrod & Funck


From: "David M. Kellogg" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:52:12 -0500
Subject: Re: 03/19/99 - The National Midnight Star #2183

>Lets start a thread here.  Are there other bands that use *any*
>of rush chords, appergios, etc?

Well, I can't think of any bands that use Rush music right off.  However
there is very striking similarity between Rush's "Tom Sawyer" and Journey's
"Nickel & Dime" from their "Next" album, which was released approximately
four years prior to TS.


From: Will Collier 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:10:09 -0600
Subject: In Defense of Scarred

There was a rather nasty accusation levelled at Ryan Whittaker of
Scarred Records a couple of days ago in the NMS.  I don't know
Whittaker, but I have bought some of his discs in the past, and I've
corresponded a bit with him via email.

It's been my experience that Whittaker is entirely honest and
trustworthy.  He delivers on what he promises.  There is absolutely no
truth to the claim that Scarred is a "scam".  He's had the same web
address for the 6-8 months that I've been aware of Scarred, and it has
never changed.  There's simply no truth to the charge that he put up a
temporary site, then vanished with peoples' money.

It's also true that Ryan is often a little slow, particularly in
answering email.  For those who get bent out of shape about this, I'd
advise you to remember one thing:  this isn't, with thousands
of employees to take orders and ship products.  This is one kid with one
computer, operating out of a dorm room.  Given that, Ryan delivers as
well as anybody could be humanly expected to, and IMHO, he's a credit to
the Rush fan community.

Just my $0.02.

 -Will Collier


From: "Chris Dodd" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 23:16:30 -0500
Subject: Hello to all female Rush addicts

Just wanted to say it's nice hearing from the female side of Rush fans.
Thanks Deborah and Lazarus for sharing your comments with us.

A related story:

While at the Counterparts tour there was a girl sitting at the end of our
row who I couldn't take my eyes off of...not because she was drop-dead
gorgeous, but because she was singing right along with Geddy! -every word! I
tell was truly amazing. Very refreshing to see in a very "male
dominated" rock-group world.

Take care,
THE Bikeman

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>   Share the Road,
>         ___~0
>      _'\    >_
>     (*)/    (*)
>  It's One Less Car!
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From: Ike Pigott 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:28:00 -0600
Subject: Re:  Opening bands...

Steve Ervolino wrote that (paraphrased) Candlebox sucked ass as an
opener, wish we coulda had Primus.

Well, as a matter of fact, we did have Primus in Pensacola for the RTB
tour...  They did *not* win over the crowd, to say the least.  Don't
give me any of that "trash-the Southerners" crap, either... it just
wasn't a good show.  The two biggest hands they got was for the bass
riff from Cygnus, which Les dropped into a time-stop;  and when Rush's
roadies carried a bound-and-gagged Les Claypool and dropped him in the
middle of the stage in the middle of a Rush jam (I think it may have
been CTTH).

I remember all this well, because when CP tour came around, Candlebox
was the opening act.  I swear to God, none of us ever heard of them, or
even had the name right.

Two songs in, their performance began to win over a restless crowd, and
by the fifth song we were jamming away.  They thanked us for the
support, said they were big Rush fans too, and promised to clear out of
the way soon so the boys could start their set.    The cheer they got
for that was big, but not as big as the one they earned on their own.

Different strokes...  but I'm glad I saw both.

"Evolution: the natural law dictating that if you idiot-proof an item,
someone will just make a better idiot."

Ike Pigott
"just a fool on television getting paid to play the fool."


From: Ike Pigott 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:36:43 -0600
Subject: First Album

The Carpenters.

The brown album.


We've Only Just Begun.

Top of the World.

I was 3.

I still feel all warm just thinking about.  (No flames, please.  I said
warm.  Not moist.)

Ike Pigott
"just a fool on television getting paid to play the fool."


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 23:42:27 -0500
Subject: Pieces of Brain

Just some subjects that tickled my grey matter as I read TNMS:

1) First albums:  (for the puposes of this thread, I am not including =
any K-tel albums)  My first album was Supertramp- "Breakfast in =
America."  What a great album!  Some of the songs are dated now, but =
still one classy piece of rock.  Later, I moved on to REO Speedwagon "Hi =
Infidelity";  Asia "Asia" (first intro to what I consider to be hard =
rock - I was a little leary of hard rock, couldn't digest "Time Again" =
at the time, but I love it now); Journey "Frontiers" and then Phil =
Collins "Hello, I must be going"  (see, I do like Phil).  After that, It =
gets fuzzy, but better.

2) Bands ripping off Rush...hmmm...not sure about this, but does anyone =
else here some Rush chords in Pearl Jam's "Alive?"

3) Speaking of Tom Cochrane...a man who generally has written some great =
songs on some okay ablums.  One exception, the first album after Red =
Rider became Tom Cochrane and Red Rider.  Self-titled album and probably =
their best.  Opinions?

4) Chills-producing moments in music:  I'll pick three off the top of my =
    a)    The sustained guitar chord in the final chorus of "Scars"
    b)    Intro and the bridge between the instrumental and the final =
chous of "Red Skies" by The Fixx
    c)    middle section of "Mission"

Just my responses to various postings.



From: "Lemieux" 
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 00:52:33 -0500
Subject: Rush Intro

Everyone here has a cool rush story, so I thought I'd tell mine...

  It all started when my brothers friend Tom (22) came over tom our house.
We were all playing Risk.  I was only 12.  He put on A tape that started
with.  Dreamline.  I thought the music was pretty cool but didn't think much
of it.  Later,  When I was at a Music store with my brother, He suggested
that I buy Retrospective II.  I did, and loved it.  I then picked up the 2nd
Retrospective a couple of days later.  Rush influenced my Life when I went
out and bought a guitar because of Alex.  i have been playing for about 3
years and now have all the Cd's.

Bye fro now,


From: "Fred Kessler" 
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 10:33:59 -0600
Subject: Ryan Whitaker and Scarred Records

Hey all.

I am just writing to defend Ryan Whitaker and Scarred Records.  I only have
bought 2 CDs from him, but I can say from those two experiences that he his
a very honest guy.  He answered all of my questions.  He said the orders
would only take a week to get to me, but you know what?  They never took
longer than 3 days.

If something happened to you where you did not get your CDs, I am sure it
was just a fluke.  Therefore, you shouldn't be smearing this guy in public,

Fred Kessler


From: "Michael Melo" 
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 08:48:02 PST

>I'm sorry, but you mean to tell me (and everyone else) that you 
>playing drums at age 3?

Yeah, I did.



Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:06:54 GMT0BST
Subject: Three Sides Live/Rush in the studio?

For what it's worth, Three Sides Live was just that everywhere, 
except in the UK, which was treated to a fourth live side, because we 
had already been exposed to the deadly Paperplate ep.

I recall a story that Rush were going back into the studio this 
month.  Has this happened?  Any inside information anywhere?

Love and kisses,



Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 03:08:37 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: 03/19/99 - The National Midnight Star #2183

in response to the goosebump thread, i have a few.

 the end of the freewill guitar solo as they wind down into the verse

 -2112 "soliloquy"  

 first note of tom sawyer

 when the bass kicks in at the beginning of "Cut to the Chase"

i could go on forever, but i would like to hear what everyone else says.
i agree, this is a good topic


From: "M. Bruintjes" 
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 12:11:08 +0100
Subject: First Rush experience

Hello fellow Rushians,

My name is Michiel, and i'm from the Netherlands.
My first Rush experience was when i was about 7 or 8 years old. In these
day's my brother played a lot of Rush (2112, Xanadu, the trees) on his
stereo at a high level, so i had to listen. After a while i began to
like the music and started to listen to other LP's. So when they gave a
concert in the Netherlands i went to it, and experienced the best
concert of my life.

When they released Grace Under Pressure i kinda lost sight of Rush.
After this release i went to another concert wich was also excellent,
but the "New"music didn't get to me.

So Years went by without new Rush material for me. I often listened to
"old" Rush material (It's timeless) but that where only some periods.

Till a few months ago when i was together with my brother listening to
old Rush Songs. While we where listening we wondered when "Permenant
Waves" was released, after looking at the release date (1981) we where
We wondered if Rush was still making music, and after looking on the
internet we found that RUSH was still present.
I took my changes and ordered "Test for Echo"and "Different Stages" and
was al back to Rush. I must admit that you have to hear the music a few
times to get into it, but after that your into Rush. Now i've also
"Counterparts" and "Roll the bones" and i wonder if Rush is going to
give another concert in Europe !!!.

Greetings Michiel.


From: Stuart Hodgetts 
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 08:27:20
Subject: The Ultimate Peart Lyric

G'day all,

This may well be very hard to do, but IF you had to .....

What is your ultimate Peart Lyric?  But you have to limit yourself to 4 lines.

Billy Oz...out.


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