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Subject: 12/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #585  ** Special Edition **

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 585

                Tuesday, 22 December 1992
Today's Topics:
  FAQ: Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions [1/3]

Date: Sun, 13 Dec 92 00:31:28 -0800
From: (Dan Delany)
Subject: FAQ: Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions [1/3]

Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions List, Part 1 of 3
Generated: Sun Dec 13 00:30:08 PST 1992

   This file contains questions that seem to crop up frequently in The
National Midnight Star and  If you received a copy of
this file in email, other than as an issue of TNMS, it is probably
because you asked one of these questions.

   This file has been expanded into 3 files because some mailers have
problems with files that are longer than 60K.  Part 1 contains general
questions about the band.  Part 2 contains questions inspired by
specific albums and songs up to and including stuff on _A Show Of Hands_.
Part 3 contains questions about material starting with _Presto_.

   If you want a copy of the current version of this file, email me and
I'll send you the most recent version.  This set of files is posted on
the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month to,, and
TNMS.  The FAQ is also available via anonymous ftp from
( in the /rush/special directory.

   If you have any suggestions for additions to the list or corrections,
please send them to me at and I'll add them in
if you have documentation supporting your theory.  Also, don't send
your suggestions to rush-mgr@syrinx.  I'll repeat that because it's
important.  Don't send faq suggestions to the moderator of the Rush
fans mailing list.  He doesn't have anything to do with keeping the
faq up to date.  Faq suggestions should be sent to me at and not to the mailing list moderator.
If mail sent to dan@rat bounces, try or - they should work.

I'd appreciate it if people who submit questions submit anything they know
about possible answers, since I don't have all of the answers myself!

Please consider this before sending me a suggestion for an addition.

I'll repeat that because it's important and people don't get it.
Please consider this before sending me a suggestion for an addition.

I know that it's fun to come up with pet theories for how things
are related to each other.  But please don't send them to me saying that
"It *can't* be a coincidence!"  I routinely ignore such email.  Send me
a reference to an interview or a quote or something from a band member
that supports what you say, and I'll be happy to add it to this file.
If you have a pet theory that you want feedback on, post it to TNMS

For example:  Don't point out to me that 1001001 in binary is equivalent to
73 decimal, and 73 decimal is ASCII for the letter "I", and the letter "I"
was significant to the plot of Ayn Rand's _Anthem_, and Neil Peart read
lots of Ayn Rand, therefore "The Body Electric" is a reference to _Anthem_.
Believe me, you won't be the first to point that out.  But Neil Peart has
never said anything on that particular subject as far as I know, so I'm
not going to put that into the FAQ.  (Especially since I think it's
a coincidence!)  Remember, coincidences happen, even in Rush songs!

An additional thing to consider is that many questions are answered in,
of all places, the liner notes on the albums.  Please look there before
posting a question.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this file is accurate to the best of my
knowledge, but I'm not perfect.  If you have an answer to one of these
questions that doesn't match the one given here that you can verify, let me
know, and I'll put it in.  But if you make a bet based on this
information and you lose, don't blame me.

One more thing: If you send me mail and I don't answer right away, please
be patient.  I eventually read all of my mail.  However, Rush FAQ related
stuff has a lower priority than my job.

Here are the questions I get asked the most, so I'll put them here at the

What is The National Midnight Star?

   It's a Rush fans newsletter that is distributed via email.
   Submissions are all sent to one address, and the moderator goes through
   the submissions periodically and sends out a digest containing lots
   of submissions.

   (If you don't know where the name "The National Midnight Star"
   comes from, that means you don't watch enough Canadian TV.)

How can I subscribe to The National Midnight Star?

   Send email to asking to have your name added
   to the list.  Don't send email to me - I can't add you!

   I'll repeat that.  I ( have absolutely nothing
   to do with the management of TNMS.  I can't add your name to the
   subscription list.

Latest Word on the next album:

   I haven't seen any official word about the rumors of a boxed set of
   Rush CD's.  Until I see official word on the subject, I'll treat that
   as a rumor.

   The band is scheduled to go into the studio in January or February
   1993.  According to an interview with Alex on 97.7 HTZ FM in
   Hamilton, Ontario, the album is expected to come out in June.  Also
   mentioned is that they will be taking the summer off, so we can't
   expect an immediate tour.  This info was originally posted in on Nov 4 by (Mark D Uher).
   (According to Jeff Robertson, 97.7 HTZ FM is actually in St.

   Atlantic/SRO has denied the rumors that there is a video release
   scheduled for December.

*********** The following questions are contained in this file: **************

What albums has the band released?  What are the catalog numbers for

What album is <song> on?

When was <album> released?

How many copies did <album> sell?

Are any videotapes of the band available?

Are these tapes available on laserdisc?

What songs has the band made videos for?

Can anyone list everything else that the members of Rush have ever appeared on?

What was the first single released by the band?

I just bought the CD of <Exit...Stage Left | All The World's A Stage> and
it's missing a track!  Is a complete version of this CD available?

Has <song> ever been performed live?

Does anybody know if <band> ever opened for Rush?  When did Rush play in
<city> last?

What is Battlescar/Max Webster, who plays on it, what is the label/catalogue 
number for the Universal Juveniles CD?  Where can I write to get it?

Have any books been written about the band?

I heard that Neil Peart was going to publish some of his writings.  Has
this been done?  Can I buy this book?

I heard something about a Rush comic book.  What comic book was it?

Somebody posted <item> in TNMS.  I missed it - could somebody
please send me a copy?  Does anybody have the lyrics to <song>?

What issue of TNMS is <item> in?

I've been seeing <acronym> used in TNMS.  What does it mean?

I've heard about the "Rush Backstage Club."  What is it, and how do I join?

What other Rush newsletters are there?

What is the marital status of the band members?

Do any of the band members have kids?

I've heard <rumor> about <band member>.  Does anybody know anything about
the truth of it?

What are the birthdays of the band members?

But in "Thrice Told Tales", it says that Geddy's birthday is June 29!

What are the real names of the band members?

What equipment does <band member> use/endorse?

How is "Peart" pronounced?

I heard that Neil Peart has a PhD in <field of study>.  Is this true?

Does anybody have an address I can use to write to the band?

Who says <phrase> in <song>?

What is a Lerxt?

Do the other band members have nicknames?

What's the story behind Alex's "Hentor Sportscaster" guitar?

Where did the name "Rush" come from?

Whatever happened to John Rutsey?

-------- Questions and answers follow. -------

What albums has the band released?  What are the catalog numbers for

   A more complete version of this discography is available for FTP at (
   {according to, at least.  I haven't looked.}

          LP             CD             Cassette       8-track
   R     SRM-1-1011     822 541-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-1011   MC-8-1-1011 Mercury [AAD]
   FBN   SRM-1-1023     822 542-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-1023   MC-8-1-1023 Mercury [AAD]
   COS   SRM-1-1046     822 543-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-1046   MC-8-1-1046 Mercury [AAD]
   2112  SRM-1-1079     822 545-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-1079   MC-8-1-1079 Mercury [AAD]
   ATWAS SRM-2-7508     822 552-2 M-1  MCT-4-2-7508   MCT8-2-7508 Mercury [AAD]
   AFTK  SRM-1-1184     822 546-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-1184   MC-8-1-1184 Mercury [AAD]
   H     SRM-1-3743     822 547-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-3743   MC-8-1-3743 Mercury [AAD]
   PeW   SRM 1-4001     822 548-2 M-1  MCR4 1-4001    MC8 1-4001  Mercury [AAD]
   MP    SRM-1-4013     800 048-2      MCR41 4013                 Mercury [ADD]
   ESL   SRM-2-7001     822 551-2 M-1  MCR-4-2-7001   MC-8-2-7001 Mercury*[AAD]
   S     SRM-1-4063     810 002-2      MCR-4-1-4063   MC-8-1-4063 Mercury [ADD]
   GUP   818 476-1 M-1  818 476-2      818 476-4 M-1              Mercury [AAD]
   PoW   826 098-1 M-1  826 098-2 M-1  826 098-4 M-1              Mercury [DDD]
   HYF   832 464-1 Q-1  832 464-2 Q-1  ?                          Mercury [DDD]
   ASOH  836 346-1      836 346-2      836 346-4                  Mercury [ADD]
   P     82040-1        7 82040-2      7 82040-4                  Atlantic[DDD]
   Chr                  838 937-2      838 936-4                  Mercury
                        838 938-2
   RTB                  7 82293-2                                 Atlantic[DDD]

   Additionally, several collections are available: {sorry - no catalog 
                                        numbers, as I don't have these.}

   Archives (includes _Rush_,_Fly By Night_, and _Caress Of Steel_)
   _RUSH_ Through Time
   _Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted To Hear By Rush But You Were 
   Afraid To Play_ - this collection was targeted at radio stations.
   It was never officially released, and is extremely rare. It's a
   selection taken from FBN, CoS and 2112.

   _Rush - Profiled!_ - This CD was released to radio stations and
                        is rather rare.  It contains recordings of quotes
                        like "Hi, this is Alex Lifeson of Rush, and
                        you're listening to the magic of radio."  that a
                        DJ can put on as a promo between songs.  It also
                        contains quite a few tracks of band members
                        answering questions.  The questions are printed
                        in the liner notes, so a DJ can ask a
                        question and play the CD of the appropriate
                        person answering that question.  The questions
                        are mostly about _Presto_, since this CD was
                        released shortly after _Presto_.

  * The Anthem release of ESL, available in Canada is [ADD], but
    the US CD is [AAD].  Some people have told me that their CD says
    [ADD] on the disc and [AAD] on the label.

What album is <song> on?

   Check the complete discography, available for ftp from
   for amazingly detailed information on this subject.

When was <album> released?

   Rush - Aug 1974
   FBN - Feb 1975
   COS - Sept 1975
   2112 - April 1976
   ATWAS - Sept 1976
   AFTK - Sept 1977
   Archives - April 1978
   Hemi - Oct 1978
   PeW - Jan 1980
   MP - Feb 1981
   ESL - Nov 1981
   Signals - Sept 1982
   p/g - April 1984
   PoW - Oct 1985
   HYF - Sep 1987
   ASoH - January 1989
   Presto - November 1989
   Chronicles - Sep 1990
   Roll The Bones - September 1991

How many copies did <album> sell?

   >From Billboard's Book of Gold and Platinum Records (1990):
   Release Date  Cert.  Date of Cert.  Chart Peak  Title
   3/76          G      11/16/77       61          2112
                 P      2/25/81
   10/76         G      11/16/77       40          All The World's A Stage
                 P      3/4/81
   8/77          G      11/16/77       33          A Farewell To Kings
   10/78         G      12/14/78       47          Hemispheres
   1/80          G      3/17/80        4           Permanent Waves
                 P      11/9/87
   1/81          G      4/13/81        3           Moving Pictures
                 P      4/27/81
                 2P     10/12/84
   10/81         G      1/5/82         10          Exit...Stage Left
                 P      11/9/87
   9/82          G      11/10/82       10          Signals
                 P      11/10/82
   4/84          G      6/26/84        10          Grace Under Pressure
                 P      6/26/84
   10/85         G      12/18/85       10          Power Windows
                 P      1/27/86
   9/87          G      11/9/87        13          Hold Your Fire
   1/89          G      3/9/89         21          A Show Of Hands
   As of May 1992, _Chronicles_ has been certified platinum, while RTB
   is still just at gold.

   >From Billboard's Book of Top 40 Albums (1991):
   Date      Peak  Weeks  Cert.  Title
   11/20/76  40    2      P      All The World's A Stage
   10/8/77   33    5      G      A Farewell To Kings
   2/9/80    4     15     P      Permanent Waves
   3/7/81    3     29     2P     Moving Pictures
   11/14/81  10    14     P      Exit...Stage Left
   10/2/82   10    11     P      Signals
   5/5/84    10    12     P      Grace Under Pressure
   11/2/85   10    14     P      Power Windows
   10/3/87   13    14     G      Hold Your Fire
   2/4/89    21    5      G      A Show Of Hands
   12/9/89   16    11     G      Presto

   Apparently, _Roll The Bones_ reached number 10 in the uk album charts.
   This was in the first week it was released.  It then dropped to number
   18 the following week and then out of the chart altogether.

Are any videotapes of the band available?

   Polygram Music Video 60285 (1981) Exit...Stage Left
   Running time: approx. 60 minutes
   includes: Limelight
             Tom Sawyer
             The Trees
             Red Barchetta
             Free Will
             Closer To The Heart
             YYZ (with voice over)
             By-Tor and the Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Finale

   PMV 60607 (1986) Grace Under Pressure Tour 
   Running time: approx. 69 minutes
   includes: The Spirit Of Radio
             The Enemy Within
             The Weapon
             Witch Hunt
             New World Man
             Distant Early Warning
             Red Sector A
             Closer To The Heart
             YYZ/2112: Temples of Syrinx/Tom Sawyer
             Vital Signs/Finding My Way/In The Mood
             The Big Money {video}

      The video for "The Big Money" is omitted from the European release
      of this tape.

   PMV 0741 760-3 (1989) A Show Of Hands 
   Running time: approx. 90 minutes
   includes: The Big Money
             Turn The Page
             Prime Mover
             Manhattan Project
             Closer To The Heart
             Red Sector A
             Force Ten
             Lock And Key (laserdisc only)
             The Rhythm Method (drum solo)
             The Spirit Of Radio
             Tom Sawyer
             2112/La Villa Strangiato/In The Mood

   PMV 60466 (1985) Through The Camera Eye (video compilation)
   Running time: approx. 44 minutes
   includes: Vital Signs
             Tom Sawyer [live, from Exit...Stage Left]
             Distant Early Warning
             The Enemy Within
             The Body Electric

   PMV 082 765-3 (1990) Chronicles (video compilation)
   Running time: approx. 63 minutes
   includes: Closer To The Heart [live]
             The Trees [live]
             Limelight [studio]
             Tom Sawyer [live, from ESL with some minor changes]
             Red Barchetta [live, from ESL]
             Subdivisions [from _Through The Camera Eye_]
             Distant Early Warning [from _Through The Camera Eye_]
             Red Sector A [live, from the p/g tour video]
             The Big Money [the shortened MTV version, not the complete one
                            from the p/g tour video]
             Mystic Rhythms
             Time Stand Still
             Lock And Key

Are these tapes available on laserdisc?

   According to the Barr Digital (a Seattle based mail order dealer in
   laser discs) database, available for ftp from in the
   pub/ directory, there are laserdiscs for
   _Through The Camera Eye_, _Exit Stage Left_, _Grace Under Pressure
   Tour_, _A Show of Hands_, and the video single for _The Big Money_.
   The database also says that _Exit Stage Left_ was "discontinued 8/91."
   This does not imply that Barr has them in stock; this database is
   not Barr's inventory.  It is only a list of laserdiscs that have been
   made.  The file that I ftp'ed from had a Feb 26 1992
   time/date stamp, so I assume that this information is accurate as of
   that date.

   According to, Chronicles is available on
   laserdisc in the US.  However, "Red Sector A" isn't on this

What songs has the band made videos for?

   Fly By Night
   A Farewell To Kings
   Closer To The Heart %
   The Trees %
   La Villa Strangiato
   Tom Sawyer
   Tom Sawyer [live, from ESL] %#
   Red Barchetta [live, from ESL] %
   Limelight %
   Limelight [live, from ESL]
   Vital Signs #
   Subdivisions %#
   Countdown #
   Distant Early Warning %#
   Afterimage #
   The Enemy Within #
   The Body Electric #
   The Big Money %&
   Mystic Rhythms %
   Marathon [live, from ASoH]
   Time Stand Still %
   Lock And Key %
   Show Don't Tell
   The Pass
   Roll The Bones

    % These videos appear on the _Chronicles_ videotape.
    # These videos appear on the _Through The Camera Eye_ videotape.
    & This video appears in it's complete form on the end of the
      _Grace Under Pressure Tour_ videotape.  The shortened MTV version
      appears on the _Chronicles_ videotape.

   Videos with no punctuation symbol next to them are not available on
   any home video compilation.  If you want to see these videos, you
   have to find somebody who taped them from TV or copied them from
   somebody else's tape.

   Videos with the 'live' comment are concert videos; all others have
   studio soundtracks.  Some of these have minor edits to the soundtrack.

Can anyone list everything else that the members of Rush have ever appeared on?

   This is not a complete list.  Please send me your additions!

   "Universal Juveniles" by Max Webster (Rush in "Battlescar")
   1980 (ANR-1-1027 Anthem)
   "No Static" by Wireless (Lee produced)
   "Great White North" by Bob and Doug McKenzie (Geddy singing "Take Off")
   1981 (ANR-1-1036 Anthem)
   "Vignettes" by Marie Lynn Hammond (Lee on 2 tracks)
   1983 (BTR 1002 Black Tie Records)
   "Boys Brigade" by Boys Brigade (Lee produced)
   1983 (ST 12278 Capitol)
   "We Are the World" by USA for Africa with Lee in Northern Lights singing
   "Tears are Not Enough"
   1985 (40043 Columbia)
   "Alien Shores" by Platinum Blonde (Alex on 2 tracks)
   1985 (PCC-80105 Columbia)
   "Champion" by Jeff Berlin (Peart on 2 tracks)
   1985 (Passport Jazz PJ 88004 A)
   "Beyond Borders" by Canadian Guitar Summit (with Alex)
   July 1987 Guitar Player Magazine (flexidisc)
   "Pieces of Eight" (Peart percussion compilation)
   May 1987 Modern Drummer Magazine (flexidisc)
   "Serious Business" by Greenway (Alex doing solo in "In the Danger Zone")
   1988 (81827-1 Atlantic)
   "Clean Slate" by Clean Slate  (Alex produced)
   1988 (ANM-1 5002 Anthem) (5 song EP)
   "Dream on the Horizon: A Tribute to the Olympic Spirit" by The Big Picture
   1988 (WSC-331 Chartwell Records)  (Alex on 2 tracks)
   "Smoke on the Water" (Mega-Rock Re-Mix)/Paranoid, by Rock Aid Armenia and
   Black Sabbath, (Alex on guitar)
   1989 UK ARMENT 001, ARMENTR 002, ARMENT 002
   "Lost Brotherhood" by Larry Gowan (Alex on all tracks)
   1990 (80160 Anthem)

   "Whale Music" by the Rheostatics (Neil on 3 tracks)
   1992  (Intrepid Records, available in Canada)
   Call 1-800-663-1616 for info.

   "Angel Rat" by VoiVod (Lee produced)

   "Star Jam Series: Neil Peart Style"
   "Starlicks Guitar Lesson: Alex Lifeson Style"

   In the January 1986 issue of _Modern Drummer_ magazine, while discussing
    his appearance on the Jeff Berlin album, Neil says that he "...did a
    similar thing with a musician named Ken Ramm in Toronto.  That record
    was released in Canada."


   "1991 Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert"  (Neil on a few songs)
   DCI Music Video

What was the first single released by the band?

   The A side was a cover of a Buddy Holly song called "Not Fade Away."
   The B side was a Lee/Rutsey song called "You Can't Fight It."
   These songs are not on any Rush albums.  If you want to hear them,
   you have to track down a copy of the single, which is very rare, or
   find somebody who has the songs on tape.  There is no collection
   for sale that contains these tracks.

I just bought the CD of <Exit...Stage Left | All The World's A Stage> and
it's missing a track!  Is a complete version of this CD available?

   No.  But if you absolutely have to have everything on CD, the 2 missing
   tracks are on _Chronicles_.

Has <song> ever been performed live?

   The 1st anniversary issue of TNMS contains song lists for each tour
   Rush has done up to _Presto_.  This is issue 99, available for ftp at

Does anybody know if <band> ever opened for Rush?  When did Rush play in
<city> last?

   Check the Rush Tour Dates listing, available via anonymous ftp from for complete information.

What is Battlescar/Max Webster, who plays on it, what is the label/catalogue 
number for the Universal Juveniles CD?  Where can I write to get it?

   Max Webster is a Canadian band that used to open for Rush.  Battlescar
   is a song from their _Universal Juveniles_ CD that was done as a duet
   of the 2 bands.  

    Max Webster - Universal Juveniles  1980
                  Mercury SRM-1-3855 [6337 144]
                  Distributed by Polygram Distribution, Inc.
                    810 Seventh Avenue
                    New York, NY 10019

                  Write:  Anthem Records
                          Oak Manor  P.O. 1000
                          Oak Ridges, Ontario
                          Canada  L0G 1P0

   One more note:  "Battlescar" has a subscript:  "recorded live July 28th,
   1980 Phase One Studios -Toronto-".

Have any books been written about the band?

   Rush - Visions: The Official Biography (c) 1988
   By Bill Banasiewicz (The B-Man)
   ISBN: 0-7119-1162-2    94 pages
   From: Omnibus Press
   Distributor: Music Sales Corporation
   Order number: 44387 (that's what my copy says, anyway)

   Some copies of _Visions_ have this address for Music Sales Corporation:
                24 East 22nd Street
                New York, NY 10010
   (I've been informed that mail sent to this address gets returned.)

   Other copies have this one:
                225 Park Avenue South
                New York, NY 10003

   I don't know which address is correct.  If you find out, tell me.
   Success Under Pressure (c) 1984
   By Steve Gett
   ISBN: 0-89524-230-3    48 pages
   From: Cherry Lane Books
         110 Midland Avenue
         Port Chester, NY 10573
   Rush  (c)1982
   By Brian Harrigan
   ISBN: 0-86001-934-9    80 pages
        The Putnam Publishing Group
        200 Madison Avenue
        New York, NY 10016

   Ethan Evan Prater ( wrote to the company about
   this book and was informed that the book is out of print, and there
   are no plans for a reprint.

   People have sent me the names of books of Rush sheet music, but
   I'm not going to include those because there are too many of them
   and this file is getting far too large.  Besides, they really aren't
   about the band.

I heard that Neil Peart was going to publish some of his writings.  Has
this been done?  Can I buy this book?

   David Goulden ( sent me info about a book he
   read by Neil.  Here's the info he sent me:

     Title: Raindance Over the Rockies
    Author: Neil Peart
      Date: 1988
 Publisher: The Cumberland Press (Toronto)

   Apparently, The Cumberland Press only does the printing.  Once they
   print the book, it is up to the author to distribute it.  What this
   means is that Neil is the person to contact if you want to buy this

   Other than this, I've never heard of Neil publishing anything.

I heard something about a Rush comic book.  What comic book was it?

   That was Defenders #45. It was dedicated to Geddy, Alex, and Neil of
   Rush on the first page. The story has an anti-collectivist theme to it.
   Since it was printed Mar 77 it makes sense that it would draw from
   2112 (however vaguely).

   The villian (Red Rajah) says, at one point, "Truth is false and logic
   lost, seek the Rajah at all cost".

   There is also a comic bio of the band from Rock & Roll Comics, issue
   #49.  It basically tells the history of the band from its beginnings
   to "Roll The Bones".

Somebody posted <item> in TNMS.  I missed it - could somebody
please send me a copy?  Does anybody have the lyrics to <song>?

   An archive server is running at

   The address of this archive file server is:
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   The following is the help file for this server.

   === HELP ==========================================================

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   We currently have the local Rush/SOL/APP archives from node bisbee,
   a partial mirror of the SIMTEL archive, and a mirror of the Rush
   archives at syrinx.

   === COMMANDS ======================================================


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   /ADDRESS <address>

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   /SUBSCRIBE <list>

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      NOTE: use forward slashes '/' only

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      know that the return message will go through EBCDIC based

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   === APPENDICES ====================================================

   1.  Requests are queued and processed once per day during the
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   2.  The current list of available lists.  (* restricted)

         dragon ----- available services
         pc --------- MSDOS pc related
         gui -------- Dazix Magellan GUI *
         lib -------- Dazix Libraries *
         framework -- Dazix Framework *
         gbt -------- Game Bytes magazine (text version)
         gbg -------- Game Bytes magazine (graphics version)

   3.  There is no /TEST command.  All email sent to the Dragon Server
       will have a log report sent in response after processing.

   { End of mail-server help file }

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    Once you're logged in, 'cd' into the "rush" subdirectory.  Once there,
   you can list the files in the directory.  There is actually only one file
   (README) currently, the others being subdirectories.

    The directories available now are:

    "digest" - Contains back issues of the current incarnation of the
                digest from issue # 1 to the current issue;

    "lyrics" - Contains the lyrics for all the albums up through _Roll The

    "names"  - Contains a recent (thought not always the latest-and-greatest)
               version of the subscription list; and

    "images" - Contains GIF and Rast format pictures of album covers and
               photos of the band members.

    "sounds" - A directory containing sound files in NeXT .snd or Sun .au

    "MacSounds" - A directory containing Macintosh-format sounds.

    "c64-sounds" - A directory containing Commodore-64-format sounds.

    "tab" - A directory containing guitar and bass tabs for various songs.

    "incoming" - A directory that's world-writable for uploading files to
                 Syrinx to be moved (by the digest manager) to one of the
                 other directories.  (If you upload something, PLEASE send
                 mail to the Syrinx administrative address to let the list
                 manager know!)

    "special" - Contains the longer items - interviews, articles, tour 
                lists, etc.  Any item warranting it's own file but doesn't
                fall into any of the other categories.

   To transfer a file to your machine, type
     get <filename>
   where <filename> is the name of the file you want.  If you're on a Unix
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   If you wish to submit something for a special edition posting, send it to
   the 'rush-request' address; if it's of general interest, it'll be a 
   special edition, and then placed in the "special" dir.  The same effect
   is created by uploading something to the "incoming" directory and sending
   mail to the 'rush-request' address and informing the rush-mgr it's there.

   Remember, if you don't have ftp capabilities at your site, there is still
   the mail server at "".

What issue of TNMS is <item> in?

   This list isn't complete, and it probably contains errors.  Let me
   know, so I can fix them!

      Item                                                 Issue
      ----                                                 -----
   Neil's reaction to TNMS                                    5
   Analysis of "The Pass"                                    21
   Neil's editorial on Satanism                              22
   Explanation of the map in "Signals"                       26
   A Nice Morning Drive                                      34
   Grace Under Pressure tour book                            42
   2112 tour book                                            47
   Permanent Waves tour book                                 48
   1978 Article/Story on Rush                                59
   Alex interview: Music Express #132, 1989                  62
   "Kubla Khan"                                              64
   Modern Drummer interview with Neil (Dec 89)               68
   HYF tour book                                             69
   Rockline interview 4/30/90                                72
   Peart Q & A                                               74
   Definition of "peart"                                     80
   Chronicles essay                                          81
   "Kubla Khan"                                              88
   Rush special from "The Source"                            91
   _Success Under Pressure_ (Part 1 of 4)                    93
   _Success Under Pressure_ (Part 2 of 4)                    94
   _Success Under Pressure_ (Part 3 of 4)                    96
   Anniversary issue (Part 1 of 2)                           98
   Anniversary issue (Part 2 of 2)                           99
   _Success Under Pressure_ (Part 4 of 4)                   101
   Interview with Alex 11/20/90                             107
   Updated Rush tour dates listing                          108
   "In The Studio" interviews/MP era                        110
   _Rolling Stone_ interviews: 5/15,80,6/26/80,5/28/81      114
   Guitar World, March 1990                                 118
   1978 _Sounds_ article                                    121
   Rolling Stone album reviews
    (Hemispheres,PeW,ESL,Signals,p/g,PoW,ASoH,Presto)       123
   Dec 18, 1983 _Sounds_ article                            125
   "The Source" interview: 2/27/83                          131
   Modern Drummer interview with Neil (April 84)            134
   Moving Pictures tour book                                136
   Neil Peart drumset giveaway from _Modern Drummer_ 3/87   142
   Neil Peart: "The Quest For New Drums" (5/87 MD)          145
   Neil Peart: drumset giveaway results (10/87 MD)          145
   Neil Peart: "Getting The Drum Part" (8/88 MD)            145
   Neil Peart: "A Real Job" (2/87 MD)                       151
   Interview: SOUNDS, April 5, 1980                         206
   Rush discography                                         209
   Discussion of scissors/paper/stone symbols               212
   Geddy Lee interview: _Keyboard_ magazine, Sept '84       217
   Geddy Lee interview: _Keyboard_ magazine, March 89       220
   Alex Lifeson interview: _Guitar for the Practicing
                             Musician_: July '84            220
   Neil Peart interview: _Metal Hammer_, April 25 1988      227
   _Presto_ tour press release                              229
   _Only Music_ article                                     229
   Presto concert review: _Kerrang_ #282: March 24,1990     234,262
   Picture Disc interview with Alex: HYF era                238
   PoW tourbook transcription                               250
   Hemispheres tourbook transcription                       257
   Signals tourbook transcription                           260
   Geddy Lee interview: _Bass Player_ mag - Nov/Dec 1988    264
   _Creem_ interview with Neil                              274
   Alex interview: 4/86 _Guitar Player_                     277
   Geddy Lee interview: 4/86 _Guitar Player_                285
   Neil Peart interview: 1/27/88 Houston Post               287
   Rush crossword puzzle                                    292
   Neil Peart interview: April '86 _Canadian Composer_      294
   March 1990 _Guitar World_ article                        297
   _Signals_ tourbook crossword puzzle                      302
   Neil Peart interview: Jan '86 _Modern Drummer_           305
   Neil Peart release: Roll The Bones                       311
   Neil Peart interview: _Guitar_: Oct '86                  312
   Geddy Lee interview: Aug 19, 1991: Frank Lancaster       320
   Neil interview:Oct '86 Guitar for Practicing Musician    325
   Geddy interview: In The Listening Room - from GFPM 6/87  325
   Neil/Alex interview: Feb 1990 Music Express              342
   TNMS 2nd anniversary issue                               378
   "Row the boats" article by Neil Peart                    390
   10/91 "Canadian Musician" interview: Geddy, Neil         392
   Nov 1 1991 Chicago Tribune article                       406
   Gold Rush: Canadian Composer article                     408
   Aug 19 1991 Geddy Lee interview                          408
   Neil Peart Rochester Times Union article: 10/24/91       408
   RTB CD launch transcription                              450
   Nov 1991 _Guitar Player_ interview: Geddy & Alex         452
   ABC In Concert Artist Profile of RUSH (RTB tour)         453
   Results of "Favorite Rush Songs" poll                    458
   Lots of parodies of Rush lyrics                          479
   Bunch of assorted interviews                             481
        "Adventures in Paradise" -- Neil Peart (HYF era)
        "Living in a big Rush" - Rochester Times Oct 24 91
         (Coincidentally this is also in #408)
        Orlando Sentinel Neil article
        Music Express article: Neil/Alex (Feb 1990)
         (Same as in #342)
   TNMS Neil Peart interview                                486
   April 1992 Kerrang interview: Geddy/Alex                 531
   Alex Lifeson interview: Guitar for the Practicing
                           Musician, May 1991               534
   Alex Lifeson interview: Guitar School, May 1990          534
   Alex/Geddy article: Guitar World, April 1988             540
   Updated tour dates listing                               542
   March 1992 _RAG_ interview: Geddy                        544
   Andrew MacNaughtan interview: "The Spirit of Rush", Pt.1 549
   Andrew MacNaughtan interview: "The Spirit of Rush", Pt.2 552
   3rd anniversary issue                                    556
   Discussion of the origin of the "Cygnus X-1" title       567
   "One on One" radio interview with Neil: RTB era          571

I've been seeing <acronym> used in TNMS.  What does it mean?

   FBN           Fly By Night
   COS           Caress Of Steel
   ATWAS         All The World's A Stage
   AFTK          A Farewell To Kings
   PeW           Permanent Waves {PLEASE! NOT just PW!}
   MP            Moving Pictures
   ESL           Exit... Stage Left
   GUP           Grace Under Pressure
   p/g           Grace Under Pressure
   PoW           Power Windows {PLEASE! NOT just PW!}
   HYF           Hold Your Fire
   ASoH          A Show Of Hands
   TTCE          Through The Camera Eye {rare, but it shows up}
   RTB           Roll The Bones

   IMHO          In My Humble/Honest Opinion
   WRT           With Respect To
   ORQ           Obligatory Rush Quote

   AHO:    Anyone Heard Of...
   ALTP:   Avoid It Like The Plague
   BBB:    Blah, Blah, Blah
   BFD:    Big F*ckin Deal
   BMA:    Blew Me Away
   BTW:    By The Way
   CIU:    Crank It Up!
   DAU:    Donning Asbestos Underwear
   EMOMC:  Even More Obligatory Musical Content
   FIOTNC:  Frisbee It Off The Nearest Cliff
   GAALMAYS:  Go Away And Leave Me Alone You Slimeball
   GMAW:   Gave Me A Woody
   GSM:    Good Sex Music
   ICF:    I Can't Find...
   IGAGBAYCDTI:  It's Got A Good Beat And You Can Dance To It
   IHRI:   I Highly Recommend It
   IMHO:   In My Humble Opinion
   IMHTTO: In My Holier Than Thou Opinion
   IMO:    In My Opinion
   ISTBO:  It Sucked The Big One
   LTIS:   Listen To It Stoned
   MMG:    Makes Me Gag
   MMW:    Made Me Wet  (female version of GMAW)
   MOMC:   More Obligatory Musical Content
   NAFW:   Not Another Flame War!!
   NFP:    No Flames Please
   NIDPA:  No! I Don't Play Accordion
   NKOTB:  No Kissing Or Tongue Badminton
   OMC:    Obligatory Musical Content
   ONNATT: Oh, No! Not Another Top Ten
   PMO:    Piss Me Off
   POS:    Piece Of Sh*t
   RCS:    Real Cool Shit
   SJA:    woj  ;-)
   TAV:    Take A Valium
   TBE:    Their Best Ever
   TOS:    Totally Orgasmic Shit
   WOM:    Waste Of Money
   WFM:    Works For Me

I've heard about the "Rush Backstage Club."  What is it, and how do I join?
   It's an outfit that sells Rush souvenirs (t-shirts, posters, etc) and
   occasionally releases a newsletter.  (I'm not a member, so I don't
   really know.  Could a member send me some details?)  To join the
   backstage club, just send $12.95 ($10 to join plus $2.95 shipping and
   handling) to:
     Rush Backstage Club
     2250 E. Tropicana Ave.  #228
     Las Vegas, NV  89119

     (I got that address from

   Membership obligation is to purchase 1 item of merchandise each year to
   stay on the mailing list.  Also, they will answer any inquiries if you
   include a self addressed stamped envelope.  For those international
   people, pay in U.S. money (NO CASH!!!) and include postage coupons with
   information requests.

What other Rush newsletters are there?

   "The Spirit Of Rush"
   Published 4 times a year. Subscription for the next 4 issues:
    U.K.: #6.80, Europe: #10.00, Australia/N.Z.: #12.00
    U.S.A/Canada: $20.00
    (# = Pounds Sterling. All prices include postage.)
   Back issues:
    U.K.: #1.50 each, Europe: #2.00, Australia/N.Z.: #3.00
    U.S.A./Canada: $4.00  (all prices include postage)
   Address for back issues, and U.K./Europe/Australia/N.Z. subscriptions:
    23, Garden Close,
    Chinbrook Road,
    Grove Park,
    London, SE12 9TG
   Address for U.S.A/Canada subscriptions:
        A Show of Fans
        c/o Steve Streeter
        PO Box 292
        Canton, CT. 06019

   U.K. readers should pay by crossed cheque or postal order, NOT CASH.
   Overseas readers should pay by bank draft or International Money Order,
   in STERLING ONLY please.  If these are unavailable, cash sterling or cash
   dollars only.  Personal cheques in foreign currency cannot be accepted.
   Cheques/postal orders/I.M.O/B.D. payable to 'The Spirit Of Rush'
   U.S.A. readers should pay by personal cheque payable to Ray Wawryzniak.

   _A Show of Fans_
   "A Rush Fanzine For and By Rush Fans"
   Steve Streeter: Publisher/Editor
   Send $3 for the most current issue.
   P.O. Box 292
   Canton, Connecticut 06019
   (203) 693-0506

What is the marital status of the band members?

   In _Visions_, there is a group picture of all 3 band members and
   their wives.

Do any of the band members have kids?

   Geddy has a son: Julian.
   Alex has 2 sons: Justin and Adrian.
   Neil has a daughter.

I've heard <rumor> about <band member>.  Does anybody know anything about
the truth of it?

   These rumors have been popping up for quite some time now.  Here
   are some of the ones that have been shown to be wrong over the
   years by the activities of the band:

    - Alex is dying of cancer
    - Neil is dying of cancer
    - Geddy is dying of cancer
    - Geddy has throat cancer; he's not dying, but can never sing again
    - Geddy is going blind from stage lights.

What are the birthdays of the band members?

   Geddy Lee          July 29,1953 {according to _Visions_}
                                   {No, Geddy Lee's birthday is NOT June 29!}
   Neil Peart         September 12, 1952
   Alex Lifeson       August 27, 1953

But in "Thrice Told Tales", it says that Geddy's birthday is June 29!

   Well, every article written on the subject agrees that Neil Peart
   joined Rush on Geddy's birthday.  In _Visions_, Alex Lifeson says
   that Neil came down "on the second day of auditions."  It has also
   been documented in several places (_Visions_and "Thrice Told Tales",
   to name a few) that when Neil joined the band, he had about 2 weeks to
   learn the show before his first gig with Rush, which took place in
   Pittsburgh, opening for Uriah Heep.

   On June 28, 1974, Rush opened for ZZ Top in Cleveland.
   On July 1, 1974, Rush opened for Nazareth in Toronto, Ontario.
   On July 20, 1974, Rush played an "MZ Bennett summer dance."
   On August 14, Rush opened for Uriah Heep in Pittsburgh.  This was
    Neil's first show with Rush.

   Based on this information, I believe that the day that Neil joined
   the band, and therefore Geddy's birthday, is July 29, not June 29,
   and that the June 29 date is a typo.

   Geddy Lee said that July 29th was his birthday in an interview
   taped before the May 31, 1992 show in Mountain View, California.

What are the real names of the band members?

   Geddy Lee          Gary Lee Weinrib
                     { The book "Heart of Gold", a history of Canadian rock,
                       provides this as Geddy Lee's real name.
                       In 1971, Gary Lee Weinrib, Alex Zivojinovich, and
                       John Rutsey all joined CAPAC, the Canadian
                       writers/publishers/composers guild. }
   Neil Peart         Neil Peart
   Alex Lifeson       Alex Zivojinovic

What equipment does <band member> use/endorse?

   Geddy Lee:
    Rotosound Funkmaster strings
    Wal basses
   Alex Lifeson:
    Paul Reed Smith guitars
    Dean Markley strings
    GK amps
   Neil Peart:
    Ludwig drums
    Zildjian cymbals
    Pro-Mark sticks
    KAT triggers

How is "Peart" pronounced?

   It rhymes with "near", according to Neil on the "Rush - Profiled!" CD,
   so I assume that's the correct pronunciation.  I don't remember the
   exact wording off the top of my head, but the "Profiled!" CD contains
   a recording of Neil saying "Hi, this is Neil Peart of Rush."   That
   also agrees with the way Geddy pronounced "Peart" when introducing
   Neil's solo during RTB shows.

I heard that Neil Peart has a PhD in <field of study>.  Is this true?

   In _Visions_, Neil is quoted (on page 65) as saying that he is
   a high school dropout.  I don't see how he would have had time to
   go to school and get a degree, what with being in Rush and all.

Does anybody have an address I can use to write to the band?

   This address was posted to TNMS, but I can't vouch for the
   correctness of it.

                41 Britan St. (#200)
                Toronto, ON
                M5C 1R7, CANADA

   The Backstage Club will probably forward mail as well.

   _Modern Drummer_ magazine will forward mail to Neil. (or other drummers,
   for that matter!)

                Modern Drummer
                870 Pompton Avenue
                Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Who says <phrase> in <song>?

    Geddy says "One...Two...Buckle my shoe" in "In The End" on ATWAS.
    Neil does the narrative during "The Necromancer".
    I've never seen anything definitive saying who whispers in
      "The Twilight Zone."
    Neil does the "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation - We have
      assumed control" bit at the end of "2112".
    The deep voice at the beginning of "Cygnus X-1" is none other than
      Terry Brown.
    Neil says "Subdivisions" in the song of the same name,
      even though Alex is shown in the video and does it live.
    Alex says "That's nice" at the end of "Chain Lightning".
    We don't know who says "I will be the judge" and "Give the jury
      direction."  I did receive the following email on April 11, 1991
      on just this very subject:

    { Begin quoted text }
   >Good day. I am a Rush fan who has access to an Amiga and a good quality
   >digitizer.  I noticed that in the "Who says what" section of the FAQL you
   >wrote that you don't know who says "I will be the judge" and "Give the
   >jury direction."
   >Out of curiousity, I digitized that section of Show Don't Tell, and then
   >played it back at the 'proper' speed. Although the main vocal track
   >(Geddy's voice) was obviously too high, I could now hear the background
   >vocals that were intentionally slowed.
   >The task was fairly difficult because of two reasons:
   >1. The background vocals are very weakly mixed in comparison to the main
   >   vocals, which makes it hard to distinguish the voice.
   >2. The phrases are actually whispered, sampled, and then slowed down by
   >   some factor.
   >All above statements coming to a conclusion with my submission to the
   >FAQL issue: Neil whispers "I will be the judge" and "Give the jury
   >direction" during Show Don't Tell.
   >Yoav Gershon
   > (or
   >UC Davis.
   { end quoted text }

   According to Neil on the Dec 2 1991 Rockline, Geddy does the RTB
   "chat" section.

What is a Lerxt?

   A Lerxt is an Alex Lifeson.

Do the other band members have nicknames?

   Ged and Neil also have nicknames, Dirk and Pratt. Hence "Lerxtwood Mall",
   "Old Dirk Road" and "Pratt & Co." on the map on the back cover of Signals.
      -- from

What's the story behind Alex's "Hentor Sportscaster" guitar?

   "'Hentor' was the name that we had for Peter Henderson, the producer
   of Grace Under Pressure.  When he wrote his name out to leave us his
   number, it looked like Peter Hentor instead of Peter Henderson, so
   we nicknamed him Hentor The Barbarian.  I got some Letraset and put
   it on this white Strat that I had.  It has a Shark neck--these are
   unlabeled replacement necks--so I threw 'Hentor Sportscaster' on there. 
   Amazing all the mail we used to get over that [laughs]:
   'Where can I buy a Hentor?  How much does a Hentor cost?'"
              -- Alex Lifeson, in the April 1986 _Guitar Player_ magazine

Where did the name "Rush" come from?

   Paraphrased Background: In August of 1968 the band's formal lineup
   was Alex on guitar, John Rutsey on drums, and Jeff Jones on bass and
   vocals. They got a job to play at the "Coff-In", a coffee house
   in the basement of an Anglican Church [Great name, eh?] for $25/night.
   "The band was excited, but they had a big problem. While
   they had been dreaming of playing, they had neglected to come up with
   a name for their group. So a few days before the gig they sat around in
   John's basement trying to come up with an appropriate monicker. They
   weren't having much luck when John's older brother Bill piped up,
   'Why don't you call the band Rush' and Rush it was."
                           -- from _Visions_

Whatever happened to John Rutsey?

   "John's still around.  I see John quite often.  He gave up playing
   shortly after he left the band and went into bodybuilding.  He
   competed on an amateur level for a while, doing that for a few years,
   and has sort of been in and out of that, but he still works out, and I
   work out with him a few times a week at a local gym - at a Gold's,
   here in Toronto." -- Alex Lifeson, in the 2/6/89 Rockline interview


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         But please read the beginning of this faq file for advice
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      idea to The National Midnight Star or for feedback.

Dan Delany
I failed the Turing test.


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