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    National Midnight Star #501    
	08/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #500
	Re: 08/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #500
	National Midnight Star
	That Big Red Ball
	ooooh ahhh
	Request for the May 18 Rockline
	Need help obtaining "The Fly" CD
	Bootlegs & other "hard to find" items
	RTB Stories (LONG)

    National Midnight Star #502    
	Where's Neil
	Old Rockline
	Rockline 5/18/92
	RE: 08/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #489
	The Necromancer's Short Pants
	the red balls from HYF - prisoner
	tesla....yeah, right
	New CD Boot?
	a RTB "mission"
	EQS Music and collectibles
	The Story of Kings

    National Midnight Star #503    
	Prisoner and HYF
	Neil Sighting!
	Getting strange RUSH CD's
	RTB tour stories
	I almost forgot...
	Content of recent Rush interview CDs
	Skid Row covers Rush
	Thoughts on last digest

    National Midnight Star #504    
	Bus Driver
	Chronicles II
	Peart's Locomotion
	Boots -N- Rockline
	rtb tour story
	Sorry if this isn't in the right place !!!!
	Prisoner ball
	good to be back / Neil & Limelight
	Mail Server changed
	Freedom and Mission

    National Midnight Star #505    
	Chron. II and little beef with Rolling Stones
	Rush pics (its nose)
	Part IV, Gangster of Boats Trilogy
	Tom Whittaker(The Bus Driver)
	Re: 08/19/92 - The National Midnight Star #492
	Don't ask me....
	Re: 09/03/92 - The National Midnight Star #504
	Jen says:
	Take is easy, JM
	Producing bootlegs...
	Rush Goodies!
	Bootlegging and such.

    National Midnight Star #506    
	beating the dead bootleg horse
	Bus driver and bootlegs
	Bootleg practicalities
	Rush:  Over the Europe
	Female RUSH fans
	Justification for selling boots for money???
	That Fanatic from Dartmouth...
	I am pro-boot.
	Gangster of Boats, Riverport Concert, Rush "pop"
	RUSH one and two...
	The First Annual Rush (or NMS?) Convention.
	Roll the Bones, Other mailing lists.
	A ditty I wrote this summer, lamenting the NMS' absence!
	Which way?

    National Midnight Star #507    
	Re: 09/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #505
	Philosophical musing...
	Re: 09/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #506
	Silly Obligatory Rush Quotes
	CD Bootlegs justified
	Sorry, signature file is now copyrighted...
	The bootleg horse cries ``no mas''
	Convention and random spewing ...
	A god, a king, a _cheese plate_????
	RE: 09/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #506
	boots/weakest album/first time
	re: Part IV, Gangster of Boats Trilogy
	Bootleg Shops in Ottawa
	OK Krauss
	seeking Rush DATs
	Another female fan
	"Bootlegs Saved My Life" and other stories
	I first heard RUSH......
	new boot
	Boots/Rush Heard First

    National Midnight Star #508    
	women attracted to rush
	Rush for the first time
	Bootlegging and money
	first times, and smuggling techniques?
	The first time I heard RUSH...
	Re: The First Annual RUSH (or NMS?) Convention.
	Least Favorite Album
	The First Time
	Ed's parody
	A couple musings...  :)
	first Rush
	Another female rush fan!
	boot catalog
	Still looking for other mailing list addresses.
	following along
	Women at RUSH shows
	new books
	Re:  09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507
	mo' bootlegs, mo' bootlegs, mo' bootlegs
	Re: 09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507
	Assorted thoughts/predictions

    National Midnight Star #509    
	Stairway To Heaven...
	Re: Bus driver and bootlegs
	First exposure to Rush
	The First -- and bootlegs
	this Rushaholic's 1st time
	My two cents...
	First time I heard RUSH -- from a female Rush fan!
	Rush under the Dollar
	HELP! Who Are You?
	my first time
	Rush Firsts
	battlescars (sic) and female personae
	first experience and other musings
	The first Rush of my life...
	First heard Rush
	First time kick
	Responses & Trivia fun...
	Re: 09/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #508
	Re: 09/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #503
	first times & weak vs. strong albums
	RE: 09/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #508
	1st RUSH, etc.
	first time hearing RUSH, mailing lists, etc.
	Rush for the first time, aka, boy was I an idiot!
	PF/Yes addresses

    National Midnight Star #510    
	Random Sample..
	First time, wishful thinking
	First Rush Experience
	First Rush, Next Setlist, etc
	Re: First exposure to Rush
	rush factoids
	first time
	Suggestion for NMS convention
	YES group group
	Tour Gripes and Hopes
	Dream Theater
	Re: First times
	rush ranting and raving
	1st Rush in High School Drumline
	Women & Rush
	Battlescar -> Scars -> War Paint
	Studio Videos
	Re: 09/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #509
	First Time/Comment about Jimmy

    National Midnight Star #511    
	First Time/Set Lists
	first times and bootlegs
	oops. A call for questions!
	First times
	A new topic (or so I think. :) )
	Rush convention... serious plans
	next tour prediction-acoustic! & convention
	How yet another fan got into Rush...
	Female rush fans..and their hiding spots...
	Re: 09/11/92 - The National Midnight Star #510
	YES List
	09/11/92 - the national m
	sf in music:  rush

    National Midnight Star #512    
	First time RUSH
	Enquiry about The Pass
	First Experience..
	Rush videos
	trivia answer, videos
	First time on Rush....
	A new Rush Bootlist
	additional comment on Rush boot list
	The First Annual Rush Convention...
	No more Stairway....
	Assorted info....
	BCOLBY returns
	RE: Studio Vids
	Dream Theatre track weirdness!
	Dream Theater & Rush lyrics
	Rush Tapestry Revisited
	New Concert Recordings
	YES mailing list: The corrected address
	Re:Set lists in the future
	Dispersed Thoughts..

    National Midnight Star #513    
	Dream Theatre
	90 Min. Essential Rush
	Hiding Female Rush Fans
	"The Essential Rush tape" (My Chronicles)
	RUSH Fans Convention
	The Original Roll the Bones Reference
	Misc. Banter
	Rush Cover band in NYC
	Mr. Weintraub's insight
	NMS convention... poll?
	Rush unconventional CONVENTION!!!!
	What You're Doing
	Re: 09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #511
	RE: 09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #511
	RE: 09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512
	Re to TNMS512:Suicide
	Rush Tapestry Revisited & first rush hear
	Neil's word on `The Pass'
	Ok here's a question...
	Rush Vids...response
	Re: Enquiry about The Pass
	Set list for the next tour
	Rush Convention
	First Time
	Intro to Rush
	The Pass and "Christ what have you done?"
	Sun sounds
	Dream Theater and Rush 1st

    National Midnight Star #514    
	Rush FAQ List [1/2]

    National Midnight Star #515    
	The future...
	Dream Theatre
	Anagram (for Mongo)
	John Rutsey
	Re: Dream Theater's first song
	females, best of, convention
	being introduced to music
	NMS Convention - Yes!
	90 minutes of RUSH....
	Yet another " The first time I ..."
	More on the Rush Convention
	Oh no! Not ANOTHER one!
	Am I alone?
	First time, next tour set list, NSF in "Big Money"
	Hello Earth    :)

    National Midnight Star #516    
	Rush FAQ List [2/2]

    National Midnight Star #517    
	need 2112 lyrics
	Re: 09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512
	Re: 09/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #509
	CoS/Bootleg Issue
	the convention and new Rush
	Drop "Tom Sawyer"???
	My 90min. Rush DIT (Desert Island Tape
	Bands that toured with Rush?
	Rush vids revisited
	Geddy makes the bass sing...
	Who is the frood on the cover of PoW?
	Predictions For Next Rush Tour Song List!
	Rush/Marillion shows
	90 minutes of Rush ......
	Re: 09/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #516  ** Special Edition **
	Dream Theater,dropping TS & CTTH?
	Re: Lyrics of Dreamline
	Fly-by-Night Fans ????
	No, Todd, you're not alone & "why mostly males?"
	first time

    National Midnight Star #518    
	My Rush tape
	New Show Opener / Songs Desired
	Re: Rush/Marillion shows
	Dreamline lyrics
	Another first time...
	I've got my asbestos undies on for this one...
	My Virgin Rush Experiences  ;-}
	90 Minutes of Rush
	meaning of Dreamline
	Rush and other deep subjects
	Re: 09/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #517
	"Exit Stage Left" ...
	Re:  09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512

    National Midnight Star #519    
	Fans Voting/Deciding Setlists
	Better Beer
	Re: 09/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #518
	New Album?
	the new and the old
	My First Time
	Response to "Better people, better food, and better beer..." -Meg
	to clear the air
	Rush / Marillion
	Re: nms convention
	Intense emotional events associated with Rush, do tell...
	old Rush concerts
	Rush Experiences
	Better beer...
	Re: 09/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #518
	Neil Peart appearance
	Contents of "The Fly"
	Re:  Best instrumental/lead sections

    National Midnight Star #520    
	Opening Bands
	First time and other assorted topics
	Change of Style
	The National Midnight Star 09/20/92
	Heavy Metal Memories
	Not to bring this up again, but...
	My ASoH review
	Over the Europe
	Re:  09/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #518
	re: Megs question on "better beer"
	Rush opened for Uriah Heap ?
	beer et.al.
	Re: Best Instrumental/lead sections?
	Convention, Territories, Neil & Boots

    National Midnight Star #521    
	Jokes and new Rush CD's
	Keep sending those lists!
	Intros and interviews
	Long posts...
	Rivendell & who saw the oldest tour???
	Neil Peart and Modern Drummer
	TS makes another Rush fan
	CD, etc..
	Here goes my 1/50 of a buck:
	2112 lyrics
	Bass/MIDI Tech Talk
	Female Rush fans
	primus opening for rush
	Opening bands
	Rush - Over Europe
	Vid Screens at older concerts
	New thread for a fraying tapestry...
	First Time
	first time (short) and opening acts...
	a _minor_ complaint
	RUSH Videos -- laserdiscs
	DITs, Angela Lansbury, & associations
	Convention stuff
	A few more words on boots...
	More Better Beer

    National Midnight Star #522    
	Skid Row
	RUSH...As an essay topic?
	CD Connection
	marillion mailing list
	Rush (need I say more?)
	Oldest Concert
	Why are we here, for the BEER....
	Opening Bands / Closed Minds
	Who saw the oldest tour?
	Vinny Moore
	Rear Screen Projections/Etc.
	Superconductor video
	Re: 09/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #521
	First Concert
	at least one other opening band for this tour....
	Neil and Modern Drummer
	Here's my $.10 (inflation,dontcha know)
	sorry gang...
	Opening Acts
	Re: 09/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #521
	The first time...
	Rush and Sha Na Na
	My $.02 about Primus
	the 70's
	Boots and things I just picked up. . .
	RE: Neal Stephenson, Aaron White, and ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
	Reactionary fans
	Re: New thread for a fraying tapestry...

    National Midnight Star #523    
	Re:  The first time...
	Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
	Rush stuff
	Yes there's a Superconductor Video
	Neil Peart's Philosophies
	Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
	My god, he's got even more to say. . .
	There's more!!!  Will someone PLEASE shut this bastard up???
	Old vs New:  A Response
	A few things...
	Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
	Re: The first time...
	Re D. Benbenisty (very long, sorry gang..Rush stuff at the end)
	Rush items seen advertised
	First Concert
	Vinnie Moore & 1st influence
	The first time...
	empty criticisms/the good old days...

    National Midnight Star #524    
	Angels batting practice
	Territories:  Better beer
	Rush's best opening band (that I saw)
	Dream Theater/New Rush Boots
	RUSH tape tree
	assorted ramblings & whatnot
	Rush and Sha Na Na (remember Bowser?)
	Appearance by Neil
	Superconductor Video Logistics
	Appreciating "Newer" Rush Music
	Computer Name
	St. Louis '80 show
	First few seconds of Dreamline
	Yet another (long ago) first time
	Opening Acts!
	Caress of Steel live stuff?
	What's wrong with appreciating what's there ?
	The Boyz and NMS
	My last post
	music in general
	To Be OR Not To Be A RUSH Fan
	CD Warning!!!!
	Get Yer FTP
	"The Prisoner" description
	high school halls
	insight into Neil's views on the supernatural

    National Midnight Star #525    
	Re: Neil Peart's Philosophies
	The Prisoner
	Changes aren't permanent, but change is!
	Rush: 'old' and 'new'
	TRAVIS WILLIAMS...has your address changed?
	Hey People
	Dream Theater
	Go ahead and flame me...
	Car noise in Dreamline
	Rush and Sha Na Na
	Rush and Metallica
	Why the RUSH of Today Stinks -- NOT!
	Re: Is Neil an athiest
	new Rush book?
	CoS tour dates
	Re: NMS #524 - high school halls; CD warning

    National Midnight Star #526    
	Rockin' and Votin'
	Ayn Rand & 2112
	RE: RUSH tape tree
	Various & Sundry Kibbles Bits Didacts & Narpets
	Red Barchetta
	More Tech Talk...
	Car Noise??
	Twist of phrase
	Old And New Rush Disagreements Revisited
	That Noise in preluding Dreamline. . .
	Neromancer, Old ticket stub, Poetry, "New Rush"
	Dreamline intro
	Killing a few birds w/one post ;)
	Re: New sucks for a lot of reasons...
	Opening bands
	Re: 09/28/92 - The National Midnight Star #525
	Computer names - follow up
	Misc. Comments and Responses
	B-Man Book - It's a Car damn it!
	A Farewell / A new beginning
	PowerWindows Packet

    National Midnight Star #527    
	The Relentless New vs. Old Argument
	Re: 09/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #526
	ESL CD and other weird noises etc. . .
	Rush, the Universe and Everything...
	Caress of Steel
	More on the convention
	The Prisoner, etc.
	opening acts - my 4 rubles and 80 kopecks
	RE: 09/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #526
	Re: 09/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #526
	My first Rush show
	Lame arguments abound.
	Melody Intro..Who Does It?
	Defending New Rush Material
	Hold your pictures
	Thanks for discussing Dream Theater
	Rehashed topic (Dan's long letter)

    National Midnight Star #528    
	Convention Postcards
	Re: Rush and Ayn Rand
	Mercury w/ new Rush CD's
	Pink Floyd Fanclub
	Newv. Old
	chill out
	Rush Equipment
	Waves and wars
	Radio Play...
	Some Ann Raynd Noise
	sound at intro to to Dreamline
	Old vs New Argument!
	The sounds of silence

    National Midnight Star #529    
	New/Old Rush
	Pings and clicks
	"Old/New Rush Fans"
	Dream Theatre in town, for those who care!
	Simpsons and Rush Airplay
	Convention and Rand
	Re: Melody Intro..Who Does It?
	Cleveland NMSers!
	Yet more new CDs, and last call
	Delays in between songs.
	Rush and Comics
	Insights and Sightings
	Dream Theater
	Rush & Neil
	Hemisphere's concert last night
	New Album?
	Working Man / Mrs. Brownstone
	My opinion about RUSH
	songlist program on syrinx
	Old & New
	1st time message
	Neil Poster Address?
	Re: 10/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #527
	The Story Of Kings
	Re: Lame arguments abound
	By the way...

    National Midnight Star #530    
	Ayn Rand and 2112
	A Rarities Tape / Stupid Debates
	click tracks...
	Sampled Mac Sounds  and Lukemia??
	Dream Theater Tour Dates
	2112, etc.
	Re: 2112
	Happy Yom Kippur!!!
	Click Tracks
	New info
	New vs Old Rush
	Neil's Headphones
	Re: Melody Intro..Who Does It?
	My RUSH intro
	Re: Old/ New10/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #529
	ASOH Video question
	Rush Convention (Send me e-mail!)

    National Midnight Star #531    
	Geddy & Alex Interview April 1992

    National Midnight Star #532    
	Response to #530
	quit complaining about the 'rap' in RTB
	Click tracks
	I heard a woman scream... or was it a car crash?
	Can we stick to RUSH!?!
	Personalized songs?
	New RUSH Releases (Chronicles II?)
	NME and DIY
	Kim Mitchell on Tour
	Random Thoughts
	The previous TNMS/Interview
	2112, and the debate continues...
	Anthem (the book) & 2112, again

    National Midnight Star #533    
	Re: Happy Yom Kippur!!!
	drum poster et al
	Non-Album tracks
	Chronicles II ?
	3 Stooges intro, again
	Various Rush Topics
	Re: Insights and Sightings
	various topics....
	2112; 'assume control
	Chat question
	RE: 2112, and the debate continues..
	Neil Peart's Horn Kicks
	next tour wish list
	Zounds! What sounds!

    National Midnight Star #534    
	Articles from:
	Guitar for the Practicing Musician, May 1991
	Guitar School, May 1990

    National Midnight Star #535    
	The new album: who is going to produce it?
	A few Questions...
	Neil sampling correction
	Working Man intro to concert
	Re: Chronicles II
	Opening Songs?/COS/death in 2112
	Various stuff
	Rush Over Europe
	10/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #533
	Copy of RTB video and/or the Pass
	Anthem (the book) & 2112, again
	Rush and Dream Theater
	NMS 531
	Chat words
	Alex on ASOH (NOT censored part!!)
	RE: 10/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #532
	more ramblings...........
	returned mail
	Address for Ludwig Poster!!! PLEASE!!!!
	Alex Fish Guitar

    National Midnight Star #536    
	Re:  10/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #527
	Anthem/2112 and Snow Dog
	GuP Tour Video
	The Fly
	Over The Europe
	Why "The Fly"?
	Peart Poster
	Ludwig Poster/ASOH Video/Rarities idea dead?
	2112 stuff
	Uh.. Alex?
	Producer For The New Upcoming Rush Album!!
	Rush & Dream Theater
	Any band other than Skid Row covered a Rush tune?
	Battlescar live
	Various rambling
	"the Fly"
	ASoH: 2112 pause...
	Just a little trivia?

    National Midnight Star #537    
	Re: 10/13/92 - The National Midnight Star #535
	Re: Zounds! What sounds. et.al.
	Rush in Newspapers and Other Mail Lists
	Not fade away
	lyric files & baseball
	The Fly
	The Protagonist of 2112 Spontaneously Combusts!
	2112 & stuff
	Favorite songs
	The Fly..
	2112 Ending
	New producer?
	misc. ramblings
	Over The Europe
	Re: Visions
	2112 vs. We
	ASOH funny stuff
	Rush rarities tape
	Bass Tabs...
	Covers of Rush songs.
	What the name "The Fly" REALLY means...
	Larry Carlton
	Big Al Day!
	My life's blood Spills over...

    National Midnight Star #538    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Common Questions [1/2]

    National Midnight Star #539    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Common Questions [2/2]

    National Midnight Star #540    
	Article: Guitar World, April 1988

    National Midnight Star #541    
	New Video and other stuff
	_THE_ Fly
	High Water Heartbeat
	Boot list?
	Re: 10/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #537
	And another lost generation
	The Rush Boot List
	Dream Theater, Dixie Dregs, and Rush
	2112, Epic Poems, Flys on the wall.
	more 2112
	Honor the boyz
	Hemispherical trivia
	Can I get a copy of ABC In Concert (Rush)?
	No One at the Bridge tab
	The Blue Jays & the ASOH-2112 Alex pause

    National Midnight Star #542    
	The Rush Tour Dates Listing

    National Midnight Star #543    
	Terry Brown?
	The Rush/NMS Convention
	That strange guy
	Rush riffs found elsewhere
	2112, and Cygnus X-1, books I & II
	Geddy lies!
	Alex's guitars during 2112
	More (!) video revelations
	Just bear with me on this one!
	boots, etc...
	Prisoner on CITY-TV
	Hey, How About That ...
	Rockline (last spring)
	Live video, Toronto '74, rarities, Freewill, etc.
	Over The Europe
	Re: 10/19/92 - The National Midnight Star #541
	backstage club
	Rush "Rare" Recordings Request
	boy / Ged's look / convention
	Rush of course !
	Rush Covers
	Tape Labeling Program
	Wrong lyrics to RTB

    National Midnight Star #544    
	Terry Brown
	Boy on PoW
	Ayn Rand
	RE: Neil Peart's drum scores
	a few answers
	The Dead Horse:  2112
	GILDEATP Address Correction
	Terry Brown Question!
	Re: 10/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #543
	2112 -- Is it suicide or is it Memorex?
	Make your own bumper sticker...
	Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
	Von and 2112
	Alex and cover bands
	Hi, and replies to #543
	literary influences...
	March 1992 Article

    National Midnight Star #545    
	New Goldmine Advertising Policy
	Kublai Khan & Roller Skating!
	Terry Brown credit in p/g booklet
	p/g liner notes translated!
	Liner of p/g
	Freewill and Dream Theatre and 2112
	Rupert Hine
	2112, did he jump, or was he pushed?
	Tape Case makers, my $.02 on 2112
	Live recording questions
	Neil Peart cameos for two songs on a Candian Groups Album

    National Midnight Star #546    
	The NMS quality.
	Rheostatics album
	Rush Limbaugh
	Not RUSH, but DREAM THEATER...Please read!!!!!
	What was the Rockline w/Neal Peart date?
	Ruprecht Hine and the Indianapolis Colts
	literary influences...again...
	Electric Neil
	What Should I Get?
	Two and One, but not really Three
	A ? and a !
	Suicide in Lamneth? I don't think so.
	Cassette labeling program
	Death is but the beginning of the end
	Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545
	PW - Different Strings.
	Red Barchetta Disk
	Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545
	A reply to NMS Quality

    National Midnight Star #547    
	Red Barchetta
	Box set
	_Red Barchetta_
	Re: The NMS quality.
	Correction on Cassete liner file
	It's a rap + Environmental show
	Electric Ladyland
	re: PeW/Different Strings
	The origin of Xanadu
	The Fountain
	Re: Two and One, but not rea
	Concerning the move to Atlantic Records
	Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545
	Re: 10/28/92 - The National Midnight Star #546
	Lamneth and Alex's backup
	Death, Raps and Flying
	The NMS quality
	Roll the Bones Video
	A small Rush Blurb...
	new thread!
	New Rush books...
	La Villa Tab in GFTPM
	Quality Posts!?!
	NMS Quality

    National Midnight Star #548    
	Dumb Geddy Sayings....
	Alex singing in Geddy's voice
	NMS Logo / Rush Convention (repeat)
	I'm booked on the next flight to Kubla's Place, travel advisory please...
	Song 'fact files'
	Possible release of MP on MFSL
	Lamneth, etc.
	World Series
	Rush and the change from Mercury to Atlantic
	Re:  10/29/92 - The National Midnight Star #547
	'The new Thread'
	bad PW CD

    National Midnight Star #549    
	Interview with Andrew MacNaughtan

    National Midnight Star #550    
	Re: 10/29/92 - The National Midnight Star #547
	New Member
	Terry Brown still alive & p
	Re: 10/28/92 - The National Midnight Star #546
	Free for alls.
	returned mail; user not known
	Dark / Alex sings / IMHO
	Canadian Anthem, Jays and Geddy
	What's for dinner, Honey?  Dew and Paradise milk, AGAIN?!?
	Song "fact files"!
	Geddy and _O Canada_
	Terry Brown
	Re: 10/28/92 - The National Midnight Star #546
	RE: 09/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #517