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    National Midnight Star #551    
	Reissue of Moving Pictures
	Producers and such..
	licensed to kill gophers
	Rush Boots Trade For Guitar Tabs
	let's talk 'fact files'
	Geddy singing Canadian National Anthem
	Alex singing in Geddy's voice
	Territories v. Canadian Anthem
	A Story Of Kings
	Tough Break???
	LONG TIME! Further Xanadu Roots...
	Peart's "Pieces of Eight"
	Concert review
	Meanings and Neil's travels
	Neil's "Dimensions"

    National Midnight Star #552    
	Interview with Andrew MacNaughtan (Part 2)

    National Midnight Star #553    
	Guitar Tabs
	Re: 11/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #551
	How big are they? :-)
	Boot dealers
	Rush and the Critics
	Re: lots of stuff
	more re: a lot of stuff
	Review from Madison Square Garden

    National Midnight Star #554    
	Various stuff from new member
	Re: 11/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #553
	Crickets and Producers and other assorted topics
	Backup vocals
	Girl's Laugh on Force Ten
	Vids and Stuff
	RUSH & drugs
	Alex is puny??????
	Gangster of Boats...

    National Midnight Star #555    
	Kubla Khan vs. Xanadu: polarizing poetry!
	Puny ponytailed bassists
	The Song FAQ
	Insight? into 2112
	my last post, an apology
	Worst Rush
	Trading & The Elusive Donut-Pick
	Looking for NFA
	Moving Pictures Ultradisc II
	Ramblings in CttH on 'Over the Europe'
	Happy birthday to TNMS!
	Re: Girl Laughing on Force 10
	More free-for-all silliness
	Alex and his voice, may not be suitable for all audiences
	Gold Disc Releases
	New Thread-Rush encounters
	Pieces Of Eight

    National Midnight Star #556    
	Third Anniversary of the NMS

    National Midnight Star #557    
	Smoking (Neil)
	Re: Girl laughing in "Force 10"
	Re: OtE voice
	Laughter in "Force 10"
	The Fly etc...
	Hard Rock Cafe and "Prince Lerxst"?
	Another interesting encounter
	Force 10 Laughter
	11/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #555
	Xanadu (big post)
	Alex does sing!
	Gold CD misconceptions
	Re: Random Ramblings and Python's Palin
	Ultradisc Quality
	Rush (the worst album)
	Girl Laughing in Force Ten
	gangster of boats
	Scars lyrics question
	Sell The Broon (think about it)

    National Midnight Star #558    
	NMS T-shirts
	When did Rush opened for Kiss?
	Serengeti night
	Re: 11/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #557
	CD of the TNMS
	Aimee's Laugh
	And I thought Paradise was lunch with Neil Peart!
	A Few Comments...
	"Serengeti Night"
	Jibberish on CTTH
	Geography 101
	Ultra Disc (the real reason to get one)
	Good Seats...
	12/3/91 Bootleg
	Re: 11/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #557
	Aimee Mann
	misc. crap
	neil's breakin' it down..
	Re: 11/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #557
	"No one expects the Spanish Inquision..."
	RUSH video release
	Oh, just a short comment or three
	Span. Inquisition, Force 10 Laugh...
	Use of master tapes / lyrics (server?)
	Who did the Rap
	Felix E. Salon
	More on the NMS/Rush convention
	Re: 11/11/92 - The National Midnight Star #556  ** Special Edition **
	Re:Scars lyrics question
	Serengeti night

    National Midnight Star #559    
	Re: Ultra Disc (the real reason to get one)
	Roll the Bones Video
	good seats / subliminal covers
	Force 10 laugh
	T-shirt vote
	Contact sheets for rush images.
	good seats
	peart at gay bar?
	NMS cd, rumors, Aimee Mann, and Over The Europe
	Toronto 11/74
	The next tour
	A note about Aimee's career
	CD Boots
	Neil's flub @ Merriweather
	Big Money
	Care to ingest more Xanadu? (it's wafer-thin) Please don't barf!
	See Alex sing/dance - CD update
	NMS T-Shirts (more info)

    National Midnight Star #560    
	Sorry, I missed CD 101
	NEW POLL!!!!!!  (hey, we haven't had one lately)
	Fruity Bones
	Neil at a gay bar.  So *what*?
	Gay bar rumour
	Neils Impetus....
	Re: 11/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #557
	Re: peart at a gay bar?
	Re: 11/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #559
	Line Trape
	Neil Peart in a gay bar, Tolerance
	Xanadu and other misc. comments
	...and misc. comments
	auwe noho'ie!!!
	rush tourbooks
	A little pissed about these Peart stories... & Dream Theatre
	Opener for next tour
	Wanted; tape TWO of Chronicles
	Re: good seats / subliminal covers
	Pieces of Eight, The Rhythm Method, and Natural Science
	Shattered illusions of integrity (NOT)
	TMNS CD Update #3
	Fantastic Neil Stories
	NMS T-Shirts
	Re: 11/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #559
	Xanadu (please post at end)
	Neil & gay bars
	Rush influenced bands
	I've had enough, and enough is too much!

    National Midnight Star #561    
	Various ramblings
	Monkey Business with Neil
	Re: Neil gay
	shirt lyrics
	counting Zs
	Boot CD and shirt
	okay, now everybody take out _RTB_...
	Rush influenced bands
	And WHAT have we learned...?
	tickets, other stuff
	Missed the point on the rumors
	Something amusing for you!
	Xanadu and Intended Interpretations
	Album side / Theory
	Was the dog pushed...or is alex a singer ?
	Rare CD's
	Re: 11/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #560
	A few things...
	Alex takes a ride...
	ASoH and NMS T-shirt
	T-Shirts (quote?)
	Story title: "How to Apply Heavy Makeup" by K. Khan
	Gold CD
	Serengeti night
	NMS T-shirts

    National Midnight Star #562    
	shirts & rhythm method
	Neil Peart gay?
	Loosen up
	Various Ramblings
	face in shoulder & stuff...
	shirt quote
	thumb on RTB
	T-shirts & TNMS CD idea
	Re: ASoH Neil Solo
	Wave Permanence
	CD NMS Boot
	Just a couple answers
	Xanadu (cont.)
	RE: 11/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #561
	Losta weird stuff
	Subject: Neil & gay bars - final words?
	NMS T-shirt/CD
	NMS Cd, Geddy plays on another album!, etc.
	A suggestion on the rarities collection
	One last tidbit on Neil being gay
	Neil and Tom Robbins [*not* a gay story ;)]
	Re: 11/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #561

    National Midnight Star #563    
	Rarities tape
	flat lines
	Enough is enough!
	T-shirts and "alternative" spellings
	Clouds on the inside of RTB
	Plunging in......
	More on the Thumb in RTB back cover artwork...
	Dream Theater, CD and T-shirts
	Face In Hemispheres
	Modern Drummer 1980
	Re:  11/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #555
	Neil's Solo and Rolling Stone
	TNMS CD update #4
	CDs, Shirts, & stuff
	Random thoughts...
	Take this discussion to email...
	just a few things...
	discs and T-shirts
	_Success Under Pressure_
	bootleg rush
	Shirts, "footwear"
	A scam

    National Midnight Star #564    
	a bunch of stuff
	I think Ged's goin' bald
	Line in "I Think I'm Going Bald"
	story of kings question
	RE: Flat Lines and Vital Signs video
	2nd favorite
	T shirts and help with the convention
	re:being ignored, spheres face, and 2nd best
	I Think I'm Going Bald
	T-Shirt Designs
	Concerts and stuff...
	Ultra Disk
	T-shirts with a twist
	Time magazine's monsters of rock
	another "GET A LIFE" question
	(hopefully clever) shirt quote
	Album covers
	Dream Theater?!?!?!?
	The Black Hole/Cygnus X-1
	T-shirt design
	Last Chance for Poll

    National Midnight Star #565    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Common Questions [1/3]

    National Midnight Star #566    
	Tour in Japan
	The Black Hole
	rarities CD or tape
	Favorite Album Cover / 2nd favorite group(s)
	Grace Under Pressure video, and misc. $#!+
	Re: 11/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #564
	On the subject of rareities...
	Story of Kings
	I don't know (hey, it's my first post--I'll get better at this)

    National Midnight Star #567    
	Re: The Black Hole/Cygnus
	Rush etc. etc.
	Re: Ultra Disc .....
	Cygnus X-1
	Re: The Black Hole
	Re: The Black Hole
	Cygnus X-1
	Cygnus X-1
	Re: Rush in Japan
	Funny Geddy-isms
	Rush vs. Christian values
	Cygnus X-1
	T shirts are ON THE WAY!
	Cygnus X-1
	Wishbone poster/X-1
	Re: 11/24/92 - The National Midnight Star #566
	Bite Me, It's Fun!
	black holes
	Cygnus "X-1"
	various stuff
	Cygnus X-1
	Cygnus & Black Holes
	TNMS CD Update #5
	Cygnus X-1
	Re: 11/24/92 - The National Midnight Star #566
	Japan; shirts
	Cygnus X-1

    National Midnight Star #568    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Common Questions [2/3]

    National Midnight Star #569    
	Subject: FAQ: Rush Fans Common Questions [3/3]

    National Midnight Star #570    
	First Post: general comments
	Album cover/2nd favorite group
	Christianity vs. Rush???
	Black Holes and Time Magazine
	Unreleased live tracks on singles
	Rush vs. Christian values
	whip cracking on YYZ
	rush and christianity
	Survey, Religion, and Everything
	Re: Rush vs. Christian values
	Woodstock #25

    National Midnight Star #571    
	One on One: An interview with Neil

    National Midnight Star #572    
	Re: 11/29/92 - The National Midnight Star #570
	2nd favorite band
	Re: Subject: whip cracking on YYZ
	Re rush and christianity
	Japan shows
	Re: Whip cracking on YYZ
	Signals cover
	Upload to FTP server
	Is the sound on YYZ a whip?
	Ged on SNL?
	Christianity v. Rushism ?!?
	Christianity, Black Holes, and favorite other band
	Rush an' Religion (long post)

    National Midnight Star #573    
	Hold the red star proudly high in hand...
	Unintelligable Mutterings
	Surf Effects....
	Ged on SNL!!! The Gedmeister!! Gedorama!! The Gedster!!!
	Re: 11/25/92 - The National Midnight Star #567
	Religion and Rush revisited
	Second favorite band and other stuff
	Christianity v. Rush
	Is the sound on YYZ a whip?
	Rush Oddities?
	Sounds from FTP
	other favorite bands
	The Pass
	T-Shirts & Rick sounds
	Re: 11/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #572
	Geddy on SNL
	NMS T-Shirts (Order now!)

    National Midnight Star #574    
	Run From the Fans
	NEW stuff about Cygnus X-1
	Tin Machine/SNL
	X and Rush
	Twilight Zone
	About that whip thing . . .
	what Neil's wearing...
	Misc. Ramblings
	Ged on SNL
	Re: 12/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #573
	Canadian Air Force and Ged's fighter plane ride...
	tapes, Rush show, etc
	other favorite bands
	Yet more comments on Rush v. Christianity!
	Recent musings
	audio files
	Red Star
	Christianity, Danforth and Pape, and Medley
	2nd Favorite band poll disclaimer!
	CD/Tape suggestions, shirt Q's
	The Pass
	Religion/Freewill/Roll the Bones (long)

    National Midnight Star #575    
	YYZ/CD/2nd fave
	Money (Big and little)
	Mystic Rhythms
	Re: 12/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #574
	MP Gold Disk
	_Run From the Fans_, etc.
	Pape and Danforth / That CD Thing
	about Wals...
	Re: Mystic Rythms
	Various Followups
	Various unrelated ramblings (32 lines)
	Danforth, Pape, and other things
	Baseball Signals
	NMS Convention ?
	videos (Chron & Camera Eye), AFTK, religion
	Re: Religion/Freewill/Roll the Bones (long)
	Eric Jung's Bass Ramblings & Cygnus X-1
	Weapons and Black Holes
	Big bands
	Shirts and compliation
	NMS Tapes & Shirts
	Signals and others

    National Midnight Star #576    
	Run From the Fans
	Bass, SNL, and Ayn Rand
	All in all, I'm just another 'Brick' with a Wal.
	Odds and ends
	Alex's Gibson
	Megadeth and Religion (What a pair!)
	Bored Beyond Belief
	CD indexing?
	Wanted: info on Japanese tour dates
	Rush singles
	Oldtimers and Signals
	SNL and rush
	Rush releases to date
	YYZ tab
	Andrew's book?
	RUSH vidoes
	Anonymous ftp site "anagram.umd.edu"
	RTB rap on concert
	Mystic Rhythms, Religion, James Brown, Presto, V-8, AAARRGGHHH!
	Paul Reed Smith's 2nd favorite group

    National Midnight Star #577    
	Re: Whip again
	New boots, other q's
	It's only E.T.!
	basses (what?!?!?!  more?!?!?!)
	Lyrics and Religion
	fav bands, photos?
	power outage
	Favorite bands and drummers
	Mystic Rhythms
	Scars and The (new) Rhythm Method
	Religion is always such a RUSH
	Source of Japan rumor
	Red & the Tube Bar, etc
	Albums and other stuff
	Red Star
	Convention thoughts
	A great Rush tribute band
	alternate lyrics
	LPs & anyone in Arizona
	Run From the Fans - 'The Sequel' (Same show, different speed)
	snl appearance--why???

    National Midnight Star #578    
	Wal basses, 2nd faves, & more !
	Rush fans & D.T.
	More and more drumming...
	Re: Source of Japan rumor
	Freewill take one
	Mardi Gras & Pensacola
	Re: Rush tribute bands...
	Rush @ cap centre - PRESTO tour
	Re: 12/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #577
	Rush unplugged??
	The Whip; Neil's Drumming; Favorite Drummers
	IRC & #p/g!
	Re: New boots, NMS #577
	NMS Shirts
	Re: 12/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #577
	Rush and Religion/The Pass (long)
	Re: 12/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #576
	Rush and religion
	Re: 12/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #577

    National Midnight Star #579    
	Thanks and Gangster of Boats
	Immaterial Issues
	Misc. Stuff
	Neil's playing mood...and PLEASE HELP!!
	MTV, help me find shoe stores!
	Other favorite bands
	dream theatre and rush
	Drums, Discs and Things
	tapes & misquotes
	Drummers...a slight rebuttal
	assorted junk
	Mardi Gras
	TMNS CD/Tape Update #6
	re:12/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #578
	Neil & drums!
	'Daisy the Dog'?!
	fav drummers
	vibra-slap vs whipcrack on AFTK
	Neil's Drumming
	peart: anti-god?

    National Midnight Star #580    
	3 parts of Natural Science
	Re: Neil's drumming & Vibraslaps
	Neil's Drumming...
	The Story of Kings(Interview)
	some thoughts about Rush
	Gangster of Boats
	Various and Sundry things
	Vibra-Slap (Religion Also)
	Future RUSH albums
	Miscellaneous ramblings
	I adore rush
	Deviation from the normal speed
	first post + ramblings & stuff
	RUSH on TV!

    National Midnight Star #581    
	3 parts of natural science
	Re: Deviation from the normal speed
	Riding with the Red Barchetta, forgeting Bruford, and other stuff
	Neil's mohawk
	funny titles!
	The Professor
	Rush in Reno...
	Fav's and such
	Bootlegs Set Lists
	US Chronicles on LD
	Re: Natural Science
	More musings
	Tom Sawyer
	Royal Drums
	postcard from Neil
	Rush on Tour w/ Rutsey
	Neil and Drumming
	Rush on TV
	RUSH's new label, etc.
	NMS reader
	rush bootlegs and radio shows
	re: Rush songs on Tv, etc...
	re: Neil's drumming
	Brush w/greatness???
	On-stage antics and favourite bands
	More Neil's drumming

    National Midnight Star #582    
	Drumming, etc.
	RE: Natural Science Question
	Re: 11/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #564
	Rush/Dire Straits
	Rush Riff and Dream Theater in Philly
	New Albumn and stuff
	Neil's drumming styles.
	Band members adresses
	Re: 12/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #581
	Sex with animals (simulated, of course!)
	new BOOT CD! & RTB album cover interpretation
	Anyone can imitate, but...
	Re: 12/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #581

    National Midnight Star #583    
	Wordplay: the great underrated thread
	Re: Postcards from Neil
	All the great drummers
	Sir Gawain? Excuse me?
	Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
	drums and drummers
	stakeout at ged's house :-(
	NMS in Red Lenses
	"Living in the Limelight"
	NMS Shirts are here!

    National Midnight Star #584    
	All the great drummers (R)
	do not adjust your set...
	Re: All the great drummers
	mtv and rush
	Trivial Info
	Neil's postcard
	CFV: talk.philosophy.objectivism
	NMS T-Shirts

    National Midnight Star #585    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions [1/3]

    National Midnight Star #586    
	dying days
	Rush Boots
	Yes, the Rush instrument playing.
	Guitar/bass/drums --> sounds like RUSH
	Re: Writing to Neil
	Geddy's best bass lines
	New Producer

    National Midnight Star #587    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions [2/3]

    National Midnight Star #588    
	Rush As a Unit
	Hugh Syme
	By-Tor and the Snowdog ...
	Rush Boots.
	voice in the wilderness
	Grand Designs
	MP Ultradisc & Other Errors
	NMS T-Shirts
	"signoff" letter

    National Midnight Star #589    
	Rush CD errors
	Re: Ultradisc
	Power Windows lyrics and Richard Feynman
	Dialogue Mailing List
	Re: Rush as a Unit
	PLEA for HELP...
	Alex The Musician and Meg the Magnificent/NMS 588
	NMS T-Shirts
	NMS Shirts (Update)

    National Midnight Star #590    
	FAQ: Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions [3/3]

    National Midnight Star #591    
	Shirts and such
	NMS T-shirt
	Re: Rush as a unit
	MFSL Moving Pictures Error
	YYZ Credits and "Tough Break"
	next album
	Power Windows lyrics and Richard Feynman
	survey question
	rec'd NMS shirt :-)
	rush boots/prices/locations

    National Midnight Star #592    
	boot CDs
	YYZ by Geddy and Neil?
	Credits for music/lyrics
	Over the Europe and Ian Livingston
	Rush w/o Neil
	Bass lines/Alex Lifeson
	those wonderful teeshirt, and bootlegs...
	General stuff
	The Rhythm Method
	Re: Rush as a Unit
	Rush on Tap
	Another rec'd T-shirt
	Shirts & Boots

    National Midnight Star #593    
	The ill fated TNMS CD..
	Laser show in Cincinnati
	Various assorted bits and pieces
	Re: 01/07/93 - The National Midnight Star #592
	Retail location for rare live recordings wanted!!
	Alex Lifeson
	Finding Bootlegs
	boot cd prices
	music publishing

    National Midnight Star #594    
	Re: 01/08/93 Where Can I Buy Over In Europe?
	Re: Shirts
	CD Boots, where to look?
	rush convention
	New Album Update
	video, scary thought
	"Run From The Fans!"
	NMS cd and other things...
	"Living in the Limelight"

    National Midnight Star #595    
	*** Rush Convention Update ***
	Speaking of boots
	Finally, a *real* Rush and Dream Theater connection!
	Rush Lights
	a different sort of permanent waves...
	Laser Fantasy does Rush
	Syrinx disk space and GIFs

    National Midnight Star #596    
	Rush bass lines
	catching up with TNMS
	Howard Unger....
	just a note...
	Buhl Planetarium
	RTB tourbook
	RTB platinum
	re: them shirts
	Re: 01/12/93 - The National Midnight Star #595
	Some Ramblings
	Euro Bootlegs, and First-time-callers..

    National Midnight Star #597    
	Buhl Planetarium and GK guitar amps
	Post Card from Neil!
	Buhl is bull...
	bootleg stuff
	Xanadu pitch
	More on the NMS cd
	Houston Chronicle article

    National Midnight Star #598    
	"Over The Europe" CD
	*Long* Article and Rock Lyrics Class
	Cover art for NMS CD
	Cincinnati laser show schedule
	I Saw Rush in Concert on January 7, 1993!!
	01/15/93 - the national m
	Activate the mailer, and run behind the scenes...
	More on the NMS cd

    National Midnight Star #599    
	Re: Cincinatti Laser Show
	New Album
	G.F.O.S. and Other Stuff
	Bass Riffs
	Spinal Tap, ...
	NMS CD cover
	Xanadu on CD
	Rush in Seattle

    National Midnight Star #600    
	Rush in Seattle
	re: GFOS & stuff
	crossword puzzle
	Re: New album
	An Old or New Question!?!
	More musings on Feynman
	Wishes, of the well kind
	Historical research
	Hello, New member
	Re: CD Cover
	Thanks for TNMS
	Xanadu Pitch
	Re: giving credit to NMS CD contributers
	Static on Grace Under Pressure
	Risky Business