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Subject: 04/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #460

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 460

                  Thursday, 2 April 1992
Today's Topics:
                    RUSH at RIVERPORT
                         the fly?
                        Free Will
                       JUNO AWARDS
            Ludwig Posters and Neil's bandana
 Feeding the Flames...with an extinguisher and an apology
 Feeding the Flames...with an extinguisher and an apology
     Headband speculation #432534, and other headgear
                    Playing the oldies
                  Some responses to #457
                    Rush and hockey???
              The Final Word on The Bandanna
      Re: 03/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #457
                 Re: Rush wins Juno Award
                  Irvine Meadows advice
                         Box set.
                   Rush music on TV...
                 Kubla Khan, revisited...
                      i'm not tellin
                        rush etc.
                   Dougs cassette box!
                     Writing Letters
                      Neil's bandana
                  Neil's Poster . . . .
      Re: 04/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #459
                  Rush in the Desert!!!
                      April fools...
                   Fountain of Lamneth
     Rush at Merriweather Post in Columbia on 6/16 ?

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star <>
Subject: Administrivia

Hope you enjoyed the April Fool's issue of the NMS - thanks to all of
the contributors!

Once again, if you no longer desire to receive the NMS, PLEASE send mail
to the correct address; the ADMINISTRATIVE address.  Being in a not-well
mood today, I flamed one list member before dropping her off as she had
replied several times to the digest asking to be dropped.  I finally got
fed up and let her have it.  C'mon people, the address is in the intro
note you recieve, and at the beginning and end of every @#$%^&* issue!!
You're supposed to be mostly adult by now, right?  *sheesh*

Sorry, I'm sick and grumpy today.



From: (Joseph Corso)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 17:25:42 CST

RUSH is at RIVERPORT --->   JUNE 12

tickets this saturday,

a thanks to Washington U students,



From: Daniel B. Luning <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 19:29:31 -0500
Subject: the fly?

I just heard that there is a bootleg of the latest concert call "The Fly"
(no I'm not confused w/ U2).
It's from Italy and it was recorded on   Madison Sq. Garden show.
If anyone has any information on this or other Rush bootlegs, please e-mail me
the info.


|                 |  why are we here?                     |
|    Dan Luning                     |  who knows?                           |


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 20:27:33 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" <>
Subject: assorted

Hmmm...where to start?

Alright.  First, can we not devote any time and energy to a group as
frivolous as Firehouse.  Musically and lyrically, they are the
antithesis of Rush.  Let them do what they want, as far as I'm concerned
they don't matter anyway.

Also, the analyzation of Neil's bandana is getting out of hand.  As has
been said, it looks cool and probably keeps sweat out of his eyes as
well.  Neil and his music are pretty deep, but a gypsy allusion to his
bandana seems to be pushing it.  He just wears one.

As for a boxed set, I believe that the time will come.  Now is not
really appropriate, seeing as they have a few albums left in them.  I
would like to see Rush do the same thing as Queen supposedly has.  Now
that Freddie Mercury has died, I assume the band to be defunct.  In
September, from what I hear, a boxed set is coming out, and I think that
it will be a nice tribute to the band.

Enough venting.

Phil Simon

"Though it's just a memory some memories last forever."


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 17:40:46 -0800
From: Tim Oerting <>
Subject: Free Will

  In TNMS 457 Nick Mascari from Case Western mentioned the Rush tribute band
FREE WILL. I am new to this group so I'm not sure how much he has said about
the band but let me reiterate what he said. They are GREAT!
I have seen them twice (3 times ?) when I was at Kent State Univ. and
including once last winter when the band got snowed in and they were stuck.e
The lead singer (whose name I don't know) said it looked like they were going
to be stuck there for a while so they took a little break then played about 3
or 4 encores. He mentioned that it was the most encores they had ever played.

The band also plays some of their own music and last time I saw them they were
trying to gt people to buy it at the show. I think their stuff is OK but I
don't think anyone goes to hear them for it -- it is their great rush sets that
draws in the people.

The only background I can remember is that I believe they are from Toronto.

If anyone sees them it would be great if you could get a tour schedule for 
them and if anyone hears that they will be here (Seattle area) let me know. 
Also let
us know if Rush is playing any of the summer dates here in Washington!

Tim Oerting    ------------------------  "Some are born to move the world-
AA grad        To live their fantasies
University of Washington                  But most of us just dream about
---------------------------------------   The things we'd like to be" --Signals


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 17:36:29 PST
From: Michael.J.Smith@EBay.Sun.COM (Michael J. Smith (L.A. RAMS))

	The Juno Awards were held last Sunday (March 29th). Anybody
	know the results ????????


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 20:53 EST
Subject: Ludwig Posters and Neil's bandana

	Howdy there Rush-o-philes!  Since tons of people seem to have sent off
for Neil's Poster, let me answer some questions about it.  I sent away for the
last one (Presto tour), and it took about six weeks to get it in the mail.
For those who are wondering, this is not the first time Neil's kit has been
photographed for a Poster.  MD had adds for the Presto, HYF, and if I recall
correctly PW drum kits.  (I shuld've started collecting them sooner, ;).)  Now
for all the people who are curious about "the bandana" here's my $.02 worth.
Has anyone seen a recent picture of U2's The Edge?  Haven't seen him w/o a hat
have you.  He's losing his hair, it's natural, and instead of visit Sy and the
gang, he hides it.  Neil could feel that way too, I could also be dead wrong.
Like I said, just on opinion.  Ciao, and roll the bones



Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 21:44 EST
Subject: Feeding the Flames...with an extinguisher and an apology

Well, the flames I got over Firehouse were a little hasty.  If Rush can name
anything it darn well it pleases, so can Firehouse, or The Beatles, or anyone
for that manner.  Call it Distant Jumping Conclusion or Mystic Ignorance
if you will, but from now on I'll try to think in more sensible terms.
(Thanks to Tero Valkonen, David Sandberg, and others for your two cents.)
I'm sure there are a few Firehouse fans, but to me their formulaic and top-40
ready, and _I DO NOT LIKE THEM._  (I can just see more flames coming, and
they won't be from my hair ;) )

On a much more Rush-oriented note, has anyone (esp. in Canada) got a list
of awards Rush won in the Junos (Canadian Grammies)?  I heard they won quite a
few.  They might not be "The Three Sacred Ones" (as Tero so astutely put it)
but at least they get the recognition they deserve, may it be in this mailing
list or around the world.  (D. Sandberg: I watched the Fountainhead before
spring break and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I got the book too but I didn't get
the chance to read it.  Amazing how one person can stand on his own and have
the ability to make their choices no matter what criticism they might receive
or what others think...)

"Most changes are permanent" (Peart 11:1)
		    B R I A N  C O L B Y


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 21:44 EST
Subject: Feeding the Flames...with an extinguisher and an apology

Well, the flames I got over Firehouse were a little hasty.  If Rush can name
anything it darn well it pleases, so can Firehouse, or The Beatles, or anyone
for that manner.  Call it Distant Jumping Conclusion or Mystic Ignorance
if you will, but from now on I'll try to think in more sensible terms.
(Thanks to Tero Valkonen, David Sandberg, and others for your two cents.)
I'm sure there are a few Firehouse fans, but to me their formulaic and top-40
ready, and _I DO NOT LIKE THEM._  (I can just see more flames coming, and
they won't be from my hair ;) )

On a much more Rush-oriented note, has anyone (esp. in Canada) got a list
of awards Rush won in the Junos (Canadian Grammies)?  I heard they won quite a
few.  They might not be "The Three Sacred Ones" (as Tero so astutely put it)
but at least they get the recognition they deserve, may it be in this mailing
list or around the world.  (D. Sandberg: I watched the Fountainhead before
spring break and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I got the book too but I didn't get
the chance to read it.  Amazing how one person can stand on his own and have
the ability to make their choices no matter what criticism they might receive
or what others think...)

"Most changes are permanent" (Peart 11:1)
		    B R I A N  C O L B Y


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 21:52:16 EST
From: Ross Allan Roberts <>
Subject: Headband speculation #432534, and other headgear

In the past Neil wore a hat when he had headphones on. This was during songs
such as Red Sector A, that have a sequencer driving the keyboards, or
soetyhing like TimeStandStill which had to be synced to video. Ever wear
headphones and move your head around a lot? THey like to fall off... unless
there's something to take up any excess play... ergo, the hat.

I bet the headband replaces this, and also keeps the brow a bit drier. But
really, WHO CARES?!?

I hope they hit Columbus OH on the summer leg again... I wouldn't mind seeing
them a second time.

#Ross Roberts (|'85 IT200, '81 MX100       #
#DoD#0340, still patiently awaiting the 6ooF2...  |'88 YFM350 Warrior         #
 #---------------------4-stroke good, 2-stroke gooder!---------------------- #
 #       Today's Lyric:'I don't believe in love... it's never worth          #
 #                   the pain that you feel' -- Queensryche                  #


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 17:21:54 HST
From: puanani@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Playing the oldies


On the subject of Rush playing their older stuff -- someone paraphrased
what Neil was saying about it, and you got the basic gist of it.  Neil
was saying, and he's mentioned this several times in recent years, that
the band isn't comfortable playing *some* of  the older material because
the songs aren't as exciting to them anymore, or they've outgrown them
(either as songs or the ideas they were getting across). Because of that,
they don't feel they can play them as faithfully as they did before when
the song first came out, or as faithfully as the song itself demands.

If they can't play the songs faithfully, then it's like, as Neil has said
before, "lying" to the audience and to the song.  "Lying" to the song
because they aren't being true to it because they would not play it the
way it *should* be played. "Lying" to the audience meant that, because
of the first aforementioned provision, they'd be lying to the person
who likes that (those) particular song(s) and they don't want to do that
to the song or the person who happens to like that song.

There are times, however, when I REALLY wouldn't mind if they DID lie to
me   :-) , but I wouldn't feel right 'putting them' in that position.

Anyway, I just wanted to add that to what someone (sorry, forgot who it
was) was saying yesterday.  So, I think that's the main reason as to
why they don't play a lot of their older material; I'm sure the other has
to do with not enough time in their set, but, what can i say?...

Not to keep dragging this on, but someone was getting ticked off about
the lack of recognition for Rush -- it makes me think of Alex's guitar
playing -- they're both underrated.  Anyway, to h*ll with people who
don't recognize talent coupled with genuine integrity -- it's their loss.

puanani "we're not worthy! we're not worthy!"

WORQ: "If it's a random universe and it makes you neurotic --
		nevermind!  Roll the Bones" -- Neil Peart
 		(or something like that  :-) )


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 23:09:37 EST
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Some responses to #457


  It seems to me that a lot of people haven't seen the Roll the Bones tour
yet.  Well, do so if you can.  It's great.  I can only say it's great because
it was my first Rush concert.  But I heard from a guy on my BBS (Sybil BBS)
network that he very much enjoyed the show as well.  If I were you, I would
trust his word over mine, since this was his 7th concert.  He was also
privileged enough to see the 2112 tour which produced All the World's a
Stage, one of my very favorites by Rush.

  I picked up an interesting Rush trivia from the previous issue of NMS, and
it was the fact that the first American radio station that played a song from
their first album titled Rush, was WMMS in Cleveland, there is a thank you
note of this on the inside cover of the album.  Very interesting.  But I
still think that the media is ignoring Rush as much as possible.

  I hear a lot about people liking Caress of Steel.  I love the album.  But
it's not one that I listen to every day.  I only listen to the album under
certain circumstances, or a trans of some sort.  The ideology that goes
behind the album is very solid and most interesting.

  But my favorite album is still Fly by Night.  I think the power that is
used to produce the songs on that album is unmatchable by any other band.
Sure, I can see a very talented band redoing By-Tor and Snow Dog, but very
few groups can write songs and music like that.  It takes a significant
amount of energy and thought to come up with such thing.  If someone does
come up with similar songs, I think I would have to really appreciate them
for their talent.

  And finally, I would like to ask anyone who knows the NAMES (NOTE ONLY THE
NAMES) of all the bootlegs that have been made of Rush over the years.

                   [ I hope you let this one go thru ]

[ I know of:   Stellar Dynamics
               Electric Lady(land)
               Fly In The Night  (labeled '80, probably '78 or so)
               Rush-N-Roulette  '79  }  I get these two mixed up - one is
               Russian Roulette  '81 }   Geleen, Holland, the other is Chicago
               Xanadu  '80
               The Temples Of Syrinx  '80 (?)
               Sailing Into Destiny  '83/'81
               Looking Through A Window '86

  There's probably one or two I missed...                         :rush-mgr ]

  And that's, all she wrote.  Thanks everybody for reading this.

Keivan Khalichi at Virginia Tech.


Subject: Rush and hockey???
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 0:23:39 EST

How about this one??

Being a fan of the Detriot Red Wings, I watch the telecasts on WKBD when I
have the time.  Well, the past couple of games I saw (I do not remember the
dates), I noticed something:  during pauses in the action, the people at Joe
Luis Arena were playing Rush.  During the two times that come to memory, I
heard parts of _Red Sector A_ and _Distant Early Warning_  I don't know...
It just struck me as odd to hear the Boyz during a hockey game.  But then,
I've been accused of insanity more than once. :)


Hey Rush-Mgr!!  Is this .sig too long??

| "I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gates, |  |
|  Are the liberators here?                         | Insane undergrad, |
|  Do I hope or do I fear?"                         | Math department,  |
|            -from "Red Sector A"                   | Michigan Tech     |
|   Yes, they really do call me PeeWee...Try looking for Pwe on IRC...  |


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 21:44:47 PST
From: (Jeff Gray)
Subject: The Final Word on The Bandanna

Come on, people, it's so obvious.  Neil wears it because he has always, ever
since the Fly By Night tour, wished he could be Scott Rockenfield of
- jeff


From: J.C. Rush - Jay Cook <>
Subject: Re: 03/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #457
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 0:00:15 CST

 Yes, it's me again...after a little break with some more responses to stuff
 of the day.  (Oh joy... )

1.) Re: the Ludwig poster
   It's been about a month since I mailed the check to Ludwig, it's been
  cashed, but no poster.  If anyone has received theirs, I'd like it if
  they'd let themselves be known on the NMS.

2.) Re: Marathon ("Heartbreak Hill")
   I think that even though the song is not a DIRECT reference to the
  Boston Marathon, that line "the heartbreak climb uphill" is in no doubt
  a reference to Heartbreak Hill.

3.) Re: Neil's bandana
    I didn't know that you could BUY those bandanas!!  At the Richmond show,
  there were baseball caps ( got one ), but I didn't see any bandanas.
  If this was so, someone let me know.

[ Yep, they had 'em in Richmond, I almost bought one.  $8, I believe.
                                                               :rush-mgr ]

4.) Re: BOSTON LASER SHOW!!!!!!!!!
    I've seen the Floyd laser show at the Boston Museum of Science (I got
 off the T at Science Park, did I do wrong?) and since I'm in VA, can't
 make it to the Rush laser show.  (Nooo, really?)  But could someone get
 one of the little programs they give out at the show?  I'd very much
 appreciate it.  Email me for info, and uh...possible reparations.
 (i.e. What I'll give ya in return for your deed.)

  Well, that's enough for now.  Ciao Later!!!

                                         -da Kid


Subject: Re: Rush wins Juno Award
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 21:50:01 PST
From: Brett K. Elliott <bke@sactoh0.SAC.CA.US>

> Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1992 15:36 EDT
> From: Metalloid <AS374112@Orion.YorkU.CA>
> Subject: Rush wins Juno Award
> At the Juno Awards in Toronto last night, Rush won a Juno for Hard
> rock album of the year (Roll The Bones).
> Also, Best album design went to Hugh Syme, for Roll The Bones.
> Metalloid
Couldn't this be comparable to the guys from Chicago on Saturday Night
Live constantly awarding Chicago teams awards... "Da bulls" is kinda
like "Juno?  Da Rush."

No, his mind is not for rent   \_    Internet->
To any god or government.         \   UUCP-> PacBell.COM! -> bke!sactoh0
Always hopeful, yet discontent,    |  ucbvax!csusac! /
He knows changes aren't permanent. |
But change is.                  _ /  Brett Elliott   Sacramento, Ca
   --Neil Peart, Rush         /


Date:    Wed, 1 Apr 1992 1:42:04 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Junos!?!

Welp, on MTV today, I heard that the Junos were held and that Rush received
some awards.  My question to you fell Rushians is do you know which ones they

Send responses to:

Jeff Tesar


Date:  Tue, 31 Mar 92 16:12:11 PST
From: Bug Guts <>
Subject: Irvine Meadows advice

Pete MacKenzie asked:

> Has anyone been to Irvine Meadows?  It is an outdoor concert, and lawn
> seatting is all that's availible.  Is this an Amphitheater or a sports
> stadium?

I've been to Irvine Meadows a few times.  It's an open air amphitheater.
There are about 9,000 built-in seats and a patch of grass behind the last
row.  The grass holds another 5,000 or so.  I saw Boston play from the "real" 
seats and the sound was absolutely perfect.  Part of the reason, I'm sure,
was that Tom Sholtz is very picky about sound quality.  I believe Rush tries
to sound their best as well, so this could be a great experience.  I saw
Robert Plant from the lawn and was disappointed.  I don't know if it's that
he's not as particular about his sound or if the acoustics just aren't any
good from the lawn.  I do know that it was difficult to see from there
without constantly shifting positions.  If you go with a friend (rather than
a girl/boyfriend) and don't mind being separated, it might be a good idea to
get there early (like an hour or two before the opening band is supposed to
start) and stake out a spot at the rail and try to sneak down to the built-in
seats during the chaos that erupts as soon as the lights go down.

Another VERY helpful hint:  Park as close to the exit as possible.  I really
want to stress this!  This place is sort of out in the middle of nowhere and
there is only one road leading into the parking lot and after the concert
you can wait a seriously long time to get out if you don't plan ahead.  My
first time there I parked about halfway from the ticket window to the entrance
of the parking lot and it took over two hours to get out!  Park to maximize
your walk and run (or at least walk fast if you don't want to look as stupid)
to your vehicle as soon as the lights come up (and be in shape, because it's
probably between a quarter-mile and a half-mile just from the ticket-taker to
the lawn, not even considering the parking lot) and you can be out of there
in a few minutes.  But if you don't make it right away it can be frustrating.
You really don't want to be merging with 5,000 stoned, tired drivers into
four lanes of traffic.  I saw a dent or two (followed by a fight or two) while
waiting my two hours after Boston.

Just trying to be informative with my first post to TNMS,

Mike "Bugguts" Bacigalupi


Date: Wed,  1 Apr 92 13:09:39 EST
From: Jeff=Wilson%Support%ES@ops3.atlantaga.NCR.COM
Subject: Box set.


I can think of one real good reason for Rush to put out a boxed set. I just
recently got a CD player, so instead of me buying all 20 of the CD's right
away (what, at least $300, right?), I could buy the boxed set for $75, and get
most of the classic tunes.

BTW, the version of Xanadu on AFTK is MUCH better than the ESL version!


Date:         Wed, 01 Apr 92 12:03:55 CST
From: Gabriel Salcido <HR526257@VMTECMEX.CEM.ITESM.MX>
Subject:      Rush music on TV...

Here in Mexico I have heard Rush music on some TV shows like baseball
games (when they say "we'll be back after these messages", in spanish
of course), and on some station identifications (like 'You're watching...)
I have heard Red Barchetta, The Big Money, Grand Designs and YYZ, on TV.

About Rush airplay in Mexico, well, I have heard plenty of Rush music in
WFM in Mexico City (they even had a contest, the winner went to Houston
to see the boyz live, everything for free). RTB is often in their "most-
requested" lists.
I have also heard Rush in Energy 99 in Monterrey (Mexico, not California!).
Energia Digital here in Hermosillo thinks that Rush is 'too heavy' for them,
but they give them airplay once in a while. (But I don't care... If I want
to listen to Rush I get 'instant gratification' with my CD player =) )
Now you know.... there are plenty of Rush fans south of the border.
Gabriel Salcido.
(Please excuse my bad use of the English language)
ORQ: "Better People, Better Food, and Better BEER'


From: (Robert Sapp)
Subject: Kubla Khan, revisited...
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 13:30:28 EST

For the final dope on the composition of Kubla Khan (which inspired Xanadu),
I approached James McKusick, Ph.D.  Dr. McKusick is the author of several
books and countless articals about Coleridge and is an internationally known
Coleridge scholar.  He's also a good buddy of mine so I approached him
for the rest of the story.  Here is his response:

> The composition of Kubla Khan is a vexed issue.  Scholars do not agree on
> the date or place of composition, and what "inspired" Coleridge is
> equally subject to dispute.  However, some things are well documented:
> 	On the earliest known manuscript of the poem (now on display at
> the British Library in London, where I have seen it) Coleridge wrote:
> "This fragment with a good deal more, not recoverable, composed, in a
> sort of Reverie brought on by two grains of Opium to check a dysentry,
> at a Farm House between Porlock and Linton, a quarter of a mile from
> Culbone Church, in the fall of the year, 1797."
> 	This pretty clearly indicates that the poem was written under the
> influence of Opium, though that hardly accounts for its "inspiration."
> Among other exotic influences must be counted Col's reading of travel
> literature, especially Purchas (cited in the introductory note to
> the poem that he composed in 1816) and of course Milton's depiction
> of Eden in Paradise Lost.
> 	The "person from Porlock" is another vexed issue--did he really exist
> or did Col merely invent him as an excuse for not finishing the poem?
> Who knows??  Who cares??  That person is now become a mythic representation
> of those things that interrupt us and keep us from finishing our work.
> 	Col's most recent biographer, Richard Holmes, states that the poem
> was probably written at Ash Farm, at the head of Culbone Combe, on the
> coastal path that runs along the cliffs and woods between Porlock Bay and
> Lynton, in a remote area of the Bristol Channel (southwest England).
> Holmes's biography, "Coleridge: Early Visions" (Viking, 1990) can tell
> you a great deal more about the poem's composition.
> ~Jim

For the record, Jim doesn't care much for Xanadu so what the hell can he

ORQ: The whiteness of confusion is ungolding from my eyes.


Date:    Wed, 1 Apr 92 12:39:33 CST
From: storey%8046.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov 
           (Scott Storey @ Marshall Space Flight Center)
Subject: i'm not tellin

    Well had some free time, though I would write in:

Dan says
<Yes, all this stuff about Neil's bandana is getting out of hand.  Personally,
<I think this gypsy theory is stupid. He's wearing it because it keeps sweat
<off his face.  Neil has almost always worn some form of headgear or other in
<concert.  When I saw the HYF and Presto tours, he was wearing a cycling cap
<turned backwards.  I've also seen older concert clips (@PoW) and he was
<wearing a baseball cap turned backwards.  I don't think Neil is vain and
<worried about looking bald.  After all, his head is usually unadorned in
<all band photos and videos.  From now on, don't try and read so far into
<the things RUSH does, it borders on worship, to think that everything they
<do has some symbolic or hidden meaning.  They're just a great band and 3
<normal guys, not gods.

    Since I couldn't have said it better myself, I decided to
    plagiarize Dan. Enough already!

Guy says:

<Sounds pretty interesting. Which gets me thinking, how many of you
<have used words from Rush songs to identify yourself or things you
<do? For example, I also run a BBS called Cygnus X-1, using an alias
<of Digital Man. Other BBS names from Rush songs I have heard of are
<Red Sector A, The Rush, The Temples of Syrinx, etc.

    No Rush stuff yet! But I do manage 9 VAXstations; Beatle, Stones,
    Thewho, Ledzep, Kinks, Byrds, Zappa, Animal, and Gibson. Sort of
    rock related I guess.
<	Someone told me that the reason RUSH called their new album "Roll
<the Bones" was because Neil Peart apparently has bone cancer.  I was wondering
<if any of you had heard this or no more about this.

    hahahahahahahahaha, give me a break!

Jim says:

<PPS - I picked up a vinal copy of GuP, and there was a one inch
<      slit in the side.  A few other of the boyz's records had
<      these.  Any ideas why, or how much value the album loses?

    At the risk of 1299 people answering this; The album is a
    "cut-out". Done typically if the record company has too many
    albums lying around. It's worth what you paid for it.

    Would the notorious Mr. Rader please e-mail me. I lost (read
    deleted) your address, and I gots a question that only you can
    answer. And don't bitch about my long address, it makes me



Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 13:58 EST
From: sandra guzdek <>
Subject: rush etc.

hi there NMSers. i just have three things to say:
---i stand by my opinion that spinal tap sounds a bit like rush. not in all
songs, mind you, especially not "bitch school". but give "majesty of rock"
a whirl. it's a tribute to the whole genre (spinal tap joke).

---to the poster who complained about when people give names, initials,
venues, etc without being specific: i totally agree. there's nothing more
frustrating than finding out rush is doing a show and not knowing where the
hell it is. (by the way, WGR is out of buffalo and WCMF is out of

---i was in the burger king on campus the other day (bad, evil me) and you
know how they usually have that really awful pre-taped music? well, colour
me surprised when i heard "bravado"! it wasn't the radio, either. it amused
me to no end.  :)

see you later,
sandra g.                    .  .
ub illustration            \______/   buffalo, ny
"if women are supposed to be less rational and more emotional at the
beginning of our menstrual cycle when the female hormone is at its lowest
level, then why isn't it logical to say that, in those few days, women
behave most like the way men behave all month long?"
                                                     --gloria steinem
:):):):):):):):):):) ;) :):):):):):):):):):):):) ;) :):):):):):):):):):)

[ Love this quote!!  Score one point for Gloria!  :-)           :rush-mgr ]


Subject: Dougs cassette box!
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 10:26:34 PDT

     Dear Midnight Star;

How would I be able to attain some of that old
material on cassette like "Not Fade Away," and
The "Electric Lady Studios" bootleg which I have
but I am inquiring about the extended lyrical
version. I do have some rare bootlegs of Rush myself
audio and video if you would be willing to trade
some how?

    Dean Katona


Date:         Wed, 1 Apr 1992 3:19 pm EST (20:19:09 UT)
Subject:      Writing Letters

  For those who wish to write anyone in the band, this should me
   the most direct address :

     This is their management and is about as close as you can get :

                  S.R.O. Management,Ray Danniels
                  189 Carlton Street
                  Toronto, Ontario M5A2K7   Canada

                          Be sure to use extra postage....

 Has anyone ever heard Alex's solo on "Crying Over You" by Platinum Blonde?
  It has quite the most raw and emotional feel to it....


          "Gets in my head, spin my wheels , running on empty you
            know how that feels"


From: T J Moore-Read <>
Subject: Neil's bandana
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 14:52:20 BST

This is probably the definitive answer as to why neil wears his
bandana on stage:

Because he likes it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Simple really

| Terry Moore-Read     |                                                      |
| 4 Tollemache Avenue  |        JANET    :          |
| Leicester  LE4 OEA   |        INTERNET :          |
| ENGLAND              |        BITNET   :          |
|                      | "Time is a spiral, Space is a curve..."  - N Peart   |


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 20:47 EST
Subject: Neil's Poster . . . .

	Yesterday, I posted that the poster from Ludwig with Neil and new kit,
would take about six weeks for delivery.  Well, like lighting a cigarette for
the bus to arrive, I got a package from SELMER industries with *da-da* the
poster in it.  So I was wrong, it took about three weeks, and comes with a
Ludwig sticker, and a lot of ads for Ludwig clothing.

	Oh, for those people wondering about Coleridge and his poems, Douglas
Adams talks about him a little bit in _Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective
Agency_ (good book).  It's really funny how he ties up several plot lines in
the last few chapters, kinda head spinning though.  Well, gotta blaze. . .



Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 22:10 EST
Subject: Re: 04/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #459

When i started with the Wembly gig..thought someone was having fun...
but the Peart thing with the headphones and listening to other music while
  playing his own...Yea right...and later monkey's might fly out of my butt...
Good Joke...Enjoyed...


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 23:01:38 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Rush in the Desert!!!

Rush is now confirmed to paly the Desert Sky Pavillion in Phoenix, AZ on June
7th.  Unfortunately I do not know when tix go on sale, but, the date is
confirmed.  (This is no April Fools Joke).


Ken F.


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 21:32:04 HST
From: puanani@wasabi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: April fools...

Ha ha ha!  Kudos to those who contributed to the April Fools TNMS!!
Great job, folks!

Hmmm -- now, if you could get a copy of it to the Boyz (heh heh!  :-)

Man, too bad we REALLY couldn't have that party at Lakeside Park, huh?


p.s. BTW, I thought Alex used Khrummy amps?   :-)


Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1992 09:16 EST
From: "Multitasking... AMIGA STYLE!!" <CMCVEY@LOYOLA.EDU>
Subject: Confirmations

Well, I hear the boys might be coming to Merriweather in Baltimore this

I am getting a little bummed about all the false rumors going around, is
there any way to get a SOLID confirmation on any of these?

Who would one call to confirm a concert? I guess not the record company??

I just want to know for sure.. tired of having my hopes dashed...

My 12/4/91 fix is running out.. I need another Rush hit.


| From the Amiga   |     Multitasking...     |   In the high school halls     |
|    of...         |     ---------------     |     In the shopping malls      |
|     -.EZ.-       |  A M I G A   S T Y L E  |    Conform or be cast out!     |
| |  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  | [ S U B D I V I S I O N S ! ]  |


Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1992 11:16:45 -0600
From: Michael Silverman <>
Subject: Fountain of Lamneth

Does anybody know if the word "lamneth" has any meaning whatsoever?
I have looked it up in about half a dozen dictionaries, and looked
it up in a list of geographical names, but to no avail. Did Neil
(shock!) make this word up?!?!


From: Scott David Daly <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 92 13:56:38 EST
Subject: Rush at Merriweather Post in Columbia on 6/16 ?

Hello All!

	Does anyone have any info about the Columbia, MD show on
6/16/92?  Is this confirmed?  When do tickets go on sale?  Please
email me...THANKS!


P.S. Do any of you tape traders out there trade anything other than
RUSH? In particular, I'm looking for The Police (preferably the early
years), Sting, The Bodeans, or The Outfield. Please email me.


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