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          The National Midnight Star, Number 636

                 Wednesday, 3 March 1993
Today's Topics:
           Official NMS convention announcement 

Date: Wed,  3 Mar 1993 12:45:21 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore <>
Subject: Official NMS convention announcement 


   O F F I C I A L   N M S   C O N V E N T I O N   A N N O U N C E M E N T


The First Annual NMS Rush Fans Convention is being held this summer in

It will be Friday - Sunday, June 25-27, 1993 at the Hotel Ibis in
downtown Toronto (couple of blocks from Massey Hall).

Aside from hanging out and partying with fellow fans of the greatest
band in the world (and maybe taking a side trip or two to Danforth and
Pape or somethign like that), there will be a few main events.

1) Picnic at Lakeside Park.  Transportation to and from the park will be
provided, as will food.  This will happen Saturday morning/afternoon.

2) A Rush tribute band, Rushour will perform a three hour (actually
closer to four) set of Rush material.  This set will contain songs from
every Rush album to this point (and maybe a few special things).  I've
seen them myself and they are quite good.

3) There is a decent possibility of a Guest Speaker.  I've spoken with
Anthem Records and I just have to iron out some details with them.  

Registration for the convention is as follows:

A nonrefundable deposit of $85 dollars (per person) is required and the
deadline for deposits is April 17, 1993 (but only the first 200 people so 
get 'em in quick).

This deposit covers all convention overhead, specifically the picnic,
the band, and some miscellaneous expenses.  This also includes an
official NMS convention t-shirt (Meg is working on this and I trust that
they will be extremely cool)  I have tried to estimate prices as closely
as possible to ensure the least possible surplus, but since I can't get
a firm head count ahead of time, and the fact that the Canadian/American
dollar exchange rate is not fixed, there may be leftover money.  *ALL*
leftover money will be donated to the Rush fanzine A Show of Fans and a
charity specified by Anthem records speaking on behalf of Rush.  I will
personally make *absolutely no profit* on this venture.  Detailed
financial accountings will be made available upon request.

I realize that some people live in the Toronto area, and may be able to
make some of their own accommodations, however the only thing that may
be any different is tranportation to and from Lakeside Park.  Thus for
anyone local to the area, I am willing to make a $15 reduction on the
deposit.  This reduction covers transportation.  All other costs are
event specific and I will not be able to reduce things further.   

Payment of this deposit allows your name to be put on a list of people
attending the convention. This list will be sent to the Hotel Ibis, and
will allow you to call them and make reservations at the convention rate:

    This rate is $62 (canadian) a night for a single/double
                 $72 for a triple
                 $82 for a quad

I am NOT responsible for hotel reservations.  I will, however, be sure
that upon payment of deposit, you name is added to the list for the
reduced hotel rate.   As far as people grouping up to share hotel costs,
feel free to do so, however a deposit is still required one each person
attending. Transportation from your home city to Toronto is the responsibility 
of all individuals as well.

We are limited to 200 people due to the size of the hotel facilities. 
This means that all space is on a first come, first served basis.  The
first 200 people who get their checks in to me get to go.  

I realize some of the details are a bit sketchy, however until I get a
firm head count based on this deposit, I can't finalize a lot of the
details, such as what kind of food the picnic will have, or a detailed
time schedule.  All of this will be determined later and will be sent
out to everyone attending.  Realize that I've volunteered to do this for
free, and to be honest, I never done something of this magnitude before,
so please give me a little consideration as far as some of the official
details and stuff.  I expect everything to be worked out well before the

Disclaimer: This convention does not condone illegal live recordings. 
Anyone wishing to trade such materials at the convention does so at
their own risk, and that the convention, and the NMS will NOT be held

Please make out all checks ($85 deposit) to John Santore
and send them to 

1071 Morewood Avenue.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

(receipts WILL be given and any deposits in excess of 200 people will be
Deadline is April 17, 1993 and there are only 200 available spots, so
first come first served.  

Please include your T-shirt size, whether or not you will be staying at
the hotel, and if you wish to provide your own transportation to
Lakeside Park.

Anyone who has any further questions or comments feel free to contact me 

John Santore
1071 Morewood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

or via email

or via phone
(412) 268-5533

or on IRC
'/msg Slythex '
(just '/msg rushserv invite absalom' for an invite to the #p/g! channel)

                            I hope to see you there!
                                    John Santore
                              (utterly relieved to have gotten
                               to this stage in the planning)

Big Thank-yous go around the world to the following people:

Jimmy Lang, Meg Jahnke, Steve Streeter, Thomas Beaudoin, Harold Lessure,
Nick Mascari, Mike Sadoval, MIke Weintraub, Susie Kretshmer, Glen Reed,
Dave Warner, Jamie Buckley, Matt Phillips, Eric Carlson, Pat Choy, Tony
Reynolds, Lewis Beard, Rod Harrison and anyone else who offered support.

/                    \                   "We break the surface tension 
\_________     ____   \                   with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \                        -Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (
Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


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